02/12/2014 03:15 pm ET Updated Apr 14, 2014

It Is Worth It

If you make a habit of reading the Wall Street Journal Life and Style section, you might have come across an article that echoed sentiments I discussed with you last Summer.

In her recent article "Is a $1,000 Haircut and Blow Dry Worth It?" Lauren Lipton revealed that a handful of New York City stylists are raising their prices to four figures. Her supporting arguments for the high ticket price by a master stylist reflect my own: Each cut is highly customized to the individual client, it is backed by a deep well of experience, and will last exponentially longer than a low ticket cut. Behind stylists of such an echelon, you'll find a complex professional genealogy and a culture of precision training.

Among the limbs of my professional family tree, for example, you will find Jacques Dessange, Bruno Pittini and Aveda's Horst Rechelbacher. These men are my mentors and major influences, and they each contributed to the unique hair culture to which I subscribe. And like my contemporaries that are mentioned in the WSJ article, I continue the legacy of precision training by sharing my knowledge and educating future stylists.

Any of my clients will tell you it is a very rare experience to be in my chair and not be observed by at least one assistant by my side -- and I maintain high standards for all of my assistants and staff. Instilling my co-workers with a strong attention to detail, and an eye for impeccable presentation allows us all to deliver the level of luxury service that is expected with a high price tag.

It also allows me to refer any client that either cannot afford, or prefers not to pay my price, to another Stylist in my Salon. Ms. Lipton touched on this in her article, and it is a crucial point to keep in mind when you are faced with sticker shock in any high end Salon. My consultations are always free, and if I see an opportunity to refer a client to a co-worker, I will happily coach that stylist on the client's needs and expectations. The result is consistent luxury that is available to everyone.