04/10/2014 04:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Spring It Up!

The official beginning of Spring is a few weeks behind us. But you wouldn't have known it here in New York City until this week! My clients are finally shedding their winter layers, in both their wardrobes and their hair.

Spring is kind to every hair type: not as dulling and dry as winter, and not as humid and frizz-inducing as summer. So it is the perfect time to try something new and different, without extreme weather affecting the outcome or your enjoyment of the style.

If you find yourself in need of spring hair inspiration, keep these three ideas in mind:

Bring it Up!

Your ends have been abused by winter hats, scarves, heaters, wind -- I could go on and on. The best spring refresher is not another trim, but a true hair cut with redefined lines and clean layers. Hair grows faster in spring and summer, so this is the best time of year to get the job done.

Brighten Up!

Dark tones are for the long months of hibernation. It's time to bring back life and light to your color. Start with softly Balayaged face framing pieces first (subtle hair painting). Then work your way lighter and brighter until you feel as sunny on the inside as it is outside. Or if you're really in the mood for a change, opt for shimmering shades of coppers and reds!

Braid it Up!

It's not warm enough yet to forgo the blow dry completely. But spring hair should also be more casual and fun than fully styled, blown out winter hair. So take advantage of the Braid's continued popularity. Rough dry with the blow drier until your hair is mostly dry before wrapping it into a low braided bun with a side part -- a timeless and chic choice. As an added bonus, you'll have effortless waves for second day hair.

My final tip: get outside and enjoy the sunshine! We have certainly waited long enough for it!