01/13/2017 05:11 pm ET Updated Jan 14, 2018

Is Donald Trump A Narcissist?

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

The question of whether or not someone is an uncontrollable narcissist has been made worse with social media. It seems all too easy to be full of yourself now with so much validation being provided to us by the devices in our pockets. Stepping away from it can be isolating in a real way, leaving many to wonder just how much our social media plays in forming our identities.

For President-elect Donald Trump the question is obviously raised constantly around his Twitter account. Looking at his feed is a great way to get a snapshot of a snobbish and disdainful man who is petty and filled with hatred. Or it could be a incredibly well executed play at deception, making people look left when they should be looking right.

Regardless of his narcissistic social media persona, Donald Trump's strange real-life personality seems to have a lot in common with a people suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. Now, we're not saying he has it, though professional psychologists have said it, we're just asking you to take a look at his actions in a critical way.