10/26/2012 10:20 am ET Updated Dec 26, 2012

For Sale Cheap After the Election -- My 19-Inch TV

No matter who wins the presidential election November 6, I will be selling my TV the following morning. Barack Obama or Mitt Romney -- it makes no difference. That TV will be gone. Best offer -- any offer -- will be quickly taken.

I will have good reason for getting rid of my TV if Mitt Romney wins The White House. I will have a different, but equally good reason to unload it if President Obama wins four more years.

A Romney victory will mean that, as president, he will be on TV nearly every day. That's up to 1,460 days for a first term, and nearly 3,000 days should there be -- heaven forbid -- a second term.

Hey, I'm a senior citizen, and my blood pressure couldn't handle what my ears would surely be hearing -- the same stretching of the truth that has been so much a part of the Republican nominee's campaign rhetoric. And my blood would boil each time I turned on the TV and saw a president who has said that "(his) job is not to worry about those people".

My blood would boil because I am one of "those people" Yes, I'm one of the nearly 47 percent of Americans whom Mitt Romney disparages because they don't pay federal income tax. I am on Social Security and no, I do not pay federal income tax. But for a lot of years I paid my dues, I paid my taxes -- a lot of taxes.

I could go on and on -- there's so much I don't like about the Mitt Romney modus operandi. But suffice it to say that if he becomes president, I won't need a TV, because I wouldn't dare turn it on, lest I see and hear a man who troubles me so.

If President Obama wins reelection, my 19-inch TV will be gone for a different reason. I will be in a celebratory mood and I will be springing for a TV with a larger screen.

I will be looking forward to turning on that newer model, and hearing from a man who I know cares about me, and who will continue to fight for me. I will watch and listen -- knowing that I can believe what this president says.