09/17/2014 01:02 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2014

#WhyICare: Sandy Survivors Demand Action on Climate Change

Across New York City, there is one name that's on the tip of everyone's lips.. Sandy.

Nearly 2 years out from Hurricane Sandy, the most destructive and deadly storm to hit New York City, communities across the five boroughs are still recovering. And in the back of everyone's minds, people are wondering "Could a tragedy like Hurricane Sandy happen again?"

In less than a week, hundreds of thousands will march in NYC for the People's Climate March. It's an exciting time, but it's also important to remind ourselves what communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy went through. These communities have faced climate-change-fueled extreme weather firsthand. We need to listen to them if we're going to survive or prevent the next.

I had an opportunity to talk with a few residents who work with community organizations like Rockaway Wildfire, the Red Hook Initiative and GABRIELA USA about how they were affected by the storm. This is #WhyICare. Here are their words:

Voices of Sandy from twelve bit media group on Vimeo.

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