07/07/2014 09:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

9 Creative Ways to Spur Extra Sales During the Summer Months

The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world's most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched StartupCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.

A. Take Advantage of the Holidays

2014-06-27-PatrickConley.jpgDuring early summer we have Mother's Day, Father's Day and the Forth of July. Late Summer is great for Back-to-School promos that give parents an excuse to buy almost anything for their kids. It also gives moms an excuse to buy some things for themselves to prepare for the school year.
- Patrick Conley, Automation Heroes

A. Add a Discount to Your Email Newsletter

2014-06-27-RishiShah.jpgSend a 20 percent off coupon in an email newsletter blast. Make the coupon expire in three days, and be very clear that it is for only those three days. Everyone who opens the email should get two more reminder emails that the coupon is going to expire. Try to personalize the email as much as possible (add their first name and/or similar items to what they have purchased in the past).
- Rishi Shah, Digioh

A. Be Counterintuitive

2014-06-27-MarkKrassner.jpgIf you want to get people's attention, you have to do something that's going to make them laugh. Break people's patterns by getting outrageous and playful. Send out a newsletter featuring a pic photo of Santa Clause surfing, or create a video of an Eskimo playing beach volleyball and tie it into your product or service. Something like that is sure to turn heads and increase conversions.
- Mark Krassner, Knee Walker Central

A. Network in Style

2014-06-27-JoelApfelbaum.jpgNetworking is an excellent way to connect with your prospects and the summer season lets you do so outside of the office. Use the warm summer weather to coordinate golf outings, fishing trips, cruises and other fun activities to build relationships with your leads in a friendly, personal way.
- Joe Apfelbaum, Ajax Union

A. Focus on a Different Channel

2014-06-27-FabianKaempfer.jpgUnderstand the nature of your business. As a chocolate company, capitalizing on sentimental holidays is important and unfortunately, throughout the summer e-commerce consumers tend to purchase less chocolate for themselves and others. This is a good time to seek out other opportunities and channels by testing different sales promotions, and expanding our retail and bulk order efforts.
- Fabian Kaempfer, Chocomize

A. Sell Free Lemonade

2014-06-27-TyMorse.jpgKids do it. Why not companies? Get some laughs. Draw some people in. Take a few moments to step out of your office and check out the neighbors. It is summer, after all.
- Ty Morse, Songwhale

A. Launch a Summer Remarketing Campaign

2014-06-27-BrettFarmiloe.jpgLeveraging a remarketing campaign is a great way to keep your brand in front of online consumers during the summer months. Install a remarketing tag on your website. Spend some time creating a campaign that has strong imagery featuring your product or service in the spirit of summer. Then segment and target potential consumers for brand exposure and higher conversion rates.
- Brett Farmiloe, Markitors

A. Explore New Possibilities

2014-06-27-WindsorHanger.jpgInstead of launching a brand new venture, creatively branch out into new, summer-specific territories. For example, my company, Her Campus Media, is very school-year centric so summer used to be dead time for us. In order to spur extra sales, we developed a summer conference so we could sell sponsorships. The conference is now one of our most popular events of the year!
- Windsor Hanger, Her Campus Media

A. Throw a Party

2014-06-27-matthewackerson.jpgIf you run a service business like I do, considering throwing a party every time you complete a sizable project or work milestone for a client. First of all, people love parties, as well as free food and drinks. More than that, the party serves as real-life social proof that your company gets results and people need look no further than "that guy or gal over there."
- Matthew Ackerson, Petovera