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July 8, 2015

A Corpse Can't Carry Out Reform in Greece. Here's What Can.


No country -- including Greece -- should expect to be offered debt relief on a silver platter; relief must be earned and justified by real reforms that restore growth, to the benefit of both debtor and creditor. And yet, a corpse cannot carry out reforms. That is why debt relief and reforms must be offered together, not reforms "first" with some vague promises that debt relief will come in some unspecified amount at some unspecified time in the future (as some in Europe have said to Greece). With both sides at fault, it is important for them not to lose the future by squabbling endlessly over the past.

Subway And Jared Split After Child Porn Raid


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CVS Bails On Chamber Over Its Lobbying Against Anti-Smoking Laws

Cigarette Smoking
Matt Cardy via Getty Images

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Congress On Course For Another Shutdown Showdown

Capitol Building Night
T.J. Kirkpatrick via Getty Images

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Hillary Clinton Hands Jeb Bush A Present On Immigration

Hillary Clinton
David Greedy via Getty Images

ALSO: Takes Firm Stance On Women And $10 Bill... Talks Greece...

Lawyers: Confession Could Take Cosby Down

Bill Cosby

REPORT: Heroin Use On The Rise, Especially Among Whites


There’s A Treatment For Heroin Addiction That Actually Works. Why Aren’t We Using It?

Police Find Baby's Body In Connecticut River After Father Attempts Suicide

Aaden Moreno

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Fears Of Unknown Consequences Surface As Mining Heads To Deep Seas

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Peace Talks Between Afghanistan And Taliban End Until After Ramadan

Ashraf Ghani

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CLAIM: 'Frontline' Kills Expose Over Fears Of Angering Gambling Titans

Steve Wynn Adelson

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Oklahoma Gov: Ten Commandments Monument Shall Not Be Messed With

Ten Commandments Oklahoma

World's Oldest Man Dies At 112

Worlds Oldest Man Dies

Martin O'Malley Calls For Debt-Free College Within 5 Years

Martin Omalley
PAUL J. RICHARDS via Getty Images

Congratulations America, You Support Working Moms! Just Not With Actual Policies

Working Moms
Ji Sub Jeong/The Huffington Post

Americans, Briton Gored In Pamplona Bull Run (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

San Fermin
Ander Gillenea / AFP / Getty Images

Alan Grayson: Why Is Everyone Angry? I'll Tell You Why

Alan Grayson Florida
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

Right-To-Die Bill Abandoned In California

Brittany Maynard

Federal Charges For Man Accused Of Plotting To Kill Muslims

Robert Doggart
Hamilton County Jail

Hillary Fans Flames Of Controversy Over San Francisco Killing

Hillary Clinton Sanctuary Cities

Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore To Run For President Because Why Not

Jim Gilmore

What's At Stake For Kids As No Child Left Behind Gets Closer To A Fix


Ex-Judge Accused Of Posting Fake Sex Ads Of Ex-Girlfriends

Christopher Dupuy
Galveston County Sheriff's Office

White House Comes Out Swinging Against GOP Attack On EPA Moves

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

NBA Union Likely To Start Paying Ex-Players’ Health Care Costs

Athena Image
Getty Images

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New Jersey Lawmakers Move To Force Christie To Resign

Chris Christie
Darren McCollester via Getty Images

Tony Blair's Shameful 'Radical Islam' Claim On 7/7 Bombing Anniversary

Tony Blair
JACK TAYLOR via Getty Images

Nephew's Patience Pays Off With Conviction In 47-Year-Old Murder

Wise County Sheriff

New Campaign Targets Shocking Soccer Pay Gap

Fifa Blatter

Hope Solo Pushes For Equal Pay

'My Mother Told Me Never To Marry A Black Woman'

Roque Planas/HuffPost

Women Are Spending $1.4 Billion Less On Birth Control Due To Obamacare

Birth Control Pills

Marco Rubio's 'New' Plan For Creating Jobs Is Actually Old And Borrowed

Marco Rubio
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

The Hardships Faced By Greeks As Their Nation Races To Escape Disaster

Greece Pensioner
Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

Rope Line Spectacle Highlights A Controversy Of Covering The 2016 Race

Hillary Gorham
Darren McCollester via Getty Images

More Than 100 Years Ago, A White Pastor Tried To Pass As Black


Meet The Self-Promoting Iran Hawk Determined To Kill The Nuclear Deal

Morton Klein

Iran Talks Head To Overtime

Sharp Drop In Unaccompanied Minors Crossing Border

Mexico Border Minor

Jimmy Carter: Jesus Would Approve Of Gay Marriage

Jimmy Carter
HuffPost Live


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Judd Apatow's Take On Cosby Admission Is Spot On

Athena Image

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Why Tim And Eric Are Voting For Donald Trump In 2016

Tim And Eric Huffpost Live
HuffPost Live

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The Significance Behind The Semicolon Tattoo Trend


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Harry Shearer Returning To 'The Simpsons'

Harry Shearer Rejoins Simpsons

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Wingsuit Pilot Flies Through Tiny Rock Hole In Jaw-Dropping Video


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Blake Lively Has A Sassy New Look

Blake Lively
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

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'Frozen' Has A Hilarious Disclaimer You (Probably) Never Noticed


Groundbreaking Law Allows People To Save Dogs Trapped In Hot Cars

What You Should Never Say In A Wine Shop

Wine Bottles
Tom Merton

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Nude Female Athletes Preach Body Love On ESPN's Cover

Amanda Bingson
ESPN The Magazine Body Issue

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A Stunning Victory And New Record Kick Off A Brilliant Summer Of Chess

Fabiano Caruana
Lubomir Kavalek

Paula Deen Tweets Photo With Son In 'Brownface,' Controversy Ensues

Paula Deen Brownface

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'She Sheds' Are The New Man Caves

She Shed

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Baby Shark Fell Out Of The Sky And Into Family's Backyard

Shark House Shark

Dad Helps Distressed Flower Girl Get The Job Done

Flower Girl Dad Wedding Video

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After Being Denied In 1942, Woman Finally Receives A Library Card

Pearl Thompson
News & Observer

Black Churches Help Communities Access Healthy Food

Athena Image
Photo courtesy Rev. Heber Brown

Why Tamron Hall Isn't Ready To Cover Her Sister's Death On 'Deadline: Crime'

Tamron Hall
Andy Kropa /Invision/AP

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Pluto Mystery May Be Solved By Historic Mission

Pluto Dark Spots

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'Star Wars' Spinoff To Be Helmed By '21 Jump Street' Directors

Athena Image

Firefighter Carries Injured Dog All The Way Down A Mountain

Dog Fire
SLC Fire

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Don't Throw Out Your Plastic Hangers

Plastic Hanger

Facebook Videos Can Now Follow You As You Scroll

Shutterstock / nevodka

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How The 'Game Of Thrones' Hardhome Battle Was Created

Game Of Thrones Hardhome

Amy Schumer's 'Real Housewives' Audition Is Too Good

Amy Schumer

Texas Couple Gets Marriage License From The Clerk Who Denied Them

Gay Marriage

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How To Make Ice Cream Without An Ice Cream Maker

Ice Cream Scoop

Warren Buffett Makes Record Charitable Donation

Warren Buffett
Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images

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Your Favorite Political Leaders Get A Hipster Makeover


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