01/02/2013 09:18 am ET Updated Mar 04, 2013

Writing it Down and Evolving to be Better This Year

So we've come to the end of 2012 -- an eventful year and one of my most exciting years in racing thus far! It's the time of year when many people start thinking about New Year's resolutions. Like most of you, I always hope to be better the following year and like many in our society, sometimes those resolutions often last only a month of two. Is it because we lose motivation and inspiration to continue on that path, or is it because we forget what we've wished for?

There's something about that "fresh start" that's so intriguing -- we decide we're going to lose weight (gain weight for me!), eat better, get more rest, improve our relationships, finally clean out that junk closet or detail the interior of the car, etc.

Perhaps that one step we often miss is actually writing down these goals, these aspirations and being better overall in our lives. Could this blog be an okay place to house my goals for 2013? At least it will be a start, and like some of you might, I try to write up or print out my goals and have them in a visible location so I'm reminded of where I'm headed.

For 2013, my sponsor K12, the largest online educational provider in America and where I go to high school, has given me an opportunity to move up to Firestone Indy Lights with Andretti Autosport. While this will be a challenging jump from the Star Mazda Championship series, it hasn't come without a lot of hard work and a deserving respect for how challenging the season will be for me.

That challenge leaves me no reason to fret on what's ahead of leave me scared to have lofty goals and be committed to achieving them. So, with that, some of my goals for 2013 are:

• Finishing in the top 5 in the Indy Lights championship at the end of the season.
• On a personal level, evolving to be a better driver, better spokesperson and all around better person and being open to those around me continuing to help me get better.
• On the training front, I'm still growing and I've been battling with gaining weight. I'd love to gain another 15 pounds by March and the start of the 2013 racing season.

I think with every year, we obviously become a year older and another year wiser. Make time to look back and be sure you are evolving and learning from your wins and losses, and that you're continuing to become a better person.

What are your goals and benchmarks for 2013? I'd love to share in your journey to achieve them.

Happy New Year!