10/23/2014 07:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Art-imacy: The Art of Dressing Your Walls

Flashback to the late 90's, when everything that was culturally relevant to the female species was based off of the happenings on Sex And The City. This television series highlights the creative efforts that suitors endure to get women back to their beds. When the proverbial, "Do you want to come back to my place?" just won't cut it, these men whip out modern day Darwin's competitive advantage: art.

Get this, Charlotte goes out with a notoriously handsome, art-collecting bachelor. Being the art lover that she is, Mr. Bachelor entices her to view his "famous" painting. Charlotte demonstrates some serious restraint and goes home. Later that night, the same bachelor gives Samantha a clothe-less viewing of this so-called famous painting. All in all, quite an eventful night and all thanks to artwork. Your coffee maker can't say the same.

The moral of the story: art is more than just décor, it can double as a ploy for late night "gatherings" of the opposite sex.

While not every person can be this said bachelor living in a loft with cash to throw around, we, the ladies behind ZOOM interiors, firmly believe in the importance of art, and affordable art at that. As designers, we see bare walls all the time and it is criminal! Walls cover the most real estate in your home, so why make wall décor an afterthought? You can have the most amazing furniture on the planet, but if your walls are barren, you are dropping the ball, folks.

Luckily, we have some tips to make your more modest home a space worthy of late night gallery viewings. First, size does matter. Go big. If your shoe-string budget will only allow for one statement piece, make it worthwhile and invest in a big, big painting, like so.

Source: ZOOM interiors

For this project, we were working with a young bachelor with a young bachelor-sized budget. We went for an urban, industrial look with the focal point being the bed. And tahdah, a late night gallery repurposed as a bedroom. To jazz up your boudoir with this look, snag these $96 pendants and $170 nightstands.

You cannot deny the power of sex appeal. So if you have other, ahem shortcomings, then play up your sexy artwork. Just like a human's sex appeal, seductive art comes in the form of personal and intimate touches. We are not talking about your sweet grandmother's craft projects or the mass distributed replicas, we are talking about the power of a one-of-a-kind painting. We are in no way suggesting that you take out a loan to invest in the latest "it" artist. It's more about the look and impact on your space rather than the name behind the piece.

For all you bachelorettes out there, take a cue from a recent client: a single lady working her art magic. The island of Manhattan is swimming with single and art-appreciating men, so she commissioned ZOOM to create a piece for her NYC apartment. Our client can proudly testify that this painting was worth every buck for its bang.

Source: ZOOM interiors

Your interior environment has a huge impact on your overall well-being, and let's be honest, your sex life. So, don't let that barren décor and those bland walls of yours be the deterrent. Get art, and get laid.

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