06/22/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

WATCH: Youth Tell Their Environmental Nightmares

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By Larry Coney, Sam Fuller, Dawit Gebrehmedhin and Ella Ross

Even during the week the country celebrates Earth Day's 40th Anniversary, teenagers can be excused for being too anxious about the future of the planet to really celebrate four decades of pesticide bans, anti-nuke protests and "save the wilderness" campaigns. After all, they're the ones around today who will have to live with the most dramatic changes forecasted for the natural world.

Which is why when Youth Radio's Sam Fuller and Larry Coney went to this week's Goldman Environmental Awards in San Francisco, they decided to ask their fellow teen attendees not about the ceremony's inspirational winners, but about their scariest premonitions of environmental change.

"What I'm really scared of is the fact that so much of the Bay Area will be underwater if the polar ice caps melted," said Heather Davies, 16. "I mean, those people all have lives like I have, and I think it would just be terrible."


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