08/07/2012 02:50 pm ET Updated Oct 07, 2012

San Francisco's Funniest Restaurant Names

You know what's funny to us? How many San Francisco restaurants insist on naming themselves after their sourcing policies: Locavore, Local"s Corner, Local Mission Eatery, Local Kitchen. We get it - you guys love to shop at the farmers market -- just like us! But then there's the other kind of the funny restaurant names, the kind that make us giggle or are plain impossible to Google. We're still mourning the passing of Juan More Taco, but we did find plenty to make us chuckle. Check out our list of hilarious SF restaurant names below.

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Cali Pho Nia

We can't stop thinking that David Duchovny would be a fan of these cleverly named Vietnamese bistros in Portola and the Inner Richmond.

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Dear Mom,

Where to begin about this hipster Mission bar? The funky punctuation, the un-Google-abilty of it or the reminder that you haven't written home in awhile? How a cocktail bar with redwood picnic tables, a pool table and malted donut waffles got this moniker is beyond us.

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Goood Frickin' Chicken

This Middle Eastern rotisserie on the edge of the Mission and Bernal Heights had folks cracking up from the get-go, but the spiced-laden birds really do live up to their moniker (especially for the price). And, yes, the misspelling was absolutely intentional, as in that's goooooood frickin' chicken.

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Let"s Be Frank

Doggone it, this PC hot dog vendor that spawned a thousand imitations was onto something when it came up with this tongue-in-cheek name. And, frankly, we like it.

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Phuket Thai

We know the Southern Thailand island is pronounced pook-ket, but we dare you to find anyone in this town that doesn't pronounce this Lower Haight restaurant phonetically.

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Sausage Factory

The name of this old-school Italian just gets funnier when you realize it's located smack in the heart of the Castro.

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Squat and Gobble

This chainlet of creperies is always packed, but frankly, we think the name is a bit of an appetite-killer. 

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Stinking Rose

Tourists line up for their stinkin' food at this campy North Beach Italian, where pretty much everything from appetizers to ice cream is infused with garlic.

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What obviously started as a cheekily named pop-up taco stand has grown into a bona fide Mexican juggernaut, but, to us, it still sounds like something a sorority girl would exclaim over Mexican food.

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Yummy Yummy (also special mention to Yum Yum Fish)

Did a five-year-old name this Inner Sunset hole-in-the-wall, or is the Vietnamese food really that good?

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Zaré at The Fly Trap

Anyone not familiar with the history behind this century-old restaurant would understandably cringe eww, but these days, chef Hoss Zaré's Persian-inflected Mediterranean food and hospitality has folks flocking here like flies to flypaper. And yes, the original proprietor really did put a square of flypaper on each table to distract the flies away from the food.

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