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November 25, 2015

American Terrorist

To date, no ISIS member or Syrian refugee has ever bombed or planned to bomb a black church or home. Nor have they walked into a Bible Study in the basement of a black church and unleashed a hail of bullets. Neither are they at fault for the continuing epidemic of unarmed black men, women, boys, and girls murdered by police officers in the streets of America. They have not turned our communities into militarized zones, nor have black people mysteriously died in their prisons. In our seeking forth for justice, let us not overlook the terror long lurking inside our own doors. For whole communities of Americans, the greatest terrorist threat is not now trying to enter our country. It has been here for a long time.

Turkey-Russia Tensions Are Making It Harder For The World To Fight ISIS


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Here's Evidence The Chicago PD Is Worse Than You Thought

Athena Image
Scott Olson via Getty Images

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NFL Hall Of Famer Frank Gifford Had Football-Related Brain Disease

Jim McIsaac via Getty Images

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The Kochs Are In The Middle Of A Major Rift Among Criminal Justice Reformers

Athena Image
The Washington Post via Getty Images

MYSTERY: What Happened To Missing Laquan McDonald Security Camera Footage?

Athena Image

How Video Of Laquan McDonald Shooting Contradicts Police Story

Athena Image
Chicago Tribune via Getty Images

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Four Men Held In Connection With Shooting Of Minnesota Protesters

Athena Image
Stephen Maturen via Getty Images

The Surprising Reason Why Climate Change Skeptics Can't Derail Paris Talks

Athena Image
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Trump Campaign Doesn't Want Reporters Covering What Happens Off Stage

Athena Image

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Putin Sends Air Defense Missiles To Syria To Deter Turkey

Athena Image

Obama Hints He Might Use Executive Action To Close Guantanamo

Athena Image

Journalist Who Filed Suit For Laquan McDonald Video Shocked By Its 'Mundanity'

Athena Image

John Kasich Video Links Donald Trump To Nazi Germany


WATCH: Climate Change Could Leave Major Cities 'Submerged'

Climate Change
Time to Choose

Watch The New Film From Oscar-Winner Charles Ferguson On Monday On HuffPost!

What Really Happened Inside The Bataclan

France Terror Attacks
Vice News

Hillary Clinton Calls For Justice In Laquan McDonald Case

Athena Image

How People Are Helping Each Other Cope With Trauma Of Watching Laquan McDonald's Death

Laquan Mcdonald
Scott Olson via Getty Images

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Dangerous Pesticides Are Being Found In Colorado’s Weed

Athena Image
Mahala Gaylord via Getty Images

Lawrence O'Donnell Blasts Media For Not Calling Trump A Liar


GOP Threatens To Disrupt Obama's Climate Agenda At Paris Summit

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Princeton Students Protest Protesters

Athena Image
Universal History Archive/Getty Images

Ohio State Axes Football Tradition After Student Death

Ohio State Mirror Lake Tradition

Russian Pilot Says Turkey Did Not Issue Any Warnings

Russian Jet
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Conservatives Are Already Warming Up To Speaker Ryan

Athena Image

Why This New Anti-Trump Group May Not Rewrite Elections

Athena Image
Ty Wright via Getty Images

Americans Expect Foreign Policy To Take Center Stage In 2016

Athena Image
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Swedish Politician Holds Back Tears While Announcing Country's Tightened Borders

Athena Image
Giannis Papanikos/ASSOCIATED PRESS

FINEMAN: Fear Is The Right Wing's Best Friend

Athena Image
JAVIER SORIANO via Getty Images

Most Students Have No Clue What Accurate Native American History Looks Like

Athena Image
Jon Schulte via Getty Images

Police Killings Surpass Worst Years Of Lynching And Capital Punishment

Black Lives Matter

There's A Reason More Minorities Are Enlisting... And It's Not Patriotism

Marc Janks

Obama: Don't Worry About Terrorism, Just Enjoy Your Thanksgiving

Athena Image
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Italy's Leader Plans To Tackle Terrorism With Culture

