03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Eunice Johnson

Before there was MAC, there was nothing for Black.
No Bobby Brown for a night on the town.
No Maybelline to add glamour to the scene.
No Revlon to don between sips of Perignon.

There was nothing for the richer hues
but pancake mix and flour and other items bakers use.

No Smashbox or Make Up Forever
Just random potions invented by the clever
Girl or woman with the IT factor
... that really can't be bought from Max Factor.

But along came a queen
A fashion icon with a dream...
of a spectrum of color schemes
For all women of color to look their best when seen.

Eunice was the most Fashionable of all Fair Ladies
Who knew the beauty of Black...the power of pink
And the science of supply and demand
that made the entire industry stop and think:

Black is beautiful and Black women are worthy of the finest cosmetic products the industry has to offer.

Thank you, Eunice Johnson for your vision of Fashion Fair Cosmetics, for your boundless philanthropy and for your light.