11/05/2012 10:29 am ET Updated Jan 05, 2013

Mitt Romney's Fantasy Poll Numbers

For quite some time now Mitt Romney has been living in a parallel universe. He was for a women's right to choose before he was against it. For reasonable immigration reform before the Republican primaries made him against it and, for that matter, he was for reason before he became against that too.

But his fantasy and spin on the poll numbers is just too much.

When the poll numbers showed him well behind (before the Denver debate) his team claimed the numbers were skewed and biased. When the same polling firms showed numbers that put them closer or even ahead after the debate, they were magically accurate. Now that the numbers show him behind in key battleground states (same polling firms, same methods), some again say they are biased again.

This reaches "give me a break" status.

Repeating falsehoods ad nauseam doesn't make them true. It just makes you less truthful.

As the Washington Post noted in a recent editorial, Romney must really believe that the truth is irrelevant.

Look, this race is close.

And it should be.

There is a clear contrast between these two candidates with two clearly different visions for America. The last four years have seen unprecedented challenges in the economy, wars, social policy and even international monetary policy. Those are not the ingredients for an incumbent blowout.

But you don't get to cherry pick polls to create your own universe. For Romney to win, nearly every single state poll needs to be biased.

Is it possible? Sure.

But that doesn't make it probable.

So let's stop giving credibility to all of this bluster and nonsense. While no one knows what will happen on Tuesday that doesn't mean we get to create an alternate universe.