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September 23, 2014

The Mysteries of Inequality Are Only Mysterious to Elites

We have the central bank of the US acting deliberately to keep workers from getting pay increases. They justify their actions over concerns about inflation, but we need not take these seriously. Who knows what they believe, but the real-world risk of a dangerous inflationary spiral ranks alongside the risk of attacks by Martians. It ain't going to happen, and they should know this. Of course high unemployment is not the only policy that has kept wages down over the last three decades. Government policy has also made it almost impossible for workers to organize unions. And of course we have let the minimum wage fall way behind the cost of living and even further behind productivity.

FEAR: 1.4 Million Ebola Cases By January

SCOTT CAMAZINE via Getty Images

ISIS Releases A New Hostage Video

Isis Journalist Video

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CNN'S Big Decision.. Future Of Journalism.. Fox's Hume Defends NFL.. NBC: WHOOPS!

UN Climate Summit

Al Gore

Obama's New Climate Change Plan To Be Unveiled Before UN

OUCH: Bill O'Reilly Gets Put In His Place

Bill Oreilly

'Badass' Moms Take Gun Fight To NRA's Home Turf

Jin Lee

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Cheerios Tear-Jerker.. Americans Don't Tip.. GM Death Toll.. Whole Foods Fails.. Flood Wall Street

White House Cracks Down On 'Inversions'


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Bizarre GOP.. Christie Scandal Gets Worse.. Dems On 2014.. Rove Group Mishap.. 'Terrible' O'Reilly

'We Have Never Faced A Crisis This Big'


Jon Stewart Schools Congress On Climate Change

Daily Show
Comedy Central

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Sofia Vergara & Fallon.. 'Key & Peele' On Gay Wedding Advice.. Kitten's Mind = Blown.. NFL Takedown

Another Same-Sex Marriage Ban Bites The Dust

Gay Marriage

Israeli Military Shoots Down Syrian Warplane

Syria Warplane
SMO Syria/Youtube

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Border Crisis.. Family Nightmare.. Iraq Now And Then.. Peru's Narcos.. End Of Internet???.. HK Hooky

Federal Prison Population Drops For The First Time In Decades

Andy Sacks via Getty Images

How ISIS Makes $3 Million A Day


China Reportedly Sentences Prominent Scholar To Life In Prison


GOP Adds Fetal 'Personhood' Language To State Party Platform

Roe Wade
Brendan Hoffman via Getty Images

Army: Suspects In Fatal Abduction Of Israeli Teens Killed In Shootout

Israel Missing Teens
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images


Protest Wall Street

Day 2 Of Climate Change Protests In NYC... Reports Of Police Using Pepper Spray... More Than 100 Arrests...

Big Names Join Campaign To End Discrimination Against Atheists

Chris Kluwe

Major Fire Breaks Out At Port of Los Angeles

KTLA via Facebook

20% Of Workers Laid Off In Last 5 Years Still Unemployed


More Business
Cheerios Tear-Jerker.. Americans Don't Tip.. GM Death Toll.. Whole Foods Fails.. Flood Wall Street

Whole Foods' Reputation May Finally Be Catching Up With It

Whole Foods Store

Pelosi: Immigration Activists Let Republicans 'Off The Hook'

Nancy Pelosi
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Over 800 Rounds Of Ammunition Found In White House Intruder's Car

White House
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Suspect Arrested In July With Sniper Rifle And Map Marking White House

Ravens Deny Allegations Outlined In Damning ESPN Report

Ray Rice
Ronald Martinez via Getty Images

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NFL Player Proposes.. Fans Fight.. Cover Up.. 'Cheap Shot'.. Blind Announcer.. Trick Play.. Goodell

Elizabeth Warren Makes Case For Electing Democratic Women

Elizabeth Warren

REPORT: Miss America Was Kicked Out Of Her Sorority For Hazing

Kira Kazantsev

States Could Reap Billions In Taxes From Legal Weed

Marijuana Revenue

Elite Colleges Demand Big Changes At Fraternities

Dartmouth College

Cheating GOP Congressman Trots Out Wife For Campaign Ad


Christie Pension Scandal Gets Even Worse


White House Intruder Prompts House Hearing On Secret Service

The White House

GOP Lawmaker Stands By Claim That Islam Is 'A Cancer' In America

John Bennett Oklahoma

DOJ's Ferguson Town Hall Meetings Ban Reporters, Non-Residents

Ferguson M
Scott Olson via Getty Images

The 2014 Elections Are More Complicated Than You Might Think

Reid Elections 2014

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This Is What Breasts Really Look And Feel Like

Breasts Cover
Nobilior via Getty Images

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These Celebrities Are Related?!

Snoop Dogg Marijuana

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Téa Leoni Opens Up About David Duchovny For 1st Time Since Divorce

Tea Leoni And David Duchovny
Bruce Glikas via Getty Images

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Incredibly Disturbing Hollywood Reality Revealed

Teenager Sexy
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10 Things NOT To Do At Disney World

Peter Ptschelinzew via Getty Images

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The Easiest, Least Expensive Way For Men To Be Stylish

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Signs Banishing Women To One Side Of The Road Don't Go Over Too Well

Orthodox Jew Stamford Hill
Oli Scarff via Getty Images

In Praise Of Play

wahahaz via Getty Images

6 Totally Outrageous Book Bannings

DEA / A. DAGLI ORTI via Getty Images

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'F*ck It, I Quit' Anchor Explains Her Dramatic Exit

Alaska Cannabis Club

4 Scary Domestic Violence Secrets

Silhouette Woman
Aaron McCoy via Getty Images

28 Stars You Probably Didn't Know Are Bisexual

Megan Fox
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

QUIZ: What's Your Decor Style?

Home Decor
Charlie Dean via Getty Images

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How A Father Found His Calling In The Wake Of Unimaginable Heartbreak

Js 1
Jeremy Shatan

Here's How Much Caffeine Is In Every Single Starbucks Drink

Starbucks Coffee
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Don't Do This When You Receive A Parking Ticket

Hoodline via Twitter

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10 Tips To Calm An Anxious Mind

Sleepless Nights
Tetra Images via Getty Images

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What's Next For Icabod And Abbie?

Sleepy Hollow

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6 Signs Your Marriage Is Falling Apart – And How To Fix It

Bad Relationship
Peter Cade via Getty Images

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This Is The Luckiest Bicyclist Ever

Live Leak

New 'American Horror Story' Photos Just Might Freak You Out

Bette Dot

Netflix Deliberately Ruins A Lot Of Good TV And Movies

Netflix Spoilers
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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WATCH: This Beer Commercial Has A Surprise Twist

Budweiser Puppy

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Will ET Be Here Soon?

NASA/ESA/CalTech/Ariz. State U.

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Cirque du Soleil + Drones = Pure Magic

Cirque du Soleil

Mike Tyson Comes To The Rescue Of Injured Motorcyclist

Mike Tyson
Alex Menendez via Getty Images

Kris Jenner Files For Divorce

Kris Jenner Bruce Jenner Divorce
JB Lacroix via Getty Images