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August 31, 2015

We Are Asking Too Much of the Federal Reserve

The Fed is famous for raising rates prematurely, seeing ghosts of inflation. But there is no inflation on the horizon -- the bigger worry is deflation. In fact, the inflation rate is well below the Fed's own target of two percent. And the Fed is the only game in town. On balance, I think the opponents of a rate hike have the better argument. But consider for a moment that last assumption -- that the Fed is the only game in town. The larger issue, which is getting submerged in the great debate about raising rates, is that the Fed should not be the only game in town. With fiscal stimulus ruled out politically, pressure is on the Fed to be the sole engine of growth. Yet the central bank can only do so much.

'A Nightmare On Elm Street' Director Wes Craven Dies

Wes Craven

'You Were One Of A Kind. Thanks For All The Years Of Scares And Fun'

Trump Is Setting The GOP Agenda...

Athena Image

... But What Is His Endgame?

Obama To Restore Native Name To North America's Tallest Peak

Athena Image

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Father Of Slain Journalist: 'They Messed With The Wrong Family'

Reporters Killed
CBS News

Walker Open To Building Wall Along Border With Canada

Athena Image

REPORT: U.S. Weighs Sanctions Over China For Cyber Hacking

Athena Image

Oliver Sacks Dies At 82

Oliver Sacks

ISIS Reportedly Destroys Another Ancient Temple In Palmyra

Athena Image
Credit: SANA/AP

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Scientists Find A Way To Combat Racial Bias Among Little Kids

Athena Image
Credit: 4774344sean via Getty Images

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Hubble Telescope Spies Cosmic 'Butterfly'.. Moon's Fiery Past.. Underwater Discovery.. Ancient Lizard

Bernie Brags About D-Minus NRA Grade

Athena Image

POLL: Rising In Iowa... Sanders: My Supporters Are 'Not Anti-Clinton'...

Another Dem Supports Iran Deal

White House
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

White House Needs 3 More Senators...

Clerk Who Refuses To Marry LGBT Couples Performed Trans Man's Marriage

Trans Man Wed

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Will Gays Abandon Hillary?.. Rentboy Male Escort Website Headquarters Raided.. LGBT Colleges

Jake Arrieta Pitches No-Hitter For Cubs In 2-0 Win Over Dodgers

Athena Image

Busboy Who Cradled A Dying RFK Is Finally Moving Past His Grief


5 More California Inmates Diagnosed With Legionnaires' Disease

Athena Image

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Highly Sensitive.. Adrenal Fatigue.. Jump Rope Moves.. Donald Trump.. Mental Health.. Yoga

Germany Wants Other European Nations To Take In More Refugees

Athena Image
Credit: Santi Palacios/Associated Press

Lawsuit Claims Teacher Was Fired After School Found Out She Was Dating A Black Man

Teacher Fired

Protesters Have No Free-Speech Rights On Supreme Court Plaza

Supreme Court Protest

Sanders: My Supporters Are 'Not Anti-Hillary'

Athena Image
Adam Bettcher via Getty Images

Maria Sharapova Pulls Out Of U.S. Open Again

Athena Image

Jindal: Immigration Policy Is Not About Border Security, But About 'Values'

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

University Removes Confederate Statue

Athena Image

Fundraisers Flee Jeb

Jeb Bush

The Definitive History Of 'George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People'

Athena Image
Credit: Tiara Chiaramonte via The Huffington Post

REPORT: New Ebola Death Recorded In Sierra Leone

Athena Image
Credit: Michael Duff/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Murder Charges For Suspect In Fatal Ambush Of Deputy At Gas Station

Deputy Shot
Harris County Sheriff

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Jared Fogle.. Baltimore Cop Charged.. Prison Escapee In Court.. Motel Explosion.. Ferguson

Fan Dies After Fall From Upper Deck At Atlanta Braves Game

Athena Image
Mike Zarrilli via Getty Images

Periscope Viewers Egged On Armed Suspects Hunting For Man

Sacramento Police Sacramento Police Periscope Damo
CBS Sacramento

Putin Pumps Iron In New Pictures Aimed To Prop Up Image

Athena Image
Credit: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Nigeria Says It Arrested 20 Suspected Boko Haram Chiefs

Athena Image
Credit: Sunday Alamba/Associated Press

How This Kentucky Clerk Became An Ultimate Symbol Of Bigotry

Kim Davis

The Current State Of Education In New Orleans

Athena Image
Mario Tama via Getty Images

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Katrina Aftermath.. 'Reverse Racism'?.. Civil Rights Icon Dies.. #LaughingWhileBlack.. Kendrick

