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August 27, 2015

Trump's Tropes

For years, Republicans have used race bait politics to consolidate their support among white, working class voters. For years, they postured about military action for partisan advantage. For years, they have worshipped Reagan as a man on a horse who rode in to save the country. Now Trump's tropes recycle these themes, in more nationalist, bawdy and bigoted rants. And in indicting our failed trade policies, defending Social Security and Medicare, questioning mindless interventions, he strays from the Republican gospel to appeal to the concerns of working Americans. He's calling out the phonies and offering himself as a true man on the horse to make America great again. The Republican establishment may just find themselves reaping what they have sown.

Grieving Father: 'Coward' Politicians Must Act On Guns


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Charles Blow Fed Up! 'Enough Is Enough' With Trump Coverage

Athena Image

Hillary Compares GOP’s 'Extreme Views' To Terrorist Groups

Athena Image
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Stocks Rally Worldwide

Stock Market
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

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Jorge Ramos Producer Speaks Out About Press Conference Incident

Athena Image

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Forensic Analysis: Planned Parenthood Videos Are Severely Manipulated

Athena Image
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Activists Call For Charges In Brutal Death Of Prisoner Samuel Harrell

Samuel Harrell Fishkill
Courtesy Beldock Levine

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The Labor Ruling McDonald's Has Been Dreading Just Became A Reality

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Up To 50 Refugees Found Dead In Truck

Migrants Truck
DIETER NAGL via Getty Images

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Tesla's Model S Is So Great It Broke Consumer Reports' Scoring System

Elon Musk

Biden: ‘Absolutely Poppycock’ That We Can Get A Better Iran Deal

Athena Image

GOP Can't Contain White Racial Anxieties Swelling Trump's Support

Athena Image

White House Calls On Congress, Again, To Do Something About Guns

Athena Image
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

Almost None Of The Women On Ashley Madison Ever Used The Site

Athena Image

Hillary Clinton: Private Email Server 'Clearly Wasn't The Best Choice'

Athena Image

Gap And eBay To Mobilize Against Climate Change

Athena Image
MARK RALSTON via Getty Images

Obama To Celebrate New Orleans’ ‘Extraordinary Resilience’

Rebuilding New Orleans
Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images

Usain Bolt Easily Wins 200 Meters At World Championships

Usain Bolt
ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

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Firefighters Battle Massive Wildfires, Smoky Conditions In Washington

Washington Wildfire

Greek Ferry Now Brings Thousands Of Refugees To Athens

Athena Image
Credit: Visar Kryeziu/Associated Press

Kentucky Clerk Vows To Die For The Right To Oppose Gay Marriage

Athena Image

New York Daily News Shocks With Graphic Cover Of Murdered Journalists

Virginia Journalists Murdered Nydn New York Daily
New York Daily News

Why You Saw The Virginia Shooting Video Even If You Didn’t Want To

Hebrew Welcome Sign Stirs Fears In Louisiana Residents

Hebrew Sign

MSNBC Moves Al Sharpton To Sunday Mornings

Athena Image

Jorge Ramos Equates Donald Trump To A Dictator

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

TV Shooter Showed 'Bizarre Behavior' Throughout Volatile Career

Athena Image
Credit: Huffington Post

Report: Low-Income Workers Have Nowhere Affordable To Go

Poverty Usa
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Facebook Is Testing Its Own Siri-Like Feature

Athena Image
Credit: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Environmental Groups Threaten To Sue EPA Over Fracking Wastewater Rules

Athena Image

Europe Seeks To Regulate Drones To Protect Airplanes

Athena Image
Credit: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

Pennsylvania Court Releases Trove Of Pornographic Emails

Athena Image

China Detains 12 Suspects In Tianjin Blasts

Athena Image

Ex-49ers Player Ray McDonald Indicted For Rape

American Footballnfl
Thearon W. Henderson via Getty Images

Fox News: 'He Shot 3 White People... Why Is That Not A Hate Crime?'

