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July 27, 2015

Marhaba! Introducing HuffPost Arabi

LONDON -- Marhaba from London, where we're launching HuffPost Arabi, our 14th international edition, in partnership with Wadah Khanfar and Integral Media Strategies. While all of our other editions around the world focus on one country, HuffPost Arabi will span the entire Arab World -- comprised of 377 million people living in 22 countries, stretching from Mauritania in the northwest corner of Africa to Oman on the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. So much coverage of the Arab World is from the outside looking in, and the voices of the people most affected by what's happening are frequently unheard. Our original reporting by independent journalists will showcase the richness of the Arab world -- political debates and business news, but also arts and cultures, religions and traditions, food and human stories. And I'm particularly excited about HuffPost Arabi's blog platform, where anyone with something to say can share their perspective (in text, video or image) on any subject from politics and religion to cooking, poetry, recipes and personal stories.

Trump's Attorney Defends Him Against Ex-Wife's Rape Allegation

Donald Trump Ivana Trump

'You Cannot Rape Your Spouse'


Athena Image
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

More Politics
O Followed Huckabee's Advice.. Clinton 'Inflammatory' Attack.. Gov vs. Sanders.. GOPers Say 'Not It'

Huckabee Won't Apologize: 'I Have Stood At That Oven Door'

Athena Image
Scott Olson via Getty Images

American Jewish Leaders Dismayed...

Woman Dies In Jail In Cleveland Suburb

Ralkina Jones Ralkina Jones Dead Ralkina Jones Dea

More Crime
Sandra Bland.. Neal Falls Investigation.. Hart Island Opening To Public.. Child Predator.. NYPD Trouble

Why The Louisiana Gunman Was Able To Purchase A Gun

Lafayette Gunman

Greek's Ex-Finance Minister Had A Secret Plan B

Athena Image

More WorldPost
Overlooked Yemen.. Fahmy's Judgment Day.. The Future Of Greek Doctors?.. Anti-Terror In Tunisia

Bob Dole Scolds Republicans On 25th Anniversary of The Americans With Disabilities Act

JIM WATSON via Getty Images


Kevin Mccarthy

House GOP Balks At Senate's Highway Funding Fix

Marhaba! Introducing HuffPost Arabi

Ali Nagy/HuffPost Arabi

Arianna: A Full Picture Of The Region... Prepare To Be Surprised...

Obama Shrugs Off Global Slavery To Protect Trade Deal

Athena Image
Credit: Mandel Ngan/Getty Images

Olympic Committee Drops Boston's Bid To Host 2024 Games

Athena Image

More Sports
Beckham Helps Family.. Visa Calls For FIFA Commission.. Cardale Jones Speaks Up

Android 'Stagefright' Bug Leaves Up To 950 Million Devices At Risk

More Tech
Twitter Apologizes.. NSA Spying.. Apple Car.. New Google Maps.. Distracted Driving.. Kids And Screens

Sandra Bland Wasn't The Only Woman Abused By Male Cops In Texas

Athena Image
Jonathan Gibby via Getty Images

Court Rules Oklahoma Must Remove Ten Commandments Monument

Athena Image

Obama Slams Huckabee For Comparing Iran Deal To Holocaust

Athena Image
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

FLASHBACK: 2008 Huckabee Urged Diplomatic Efforts With Iran

Bishop Comes Out As Gay After 'A Lifetime Of Denying' The Truth

More Religion
Richard Dawkins.. Orthodox Jewish Feminists.. Jon Stewart's Best Jewish Moments

Florida Teens Still Missing After Coast Guard Finds Capsized Boat

Athena Image
U.S. Coast Guard

George Washington University Drops Admissions Test Requirements

Education Mistake
David Jones/PA Wire

The Most Racially Diverse Religious Groups In America

Alex Wong via Getty Images

Hillary Clinton Condemns Mike Huckabee’s Iran Comments

Athena Image
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Disastrous Sea Level Rise Is An Issue Now, Not The Next Millennium

