10/15/2012 03:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Locals React Favorably to Deb Butler, Democratic Candidate for State Senate, Wielding Transvaginal Wand in Her Ad

Deb Butler, a Democrat running for North Carolina state senate against Thom Goolsby, the Republican incumbent, has made national and international news for having the gall to feature a transvaginal ultrasound wand in her ad.

Thom Goolsby came into office with the big Republican wave of 2010 when the Republican party swept both the House and Senate of North Carolina, which hadn't happened in over five decades.

Goolsby, whose district includes New Hanover county, the smallest most-densely populated county in North Carolina, ran ads in 2010 calling himself "Our Jobs Senator." However, since Goolsby took office, New Hanover county has seen companies choose South Carolina over this seaside community as the site of their newest factories, while at the same time the unemployment remains stubbornly high above national average. (See more on Goolsby here and here.)

How has the local reaction been to this latest ad by Deb Butler against "Our Jobs Senator" Thom Goolsby?

A local ABC-affiliate, WWAY, has been running a poll asking its readers and viewers what they thought of the ad. The result has been surprising given that WWAY is the conservative station in the area.

The poll asked whether or not the ad was appropriate and asked the following questions. As of 10/13, 1001 people had answered the questions. The following is the breakdown:

Yes, it's a key reason not to vote for him
56% (559 votes)
No, it's a tasteless gimmick
41% (414 votes)
Don't know/Don't care
3% (28 votes)

Can enough people be persuaded that Goolsby is not in it for creating jobs, but rather to follow women into the doctor's room? We will know the answer in November.