07/30/2014 02:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Trend Alert: Dive Into This Seasons Hottest Neoprene Swimwear


Neoprene fabric is coming in hot... especially in swimwear! That's right, wetsuits are not just for water sports anymore.

Made for the water, neoprene is flexible, sporty and ozzes "bond girl" sex appeal. While the athletic trend stemmed from wetsuit material, it has taken off full paddle and now in all its post-scuba glory, neoprene has become the fashion world's fabric darling -- cropping up in tops, laser-cut skirts and bikinis galore.


In fact, ever since British Vogue hit the mark (as per usual) with their Kate Upton neoprene swimwear spread back in June, these body glove inspired pieces have been feeling the love from designers and mermaid lovers alike.

In the name of research, (and any excuse to hang poolside) I decided I had to get a neoprene bikini for myself. The moment I tried it on, I feel in love with the support it offered and the way it seemed to mold to my body. The best part? The beauty of Neoprene is that there is no fuss, no bulge and the material is wave body friendly due to its seamless fit and structure. Not to mention, its bright fluorescent look, sporty overlays and bold details will make you want to ditch the pool and go ride a wave... preferably somewhere exotic with a drink in your hand but that's neither here nor there.

Truth time? Whether you're planning on going surfs up or just looking to lounge around for some fun in the sun, a neoprene bikini is one trend that is worth diving into. Trust.

Photo Credit: Dani Fine Photography

*I'm wearing a bikini from Triangl Swimwear and sunglasses by Burberry!*