06/29/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Looking For The Perfect Jean? I've Found Them!

Cry. Curse. Reconcile. Repeat.

This is the vicious cycle the search for perfect love can take you on. More often that not, the search for perfect jeans is much the same. It's a funny line, but a tragic truth: for the average person, buying denim can be a long, laborious and even dispiriting process. Trying on style after style in store after store can leave you feeling shorter, rounder and a lot less hotter than before. Even worse, you develop a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that you'll never find your perfect match.

Then came technology.

The growing sophistication of man-made materials has led to a new uber-textile called X-Fit Lycra. X-Fit is a patented, cross weave Lycra which, unlike the traditional version, allows 360 degrees of movement. In other words, the fabric stretches in every direction, as opposed to the dual stretch which standard Lycra affords. Even more, X-Fit provides unparalleled fabric stability, shape retention and product recovery.

It's no wonder then that the good folks at DL 1961 selected X-Fit as the foundation for their denim line which debuted on the market in August of 2008.

"We were the first to really recognize the potential of this product," explains Will Redgate, Director of Sales for DL 1961. "Our knowledge of the fabric and use of it has resulted in a supreme jean. It stretches wherever the woman needs it."

He's not overstating facts. As of now, DL 1961 is the only denim brand on the market to incorporate X-Fit Lycra in every single pair of their jeans, and retailers are responding. In less than one year it's been picked up by several stores including Bloomingdale's and a handful of legendary regional denim stores including E Street Denim in Chicago, Tony Walker in Buffalo, New York and Innovative Denim Bar in Virginia.

What's the fuss? Well to look at the jeans you wouldn't see it. DL 1961's collection is generally clean, simple and not overly trendy. To try on the jeans - well that's another matter. That's when you realize with dazzling clarity that this is a brand firmly focused on fit. Unlike the average label which generally mixes a minimum percentage of standard Lycra into their product, DL 1961 uses a generous 26% percent of X-Fit Lycra in each pair. This provides a denim that is almost legging-like in fit, moveablity and comfort - yet it remains a very strong and durable five pocket jean.

"As we say," explains Redgate, "Once you wear it, you are guaranteed to love it."

But don't take his word for it. Instead, take the actions of a group of young to middle-aged women I recently observed during a busy Saturday at National Jean Company in New York City. Entirely unprovoked, customer after customer migrated to the table which featured DL 1961 products. Each tried on the jean and bought it instantly. It was easy to see why: no matter what the body type, short and stocky or lean and lanky, the jeans easily wrapped around and instantly flattered the body.

"It's a no-brainer," confirms Redgate, "It's a good priced, premium denim that fits well. For the first time sexy can actually be comfortable."

As I followed suit and tried on a pair of my own, I had to agree wholeheartedly. The quest for true love might remain complicated, but the quest for a jean you'll love just got simple.