02/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Michelle Obama: "The New Sexy"

First Lady Michelle Obama has commanded the world stage and redefined SEXY.

For women -- all women, not just the cinnamon Sistahs --Michelle is an invigorating rush of fresh air.

Her style has ushered in a new sex appeal that effectively retires the old-school stereotypes.

Here are the winners and losers in the new-age sex appeal shakeup, so far:

In: Tall & Shapely Real Women

Michelle displays elegance for the tall and shapely girls who may have had a harder plight finding pants that are the right length or the dainty little dresses that seem to be quarantined in the petites section. Yes you can, sport polka dots and fitted turquoise and very much command the spotlight.

Out: Stick-Figure Supermodels

Well, you have dominated the runway and the glossies--and wrecked havoc on our self-esteem--for quite some time now. You are officially no longer hot. You're fired. Grab a bite to eat on your way out.
That is all.
Thank you.

In: Fit & Fine Fortysomethings.

Michelle displays sex appeal for the over-40 set. The First Lady has recently celebrated her 45th birthday, and who knew 45 could look so hot? I guess it's true, 40 is the new 20.

Out: Underage Botox Pitch Women.

To all underage spokespersons who hawk wrinkle cream on late night television, you're fired. Thanks, but no thanks. Re-enroll in high school and get your driver's license on your way out.
That is all.
Thank you.

In: Natural Beauty & Self-Acceptance.

Nothing is hotter than a confident woman who embraces her natural beauty. Whether you're Caucasian, Black, Asian or Cablasian, Michelle's glamour demonstrates the beauty of self-acceptance. Loving yourself and accentuating your natural positives never go out of style.

Out: Plastic Surgery Addicts

Ok, note to hip-hopper Lil Kim: Um, your quest to look like your best friend Pamela Anderson Lee is so last decade. The reported skin bleaching, nose job, blue contacts, blonde weave, and Lord knows what else you may be considering as I'm writing this, is out of vogue. By the way, Michael Jackson called--he says you need to chill.

Plastic surgery freaks who wish to transform themselves into lionesses and living Barbie dolls, you are SO fired. Pick up your original noses on your way out.
That is all.

And thank you. :0)