09/18/2013 06:33 am ET Updated Nov 18, 2013

Featured Fifty Poetry: Indeed

Zoe Piponides is a teacher of English and passionate about poetry. She is always on the lookout for new collections and feels it necessary to return to past poets too. Zoe is currently immersed in the final editing of her first collection, which she hopes to publish in the near future. She also writes occasional articles and edits creative work for local publications.

"Indeed" is a tribute to women who might wish to step aside and smile at those social evils that try to persuade us to look and behave in ways that might be contrary to our nature. Like most women, I have to work hard at resisting all the temptation on supermarket shelves. Each time I reach the checkout, I mentally calculate how much I'm paying for naughties, often chomping through half the evidence in the car before arriving home so that my guilty secret won't be revealed! One day, I fancied a deep end swim into this world whereby I could celebrate my sins without reserve, and this is how this binge of a poem came into being.

Indeed! Thanks to this new regime
I'm flabbergasting extra curves,
a swirly-twirly view of bend,
pluck, strut. With a bit of luck
I'll summon size 16 by Christmas,
ransack super large by New Year.

How, did you say? Well, it's easy
if you keep the pantry door ajar.
You never know when the scent
of ready ripe may court the eye.
Best check those sell by dates,
aim to eat fresh, peak the fridge,
invest in a microwave, sweet
feed freeze, avoid low reserves.
Impress your friends with a spread,
butter, syrup, double cream.
Razzmatazz your salads, dollop
lashings of avocado, pineapple,
figs, brazils, cashews, croutons.
Smother your veg, a crispy loaf
paper bag hot. Spare the time,
fish for tunics, stretchy waists,
woolly ponchos, floppy hats.
Zoom in patterned petal prints,
strappy stripes, spinning circles.
Store extra carbs, the tea towel
shelf a worthy niche, or chomp
chunky bars in the driver's seat.
Tongue-roll crumbs, deep-dig
silver wrapping, lap loaded,
buy one, snack on two. Feast
on freebies, cocktail try n' taste
events that fuel even if you feel
a little full, persevere!

Salt and vinegar? Lots please,
double wrapped, a little soggy --
help me lick these digits clean.