Refugee Children Found In Critical Condition Inside Van In Austria

Ambulance Siren
Thomas Winz via Getty Images

Why The Migration Crisis Debate Is Full Of Misinformation

How The U.S. Could Actually Reduce Illegal Immigration

Athena Image
Sandy Huffaker via Getty Images

More Latino Voices
Same-Sex Couples Wed In PR .. State Dept. Criticizes DR Deportations.. Gina Rodriguez Raps

Unions Plot Major Push After Landmark Labor Ruling

Warehouse Workers

Pregnant Woman Dies After Being Shot, Tossed From Kidnapper's Car


A Toxic Chemical Ruined These People's Lives — And It’s Probably In Your Blood

Dupont Baby

Town Poisoned By DuPont Plant Is Fighting Back

What 4 Top Catholic Archbishops Expect From The Pope's Visit

Athena Image
VINCENZO PINTO via Getty Images

More Religion
Jews On Judaism.. Pope Quiz... Books For Spiritual Not Religious.. #BlackChurchSyllabus


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And The 2015 VMAs Winners Are...

Athena Image
Christopher Polk via Getty Images

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The 'Appalling' Ways The Media Framed The Narrative After Hurricane Katrina

Disaster Weather Evacuation Victim Refugee Residen
Marko Georgiev via Getty Images

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Kanye West Is Running For President

Kanye For Pres

ALSO: Kanye Apologizes To TSwift

Taylor Swift Joins Nicki Minaj For VMAs Opening Performance

Athena Image
Kevin Winter/MTV1415 via Getty Images

Self-Help Guru Wayne Dyer Dies

Athena Image
Angela Weiss via Getty Images

The Best Lookis From The Red Carpet

Getty Images

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First Black Actor To Lead In 'Les Miz' Dies At 21

Kyle Jeanbaptiste Arts Black Actors
Kyle Jean-Baptiste

Now THIS Is How You Eat Bananas In The Summer

Athena Image

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Why Your Home Stinks.. Best Breakup Advice.. 5-Minute Side Dishes.. Tim McGraw On Addiction

Miley Cyrus Is Basically Naked For The VMAs (NSFW)

Athena Image
Getty Images

Stephen Curry Preps Riley For Upcoming NBA Season

Stephen Curry Riley Curry

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Russell Wilson's Miracle Water.. Darryl Dawkins Dead At 58.. Usain Bolt Vs. Segway.. Serena Sings..

Watch: Taylor Swift's New 'Wildest Dreams' Video

Taylor Swift

'Downton Abbey' Trailer Previews An Emotional Goodbye

Downton Abbey

6 Beauty Products That'll Help You Beat The Afternoon Slump

Athena Image
JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Misty Copeland Makes Her Broadway Debut

Athena Image
Bruce Glikas via Getty Images

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Street Art Murals.. Women Sci-Fi Writers.. Colorized Photos.. Selfies And Depression.. Feminist Art

Amber Rose And Blac Chyna Make Bold Fashion Statements

Athena Image
MARK RALSTON via Getty Images

NFL Team Surprises Cheerleader By Reuniting Her With Military Husband

St Louis Rams

Rebel Wilson Jokes About Police Injustice At VMAs


Britney Spears Is Back, Y'All

Athena Image
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

Nicki Minaj Calls Out Miley Cyrus During VMAs Acceptance Speech

Athena Image
Kevin Winter/MTV1415 via Getty Images

Soggy Dog Weathers Rainstorm Thanks To Kindhearted Strangers

Athena Image
Credit: Gala Bingo Dover

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SeaWorld's 'Day In The Life Of Tilikum' Video Is Super Depressing

Sea World
Sea World/YouTube

This Is Why U.S. Colleges Cost So Much

Expensive Degree
zimmytws via Getty Images

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Bill Maher Calls Out Rick Santorum On Climate Change

Bill Maher
Bill Maher

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This Video May Change The Way You Think About Sex Work

via YouTube

Odell Beckham Jr. Shines Over Darrelle Revis For Another Crazy Catch

Odell Beckham Jr
NBC Sports

Men Get Real About Sex After Menopause

Sex After Menopause
Nick Holmes

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Theory Will Completely Change How You See 'The Dark Knight'

Athena Image
Warner Bros.

15 Science-Backed Ways To Fall Asleep Faster

Athena Image
monkeybusinessimages via Getty Images