02/04/2015 11:47 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 10 Most Memorable Onscreen Weddings

By Michael Hollan

If you've ever been to a real wedding, then you know the deal. You sit through a ceremony, then cocktails, then dinner, then dancing. (If you've never been to a wedding, then stop reading articles on the Internet and go make some friends, weirdo.)

Weddings are fun, as long as they're every once in a while. (When you've been to the fourth or fifth wedding of the season and your wallet's starting to hurt, then they're not as much fun.)

The thing about weddings is that they're typically all pretty much the same. Every bride likes to believe that her wedding day is special because the flowers are a certain shade of blue, but in all honesty, that doesn't matter. No one really remembers weddings. They'll tell you that they remember your wedding, but it's a lie. That's why I made this list of the most memorable wedding scenes ever: because they're actually memorable, which is rare, and none of them is because the flowers were like, soooooo perfect, you guys.

1. "The 40-Year-Old Virgin"
Photo: IMDB

Most weddings end the same way: Everyone leaves. The magic ends pretty quickly. This wedding ended with a song-and-dance number, which is something I've always wanted to see just happen in real life.

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2. "American Wedding"
Photo: IMDB

This wedding included a scene where the wedding cake gets covered in freshly shaved pubes. I'm glad I wasn't invited to this wedding, but I enjoyed watching it.

3. "Bride of Chucky"
Photo: IMDB

While the human characters got married in a cheap chapel (yawn), two serial killers' souls renewed their vows while still stuck in doll bodies. Then they killed a bunch of people.

4. "The Corpse Bride"
Photo: IMDB

Hey, before you place a wedding ring on something, make sure it's not the hand of a murdered corpse seeking revenge. You might get stuck having to solve her murder before she'll annul the marriage.

5. The marriage of Cyclops and Phoenix from "X-Men"
Photo: IMDB

His eyes are always firing lasers, and she's possessed by an immortal fire bird, and they're tying the knot. Also, they invited a bunch of monsters to the wedding.

6. "The Hangover"
Photo: IMDB

First of all, that picture just looks like fun. Add to the fact that the majority of people in attendance were roofied (in a non-creepy way) and then went on to kidnap a tiger, and that all adds up to the best wedding ever.

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7. "Old School"
Photo: IMDB

This wedding has a drunken rant against love and a band that adds vulgarity to classic love songs, and Vince Vaughn gives a speech about how awful marriage is while the bride walks down the aisle. If this were a real wedding, and you were there, it would be your favorite wedding ever.

8. "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves"

This not-so-classic take on Robin Hood ends with the evil sheriff trying to force Maid Marion to marry him while Robin's rebel forces storm the castle. It's the tensest a wedding can ever get.

9. "Ted 2"

Ted is a living, boozing, pot-smoking teddy bear. "Ted 2" will apparently lead off with him getting married. To a lady. Yeah, that's worth watching.

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10. "The Wedding Singer"
Photo: IMDB

In The Wedding Singer, Adam Sandler plays a wedding singer who is left at the altar by his fiance. As you can imagine, he's probably not in the best frame of mind to sing at weddings after that. He still does, and spends the reception insulting all the ugly people in attendance. It's the best.

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