03/18/2013 05:40 pm ET Updated May 18, 2013

And the Best Hair Award Goes to...

Awards Season has come and gone and while most people focused on "who wore what," I was staring at hair.

Like most years, there were lots of elegant updos, sleek, straight hair and "old Hollywood" waves. All are classic styles that will keep a starlet in the good graces of the fashion police -- and that's great, but they're all incredibly safe and I am not a fan of playing it safe when it comes to hair.

As you might have already guessed, it was the short hair that piqued my interest. Charlize Theron, while incredibly beautiful with long hair, was heart-stoppingly gorgeous with her grown out pixie. The absence of volume around her face helped you see just exactly what makes her so captivating.

Anne Hathaway was also looking very chic with her crop. With long, voluminous hair, she's the cute girl-next-door who everyone loves. After her cut, she seems to have tapped into her inner rebel; her fashion choices are much more intriguing and she's gone from cute to beautiful. I believe that the reason it makes such a huge difference on Anne is because of her large doe eyes. When eyes are a dominant feature on a petite face, large hair competes for attention and the person goes from striking to ho-hum. It seems counter intuitive, but take a look around next time you're people watching and you will notice the same thing.

Similarly, take Salma Hayek. She's far from plain, but with her hair up and away from her face in a slick chignon there was nothing to draw the eye away from noticing her chiseled cheekbones and alluring eyes.

Having said all this -- there will be a chorus of ladies exclaiming that they can't pull off short hair. That's fine, keep your hair, just try pulling it up or away from your face the next time you're getting ready for a night out and I guarantee you will turn twice as many heads. Pair that with your highest Louboutins and you'll stop hearts and traffic, so be careful out there.