10/11/2012 06:21 pm ET Updated Dec 11, 2012

Getting Bolder With Age

In the worlds of fashion and beauty, being "old" and "getting older" are frightening concepts: Models are encouraged to retire at 25, women start Botox at 30 and men buy Ferraris at 50. Bottom line, youth is envied and coveted like a freshly unwrapped Birkin. Don't get me wrong, I value youth, but after many years on this earth (and lots of late nights), I absolutely adore the wisdom and experience gained from getting older.

Each week in my salon I have the opportunity to interact with multiple generations of women. As a result of these interactions, I've noticed that young women are becoming austere in their manner and way of dressing. Hair is long and plain, clothes are modest and anachronistic. On the flip side of the spectrum, "women of a certain age" are flourishing. For these women, fading into the background isn't an option; a classic foundation is boldly streaked with creative audacity. I witnessed the perfect example of this phenomenon front and center during this year's Norisol Ferrari show at New York Fashion Week. While the blank-faced, teenaged models sauntered listlessly down the runway, the supermodels of yesteryear charged down the catwalk with explosive amounts of attitude, confidence and triumphant beauty. I've never been so blown away by a fashion show! I sincerely hope that this is just the beginning...

To all the young women out there, a "word to the wise" -- please don't wait until the end of your youth to revel in it. Make your own bold statement now!