09/17/2010 04:38 pm ET Updated 5 days ago

The Conclusion of My Fashion Week Challenge: Were Six Things Better Than a Hundred?

I set out on My Fashion Week Challenge with very little expectations. I had hoped that I would come up with cool ways to wear my six things -- a pair of skinny jeans, a white linen A-line skirt, a striped button-down dress shirt, a navy blue cardigan and a little black dress. I crossed my fingers that I would look decent enough to hit Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week free of judgment from other fashion editors who were dressed to the nines. But never in my wildest dreams did I think I would enjoy the challenge enough to do it again every season. (Yes, stay tuned for a new "six challenge" out of my fall staples.) And since posting my outfit choices, never did I think that I would inspire iVillage readers to do the same! (Thanks for all of your e-mails and support, guys and gals! And yes, stay tuned for a "six challenge" contest at iVillage in the near future.)

This morning, I stepped into my walk-in closet filled with 100+ dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, sweaters, rompers, jumpsuits, shoes, bags... to find an outfit to wear to work. You'd think I'd know exactly what to reach for -- I had been fashion-starved for a week, after all. But instead, I stood there, frozen, uninspired and overwhelmed.

Was Brian Schwartz, author of The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less, right? Can having too many options affect a person in a negative way? We assume that more choices mean better decisions and more satisfaction, but is that even true?

After 30 minutes, I eventually decided on a sleeveless button-down bodysuit from Forever 21 worn under a vintage navy blue and white polka dot, mid-length skirt with gray suede Nine West booties. It's a cute outfit, but I wasted a lot of time to put it together. Whereas on the previous days during my challenge, it would take me all of five minutes to get myself dressed and accessorized. I could've used the extra time eating breakfast or enjoying a cup of coffee while watching today's morning news, but instead, I ran out the door with little time to spare, irrate about traffic because I needed to beat the clock.

So were six things better than a hundred? This morning, I'd have to say yes. In the longrun, I might be whistling a different tune because there's also that theory that sometimes change (not to mention, washing clothes) are good ideas.

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