05/04/2013 05:44 pm ET Updated Jul 04, 2013

Beauty Under One Roof

Bonjour mes amis!

It has been some time since we last discussed the process of achieving your desired personal look. I'd like to start today's session with a little audience participation. By a show of hands, how many of you visit a variety of salons to care for your cut, color, manicure, makeup, and maybe even extensions? I see a lot of hands. By a second show of hands, how many of you enjoy setting up multiple appointments on multiple days of the week and commuting this way and that to visit your multiple salons? Oh my -- I see very few hands. So how did this come to be?

For many of you, this began when you sought out the "best hair stylist," the "best color specialist," and so on. Perhaps you decided that the best hair stylist, from Salon A, was indeed the "best of the best" because of press coverage or online reviews. But the best color specialist, at Salon B, was the "best of the best" because your co-worker sings his praises and you are green with envy for your co-worker's trendy color. What you did not realize, though, is the importance of your stylist and colorist directly communicating with one another in order to achieve the very best look for YOU. There is danger involved in seeking out the "best of the best." You run the risk of only finding the "best of the moment." You may go home with the "coupe du jour" and a trendy color, but beware! The trend may be outdated by tomorrow.

Ultimately, I believe you cannot achieve the best of YOU by visiting multiple salons for each of your beauty services. If you were to undergo a surgical procedure, would you go to one hospital for your anesthesia, another for the operation, and a third for the monitoring of your vitals? Certainly not! Everyone on the medical team must be involved and committed to the same outcome. Thankfully, what we are discussing here is not brain surgery. It's just hair. But the procedure of helping you achieve your desired outcome -- to help you achieve on the outside what you envision for yourself on the inside -- demands the very same direct communication and cooperation from your team of hair specialists -- under one roof. Remember -- you should be hearing your wishes echoed back to you from each team member of your salon family. And finally -- even after you are 100 percent satisfied with your consultations, it may take more than just one visit to fine tune your look. Practice makes perfect, after all. Even for the most seasoned specialists.