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May 5, 2015

Celebrating the Flash Crash with a Wall Street Sales Tax

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the flash crash. For those who don't remember, the Flash Crash was when the stock market lost almost nine percent of its value from its opening level, with most of this decline occurring in a five-minute period. The market quickly recovered most of this loss. As long as you didn't sell stock in the 30-minute crash interval, you weren't affected by this plunge. But the crash did reveal the extraordinary instability in the stock market due to short-term trading. The issue of short-term trading is the key here. There was no event in the world that triggered the plunge. There was no outbreak of war, major terrorist incident, or natural disaster that sent stock prices plummeting. There wasn't even a bad profit report from a major company. The crash was based simply on program trading that fed back on itself, turning a downward blip into a major plunge.

TEXAS TERROR: Suspect Was On Authorities' Radar For Years

Garland Texas Shooting

2 Men Fire On Anti-Islam Event, Both Killed... Investigation Into 'Terrorist Activities' Underway...

Harry Reid: No Trade Deal Unless...

Harry Reid
Win McNamee via Getty Images

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SurveyMonkey CEO David Goldberg Died From Head Injury At Gym

Dave Goldberg Sheryl

NYPD Officer Dies After Being Shot In The Face

Officer Brian Moore

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Strong Quake Rattles Papua New Guinea

Gary S Chapman via Getty Images

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It's Now 5 Months Into Tamir Rice's Investigation, And Still No Answers

Tamir Rice

Mother Moves Into Homeless Shelter

The Newest Royal Baby Has A Name

Kate Middleton
Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Pacman Could Be In Big Trouble For Not Disclosing His Shoulder Injury


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Ex-Christie Aide, Ally Plead Not Guilty In 'Bridgegate' Scandal

Chris Christie
Olivier Douliery via Getty Images

Anti-Muslim Activist Defends Free Speech Following Garland Shooting

Pamela Geller

Winning Cartoonist Calls Shooters' Deaths 'Justice'

Missouri Senate Overrides Veto Of Welfare Restrictions Bill

Food Stamps

Hillary Clinton Agrees To Testify On Benghazi, Emails This Month

Hillary Clinton
TREVOR COLLENS via Getty Images

Fox News Host Apologizes For Network's Baltimore Shooting Mistake

Shep Smith Baltimore Shooting
Fox News

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Ben Carson
NBC News

Ben Carson Announces Presidential Bid With Gospel Eminem

Obama Chooses Marine General As New Joint Chiefs Chairman

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Muslims React To Texas Shooting With Strong Condemnation Of Violence

Prophet Cartoon Contest Shooting

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Tiny Town Near St. Louis Is Making Minor-Crime Arrests At 100 Times The National Average

Beverly Hills
Mariah Stewart / The Huffington Post

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Cries, Blows Kiss As Relatives Take Witness Stand

Tsarnaev Cousin
Scott Eisen via Getty Images

Georgia Sheriff Clams Up After Police Say He Shot Female Acquaintance

Victor Hill Georgia

Conservative State Weighs Abolishing The Death Penalty

Jail Cell
Hans Neleman via Getty Images

Airstrikes Hit Yemen Airports As Saudis Ponder Ceasefire

SALEH AL-OBEIDI via Getty Images

Corinthian Colleges Files For Bankruptcy

Corinthian Colleges

This African Country Is Leading The Way To Reducing Food Waste

DANIEL HAYDUK via Getty Images

New York Senate Leader Taken Into Custody

Dean Skelos
Bruce Bennett via Getty Images

60 Percent Of Large Herbivores May Go Extinct Thanks To Humans

Elephant Eating
AFP via Getty Images

Family Angered After Police Handcuff, Shackle 5-Year-Old With Special Needs

Getty Images

Bill Clinton: Nothing 'Sinister' In Foreign Donations To Foundation

Bill Clinton
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Will Continue To Give Paid Speeches

Research Group Shocked By Predatory Ticketing Practices

Speeding Police
Nisian Hughes via Getty Images

Chrysler Is Giving Its Dealership Workers Free College Tuition

Chrysler Dealership
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Nigeria's Boko Haram In Disarray As Government Forces Advance

Boko Haram

Carly Fiorina Is In!

