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July 2, 2015

Overtime: Finally, A Break for the Middle Class

Overtime pay has become such a rarity that many Americans don't even realize that the majority of salaried workers were once eligible for it. We just keep working longer and harder, for less. A recent Gallup poll found that salaried Americans now report working an average of 47 hours a week -- not the supposedly standard 40 -- while 18 percent of Americans report working more than 60 hours a week. Meanwhile, corporate profits have doubled over the last three decades -- from about 6 percent of GDP to about 12 percent -- while wages have fallen by almost exactly the same amount. The erosion of overtime and other labor protections is one of the main factors worsening inequality. A higher overtime threshold will help reverse this trend.

Report: Active Shooter At D.C. Navy Yard

Washington Navy Yard

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WATCH: Devastating Last-Minute Own Goal Eliminates England From World Cup

World Cup
Fox Sports

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Bernie Sanders Blasts Greece's Creditors

Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

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5,000 Evacuated After Train Carrying Toxic Substance Derails In Tennessee

Tennessee Train Derailment
NBC News

Captain: 'Wow, Pulled Back The Wrong Side Throttle'

Transasia Plane Crash
Sky News

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The Morning Email: Sub-Saharan Africa Crippled By Electricity Problems

Jon Stewart Exposes Chris Christie's 'Unpardonable Crime'

Jon Stewart
Comedy Central

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Afghan Court Overturns Death Sentences In Mob Killing

Afghan Police Mob Killing
SHAH MARAI via Getty Images

Comedian Disarms Every Gun Rights Argument You've Ever Heard

Gun Rights Demonstrators

Savior Of Hundreds Of Children During Holocaust Dies At 106

Nicholas Winton
MICHAL CIZEK via Getty Images

The Corporate Consultant Working For Free To Kill The Boston Olympics

Boston Olympics
Copyright No Boston Olympics. Photo: Chris Thomas

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Whole Foods Execs Admit To Overcharging Customers

Whole Foods Overcharging

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Dozens Dead After Ferry Capsizes In Philippines

Philippines Ferry Capsizes
STR via Getty Images

Trump's Latest Anti-Immigrant Remarks Are More Irrational Than Ever

Donald Trump
PAUL J. RICHARDS via Getty Images

Woman Accused Of Shooting Firearms Instructor In The Face

Veronica Lewis

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Some Slightly Good News On California's Drought

California Drought Lawn

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: This Is How We Imprison Our Kids


A HuffPost Highline Investigation...

DeSean Jackson Says Eagles Tried To 'Persecute' Him

Desean Jackson

One-Third Of World Doesn't Have A Toilet. Here's What It Will Take To Change That

Defecation India
PRAKASH SINGH via Getty Images

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Airlines Under Investigation For Allegedly Cheating Customers

Airplane Flies
TREVOR COLLENS via Getty Images

Shell's Arctic Drilling Plan May Have A Walrus Problem

Walrus Chukchi

Baltimore To Put Cameras In Police Vans, Review Riot Gear

Baltimore Police
Mark Makela via Getty Images

Greek PM: We Might Accept Modified Bailout Deal


Insists Sunday Referendum Is Not A Vote On The Euro... Greece Defaults... 10 Things You Need To Know...

Lindsey Graham Dumps On Trump


White House To Block New Redskins Stadium Over Team's Name

Washington Redskins Logo

Who In God's Name Could Be Burning Black Churches?

Mount Zion Ame
Sean Rayford via Getty Images

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Yes, The Pope Can Comment On Climate Change

Neil Degrasse Tyson
STAN HONDA via Getty Images

NOLA's First Same-Sex Divorce Beats First Same-Sex Marriage

Gay Divorce
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

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'Where Is Bill?' And Other Crucial Hillary Clinton Email Questions

Hillary Clinton
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Say Bye To Another Ridiculous Month On The Campaign Trail

