12/04/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Post-Obama Cyncism Sets in Early: "Why Wait?"

In what observers say is the shortest "honeymoon" between the public and a new Administration, dissatisfaction with the Obama Administration began before it was even elected. Twenty-four hours before polls opened, 62% of the electorate said they "hadn't seen any results" from the Obama Administration and 74% said they were going back to watching American Idol.

"The electorate feels let down by actions that have not yet been taken by the man who hasn't yet been elected president," said elections expert Norman Sabato, author of the New York Times bestseller What's the Matter With Thinking of an Elephant? "They know they're going to end up bowling alone on a world that's flat, so why wait?"

Or, as Arthur Fowler, 52, of Walford, Ohio, said, "I just wasn't transformed." "Weren't we supposed to get transformational politics?" Fowler said it did not matter to him that he was arriving at this conclusion before Barack Obama took the oath of office.

"If he was really any good," Fowler said, "he would have gotten more done by now. And health care. He would have done health care. And what about the war in Iraq? We're still there, aren't we?"

Surveys have shown that most Americans share this impatience, and find the idea of staying as tuned into politics as they've been in the last two years unpleasant to contemplate.

"You can go bug-eyed watching Keith Obermann," said blogger Lumpy87 on the popular "Cranks and Rants" website. "And what about that guy in wide pinstripes who looks like one of those old puppets on TV that could only move the bottom of their mouths? I'm done."

Although some voters reported a willingness to give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt at least until his inauguration, most Americans went to the polls on Tuesday so thoroughly exhausted the Obama campaign set up a recovery network where Michelle Obama played her favorite episodes of the Brady Bunch to calm people down.

In a related development, the cable news networks announced the results of research which showed that their audiences would shrink by 65% once there were no campaigns to cover, electoral maps to play with, results to pick apart and vapid comments to make in their desperate attempts to build audiences.

CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and Comedy Central announced they were making their Campaign "08 coverage permanent,and extending their programming's focus on the 2008 campaign. Wolf Blitzer, despite recent stories about him roaming the CNN corridors opening doors and saying, "You're in The Situation Room," has signed a multi-year contrac that contains a clause allowing him to repeat the words "the best political team on television" every eleven seconds.