03/14/2013 04:41 pm ET Updated May 14, 2013

ZooBorns Round-up: Tiger Cubs, Otter Pups & Dik-Diks!

ZooBorns showcases baby animals born at accredited zoos and aquariums as ambassadors for their species in the wild, raising awareness and support for conservation while they entertain.

Spring is in the air in Cheshire (UK), Tokyo, and Sacramento, where zoos debuted adorable babies over the past week.

Standing just a few centimeters tall, a Kirk's dik-dik must be hand-raised by Chester Zoo's Curator of Mammals after the calf failed to bond with her mother. Given round the clock feedings, the diminutive antelope accompanies her caregiver to his home each evening.

At Tokyo's Sunshine Aquarium, four-month-old River Otter pup Haku joins her keeper on daily strolls through the grounds. Greeting visitors and other Aquarium residents, the sociable pup serves in the Aquarium's animal ambassador program.

Meanwhile at the Sacramento Zoo, a peek inside the Sumatran tigers' den revealed a one-week-old cub whose eyes are still closed. A quick examination by Zoo veterinarians assured that the 3lb / 1.38kg cub is a healthy addition to this critically endangered species.

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