03/22/2013 05:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Delayed VA Benefits

Earlier this month my delightful aunt confided in me that she had been waiting since April 2012 to receive her Veterans Administration spousal benefits. Her deceased husband had done two tours of Korea in the Navy. She had applied for her benefits more than 10 months ago. As a result of her delayed Veterans Administration benefits she was maxing out credit cards to pay for her out-of-pocket medical expenses of meds and oxygen. She had called the Veterans Administration several times and was told there was a backlog of claims. My initial response was, "Oh hell no." I contacted her congressional representatives where she lives by researching and filing a constituent request for assistance on each congressional website. My sweet auntie received calls and letters for follow-up by the congressional offices of Senator Richard Burr, Congressman Mike McIntyre and Congressman David Price. Thankfully, due to their efforts, I am happy to report, she has received direct deposit of her back months and her claim was settled. I have been reading heart-breaking stories of military families past and present waiting for benefits. Our military have served their country and deserve better.