07/13/2012 07:00 pm ET Updated Sep 12, 2012

Hot, Hot, Heat: 12 Must-Try Wood-Fired Pizzas

Wood-burning ovens have certainly added fuel to the L.A. pizza debate fire over the last few years. If an Italian-leaning restaurant opened, it most likely came with an oven built in Italy or by an Italian company, or stoked by a real Neapolitan pizzaiolo. Now we have so many "authentic" pies to choose from in L.A., it's difficult to choose the best. And what makes each one so unique and incredibly delicious starts way before the toppings: the dough, the wood used, the temperature of the oven and the cooking time set them apart. So here are 12 top chewy, crispy and blistered wood-fired pizzas around town. If we missed your favorite Margherita, please drop us a note in comments.

12 Must-Try Wood-Fired Pizzas In LA