07/01/2011 03:24 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2011

One Stylish Mother: Chic Chat With an NYC Nun

Thanks to Lady Gaga, Nun's are having a bit of a moment. So naturally, when photographer Darryl Calmese, went roving for fashionistas for The Blay Report, he felt blessed coming across Sister Patricia Marie, of the order of Franciscan Handmaids of Mary.

The Harlem Based nun talked about her religious garb, her love of Oprah, and how on God's green earth she's managed to stay looking so good at 85-years-young. Check out the chic Q&A below.

Oh my God, you're 85! You look great!

Well, yes. I was born in 1925.

Are you hot today? This is like, a very hot outfit.
I don't think of it. My garb is supposed to be special. It's the Robe of Charity.

And when you take off your habit, what do you like to wear?

I don't take off my habit.
You never take it off?
No, just to go to sleep. I wear it in the street, in the convent.

Wow. So you're in this all the time. Your Habit is your habit.

[Laughs] Yes, it is. Well, I love what I do. Oh, if only people out here knew what convent life was like, it would be packed!
Yes. Well, we take a vow of poverty so we own nothing. But what we have is called Common, so if someone needs something, we share. Oh, and I love Oprah.


Yes, I admire and I pray for her. She's a beautiful person. Because she knows where she came from and she shares with her brothers and sisters. She asks New Yorkers "what would you like to have?" and they want material things. Africa wants education. And so she builds a school there. When you have education, you can have anything that you want.

All Photos Credited to Darryl Calmese