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February 11, 2016

Obama, American Muslims, and Our Constitutional Duplicity

President Obama's recent speech to the Islamic Society of Baltimore was an attempt to reassure an American minority population feeling very much under siege that they are, in fact, full-fledged Americans -- part of the national fabric, valued, and indeed badly needed in the West's war on ISIS and like-minded groups. The president acknowledged that "there have been times where we have fallen short of our ideals," adding that "the best way for us to fight terrorism is to deny these organizations legitimacy and to show that we do not suppress Islam; we celebrate and lift up the success of Muslim Americans." Yet Obama's own administration, and members of Congress, have taken actions in direct contradiction to the president's claim that "we have to reject a politics that seeks to manipulate prejudice or bias, and targets people because of religion."

Scientists Detect Gravitational Waves And Prove Einstein Right

Gravitational Waves Black Holes

GOP In Chaos: Fears Of A Split Convention

Donald Trump
Win McNamee via Getty Images

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Civil Rights Hero John Lewis Isn't Impressed By Bernie Sanders' Activism

Athena Image
John Amis/Associated Press

Cliven Bundy Arrested In Oregon

Athena Image

Last 4 Militants Holed Up In Oregon Are About To Be Flushed Out

Nevada's Top Political Reporter Smells 'Fear' From Clinton Camp

Athena Image
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Bernie Sanders: Trump Supporters Have A Right To Be Angry

Bernie Sanders Stephen Colbert

The Congressional Black Caucus Is Heading To Flint

Athena Image
Sarah Rice via Getty Images

Marco Rubio Finally Turns His Fire On Donald Trump

Athena Image
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Clinton And Sanders Make Major Pledge On Abortion Policy

Athena Image

Syrian War Has Killed Or Wounded An Unfathomable Amount Of People

Athena Image
AMER ALMOHIBANY via Getty Images

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Obama Speech Sure Sounds Like A Tacit Endorsement Of Hillary

Athena Image
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Former White House Press Secretary: Obama's For Clinton

Why Is Marijuana Banned? The Real Reasons Are Worse Than You Think

Marijuana Plants Drug Enforcement
Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Absolutely True Part Of Gloria Steinem's Comments That Everyone Ignored

Athena Image
Andy Kropa /Invision/AP

College Kids Caught With Drugs May Not Be Kicked Off Financial Aid Anymore

Athena Image
Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Auschwitz Guard, 94, Goes On Trial Over Murder Of 170K People

Reinhold Hanning

This Organization Is Trying To Eliminate Racism And Empower Women

Ywca Dara Richardsonheron
HuffPost Live

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Waiting Lists Grow For Medicine To Fight Opioid Addiction

Needle Opioid Burlington
The Pew Charitable Trusts

The Maker Of 'Off' Mosquito Repellant Is Preparing To Take On Zika

Athena Image

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Feds Drag Ferguson To Court, Throw The Constitution At It

Loretta Lynch

The Maker Of Glade Air Fresheners Calls B.S. On ‘Essential Oils'

Athena Image
Thinkstock via Getty Images

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North Korea Ramps Up The Rhetoric After South's Suspension Of Operations In Industrial Zone

Athena Image

Woman Targeted In 'GamerGate' Harassment Drops Charges

Athena Image
Credit: Bloomberg/Getty Images

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Canadian Aid Could End Up Helping ISIS Fighters, Minister Says

Marie Claude Bibeau

Russia Proposes March Truce In Syria

Athena Image

If History Is A Lesson, Aleppo Faces A Grim Future Under Siege

Republican Strategist: I Fear Sanders More Than Clinton

Athena Image

NATO Launches Mission In Aegean Sea To End Human Smuggling

Athena Image

GOP Congressmen Rail Against Abortion For Zika-Infected Women

Athena Image
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Initiative To Force Lawmakers To Wear Donors' Logos Gains Steam

Cleveland Bills Tamir Rice Family For Teen's Ambulance

Athena Image
Credit: Tony Dejak/Associated Press

Predawn Prison Riot In Mexico Leaves Dozens Dead

Athena Image

Football Legend Joe Namath Might Donate His Brain For Research

Super Bowl 50
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

The Surreal, Unfinished Cities Abandoned After The Financial Crisis

The City That Never Was
Christopher Marcinkoski

How An Engineer Quit His Job To Light Up Remote Himalayan Villages


Ex-L.A. County Sheriff Pleads Guilty To Corruption Charge

Athena Image

Waiting For Primary Returns At A Heroin Anonymous Meeting

HuffPost Highline

Chris Christie Suspends His Presidential Campaign...

Athena Image
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

...Fiorina Bows Out, Too

Carly Fiorina
Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

Bernie Sanders' Wife: Madeleine Albright's Comments 'Unfortunate And Disturbing'

Athena Image


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Will Smith Has The Best Response To His Son's Gender-Fluid Style

Athena Image
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

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WATCH: Sikh Actor Discusses Being Barred From A Flight

Athena Image
Ryan Liu via Getty Images

Rolling Stones Say Trump Has No Permission To Use Songs At Rallies

Athena Image
MARTIN BERNETTI via Getty Images

This Simple Trick Will Unleash Your Creative Genius

Athena Image
Ezra Bailey via Getty Images

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Fox Adorably Fails At Trying To Attack Bed

Juniper The Fox
Juniper Fox

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Watch Peyton Manning And Magic Johnson Play 'Egg Russian Roulette'

Peyton Manning Magic Johnson Egg Russian Roulette

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J.K. Rowling Clarifies: We're Not Getting A New 'Harry Potter' Novel

One Personhalf Lengthstudio Portraitblonde Hairsid
Dan Hallman/AP

Robin Williams' Deleted 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Scenes Will Make You Cry

Robin Williams
20th Century Fox/YouTube

Baby Elephant Follows His Rescuer Absolutely Everywhere


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How To Crack Common Safes With A Magnet And A Sock

Safe Cracking
Mr. Locksmith

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Traveling A Million Miles With The Vice President Looks Pretty Awesome

Joe Biden Official Photo
David Lienemann/The White House

It's Time To Stop Hating On Potatoes

Athena Image
FogStock/Vico Images/Tamara Lischka via Getty Images

Scientists Unmask Hundreds Of Galaxies Shrouded In The Milky Way's Dust

Milky Way

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LeBron Celebrates Kobe's Career By Rifling Pass At D'Angelo's Groin


Former Priest Charged In Decades-Old Beauty Queen Slaying

Irene Garza John Feit Priest Arrested

A Gunshot Wound Couldn't Break This Snowy Owl's Spirit

Hedwig The Owl
Mike Fernandez/Audubon Society

8 Ways To Deal With A Bad Landlord

Nilanjan Bhattacharya via Getty Images

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What The Healthiest People Do During Their Lunch Breaks

Athena Image
caracterdesign via Getty Images

Abandoned Pup That Went Viral Now Has A New Home

Dogs Animals
CBS Miami

5 Things That Have A Major Impact On Your Carbon Footprint

Athena Image
Brian Meeks via Getty Images

A Visual History Of Marilyn Monroe As A Pin-Up Icon

Marilyn Monroe Lying On Her Side On An Over Stuffed Sofa With Large Feathers Covering Her In A Scene From The Film The Prince And The Showgirl 1957
20th Century-Fox/Getty Images

New Hit Romance Series Proves 'Fifty Shades' Ruined Erotic Novels

Athena Image
Alina Utter via Getty Images

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Woman's Body Lay Undiscovered For Months In Walmart Parking Lot

Lauren Jessie Moss
California DMV

5 Bold Predictions For The Second Half Of The NBA Season

NBAE/Getty Images