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February 11, 2016

Obama, American Muslims, and Our Constitutional Duplicity

President Obama's recent speech to the Islamic Society of Baltimore was an attempt to reassure an American minority population feeling very much under siege that they are, in fact, full-fledged Americans -- part of the national fabric, valued, and indeed badly needed in the West's war on ISIS and like-minded groups. The president acknowledged that "there have been times where we have fallen short of our ideals," adding that "the best way for us to fight terrorism is to deny these organizations legitimacy and to show that we do not suppress Islam; we celebrate and lift up the success of Muslim Americans." Yet Obama's own administration, and members of Congress, have taken actions in direct contradiction to the president's claim that "we have to reject a politics that seeks to manipulate prejudice or bias, and targets people because of religion."

NYC Cop Convicted Of Manslaughter In Death Of Akai Gurley

Athena Image

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Hillary Bernie

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GOP Grows Anxious About Rubio

Robot Rubio
Charles Ommanney/The Washington Post via Getty

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World Powers Reach Agreement On Ceasefire In Syria

Athena Image
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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The Oregon Standoff Is Officially Over

Oregon Standoff

California's Massive Methane Leak Stopped After Nearly 4 Months

Gas Leak
YouTube: mmforthepeople

Major Theory Of Einstein’s Confirmed!

Gravitational Waves Black Holes

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America's Domestic Violence Epidemic Claimed 112 Lives In January

Athena Image
Hemera Technologies via Getty Images

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Brace Yourself For The Return Of South Carolina's Notoriously Awful Politics

America’s Water Infrastructure Is In Terrible Shape

Athena Image

The GOP Created Donald Trump

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Scott Olson via Getty Images

The Stock Market Is Having A Really Bad Start To 2016

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Civil Rights Hero John Lewis Isn't Impressed By Bernie Sanders' Activism

Athena Image
John Amis/Associated Press

The NYPD Has Secretly Been Spying On Cell Phones Since 2008

Artur Debat via Getty Images

Death Toll Soars As World's Deadliest Terrorists Rampage In Nigeria

Athena Image
STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images)

Here Comes Another Superdelegate Crisis

Athena Image
Jim Cole/AP

Cliven Bundy Finally Arrested For 2014 Standoff

Athena Image

Chris Christie Megadonor Jumps To Team Kasich

Athena Image
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Why Is Marijuana Banned? The Real Reasons Are Worse Than You Think

Marijuana Plants Drug Enforcement
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Hillary Hasn't Taken Questions From Press Corps In More Than 2 Months

Athena Image
The Washington Post via Getty Images

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Nevada's Top Political Reporter Smells 'Fear' From Clinton Camp

Athena Image
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Obama Is Letting Turkey Target The U.S.'s Best Bet Against ISIS

Athena Image
ILYAS AKENGIN via Getty Images

Pentagon Accused Of Denying Medical Care To Alleged 9/11 Plotter It Tortured

Mustafa Alhawsawi
International Committee of the Red Cross

House Conservatives Claim Democrats Have Failed Black Communities

Athena Image

George W. Bush Will Hit The Campaign Trail For Jeb

Alex Wong via Getty Images

Obama Downplays Fears After Supreme Court Blocks Key Climate Action

Athena Image
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Marco Rubio Finally Turns His Fire On Donald Trump

Athena Image
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

MTV News Is Finally Getting Serious About The Internet

Athena Image
Kevork Djansezian via Getty Images

Syrian War Has Killed Or Wounded An Unfathomable Amount Of People

Athena Image
AMER ALMOHIBANY via Getty Images

What's Gone Right With The Flint Water Crisis

Athena Image
Brett Carlsen via Getty Images

Prosecutors Are Almost Never Disciplined For Misconduct

Court Decide Decision Divorce Final Gavel Judge Ju
Shutterstock / zimmytws

What The Hogwarts Sorting Hat Would Make Of The Presidential Candidates

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Professor Mcgonigle
Warner Bros./Alamy

