07/15/2014 05:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Here's How Democrats Can Win This November 2014


"All Politics Are Local"

"All politics are local" and debunking lies and deceptions demand constancy and perseverance wherever they're spread.

Considering what President Obama and the Democrats have accomplished since 2008, any Democrat, from the president onto the city representative, can only lose votes or even have low popularity ratings due to lies, misinformation and misperceptions that are left unchallenged and unaddressed.

The challenge for any Democrat running for office becomes two-pronged: how to campaign on the good the Democrats have done and can do while, at the same time, combat the continuous bombardment of lies, richly-financed deceptions and misrepresentations that are spread without end; and, would the candidate have enough cash and fight to challenge these lies?

The Democratic candidate, then, needs to know and to remember that humans, like all animals, in the final analysis, will always embrace and pursue that which provides for them and their progeny, in human tongues, "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!" This can be seen in the State of Kentucky where the Republican governor, knowing that good health contributes to LLPH (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) of the people of his state, found a way to embrace the Affordable Care Act and to implement it, in spite of the fact that his own party has sworn to forsake the good of America by saying NO! to everything Obama and the Democrats want to do for the good of ALL Americans.

From the above then, any Democratic candidate, whether incumbent or challenger, has the tools and the necessary facts to lead him or her to victory this November 2014, even in electoral districts that usually vote republican.

What is to be constantly kept in mind, as the Democratic candidate campaigns, is the realization that republican candidates, whether of the Tea or the non-Tea group leaning, are working full time to muddy the waters, to dirty and obscure the American people's political view of the President and the Democrats so that, come November, the electorate would not have in mind anything clear and good about the Democratic party or the president so that, out of lack of clarity, the voters will pull the lever for Republicans.

The Democratic campaigner must work, then, by zeroing in on one's geographically-limited electoral district. There, identify the lies and the deceptions that demand debunking and get to work as quickly, as diligently, as assiduously as possible taking nothing for granted and leaving nothing to chance. Cover one's district back and forth, take the time, spend the energy, walk, drive, meet, speak, discuss, challenge, convince, but, especially and most importantly, listen and answer by debunking the lies and informing with clarity on the good.

Simultaneously, as one works to debunk the lies and to clear the electorate view, tell the voters, both republicans and Democrats, how and who is paying for the lies being told them, remind them that you want the "good of all Americans in your entire district for, after all, whether Republicans or Democrats, we are all Americans!"

In this campaign, during these few months left before November, democratic candidates must stop acting sleepy, sloppy, shy, humble or scared and go tit-for-tat with the Republicans. Remember, when truth keeps quiet and stops shining, lies, in the end, become believable (I will never forget that one of my heroes, John Kerry, lost the 2004 presidential elections mostly for being too nice and refusing to go tit-for-tat against the callous lies of the Republicans who dirtied his heroic military service to our country, especially considering the fact that his opponent avoided seeing combat during the war that my hero served in).

The Democratic candidate who desires to win must focus on going town to town, town meeting to town meeting, restaurant to church, high school to college, supermarket to sport activity, speaking, dialoguing, having a conversation, debating from a righteous stand point with all voters of one's district and, when necessary -- when confronted with the lies and the false distortions of the party of "No!" and their fringes -- be ready with the facts in order to confront, debunk, and destroy the lies and the misleading propaganda of those who have not offered any legislation or any agenda that would help America; but, instead, they want to be elected through lies and distortions and scare tactics.

As Americans in one's district are informed and are given the true facts, they will ultimately choose LLPH over the politics of "us against them!", of hatred, lies, distortions, and disinformation.

The question is, how many Democratic candidates are determined and have the guts and "the mind to work" full-time for the win this November? Or are they all giving up, already listening to and believing the tea-leaves-readers?