11/04/2014 09:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Timon Kyle Durrett Talks Love, Sex and Marriage


Actor Timon Kyle Durrett -- a Chicago native -- has enjoyed guest starring and recurring roles on television shows such as Girlfriends, The Young & The Restless, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Heroes, Samantha Who?, The Ghost Whisperer, and Castle. Durrett's breakout role was that of Quinn Davis on VH1's first-ever scripted series Single Ladies.

Now fans can see Durrett as a leading man in Christopher Nolen's 72 Hours playing for a limited engagement at the Studio Movie Grill in Chatham on Thursday, November 6 and Friday, November 7.

In 72 Hours, ex-playboy Von (played by Durrett) suffers a heart attack and finds himself face-to-face with God, (portrayed by The Blacklist's Harry J. Lennix).
God gives Von 72 hours to atone to the women he's hurt in the past, or he'll die.

Here, Timon Kyle Durrett shares his views about love, sex and marriage. (Thank goodness he doesn't have that 72 hours ultimatum to worry about.)

What is the first thing you notice about a woman?

Durrett: I first pay attention to the way she's dressed. To me, the way a woman presents herself in public is an expression of how she values herself. That's vital. Then, I pay close attention to her behavior; the way she speaks, interacts, etc. If you watch long enough, most people will reveal themselves without you asking a single question.

How soon is too soon for sex (if a woman desires a relationship)?

Durrett: Too soon? It's hard to say.
I believe it depends on the people involved and the circumstance. If two adults are in agreement and clear about what they want--as well as when, where, why, and how they want it--then who else [outside of their agreement] can put a timeline or deadline on their desires?
If it's not hurting anybody, to each his/her own.

Is marriage appealing to you?

Durrett: That's a tough one. It's not appealing to me...not right now. I've never been married, so I can't say definitively if it's the thing for me or not at this point in my life.

What is the one thing you wish women understood about men and love?

Durrett: That most men are simplistic by nature. I'm very straightforward and communicative. I don't mince words, hint, beat around the bush, etc. I say what I mean and I mean what I say, all the time. Truth without compassion can, at times, come across as brutality. So, I know how to soften things up, but it will still be a softened truth.

TImon Kyle Durrett is on Twitter @TimonKDurrett, and Facebook: TimonKyleDurrett.
Photo: Ctsy. of Timon Kyle Durrett.