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May 28, 2015

10 Ways to Make the Economy Work for the Many, Not the Few: #7, Strengthen Unions and Preempt State 'Right-to-Work' Laws

One big reason America was far more equal in the 1950s and 1960s than now is unions were stronger then. That gave workers bargaining power to get a fair share of the economy's gains -- and unions helped improve wages and working conditions for everyone. But as union membership has weakened -- from more than a third of all private-sector workers belonging unions in the 1950s to fewer than 7 percent today -- the bargaining power of average workers has all but disappeared. In fact, the decline of the American middle class mirrors almost exactly the decline of American labor union membership.

Lynch Takes On The Most Powerful Man In Sports

Loretta Lynch

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George Pataki Announces Presidential Run

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Foul Play Feared After Russian Opposition Leader Hospitalized

Vladimir Karamurza
Alex Wong via Getty Images

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Cops Posed With Black Suspect Like A Hunting Trophy

Court File via Chicago Sun-Times

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Western Women Who Join Extremists In Syria Find It's A One Way Trip

Isis Schoolgirls
WPA Pool via Getty Images

Disgraced Former CEO Of Lehman Brothers Makes Bizarre Comeback

Richard Fuld
KAREN BLEIER via Getty Images

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Jon Stewart Gleefully Kicks FIFA Where It Hurts

Sports Illustrated

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Rick Santorum 'Sickened' By Duggar Molestation Revelations

Rick Santorum
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Man Threatens Suicide, Police Kill Him

Police Tape
Sean_Warren via Getty Images

Elizabeth Warren Agrees With Rush Limbaugh On Trade, And No One's More Surprised Than Her

Elizabeth Warren
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Health Care Of Millions Hangs In The Balance

Conservative Supremes Mobile

Rand Paul: Crime Is A 'Spiritual Problem'

Rand Paul Chicago

Anti-Legalization Group Calls For Medical Marijuana Research Overhaul

Medical Marijuana
OLIVER BERG via Getty Images

U.S.-Trained Commander Of Elite Police Force Defects To ISIS


How San Francisco Is Helping Give Ex-Offenders A Better Shot

San Francisco Tenderloin

Senate Bill Would Dramatically Alter U.S. Addiction Treatment

Rand Paul
Scott Olson via Getty Images

FBI Investigating Identity Theft At IRS

John Koskinen
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

'Undecided' Still Winning The Republican Primary Race

2016 Republicans Rubio

This Indian City Developed A Plan To Protect Vulnerable Citizens Amid Brutal Temperatures

SAJJAD HUSSAIN via Getty Images

New Flood Warning For Texas, Where Storms Have Killed At Least 16

Texas Flooding
Eric Kayne via Getty Images

China Defends Building Islands In Disputed South China Sea

South China Sea
Ritchie B. Tongo/Pool Photo via AP

Study: Don't Wait To Start HIV Treatment

Rafe Swan

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Giving People Choice In Food Pantries Can Help Feed More

West Side Campaign Against Hunger

Black Ex-Cop: Here's The Truth About Race And Policing

Karen Mower

Priest Fired From Job As Campus Chaplain Comes Out As Gay

Warren Hall
Frances Micklow/courtesy of The Star-Ledger

Executions In Saudi Arabia Have Skyrocketed

Saudi King Salman
FAYEZ NURELDINE via Getty Images

Women Petition Removal Of 'Tampon Tax'

Getty Images/Image Source

India's Brutal Heat Wave Persists, Claiming Over 1,400 Lives

India Heat Wave

Jon Stewart Gets Schooled On Allergies

Daily Show Pollen
Comedy Central

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Coroner: Esquire Food Critic Drowned

Josh Ozersky
Aaron Davidson via Getty Images

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Corruption Crackdown The Greatest Threat Yet To FIFA's Untouchable Ruler

Sepp Blatter Fifa

Listen To Barney Frank School Us All On The History Of LGBT Rights

Barney Frank

Yahoo Will Face Class Action Suit For Allegedly Spying On Emails

Yahoo Spying
KAREN BLEIER via Getty Images

American Students Return From China With Rosier Picture Of The Middle Kingdom

American Study China

Mental Illness Is A Much Bigger Problem For The Poor

Mental Health
Shutterstock / altanaka

Check Out Jimmy John's Ridiculous Dress Code

Jimmy John's


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To The Man Who Yelled At The Movie Theater About My Child

Nicole Skaro
Nicole Skaro

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What Praying Nuns' Brains Have In Common With Psychedelic Drug Users'

Colin Anderson via Getty Images

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These Are Bantu Knots, Not 'Mini Buns.' There's A Difference.

Rihanna Bantu Knots
Jason Merritt via Getty Images

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15 Essential Pieces Of Marriage Advice From Grandma And Grandpa

Grandparent Love
Clare Dych

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Tatum O'Neal Reveals A Surprise Fact About Her Sexuality

Tatum Oneal Dating Women
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

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How Ronda Rousey Became An Unstoppable Force

Ronda Rousey

Report: Duggar Spinoff In The Works

Duggar Spinoff

VIDEO: What NOT To Use When Putting Out An Oil Fire

Oil Fire
The Slo Mo Guys/YouTube

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How 'Frasier' Tackled The 'Preposterousness' Of Gay Stereotypes


Amazon Now Offers Free Same-Day Delivery To Prime Members

Amazon Logo

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SkyMall Is Coming Back This Year, But Expect Some 'Dramatic Changes'


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Suge Knight Refuses To Attend Court Hearing On Robbery Charges

Suge Knight

This Is What 365 Days' Worth Of Food Consumption Looks Like


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The Rise And Fall Of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp
JOHANNES EISELE via Getty Images

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I Wasn't Prepared For My Sexual Awakening At Age 17

Danielle Pearce Photography via Getty Images

What Your Midnight Bathroom Break Is Really Telling You


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Watch Dutch Ninja Goose Defeat A Nosy Drone

The Guardian/RTV

The Keys To Mixing The Best Salad Dressing Ever

Salad Dressing
How Sweet It Is

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Pup Found Living Inside Tree Trunk Finds Home With Loving Family

Shirley Zindler

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Bartender Found Guilty After Man Drinks 56 Shots, Dies

Tresia Cercado/500px

See Batman Ride On Top Of The Joker's Car In 'Suicide Squad'

Suicide Squad
David Ayer/ Twitter

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Young Girl Is The Hero This Town Needed

Lancaster Township Fire Department

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U2's Longtime Tour Manager Found Dead

Jeff Kravitz via Getty Images

Scary Footage From The Kardashian Car Crash

Kardashian Crash

Riley Curry Is Back On The Podium And Singing Drake

Riley Curry

Look At This Tiny Dog

Tiny Pug

Trip Out On These 11 Crazy Mushrooms

Getty Images

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The Ugly Truth Behind Khloe Kardashian's Tiger Cub Selfie

Khloe Kardashian

Dan Savage Wants To Give 'Duggar' The 'Santorum' Treatment