09/04/2012 01:23 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2012

How Do They Make a Hästens Bed?

What started as a saddle and carriage furniture maker in 1852, simply named Hästens or "horse" in Swedish, soon became a purveyor of hand-crafted beds made of all-natural materials like cotton, wool, flax and of course, horsehair. Officially guaranteed for 25 years, the beds are passed down through generations in Sweden. The beds also command a hefty price tag, with a basic model starting around a few thousand for a twin, and a top-tier king costing nearly $40,000. Apparently the Swedes are serious about their sleep (maybe it's something about the barely-setting summer sun). Hästens all but guarantees their beds will give you the best night's sleep. Here's a tour through their Köping, Sweden factory, meeting the craftsmen and seeing step-by-step what you're getting for the price.

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