09/17/2010 04:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Open Letter to Ruthless Workerbees

The ax is swinging hard in Corporate America, and, regretfully, some workerbees are employing nasty war tactics to keep their jobs.

No matter what it takes, the ruthless one--usually the office sociopath--is determined to be the last man standing.

And on an island he will stand, as nothing blocks new opportunities quite like blind ambition.

It's called blind ambition because you can be so driven to do it all, be it all, and get it all--no matter the consequences--that you miss the big picture.

And what is the big picture, you ask?

Your coworkers are much more than the people you work with. No matter how rude, crass, or annoying, chances are that you see your co-workers more often than you see your own family. You know the intimate details of their lives. You've forked over money for their children's fundraisers--even if you loathe overpriced fruitcake or chocolate covered whatever.

To be clear, your coworkers are ingrained into your very being.

And a job isn't just an office, or a workplace; it's an incubator of great ideas, mentorships, and future partnerships.

Think about that, what if the bosses pulled an Enron and left the workers to fend for themselves--what would the unemployed (former) coworkers have?

They'd have each other. They'd share new ideas. They'd find new connections between them; those left behind may even start their own company.

To wit, many successful ventures are the products of unemployed former coworkers.

So don't throw your coworkers under the bus. Don't deceive them. Don't steal credit for their work. Don't sabotage their projects. Don't stare blankly when they ask for assistance.

Instead, always be the best person that you can be, no matter what is happening around you.

See the big picture.