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January 30, 2015

Netanyahu Betrays What's Best for Israel

Netanyahu must understand that the eventual normalization of relations between the U.S. and Iran is the best way by which to eliminate the Iranian threat. Therefore, if there is any chance, however small, that such an agreement will stand the test of time, it must be explored. The alternative is leaving Iran free to redouble its effort to reach the nuclear threshold, forcing the U.S. to choose between the lesser of two evils: contain Iran (which is costly, dangerous, and prone to instability) or attack its nuclear facilities, which will further destabilize the region and undermine rather than enhance Israel's national security. Notwithstanding the accolades Netanyahu may receive from the floor of Congress, he has betrayed what is best for Israel. The Israeli electorate must remember this as they cast their votes come election day.

Netanyahu In Jeopardy As New Alliance Surges



Obama Mocks Romney For Being 'Suddenly Deeply Concerned About Poverty'

Barack Obama Mitt Romney Debate
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

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Apartheid-Era Assassin Granted Parole

Eugene De Kock
YOAV LEMMER via Getty Images

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'Suge' Knight Surrenders To Police In Connection With Fatal Hit-And-Run

Suge Knight
David Becker via Getty Images

Authorities Investigating Incident As A Homicide… Timeline Of Knight's Past Legal And Medical Troubles

Ex-Cab Driver Lands On FBI's Most Wanted List Of Terrorists

Liban Haji Mohamed

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OOPS! NFL Didn't Measure Football Pressure

Bill Belichick Tom Brady
Boston Globe via Getty Images

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Hoard Your Toilet Paper. The Left Is Coming!

Greece Austerity
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Texas Executes Man With IQ Of 67

Robert Ladd Texas

California Snowpack Is Alarmingly Low

California Snowpack

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There Are Only 4 Black CEOs In The Fortune 500

Don Thompson
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Obama Calls For End To 'Mindless Austerity'

NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

There Were At Least 111 Concussions In The NFL This Season

Doug Pensinger via Getty Images

Obama Budget To Call For $1 Billion In Aid To Central America


John Kerry Fined For Not Shoveling Snow Outside Home

John Kerry
WPA Pool via Getty Images

Marshawn Lynch To The Media: I Care About My Family, Not You


Company Says NBC Pulled Its Super Bowl Ads Over 'Blue Balls' Joke

Blue Balls

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REPORT: Pilots Disabled Critical Computers Just Before AirAsia Crash


Obama Pressured To Fight For Workers Putting In Extra Hours

Patty Murray Bernie Sanders

Family Outraged After Girl With Autism Leaves School In Middle Of Day Unsupervised

CBS Miami

WATCH: Anti-Abortion Lawmaker Makes Argument For Abortion Rights

Progress Missouri

Woman's Family Allegedly Killed Ex-Husband Over Child Custody Dispute

Hughes Family
Greenville County Detention Center

Students Accused Of Sexual Assault Likely To Escape Judgment

Uconn Sexual Assault

Al Franken Gives Natural Gas Industry A Reality Check

Al Franken
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Senate Approves Keystone Pipeline, Setting Up Showdown With Obama

Obama Mitch

The Biggest Check On U.S. Investment In Afghanistan Just Got Classified

Afghanistan Troop
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Marijuana Company Rolls 12,000 Joints For Super Bowl

Marijuana Joint
MARTIN BERNETTI via Getty Images

UVA Sorority Members Lambaste Party Ban As 'Gender Discrimination'

Uva Sorority
Bloomberg via Getty Images

ISIS-Linked Militants Kill Dozens In Egypt


Suboxone Can Save Heroin Addicts' Lives. Why Won't We Give It To Them?

The Huffington Post

WATCH: HuffPost Discusses Treatment Left Largely Unused

Apple Takes The Crown

Apple Tim Cook

Uber Sued By Indian Woman Who Alleges Driver Raped Her

Uber India
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Amazon Gives Investors Unexpectedly Good News

Amazon Earnings
JOHN MACDOUGALL via Getty Images

Defense: Aaron Hernandez Not A Murderer Because He Had No Motive

Aaron Hernandez
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Dartmouth Bans Hard Liquor

The Tech Diversity Story That's Not Being Told

Server Room
Mikhail Tchkheidze via Getty Images

France's Far-Right Party Leads In Poll

Marine Le Pen


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'Most Disgusting Photo Shoot Ever'

Iggy Azalea
Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

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'My Husband Went Out For A Coke And Never Came Back'

Cathy Meyer
HuffPost Live

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4 Things You Probably Didn't Know About OCD

Eric Raptosh Photography via Getty Images

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The King Of Kitsch Has Died

Rod Mckuen
Ryan Miller via Getty Images

The Simple Email Trick that Identity Thieves Hate

Devonyu via Getty Images

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How To Remember Things Like A 20-Year-Old

Mature Puzzle
Andrew Kolb via Getty Images

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Revolutionary Entrepreneur On Happiness, Money And Raising A Supermodel

Robin Chase
Robin Chase

WATCH: Marshawn Lynch Face Rob Gronkowski In 'Mortal Kombat'


Sales Call From Las Vegas Leads To Rescue Of Beaten Oregon Woman

Kyu Oh via Getty Images

The 9 Hottest Hairstyles Of 2015

Emma Stone
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

American Politics Has A Bigger Koch Problem Than Ever Before

Nightly Show Koch Brothers
Comedy Central

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3 Dinners That Will Give You A New Appreciation For Black Beans

Black Bean Recipes
Alison Gootee

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'A History Of Sluts' Chronicles The Women Who Changed The World


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Eddie Murphy Returning To 'SNL' For The First Time Since 1984

Eddie Murphy Saturday Night Live
NBC via Getty Images

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14 Super Bowl XLIX Stars Who Look A Lot Like Celebrities

Richard Sherman

Justin Bieber Is Sorry For Being A Brat

Justin Bieber Apologizes
Jerod Harris via Getty Images

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'Fortitude' Builds A Fine Crime Story Set In The Frosty Arctic


12 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Wedding Photos From Around The World

Destination Wedding Photos
Applehead Studio

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Man Who Died In 2012 Reappointed To County Board

nikkytok via Getty Images

Social Media Campaign Helps Connect Homeless People With Loved Ones


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How To Make Alcoholic Oreos

Drunk Oreos

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Aerial View Of Auschwitz Pays Gripping Tribute To Holocaust Victims


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Teen Asked To Cover Up Exposed Shoulders At Dance


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10 Thoughts Mentally Strong People Avoid

Mentally Strong
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

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Why Disney's 'First Latina Princess' Misses The Mark

Disney Junior

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World Champ Dazzles After Messy Start At Top Chess Tournament

Magnus Carlsen
LEX VAN LIESHOUT via Getty Images

It's Hard To Believe An ABC Show Tweeted This

Fob Tweet

Starbucks Might Be The Reason You Can't Afford To Buy A Home

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

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What Would Happen If Humans Suddenly Vanished From Earth?

If Humans Disappeared
bestdesigns via Getty Images

'World's Poorest President' Stops His Car To Give Hitchhiker A Ride

Jose Mujica

Sean Penn Shares His Thoughts On Divorce And Marriage

Charlize Theron Sean Penn
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

Long-Necked 'Dragon' Discovered Overseas

Long Neck Dinosaur China
Illustration: Lida Xing

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