Athena Image

LOOK: The Huge Divide Between The Haves And Have-Nots In College Sports

The Subsidy Gap
Mike Reddy/The Huffington Post

Governors Could Restore Voting Rights For Millions Of People If They Wanted

Voting Booth
flySnow via Getty Images

Belgium Sentences French Comic To Jail For Anti-Semitic Jokes

Athena Image

Hillary's Proposal For Paid Family Leave Will Likely Look Like This

Athena Image
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Chris Christie Denies That Gun Control Motivated Him To Enter Politics

Athena Image
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Oregon Students Stage Sit-In After Black Student Allegedly Attacked


Teen Syrian Refugees Give Back To Community In U.S. By Helping Homeless

Athena Image
guitario via Getty Images


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Everything You Learned About Thanksgiving Is Wrong

Tisquantum Squanto Pilgrims Thanksgiving
Library of Congress

Rep. Alan Grayson Slams Marco Rubio's 'Pathetic' Stance On Refugees

Athena Image
Bill Clark via Getty Images

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Old Circus Elephant Is Taken To The Last Place She'd Ever Expect

Athena Image
Con Tanasiuk / Design Pics via Getty Images

5 Foolproof Conversation Starters For Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Athena Image
Michael Marquand via Getty Images

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You've Never Heard Adele Sing 'Hello' Like This

Jimmy Fallon Adele
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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The Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes You Need

Annie's Eats

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WATCH: Pete Carroll Talks About A Crucial Ingredient Of Recovery

Athena Image
Otto Greule Jr via Getty Images

Kickstarter For Real Wizard School Raises Absurd Amount Of Money

Larp Harry Potter Wizards
New World Magischola

Most Americans Think Stores Should Close For Thanksgiving

Athena Image

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Is This High School Football Tradition Epic Or Unsportsmanlike?

Kahuku Football Haka

At Turkey Pardoning, Sasha And Malia Obama Prove They're Just Like Other Teenage Girls

Athena Image
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

WATCH: Gross Side Dishes Are The Worst Part Of Thanksgiving Dinner

Athena Image
Kirk Mastin via Getty Images

Kids With Dogs Are Less Likely To Suffer From Anxiety

Athena Image
Vicky Kasala Productions via Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg Shares Casual Annie Leibovitz Family Photo

Mark Zuckerberg

Bob Saget Says Mentor Bill Cosby Has Been 'Tarnished' By 'Despicable' Acts

Athena Image
Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images

Your Turkey Leftovers Are Destroying The Planet.

Athena Image

Don't Buy Your Rich Friends A Tablet For Christmas

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Stop Calling This Dessert Monstrosity A 'Piecaken'

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Michelle Obama Misses 'The Little Things' About Life Outside The White House

Athena Image

Sharks Celebrate Thanksgiving Early With Feeding Frenzy At Florida Beach

Athena Image
Tyra W./YouTube

Jada Pinkett Smith Sparkles In A Nearly Naked Gown

Athena Image
Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP

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Bill Cosby & Wife Spotted Together For First Time In More Than A Year

Bill Cosby Camille Cosby
Fame Flynet

Jennifer Lawrence Is About To Become Your New Favorite Director

Athena Image
XPX/Star Max via Getty Images

We're Flipping Out Over This 2-Year-Old Strongboy Acrobat


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Why Turkeys Have Become So Huge


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World's Longest-Serving Paperboy Has Been Working How Long?

Raymonds Press John Cooper Oldest Paperboy
Raymonds Press

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This Year, Be Thankful That This Video Of Sarah Palin's Turkey Massacre Still Exists

Sarah Paline

Jodi Arias Ex-Lawyer Rails About Convicted Murderer's 'Sexual Escapades'

Nurmi Arias Bok
Amazon/Associated Press

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5 Married Sex Habits You Absolutely Must Break

Sex Habits
Simon Watson via Getty Images

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7 Types Of Marriage Betrayal That Are Often Overlooked

Howard Grey Via The Image Bank
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This Year's Super Bowl May Have Cost Its Host City A Ton Of Money


8 Ways To Be The Most Approachable Person In The Room

Lisa Peardon via Getty Images