Carly Fiorina
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Why She Won't Survive The GOP Presidential Primary

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Continues Fight Against Obama On Immigration

Joe Arpaio

S.C. Cops Won't Release Dashcam Video Of Fatal 2014 Shooting

Craven South Carolina

SCOTUS Seeks Fed's Views On Colorado Marijuana Suit

Marijuana Plant

Republicans Under Fire For Voting To Block Predatory Lending Protections For Troops

Capitol Building Stock
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

John Oliver Explains Everything That's Wrong With Standardized Testing

John Oliver

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WATCH: 'The HuffPost Show' Episode 4

Huffpost Show
The HuffPost Show


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All The Red Carpet Fashion From The 2015 Met Gala

Met Gala Red Carpet 2015
Getty Images

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Why Kurt Cobain's Mother Was 'Furious' With New Documentary

Kurt Cobain
Terry McGinnis via Getty Images

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Dodgers Fans Cheer Gay Kiss Cam Moment

Gay Kiss Cam
Joven Calloway via YouTube

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Rihanna Steals The Show In A Gorgeous And Gigantic Gown

Larry Busacca via Getty Images

'Game Of Thrones' Hints At Jon Snow's True Parentage

Jon Snow

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Dog Found Living Inside Tree Trunk Looking For A 'Very Patient' Home

Shirley Zindler

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Mysterious Glow Detected At Galaxy's Core


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9 Songs From Childhood We Can't Get Out Of Our Heads

Listening To Records Teens
Keystone via Getty Images

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Another Sign That Fatherhood In The U.S. Is Radically Changing

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Microsoft Will Now Let You Give People The Finger Via Emoji

Windows 10 Emoji

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George And Amal Break Hearts At The Met Gala

George Clooney Amal Alamuddin
Larry Busacca via Getty Images

WATCH: Stephen Curry Breaks Down Thanking Dad During MVP Speech


His Journey From Unwanted College Recruit To NBA MVP

GRAPHIC PHOTO: Man Leaves Ear Behind After Bar Fight Gone Awry

Mens Ear
Tim Boyle via Getty Images

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Home Brewer Sues MillerCoors For Telling Him Blue Moon Is A Craft Beer

Blue Moon Beer
William B. Plowman/Invision/AP

Kris Jenner's Emotional Reaction To Bruce's Transition

Kris Jenner
E Network

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Morgan Freeman Blasts Baltimore Coverage: 'F**k The Media'

Morgan Freeman
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

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What Everyone Needs To Know About Anxiety

Jupiterimages via Getty Images

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How This Newlywed Repaired Her Sex Life After Fighting Cervical Cancer

Michelle Whitlock
Michelle Whitlock

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Trainer Performs Jaw-Dropping Dance Routine On Treadmill

Michael Jackson Treadmill
Franziska Kallweit/Facebook

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Runner Searching For Man She Kissed At Marathon Hears From... His Wife

Paige Tatge
Paige Tatge via AP

Taryn Manning: I'm Not 'The Pretty Girl' In Hollywood's Eyes

Taryn Manning
Omar Vega/Invision/AP

Touching Photos Capture Animals Who Survived Nepal Earthquake

Nepal Animals
Humane Society International

Now This Is How You Promote A Book

Kim Kardashian Selfish

Chipotle Reveals Its Guacamole Recipe

Guacamole Recipe
Santa Maria World

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8 Cringeworthy Texts From Exes That Don't Deserve A Reply


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21 Obsolete Household Items That We All Had 10 Years Ago

Rotary Phone
Shutterstock / BrAt82

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7 Incredibly Inventive Names For Masturbation


This Is How Women REALLY Feel About Men In Shorts

Man Jean Shorts
Amber Lane Heaton via Getty Images