Sea Level Rise

More Green
Heat Records.. Mutt Day.. Divestment.. Arctic Drilling.. Sea Lions.. Pope And Mayors.. California Flooding

Progressive Group Incorporates #BlackLivesMatter Into Endorsements

Athena Image

Family Immigrant Detention Ruling Already Having A 'Groundbreaking' Effect

Athena Image

Cosby Accusers Speak Out In Powerful NYMag Photo Series

Nymag Cosby
Amanda Demme / New York Magazine

Magazine's Website Crashed Hours After Story Released

The Appeal Of 'Trump-ism'

Athena Image
Scott Olson via Getty Images

This Land Is Your Land: U.S. Immigrants From Every Country Tell Their Stories


Putin Thinks FIFA's Sepp Blatter Deserves A Nobel Prize

Athena Image

You Can't Steal Jokes On Twitter Anymore

Illustrative Editorial Advertise App Bird Blog Blu

All Barack Obama Did Was Follow Mike Huckabee's Advice On Iran

Athena Image
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

John Boehner Cries During Golf Channel Interview

Athena Image

Huckabee: 'God Is Much More Real To Me Than The Clouds'

Mike Huckabee 16 And President
The Huffington Post


Athena Image

Transit Cop Pepper-Sprays Black Lives Matter Attendees In Cleveland

Cleveland Cop

More Black Voices
#SandraBland.. Mourning Bobbi Kristina.. Iman Turns 60.. #BlackLivesMatter.. Paul Mooney

John Oliver Explains Why Prison Sentences Are Like Penises

John Oliver

More Comedy
Who Said It, Trump Or Mr. Burns?.. REQUIRED Dating Profile Pics.. Jedi Chipmunks.. #ThereISaidIt

Arkansas Governor Loses Website To Angry Reddit User

Athena Image
Credit: Associated Press

The Puerto Rico Debt Crisis, Explained

Puerto Rican Flag
Bryan Mullennix via Getty Images

Newt Still Owes His 2012 Campaign Vendors Millions

Athena Image

Democratic Senate Field Shaping Up To Be Most Diverse Ever

Athena Image
Getty/AP Images

How To Repair Europe By Leveraging German Overreach

Merkel Papandreou
JOHN MACDOUGALL via Getty Images


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SPOILER ALERT: Kaitlyn Bristowe Gave The Final Rose To...

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe

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'HSM' Reunion.. Celebs Honor Bobbi Kristina.. OMG 'PLL' Theory.. Kanye Leak.. 'I Am Cait'

Ernest Moniz On The Frenzy Over His Silver Locks

Athena Image

More HuffPost Live
Woman Catfished For 12 Years.. History Of Voguing.. DE Gov. Jack Markell.. Tinder For Seniors

Whitney Cummings Didn't Get A Face-Lift, She Just Gained Some Weight

Athena Image
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

Jill Scott On Bill Cosby: He's In One Of The ‘Most Dangerous Positions'

Jill Scott Woman
Blues Babe Records/Atlantic Records.

More Black Voices
#SandraBland.. Mourning Bobbi Kristina.. Iman Turns 60.. #BlackLivesMatter.. Paul Mooney

This Heterosexual Pride Parade Could Not Have Failed Any Harder

Straight Pride

Bobby Brown Speaks Out After Daughter Bobbi Kristina's Death

Athena Image

Photos Of Dancers In Their Own Homes Will Leave You Speechless

David Perkins
David Perkins

More Arts
Tony Winners.. Emma Sulkowitz's New Video.. Bolshoi Ballet.. Life Of Nude Model.. Vagina Sculpture

Researchers Discover Incredible Mayan Monument

Athena Image
Tulane Public Relations

More Science
Monster Squid..Farming Older Than We Thought?.. Four-Legged Snake.. Snot Bot.. Meet Earth's 'Cousin'

