02/22/2012 03:55 pm ET Updated Feb 22, 2012

Vera Wang On Travel, Favorite Destinations & Her New Luggage Line

Synonymous with weddings now for over twenty years, Vera Wang isn't one to leave well enough alone. She's used her passion for detail on designs ranging from stationery to mattresses. Collaborating with companies as diverse as Wedgwood, Kohl's and FTD Flowers, in addition to designing her eponymous ready-to-wear collection, she relishes her vacation!

So is it any wonder she's turned that into an opportunity to tackle the luggage market? Her collection for Hartmann (prices range from $400-$840), the American companies who's built bags and cases since 1877, includes seven durable microfiber designs in perennially fashionable black with leather accents and her signature lavender color lining. The elegant pleated exterior will help you locate yours in that sea of black at baggage claim. Here she shares her travel favorites with me.

Zoe Settle: Did you travel or vacation at all this summer? Where?
Vera Wang: Southampton. I love the lifestyle... how informed and easy everything is, from entertaining to sports, from fashion to food. Fun!

ZS: What's your all-time favorite destination?
VW: Paris is really my second home and will always be part of my life. And Sandy Lane in Barbados, where I go every Christmas. It's heaven ... there are very few places like it in the world. From the climate and the sand and water to the amazing amenities... it is indeed a private paradise. Hotel Cipriani in Venice is so classic and elegant. It's set apart from the city on a separate island and you can only get there by private boat. The views from the outdoor restaurant are beautiful.

ZS: Where do you go to unwind after fashion week?
VW: The Mercer Kitchen in SoHo for a drink!

ZS: What's always in your suitcase? What are your travel necessities?
VW: Anything easy--leggings, my thin cardigans, t-shirts, my jewelry, high platform sandals, boyish mules, and leather jackets.

ZS: Aisle or window seat?
VW: Window.

ZS: Where do you want to go most in the world and why?
VW: Anywhere with my family and best friends and their kids...I treasure getting away. Being able to escape is when I feel the most relaxed. That said, Australia.

ZS: Tell us about your luggage line for Hartmann. Why did you decide to do it? How is it better than what's already out there?
VW: Luggage is an investment in style and function. It is a necessary luxury that should combine quality and design. The right suitcase is very important... and it's all about ease and getting as much of what you need into one suitcase. My line for Hartmann is sophisticated, modern, and functional. Each piece in my luggage collection features a dusty lavender interior designed to suit a women's travel needs, with multiple compartments and details like zippered pockets, key rings, detachable toiletry and laundry bags.