06/28/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Fashion Road Test: Multitasking Mobile Phones

Be it a Chanel 2.5 quilted purse, a YSL Tribute tote or a Balenciaga Motorcycle carry-all, a bag can be the most important -- and telling -- accessory for any fashionista. Yet, for those who have as much style as they do substance, it's what's inside that counts. And generally, that includes lip gloss, business card, a wallet and a sleek phone which is small enough for your pocket but versatile enough to replace your laptop.

Luckily, tracking down phones with uber-multitasking capabilities is light work. But time again there is a select list of devices which fashionistas -- at least those perpetually busy ones whose daily agenda is as full as their inbox -- prefer. They remain the Apple I-Phone, T-Mobile Sidekick, Blackberry and to a much lesser extent, the Google phone.

Though each phone has a distinctly different look, feel and even target audience -- there is one trait which unites them all: they over perform and over deliver and under cost -- if you sign up with a plan. The alpha phone out of the bunch is easily the I-Phone, with a slick design and even slicker marketing that's guaranteed that almost everyone has experienced it directly or indirectly. As a result, I scaled this week's Fashion Road Test back to the remaining three phones, specifically the brand new Sidekick LX, Blackberry Storm and G-1 Google phones.

For a one week period, I incorporated each phone into my daily routine. Conducting conference calls, updating my personal blog, uploading photos onto Facebook, adding to my contact list and of course, texting -- a lot. So which phone came out tops? Not surprisingly, they all did.

The Sidekick LX, the latest phone from the ultra popular Sidekick family, was pure fun -- and was expressly designed to be. Of course it provides excellent ways to store and update your contacts, manage your calendar and check your email -- but that's not really the point. This latest tricked out version is all about social networking and makes texting, tweeting, and Myspace-ing an absolute breeze. To further appeal to your style and personality it is available in several color ways and prints, including a dainty Orchid design as well as a gritty graphic one designed by legendary skateboarder, Tony Hawk.

As a veteran Blackberry user, I almost knew what I was getting before I took the Storm on my week long run: a sophisticated, solid device which not only helps me look the part but live the part of the busy fashion professional. The Blackberry Storm, one of the newest versions of the phone was totally unexpected in what it had to offer: a combination touch screen and key board capability, in built GPS tracking, a video recorder and one of the best phones on a camera you'll ever come across. Despite these new bells and whistles what kept me besotted to this phone was -- can you guess it? -- Blackberry Messenger, a feature which every 'Berry user gets instantly addicted to. It allows you to chat, communicate and keep track of a select list of folks who also use the Blackberry device.

Yet that addictive application wasn't enough to keep me from declaring an underdog as my personal favorite: The G-1 Phone by Google. At first, it was to me -- as it may still be to you -- confusing. The idea of Google and phone in the same sentence just doesn't seem logical, and yet in reality no combination -- save sample and sale -- ever made as much sense!

From the search engine, to the email account, to the calendar and most recently -- the document application -- Google has slowly infiltrated and dominated my professional life. (And should I meet the braniacs behind their growth, it is sure to dominate my personal life as well -- but I digress.) As a devoted Google-nista, I expected the phone to provide very strong browsing capability at best. Yet, what it delivers is so much more: applications which instantly and seamlessly sync your emails, contacts, and calendar to the phone. As soon as I typed in my Google username and password, I was done. All the essential info I needed was right at my finger tips. It's not as sleek as the Blackberry Storm or as playful as the Sidekick LX, but the G-1 inhabits a happy medium, which revved my engine and ended my search.