What's Expiring On Netflix In August

Athena Image
20th Century Fox

Woman’s Dies After Saving Son From Escalator Accident

Chinese Escalator Accident Woman Killed Escalator Chinese Woman Killed Escalator

Hall Of Fame Baseball Player Issues Warning To Parents Of Ball Players

Athena Image

Baby Owl Questioned In Owlbsolutely Adorable Police Encounter

Baby Owl
Boulder County Sheriff's Department

More Weird
Hemingway Look-A-Like.. 1 Car, 2 DUIs.. Orangutan Kiss.. Owl Staring Contest.. Robot Hitchhiker

Caitlyn Jenner Gets Emotional In Vanity Fair Doc On Her Cover Story

Caitlyn Jenner
Vanity Fair

No, White People Will Never Understand the Black Experience

Black White Handshake
Marina Ramos Urbano

Eagle Botches Landing, Is Clearly Embarrassed About It

Eagle Fails Landing Video
Lauris Grantis

The Best Sport On Television Is...

The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette

Centuries-Old Clock Mystery Finally Solved

Wikimedia Commons: Caspar Netscher

More Science
Monster Squid..Farming Older Than We Thought?.. Four-Legged Snake.. Snot Bot.. Meet Earth's 'Cousin'

A Heartbreaking Look At The Sweet Bond Bobbi Kristina Shared With Her Mother

Bobbi Kristina Whitney

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Foods That Hurt Your Gut.. Comfy, Sexy Shoes.. Quick Way To Cut Clutter.. Sensational Summer Cocktails

Police Officer Shares Meal With Homeless Man

Police Officer Ocala Police Department
TiAnna S. Greene/Facebook

More Good News
Boy's Selfless Make A Wish.. Poster Dog For Hope.. Band Fanfare.. Total Happiness Meltdown

Top Science Publisher Failing Minority Groups, Industry Leaders Say

Athena Image
Pamela Moore

Philosopher: If You Want To Save Lives, Become An Investment Banker

Athena Image

More Impact
Help Disabled Siblings.. ADA 25 Years Later.. Polio Progress.. Cell Phone Company Gives Back

24 Wedding Favor Ideas That Don't Suck

Wedding Favors
Something Turquoise/Etsy

More Weddings
Breastfeeding Photo.. Professional Bridesmaid.. Stunning Succulents.. Sex After Marriage.. Bacon

18 Summer Style Tricks Every Woman Should Know

Summer Style Women

More Style
Fashion's Fur Problem.. What Is Acetone?.. DIY Sea Salt Spray.. Strappy Sundresses.. Prince George

The Most Common Health Fear Of Women In Their 20s

Athena Image
Tere Ortiz/500px

More Healthy Living
Health At Every Age.. Sleep Superfoods.. Digital Detox.. Going Organic.. Yoga.. Running Guide

Patriarch Of Musical Jackson Family Suffers A Stroke

Athena Image

The One Thing You Need To Break Any Addiction

Quitting Sugar Tips

More Fifty
Donald Trump.. Top Spots To Retire Abroad.. TV And Alzheimer's.. Jane Fonda And Sex.. Plan A Sexcation

Millennial Men Should Stop Worrying About Penis Size, Survey Suggests

Athena Image

More Women
#Curvy Is Back.. Cosby Accusers.. Funniest Tweets.. Millennial Women Plan For Families.. My Tampon

5 Simple Tricks Every Dog Owner Needs To Know

Instagram/Kate Bratskeir

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Ikea Recall.. Underrated Cities.. 5 Best Home Improvements.. Dinner Party Seating

Cheating Wife Reportedly Busted While Sexting At A Baseball Game

Baseball Sexting

Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over Kylie Jenner's Racy Shirt


The Real Reason Behind Ali MacGraw And Ryan O'Neal's Intense Chemistry

Ali Macgraw Ryan Oneal

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Foods That Hurt Your Gut.. Comfy, Sexy Shoes.. Quick Way To Cut Clutter.. Sensational Summer Cocktails