05/25/2012 04:48 pm ET Updated Jul 25, 2012

Should Schools Go Modern?

By: Rayana Godfrey

It has always been a rule: No electronic devices in class, and No using social networks during school hours.

For a long time, teacher and parents have stood by this rule, to the dismay of students.

However, according to KQED, a new study called "Speak Up 2011" shows that students frequently use Facebook and Twitter on their personal technology to connect about academic subjects and homework. Still, the study shows that 65 percent of principals surveyed remain unlikely to allow personal technology devices in school.

Students and parents, however, say devices would help them in school, and have been fighting to get schools to incorporate more use of electronic devices in school.

Students have been using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to do what the websites were originally designed for -- updating friends and followers about their recent activities and keep everyone in the know. But according to students, they occasionally use their cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices to take care of school work as well. Teachers and school adminstrators are reluctant to let students use cell phones in class, fearing that they could easily get distracted.

I agree with both sides of the argument. Middle school and high school students being allowed to bring phones in class is the worst idea ever, in my opinion. It’s simply a distraction. How easily do kids, and even adults, get distracted by text messages?

While students are using their dictionary app, they might notice a message, a Facebook notification, or something else -- and just like that, they’re completely clueless AS to what IS going on in class.

I also agree with the parents. If it makes class easier to understand, students should be able to use their devices, but with some type of supervision. If students want to record lectures, they should have to leave their phones on the desk in front of the teacher. If they want to take notes on their tablets, tablets should be on the desk so the teacher can easily scan the classroom to see if anyone’s off task.

It’s a good idea, but I feel like students will come up with a way to take advantage of it.


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