06/10/2013 06:17 pm ET Updated Aug 10, 2013

Cycle Share and Cycle Hair

Bonjour, mes amis!

Last week I had an exchange with a client over The New Yorker magazine cover that featured an illustration of the new Citi Bike Share program. I remarked that I love the idea and cannot wait to rent a bike and ride all over the city. She in turn proclaimed that it is a terribly dangerous idea to have bikes so accessible to individuals who may or may not be experienced in maneuvering through New York traffic, predicting that injury and accident rates will be off the charts! My feeling is that while accident rates may initially be high, laws and bike lane construction will evolve as the program advances, and this will make cruising the streets of New York on a bike safe for every kind of rider. Besides, it will take very few collisions before bikers and drivers start looking both ways.

But enough of the controversial talk. The question I want to answer, as the bike share program takes off, is "What do I do with my hair?!" For many women, the thought of summer helmet hair is most unappealing. And the idea of pedaling away with the breeze blowing through free-flowing, unhelmeted hair is very tempting. But do not give in! Especially in metropolitan areas, it is vital to ride safely -- so don that helmet.

The key to avoiding flat, sweat-slicked roots is proper product choice and light styling. Stay away from any styling products that may reactivate with the heat and perspiration that result from a good bike ride. This means no hairspray and no gel. Once reactivated, these products will set your hair in whatever state it is in under your helmet. Instead, opt for a frizz fighting serum to prep your hair before your ride and pack a travel sized dry shampoo to absorb perspiration and plump up your roots at the end of the ride.

As for styling? Take advantage of the popularity of braids and twists. They will tame your hair during the ride and give you summer waves once you've reached your destination. Twist the sides back and create a loose, low bun. Or try a zig zag part and two loose braids. Knot the braids together below your helmet, pin in place and pedal away! Just be wary of those taxi doors threatening to open suddenly in front of you.

A bientot and happy riding!