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Prep, Nourish and Seal: A Plan to Revolutionize Your Beauty Routine

The first response is denial. Then depression. Then, finally, acceptance. We may be speaking about your first experience with Skin Inc -- but the classic stages of grief still apply. After all by the time you've fully indulged in Skin Inc, your old beauty routine may very well be dead. Step one is Skin Identity, Skin Inc's first-of-its-kind online tool that probes your skin's health through a series of interactive questions. The dizzying depth of the examination focuses on everything from your location, to your favorite foods, to your preferred ways to unwind.

The result is a holistic analysis of your skin's condition followed by a custom prescription of Skin Inc's patented range of encapsulated serums. Depending on your particular needs, this kit may include the brand's revolutionary Pure Revival Peel, a non-abrasive exfoliator that gently dissolves dullness for visible results -- or the Pure Deep Sea Hydrating Mask, a unique sleep-in or rinse-off transparent mask which hydrates, clarifies and brightens skin all in one step. Whatever the prescription, you can rest assured that your skin is about to be pampered with the precision of a dermatologist. And just like that -- by the end of your first brush with Skin Inc -- your old routine is gone.

For Sabrina Tan, Founder and CEO of Skin Inc, this instant allegiance to her brand is a phenomenon she's witnessed often. From their revolutionary process to wide ranging product line -- she could credit almost any aspect of the business with this. Instead, Tan points out a much more universal need: empowerment.

"Something has to empower a woman to understand that what works for someone else won't necessarily work for her," says Tan. "And once she figures out what works for her, she should know why it does. That's what inspires us -- not only the desire for good skin care, but customizable skincare as well. "

That approach has struck a chord with fans across the globe. The brand has flagship stores in Singapore, Barcelona, Madrid and over a dozen other cities, in addition to being available on Singapore airlines. No matter the location -- the brand experience remains the same: a simple and effective process featuring Prep, Nourish and Seal, Skin Inc's trademark steps for skin health. Under each step is a wealth of patented products. The products, crafted in Japan, retain just as much integrity as the process with only the finest natural extracts selected with no added scents or parabens. The emphasis on skin health has been a hallmark for Tan since her youth.

"As Asians, it's really common for us to have seven to eleven steps." But as a new mom with overactive skin -- and an even more overactive beauty drawer -- the busy exec found that maintaining that process was not feasible. That discovery spurred her to look for a solution where cutting back on the steps and the products - without compromise in her skin care routine. "I knew beauty could not come at the price of my time," says Tan. "I knew something had to change."

That change was a 38-range product line up which took the former technology executive seven years to develop. Tan is hoping the sheer breadth and depth of her product line up will translate to new fans here in America, where the brand just became available earlier this year.

To double up on efforts Tan has added Dr. Shekhar Mitra, an icon and leader in the space. He's pioneered technology for popular products such as Crest White Strips, Olay Regenerist and Old Spice Clinical Strength. His addition signifies Skin Inc's dedication to meeting the American consumer where they live: innovative, stress free products that Skin Inc's unofficial motto of "100% efficacy and 0% fuss."

"With his [level of] expertise in innovative product development," says Tan, "we are certain Dr. Mitra will be an invaluable addition to Skin Inc," says Tan.

So far that approach is working as several magazines and sites from beauty bible, Allure to Refinery29 highlighting the brand. The momentum also applies to Skin Inc's robust retail strategies which see the brand hitting American stores. According to Rameet Kaur, Skin Inc's General Manager for this region, retailers are loving the brand's personalized approach to skin health.

"In the 'selfie beauty' era of celebrating ones own unique individuality," says Kaur, "Skin Inc is leading the charge from one-product-fits-all mentality to a one size fits one approach."

Starting this fall Skin Inc ramped up that charge with the debut of their e-commerce site followed by the launch of Skin Inc at select Sephora stores in New York City. "The staff is trained and completely capable of helping customers pick the right blends for them," shares Kaur of plans so far. Specialized staff will be on hand in Spring as well, when Skin Inc plans on launching in dozens of additional Sephora stores across the country.

For those who already count themselves die hard fans of the brand -- this news may be met with denial. Then depression. Then acceptance. After all, their global cult favorite has finally hit America's shores -- and their secret is out. Naturally, the classic stages of grief still apply.

Skin Inc Debuts In The USA

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