08/01/2012 07:04 am ET Updated Oct 01, 2012

What Is Your Vacation Deficit Disorder Quotient? (POLL)

Why is America known infamously as the No-Vacation Nation?

Fact is, over half of us took no vacation time last year. Sixty-five percent of us who did get some paid vacation time, didn't use it all. Less than 30% of us have valid passports. And the number of U.S. travelers going abroad dropped 3% last year!

The trend is obvious. We are not only not traveling abroad, but we are traveling less and less period. America suffers from a Vacation Deficit Disorder, and it's something awful.

Is it our deeply ingrained Protestant Work Ethic? Is it a Leisure Phobia? Is it the Mean World Syndrome? Is it because traveling today is just too much of a hassle with TSA lines, gas and hotel prices or nasty airline service? Are we just too busy?

Or are we just too poor to travel anymore?

Please let me know -- let everyone know -- what the real reasons are that we as a people aren't traveling anymore. (Or maybe we are?) Here are some of the reasons that might explain our curious -- some would say sad -- state of affairs. Which one or ones apply to you?

Thank you and we all look forward to your comments -- and debate!