The Congressional Black Caucus Is Heading To Flint

Athena Image
Sarah Rice via Getty Images

Atheist Lawmaker Says He's Not Allowed To Lead Official Prayer

Athena Image
VisionsofAmerica/Joe Sohm via Getty Images

With High Hopes, A Deeply Divided Mexico Awaits Pope Francis


Non-Tenure-Track Professors At Duke Move To Unionize

Athena Image

Clinton And Sanders Make Major Pledge On Abortion Policy

Athena Image

Inside The Complex World Of Women And Guns

Athena Image
Airubon via Getty Images


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Kanye West Is Releasing A Video Game?


7 Ways To Get A Good Night's Sleep

Sleep Walker
riskms via Getty Images

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Kids May Soon Be Able To Build Their Own Prosthetics Out Of Legos

Carlos Arturo Torres

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Lamar Odom Makes First Public Appearance


Will Smith Has The Best Response To His Son's Gender-Fluid Style

Athena Image
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

17 Steamy Workout Moves You Can Do With A Partner

Athena Image
Peathegee Inc via Getty Images

Latino Celebrities Rip Into Donald Trump For 'Fear Mongering'

Athena Image

Lobster Boy And Bearded Lady Fall In Love: 'We Were Meant For Each Other'

Lobster Boy Bearded Lady Venice Beach Freakshow
Todd Ray/ Venice Beach Freakshow

Kim Kardashian Changed Her Up Again

Athena Image
Marc Piasecki via Getty Images

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WATCH: Singer-Songwriter Ne-Yo Looks Back On 10 Years Of His Career

Athena Image
Robin L Marshall via Getty Images

If Married Couples Wrote Honest Valentines


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Fox Adorably Fails At Trying To Attack Bed

Juniper The Fox
Juniper Fox

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Aaron Carter Opens Up About Mistakes That Led To His Bankruptcy

Aaron Carter

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WATCH: Sikh Actor Discusses Being Barred From A Flight

Athena Image
Ryan Liu via Getty Images

'To Kill A Mockingbird' On Broadway, As Written By Aaron Sorkin

To Kill A Mockingbird Aaron Sorkin

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The Truth About Golden Showers

Athena Image
Martin Hospach via Getty Images

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J.K. Rowling Clarifies: We're Not Getting A New 'Harry Potter' Novel

One Personhalf Lengthstudio Portraitblonde Hairsid
Dan Hallman/AP

12 Adorable Valentines To Give Your Best Friend

Valentines Day
Tattoos Love Letters

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5 Things You Need To Know When Buying Olive Oil

Olive Oil
dulezidar via Getty Images

What The Healthiest People Do During Their Lunch Breaks

Athena Image
caracterdesign via Getty Images

What Friendship Looks Like After 71 Years

Kamari Copeland Grandmas
Kamari Copeland

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The One Thing That (Sadly) Most Women Agree Makes A Man Undateable

Indoor Home Two People Couple Woman Adults Midadult Man 2530 Years Caucasian Brunette Bed Shirtless Affectionate Kissing Intimate 25381470
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

You're More Likely To Make A False Confession If You're Sleep-Deprived

Athena Image
sakhorn38 via Getty Images

Robin Williams' Deleted 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Scenes Will Make You Cry

Robin Williams
20th Century Fox/YouTube

Artist Imagines What Donald Trump Looks Like Naked And It Ain't Pretty (NSFW)

Illma Gore
Illma Gore

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We're Doing Preschool All Wrong, Says New Book

Athena Image
Floresco Productions via Getty Images

Woman's Body Lay Undiscovered For Months In Walmart Parking Lot

Lauren Jessie Moss
California DMV

Why The Banning Of 'A Birthday Cake For George Washington' Really Matters

Banning Book
Zoonar RF via Getty Images

This Packing Trick Will Fit Your Whole Life Into One Suitcase

YouTube/Toby Lerone

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