03/14/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Youth React to Alleged Rihanna Assault

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There's a storm of gossip about R&B singer Chris Brown's alleged assault on his Grammy Award winning girlfriend Rihanna. Fans are speculating about whether he did it, and if so, why he did it -- and who's to blame.

Even before all the facts are in, young people are taking sides, on MySpace, on blogs, and in lively face-to-face interactions like this one produced by Youth Radio.

Many of the singers' fans are teenagers, and that's raising discussion about whether they are role models, and what young people are taking away from the story. The alleged abuse occurred on the final day of National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Week. One in three teens report experiencing abuse in their romantic relationships, and 1 in 5 teens report physical or sexual abuse by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Voices include: Ahmina James, Joshlyn Patrick, Logan Barnes, Rynesha Snowden, and Brandon McFarland.

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