08/12/2013 08:03 am ET Updated Oct 12, 2013

The Purple Couch

I've always believed that leadership is a collaborative process.

That's the idea behind #ThePurpleCouch campaign. It's a way to remind us that government is about serving the people, and that it should be accessible and available to all.

We have been traveling throughout the district putting the #PupleCouch down on street corners and public spaces and inviting residents of Chelsea, the West Village, Hell's Kitchen, Clinton, and Flatiron to take part.

Most New Yorkers aren't members of the inside political game, and can't write the big Real Estate checks that open doors to access. That's why we're reaching out directly in this campaign. It's also what I will do as a City Council member.

Check out this short clip below. I'll post more as they come in, and then #JoinTheConversation.