2016 Campaign June
ALAIN JOCARD via Getty Images

Congrats, America! Donald Trump Is Now A Presidential Front-Runner

Donald Trump
Christopher Gregory via Getty Images

We Found Over 180 Public Schools Named After Confederate Leaders

Confederate Flag
Win McNamee via Getty Images

The Truth About Greece That Many Germans Won't Like To Hear

Greece Germany Bankruptcy

STUDY: Climate Change Will Decimate Polar Bear Populations

Polar Bear Climate Change

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Feds Fail Again To Help Students In Debt

Duncan Obama

Hawaii Became The First State To Ban Plastic Bags

Plastic Bag
Marwood Jenkins via Getty Images

Wikileaks: NSA Also Spied On Several German Ministers

Germany Wikileaks
Sean Gallup via Getty Images

Episcopalians Vote To Allow Gay Marriage In Churches

Gay Marriage Episcopal

Why Americans Have No Idea What Really Happens In Prisons

Michigan Prison
Bill Pugliano via Getty Images

REPORT: Josh Duggar Faces Lawsuit From Non-Family Molestation Victim

Josh Duggar
Kris Connor via Getty Images


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Man's Obituary Is Just 2 Words Long

Obituary Two Words

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Drones Are Dramatically Changing The Landscape Of Photography

Propellerheads Photography

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Piano Man Sets New Record At Madison Square Garden

Billy Joel Record Concert
Robb D. Cohen/Invision/AP

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Maria Is Leaving 'Sesame Street'

Sonia Manzano

Double Mastectomy Survivors Walked Topless Down A Runway For A Very Powerful Reason

Play Out
Vic Vaiana

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This Is The Punctuation Mark You've Been Waiting For

Exclamation Comma

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Scary-Looking Dino-Turtle Freaks Out The Internet

Anastasia Steshina

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New Bubble Wrap Will No Longer Pop

Bubble Wrap

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11 Surprising Uses For Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol

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9 Desserts That Are Bursting With American Spirit

July 4th Recipes Desserts
Sara Remington

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'Magic Mike XXL' Star Only Has Eyes For Husband Will Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Tim McGraw Awards Mortgage-Free Houses To Veterans

Tim Mcgraw
Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP

Watch This Scrappy Kitten Grow Up With Loving Older Dog


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Photographer Slipped And Took This Priceless Pic On The Way Down

Funny Wedding Fail
Chase Richardson/Followell Photography

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Too Many People Die After Cardiac Arrest. Here's How To Help

Science Photo Library

The Little Girl Who Stood Up To A Preacher Is Everyone's New Hero

Ryan Bowling

Jon Hamm Celebrates Jon Stewart's Best 'Daily Show' Musical Moments

Jon Hamm Jon Stewart
Comedy Central

270 Reasons Women Choose Not To Have Children

Alissa Scheller/Huffington Post

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'Dukes Of Hazzard' Reruns Pulled From TV Land Lineup

Dukes Of Hazzard
GABRIEL BOUYS via Getty Images

How Exactly Do Fireworks Work?

Fireworks Explained

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These Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes Will Make You Melt

Ice Cream Sandwich
Half Baked Harvest

Jimmy Kimmel Shows Off Apple's Bold New Product

Apple Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel Live

How To Make A DIY Air Conditioner For Under $20

Cole Saladino
Cole Saladino

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Stephen Colbert Takes Over Cable Access Show, Interviews Eminem

Stephen Colbert Eminem

Grief is NOT Self-Pity, Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen
D Dipasupil via Getty Images

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You Really Want To Know Why We Go Bald?


Simple Device Helps Women Stand And Pee When They Lack Access To Clean Toilets

Pee Buddy
Pee Buddy/Facebook

Channing Tatum Can Vogue With The Best Of Them

Channing Tatum
Vanity Fair

These Are Our Options For Stopping A Killer Asteroid


Actually Jim Carrey, Those Are Anti-Vaccination Tweets

Jim Carrey
JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

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Prince Dropped A New Song And It's Seriously Sexy

Getty Images

The Mistake You're Probably Making In Yoga Class

Yoga Women
Mike Powell via Getty Images

21 First-Date Horror Stories To Remind You That Romance Is Dead

First Date
Lambert via Getty Images

Obama Is Not A Fan Of Peas In Guac

Barack Obama
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images