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October 31, 2014

The Real Monsters

Each year at Halloween, our neighborhoods are bustling as children go door to door dressed as zombies, vampires, skeletons or something else fantastic and scary. For many children Halloween is the rare occasion to indulge in a fun time of ghost stories and goblins and trick or treats. But at the end of the night they put away their costumes and make-believe in their closets and return to their normal lives. Sadly, too many children do not have normal or safe or protected lives and their monsters are real. They do not have closets in many homeless shelters or on the streets or church steps where they sometimes live with homeless parents. They are not safe in drug- and violence-infested neighborhoods and suffer chronic hunger, especially on weekends and during long summer months when school is out.

Cop Likely To Escape Civil Rights Charges For Michael Brown Killing

Michael Brown

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McConnell Mailers Imply Grimes Is Feeding Voters False Information

Election Mail

Grimes Sues Over 'Despicable' Tactic

Oregon Woman Hospitalized With Possible Ebola After Developing Fever

Ebola Virus
Visuals Unlimited, Inc./Science VU via Getty Images

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Third Victim In Washington School Shooting Dies

Marysville Shooting
David Ryder via Getty Images

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Peshmerga Fighters Enter Kobani To Fight ISIS


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Lawmakers 'Disturbed' After NYPD's Highest-Ranking Black Officer Resigns

Chief Philip Banks

SPOOKY: The Senate Stakes

Mitch Mcconnell

The Biggest Issue... Officials Squash Claims Of Vote Fixing For Dems...

U.S. Marine Vet Held For 8 Months In Mexico To Be Released

Andrew Tahmooressi
Sun Sentinel via Getty Images

Dow, S&P 500 Rally To Record Highs

Stock Rally
Google Finance

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Court Rules Maine Can't Force Quarantine On Ebola Nurse

Kaci Hickox

Ex-FAMU Band Member Guilty Of Manslaughter In Hazing Death

Famu Marching Band

Ask A Canadian: Explaining The Jian Ghomeshi Scandal To Americans

Jian Ghomeshi Scandal Explainer
Sonia Recchia via Getty Images

Police Launch Criminal Investigation Into Embattled Radio Host

GOP To Iowans: Your Neighbors Will Know If You Don't Vote Republican

Joni Ernst
Steve Pope via Getty Images

Why The U.S. Can't Be Done With Afghanistan Yet

Afghanistan Poppy
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

The FCC May Step Up Its Role In Regulating Your Internet Speeds

Internet In America: Pay More, Get Less

Albuquerque Police Ordered To Reform After Accusations Of Excessive Force

Albequerque Police

Rush Limbaugh Has A Despicable Take On Viral Catcalling Video

Rush Limbaugh
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

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Group Exposes Casualties Of Secretive U.S. Drone Strikes In Pakistan


Snowy Halloween For Chicago

Drive Waves

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The Top Super PAC Mega-Donors In The 2014 Elections

Lauren Burke via Getty Images

USPS Worried About What Climate Change Will Mean For Mail

Us Postal Service
Bob Berg via Getty Images

Republican Candidates Are Going As 'Pro-Choice' For Halloween

Scott Walker

11 Numbers To Help You Understand The Violence Rocking Mexico


One Of Africa's Longest-Serving Rulers Quits Amid Violent Protests

Burkina Faso
ISSOUF SANOGO via Getty Images

Stunning Photos Of The Unrest

NYC Can Finally Move Ahead With Stop-And-Frisk Reform

Stop And Frisk
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Demands For Investigation Into Rape Allegations At Detention Center

Karnes Detention

U.S. Has Decided On Who Is To Blame For ISIS' Rise


Fighters Joining Militants At 'Unprecedented' Rate

State Judge: Cops Can Make You Unlock Phone With Your Fingerprint

Apple Touch Id
George Frey via Getty Images

Record-High Costs Cause Reporters To Jump Ship On Obama Trip

Obama Air Force One

Restaurant Drops 'African' From Name Because Of Ebola Panic

Ebola Restaurant

Why Scapegoating Bats Is A Mistake

Arizona School Board To Toss Textbook Pages That Discuss Abortion

School Textbook
Simon Vogt via Getty Images

'Rapebait' Frat Accused Of Encouraging Sexual Violence

Phi Kappa Tau
Phi Kappa Tau

Oil-Linked Group Accused Of Duping Locals To Back Higher Energy Bills

Rooftop Solar
Image Source via Getty Images

GOPers Whine After Senator Says The Obvious About Obama And Race

Mary Landrieu
Sean Gardner via Getty Images

HUFFPOLLSTER: Polls Narrow In Key Senate Race

Tillis Hagan

Jerusalem On Edge After Clashes


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How You React To This Photo Predicts Your Political Leanings

John Mitchell via Getty Images

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Women Are Becoming 'Less Hirable' By Talking Like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian
David Becker via Getty Images

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Meteorologist Took His Halloween Costume To The Next Level

Weatherman Skeleton

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How Sam Harris Hid His Sexuality In The '80s: 'It Was Messed Up'

Sam Harris Singer From Star Search
Getty Images

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The Condition That Could Triple Your Stroke Risk

Mental Health
Mint Images - Paul Edmondson via Getty Images

Zoe Saldana Opens Up About Her Family Tragedy

Zoe Saldana Father
AOL Originals

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Why Your Pee Smells (Or Doesn't Smell) Like Asparagus

Asparagus Pee
CamEl Creative via Getty Images

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Can A Birthday Get Any Better?

Illinois State Lottery

Sports Has Never Been So Spooky


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'The Colbert Report' Will End In December

Colbert Ending
Comedy Central

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Consider This Before Jumping Into The World Of Tinder

Tinder 77 Minutes

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5 Nutritional Deficiencies You Might Not Even Know You Have

Robert Nicholas via Getty Images

Creepy GIF Series Shows Just How Warped The Human Face Can Be


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If You've Ever Stopped A Friend From Texting An Ex, This Is For You

Buzzfeed Youtube

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Who Is Getting Away With Murder On 'How To Get Away With Murder'

How To Get Away With Murder

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Ryan Murphy Confirms 'American Horror Story' Seasons Are Connected

American Horror Story

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All Rise For Ruth Baby Ginsburg

Ruth Baby Ginsberg
Kate Livingston

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The 13 Greatest Food Towns In America

Michael DeFreitas via Getty Images

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10 Love Notes That Perfectly Sum Up The Modern Relationship

Funny Love Note

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Vanilla Ice Helps Couple Announce Their Pregnancy

Facebook/Emily Aronoff Teck

11 Times Mr. Bean Taught You To Embrace Your Inner Child

Sean Gallup via Getty Images

Restaurant Skewers Hottest Dining Trends With Brilliant Halloween 'Costume'

Real Kitchen
Real Kitchen

5 Things You Didn't Know About 'The Simpsons'

The Simpsons Tv
FOX via Getty Images

The History Of The Pin-Up Girl, From The 1800s To The Present


The Difference Between Butter And Margarine, Explained

Butter Vs Margarine
Lynn James via Getty Images