11/17/2012 01:39 am ET Updated Jan 16, 2013

Find The Perfect Wedding Dress That Truly Represents You

You've been dreaming up your wedding since you were just a little girl. Now your special day's nearly here and it's time to find the perfect gown! Of course, your wedding dress should be many things: It should be flattering, it should be chic. And then there's the color, silhouette and price to consider. But mostly, your dress should be you. You don't have to stop being an individual just because you're getting married. Stay true to yourself and head down the aisle in a gown that truly represents you and your unique style.

Start by thinking about what type of bride you want to be. Are you the traditional, blushing bride, or are you more of a fierce fashionista? Choices, choices,'s all a bit daunting, really, isn't it? Well, we've narrowed it down for you. Pick a bridal style that suits you, your venue and your image.

Chic/Edgy Bride

You're an edgy, trendsetter and you're always the first person to be sporting the latest designs fresh from the catwalk. Casual clothes...there's no such thing! You have the confidence to make even the most adventurous outfits work. Your wardrobe is chic and daring and you love to experiment with new fabrics, abstract prints and mixes of materials. Embrace your flare for fashion on your big day! Make an impact and head down the aisle in a curve hugging, form-fitting dress. We envision you wearing a mermaid cut, fit and flare dress. Finish it off with a dramatic low back and you've got a dress that'll turn heads.

Royal Bride

You appreciate the timeless beauty of a classic dress. You're nothing if not tasteful, and you'd gladly swap gawdy gold pieces for delicate crystals or pearls. And you were tickled pink when box-pleated skirts made a return.

Make like Kate Middleton, the style icon herself, and walk down the aisle in an elegant, timeless dress that can be passed on for generations. We expect you to wear nothing less than a graceful, full length ball gown with a neat, traditional cut. It should have intricate details, such as beading, rhinestones or lace appliques. Team this with bold, crystal accessories and you'll look stunning on your big day.

Organic Bride

You're an outdoors enthusiast who cares about nature. You're actively involved in environmental causes. We wouldn't be surprised to find out you're going to be wed in the picturesque countryside. Be a boho bride with an understated, ethereal dress. We see you in a light, sheath style gown with a loosely fitting, flowing skirt and empire waistline.

Romantic Bride

You enjoy being a woman, and your dress sense is very feminine. You're just the person to pull off an elaborate, breathtaking romantic gown. Your wedding dress has got to be big! Opt for a full skirt with layers of ruffles, mixed with hand tailored, silk rosettes. You'll look stunning in a corset dress with fine boning, princess seaming and a feminine cut. Show off your feminine form with illusion fabric and an organza see-through back. Of course, a long, elaborate train is non-optional for you. The combination of a chic, fitted corset, along with the ornate detailing will make you a sight to behold on your big day. Be a princess for the day, be a romantic bride.

Fun Bride

You love life and incorporate all things fun into every day. You don't let anything phase and you have a refreshing down-to-earth, care free attitude to life. Try a comfortable, simple dress on for size, after all, to you, less is more. Choose a breezy fabric and a colored dress, perhaps a hint of blue, blush or even black for a bold, stylish look. With your personality, you could even opt for a mini dress with a short hem. In this dress, you'll look sprightly and cheerful, creating a great sense of optimism and fun at your wedding.

Vintage Bride

You have eclectic taste and a love of strong colors. You can be really bold with your dress. Opt for an organza-overlay style dress with lots of lace detailing. Achieve the vintage look with hints of gold and silver embroideries on a rich ivory or cream colored dress. Why not try a deep low neckline with spaghetti straps, or a bateau neckline teamed with sleeves and a sheer overlay bodice?

Of course, there are other things to consider when choosing your dress. It should flatter your figure and it should work with your wedding venue and décor. Most importantly, it should make you feel confident and comfortable. Picking your bridal style is just the first step. Now it's time to schedule the dress fittings and find the wedding gown that embodies your inner bride.

Love, hugs & kisses,