08/31/2012 10:18 am ET Updated Oct 31, 2012

The Long and the Short of It

When we first met, we discussed how to approach your "first date" with your new stylist. In our second meeting, we spoke about what to expect from your first visit to the salon. This time around I want to talk about how you wear your hair. Often, people view their hair as an afterthought; something to be dealt with, or in extreme cases -- a "huge pain in the derrière." It really shouldn't be this way. Your hair is an incredibly important accessory; it frames your face and it's a fantastically simple way to express your individuality.

People often ask if I prefer short or long hair, my answer is: both. As long as hair is in excellent condition, length makes little difference. The next time you are at a party, take a look at the most eye-catching partygoers. Who stands out? Yes, the guy bragging about his yacht in St. Tropez will catch lots of sideways glances. But, the people I'm actually referring to are the stunning women that capture the attention of an entire room as soon as they pass through the doorway. Some of them boast expertly sculpted, gravity-defying up-dos a lá Daphne Guinness, others have silky, drool-worthy manes like Penélope Cruz, and a few boast breathtaking cropped styles a lá Halle Berry. These women captivate us not only because of their beauty, but also because of the way they wear their hair. I can guarantee that if Penélope Cruz had so-so hair, she'd cut it to a length that made her look like the knockout we all know her to be.

If you don't have long, lush hair try a shorter length. I know that there are many out there that will read this and think I'm absolutely crazy for suggesting short hair, they might say "I'm not going to look good with hair anywhere above my shoulders." To this I say, not true! There is a short style for everyone; tall or short, thin or voluptuous. The keys to finding your short style are experimentation, research and persistence. I wouldn't recommend cutting all your hair off immediately after a breakup, you might have a meltdown in your stylist's chair. Take the time to experiment; pull your hair back and gauge the reactions of people you trust. Go slowly, maybe start by taking off an inch at your next cut, then two, then three... When you get to a length that makes your heart skip a beat, hold it there until you get comfortable. From here you can get really bold or go long again, it's just hair and it will always grow back, I promise! "What if my husband doesn't like it?" People are entitled to their opinions, but if your relationship hinges on where the ends of your hair fall on your body, a cut is the least of your problems. Keep him on his toes! No matter what you do to your hair, it isn't forever so get creative. I will leave you with a beautiful quote on short hair from Patrice Leconte, Vanessa Paradis' director in The Girl on the Bridge: "With long hair she is beautiful, with short hair she's divine."