Fox News

Why Even Women At The Very Top Can't Get Equal Pay

Athena Image
CNBC via Getty Images

The Virginia Shooting Has Nothing To Do With #BlackLivesMatter

Virginia Media Shooting
Jay Paul via Getty Images

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Alabama Cheerleading Coach Dismissed After Reporting Racist T-Shirt Worn By Fellow Coach

Mccracken Shirt

James Holmes Formally Sentenced To Life In Prison Without Parole

James Holmes

Carly Fiorina Is Pissed At CNN Over Looming Debate Snub

Athena Image

Police Officer Among 2 Killed In Louisiana Domestic Dispute

Officer Shot Louisiana
1bold_beauty / Instagram


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Chelsea Handler Ditches Underwear, Poses With Apple

Chelsea Handler

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Haunting Map Shows All Nuclear Bombs That Exploded Since 1945

Athena Image
curraheeshutter via Getty Images

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This Is What The World Would Be Like If Humans Never Existed


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These Incredible Landscape Photos Don't Even Look Like Photos

International Landscape Photographer Of The Year
Warren Keelan

Ryan Murphy: Jessica Lange Will 'Be Back' On 'American Horror Story'

Athena Image

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9 Things Single Women Want Their Married Friends To Understand

Older Thoughtful Woman
Robert Decelis Ltd via Getty Images

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Authorities Struggle To Save Dogs Living In Cruel Conditions

Athena Image
Orange County Animal Services/courtesy of WFTV

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This Stylish 'Hipster Grandpa' Is Way Cooler Than All Of Us

We Are Unlike You
We Are Unlike You

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Disguised Miley Cyrus Asks People What They Think Of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

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The Parenting Cliché I Cannot Stand

Parenting Cliche
Christine Schneider via Getty Images

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6 Surprising Foods Vegetarians Cannot Eat

Jennifer Bui/Kristin Hunt/Thrillist

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When Exactly Is It OK To Use Your Cellphone In Public?

Poll Cellphone

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The Real And Surprising Reason Donald Trump Quit Oreos

Athena Image
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Artists Tell Us Why Pollinators Are Vital

Athena Image
Erik Johansen

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Booking This Way Could Let You Travel For Way Cheaper

Booking Flights

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The Embarrassing Google Searches Coming From Every State

Athena Image
Courtesy Estately

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Mom Catches Twins' Sneakiness On Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor

Rita Ora Is Actually Making Sheer Turtlenecks A Thing

Rita Ora
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

How To Age Gracefully, By People Aged 7 To 93

Age Gracefully

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Biologists Challenged Twitter To A #JunkOff. It Went Exactly As Planned

Athena Image

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How To Talk To Kids About Tragedy (And What Not To Say)

Athena Image
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

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Florida Man Tries To Escape Tow Truck, Fails Spectacularly

Suv Vs Tow Truck
Brady Miller

Taylor Swift Sings 'Smelly Cat' With Lisa Kudrow And It's Glorious

Taylor Swift Lisa Kudrow

New 'Game Of Thrones' Theory Changes Everything

Athena Image

Justin Bieber Look-Alike Toby Sheldon Found Dead In Motel Room

Tobias Strebel

This Might Be The Best Kate Moss Magazine Cover Ever

Athena Image
Jonathan Short/Invision/AP

Horses With 3-Foot-Long Hooves Freed From 15-Year-Long Hell

Athena Image
Days End Farm Horse Rescue

5 Types Of Orgasms -- And How To Have More Of Each

LuckyBusiness via Getty Images

Tim McGraw's Drinking Nearly Cost Him Everything

Tim Mcgraw Master Class

21 Men Reveal How Porn Shaped Their Views Of Sex

Athena Image

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The Most 'Swiped Right' College Campuses, According To Tinder

Athena Image

Baby Panda Dies At National Zoo

Shellie Pick, Smithsonian's National Zoo