03/08/2013 11:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

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As a content creator and a producer on several fronts of media, I have my fair share of questioning and self-awareness. Hand in hand with disseminating information, comes a certain responsibility. Now, I won't say this is true to everyone. There are some people that believe the responsibility is in the eyes of the viewer. Others say, it's the networks, labels, magazines, books; not the creators, but the entity that sell it to you as a products. I believe the responsibility lies in somewhere between the person who wrote the information down and the medium, the sources of our information. Not the brand and channel only, but the actual source -- the root. So said the blogger.

We are trying, as a generation of migrant youth, to find our voice. This has been our identity crisis; remember who we were, forget who we are -- who are we becoming? The last 30 years of my life have been defined by wars, displacement, border anxiety and beautiful moments none the less through second degree experience. I say this because politics affected my parents decision to move and I experienced war through televisions and media.

We, as Arabs in the West travelling back and forth between the two, hadn't defined ourselves proactively in the public sphere. We decided to take it back, not be on the defensive, and start creating our own narrative. Even with that, comes a sense of impending responsibility that you hope to fulfil with pure intention and thought. We have no control over the viewer, but the media flowing through them, does.

I have been collaborating with an online channel called Global Voice Hall. Working on one of their shows, Pangaea, we are looking to help create a platform of dialogue where these discussions are had, before it is too late. Even me blogging to you

Seeing as we were bringing you this panel discussion on the Internet, through your phones, on your laptops and desktops, we knew this question would make people think about the moment after they were done watching. Where do we go from here as information hunters and gatherers? Questions and Answers. Where does your information Live? What's your world?