05/04/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

O De La Renta, Stop Your Winging and Whining About First Lady O

You know I am actually quite surprised at myself, but this it the third piece I am writing in defense of First Lady Michelle Obama and her freedom to choose her own style and fashion.

This time, I just have to laugh out loud at Oscar De La Renta winging and whining about First Lady Obama forgetting about top fashion designers like he. It is a very interesting dynamic that is taking place in the elite world of fashion and even amongst the rich impacted by this terrible economic downturn. They feel left out. Do you think Jack and Jane America really feel sorry for them?

I love Donna Karan, Dana Bachman, Kate Spade, and Valentino. Their clothes are molto fabuloso! I also love Not Your Daughter's Jeans. They fit people who have ample and shapely backsides like the First Lady and me. However, isn't it nice to know that the First Lady also shops at Black House/White Market too? While I am not into J. Crew per se, I am into the Gap, Express, the Limited, Apple Bottom, Baby Phat and Cache. Like the average woman trying to manage her life with multiple priorities, running to the mall and coming out with something affordable that looks great on the body and most importantly is highly in Fashion is a good thing. Michelle Obama is for the every day women in America. She is the F.I.C - Fashion-In-Chief!

I certainly get that the fashion industry has taken a hit, but the last time I checked all of the fashion designers who are bitchin' about First Lady Michelle O not trying on their threads have NOT lost their homes, got fired, are on the verge of bankruptcy, just got their car repossessed for non-payment, eat cold food that will spoil because it is not refrigerated, or have no heat and can't read at night because the electricity is shut off. In more dire cases, these Fashionistas like De La Renta don't have a starving baby screeching because the mother is risking her baby's life by watering down baby formula to feed it. She does not have any money to buy milk. By the way, her clothes were bought on sale over two years ago at Marshalls.

Fashion Designer Isaac Mizhrai gets it though. He designed an affordable line of simple, but nice clothes for every day women for Target. It appears he understands that there is a significant part of America that is going through what I just described. Perhaps he can advise his friend Oscar and others who are crying about the First Lady behind the scenes. I am just not sure his words would have any impact.

Hurrah for the New School Designers getting put on by Mrs. Obama. Instead of hating on the New School, perhaps the Old School (who paved the way for the New School) can find a way to partner with them, mentor them and be helpful to them to go to the next level. There is room at the top for more great fashion designers from all backgrounds.

I must applaud Fashion designer Donna Karan for her positive response concerning the First Lady's fashion and the opportunity to dress her one day. She will have a better chance at meeting the First Lady and perhaps dressing her than the other complainers. She understands you get bees with honey.

Mrs. Obama is signaling to the Nation to give others a chance to experience success and the American Dream. What an impressive gesture to give a young person the opportunity to succeed.

I know this probably won't be my last article about Mrs. Obama, but I wish that the Fashion Police, with all of their superficial high pitched voices, word dragging to exaggerate a point, head shaking, eyes rolling while drinking Veuve Clicquot, Chardonnay or Merlot, two snaps up and "Oh my", guiling, gossiping, cussing under your breath and aloud, gasping and sucking teeth sounds would just quit. It is so trifling and just plain old ugly! The First Lady has her own mind, knows what she wants and does not give a damn about your high browed opinions or demands. Now, try that one on for size!