12/13/2012 02:25 pm ET Updated Feb 12, 2013

6 Purchases to Buy on Sale This Winter

For Women & Co. by Heather Spohr,

With so many people holiday shopping this time of year, you might think retailers hold all the cards in the winter, but that isn't entirely true. There are a number of items that can actually be more affordable during the winter than any other time of year. If you're looking for a bargain, take a look at these six categories that I think will give you the most bang for your buck:

Retailers spend a lot of money advertising their electronics between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but a recent study that examined billions of prices on consumer electronics found that early December is actually when prices are lowest.

Good deals can usually be found later in December, too, because retailers traditionally offer impressive discounts on popular items in hopes of luring holiday shoppers into their stores to buy other items.

Small Kitchen Appliances
Blenders, toasters, coffee makers, and other small kitchen appliances are popular gifts during the holiday season, so retailers greatly reduce the prices on these items in hopes of selling as many as possible.

Washer and Dryer
Retailers have strong sales on washers and dryers during just about every major holiday, including winter holidays like Christmas and New Year's Day. To really save, however, I'd wait until January and search around for last year's models. If retailers have any left in stock, they are usually deeply discounted since they will need to make room for the new year's models.

Air Conditioners
Keeping your home cool is probably the last thing on your mind when there's snow on the ground, but that's precisely why I think the winter is a terrific time to buy an air conditioner. With demand at its absolute lowest, most retailers try to encourage people to buy by offering deep discounts that are likely impossible to find at any other time of the year. An air conditioner may not make for the most exciting holiday gift, but your family -- and your pocketbook -- will thank you when warmer weather rolls around.

Outdoor Grill
Another "off-season" item that I find is often discounted during the winter is an outdoor grill. As opposed to air conditioners, however, grills make wonderful holiday gifts, especially for the men in your life. If you do give an outdoor grill as a holiday gift, consider including a how-to book about outdoor grilling. Your new grill owner can read up on grilling in the winter and be an expert by the time the weather turns!

Spring is when new furniture designs are rolled out, so retailers tend to slash prices on older models in February to make room. Don't be afraid to ask about floor models, too, as retailers want to unload them and often do so at a tremendous discount.

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