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April 18, 2015

One Hillary Clinton Think Piece To Rule Them All

This week, we were faced with the daunting prospect of having to make sense out of all the Hillary Clinton think pieces that were microwaved into existence after she decided to formally enter the 2016 presidential race. And there were so many pieces of "think" to go through! Millions of microscopic particles of thinking! It was all way too tiresome. So, in lieu of adding to an already crowded canon, what follows is a Frankenstein's monster of everyone else's hasty Hillary musings. It is one brutal Hillary Clinton think piece to rule them all.

GOP Leaders Giving Up On Repealing Obamacare


But Absurd Lawsuit Could Still Gut Law...

Dan Aykroyd: 'America Is Flat-Out Gun Crazy'

Dan Aykroyd
The HuffPost Show

What GOP Hopefuls Think Of Tom Cotton's Iran Bombing Claim

Tom Cotton
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

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Obama Torches GOP.. Clinton Slam Defended.. Dems Vow To Scuttle Deal.. Santorum's False Claims

Another Win For Obamacare

Obama Smile

BuzzFeed Deleted 3 Posts Under Pressure From Its Business Department

Buzzfeed Logo
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

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'TIME' 100.. 2016 In A Single GIF.. Movin' Melber.. 'Essence' Trailblazers.. Brokaw on Williams..

Huckabee May Be Packing Heat On The Campaign Trail

Huckabee Gun


The Huffpost Show
The HuffPost Show

Finance Officials: Threats To Global Economy On The Horizon

Greek Debt

More Business
Well At Work.. Fight for $15.. Europe's Failing Economy.. World Bank Abandons Poor.. Target Breach

Bill Maher Slams Congress: 'How Does This Happen In A Democracy?'

Bill Maher

More Comedy
Every Drug Bust Ever.. Jamie Foxx Sings Tinder.. Honest Wine Labels.. Best New 'Star Wars' Reaction

Man Carrying Knife And Bible Fatally Shot By St. Louis Police

Jon Belmar
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Don't Look Now, But Congress Is Actually Doing Its Job

Us Capitol Dome

Clinton's Economic Message Doesn't Worry Wall Street

Hillary Clinton
MICHAEL B. THOMAS via Getty Images

LIVE: Star-Studded Earth Day Concert Takes Over National Mall

Construction Of Giant Telescope Delayed Again

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Ultra-Distant Exoplanet.. Earth's Hum Explained.. How To Speak Cat.. Nye vs. Tyson.. Why Airplanes Fly

Huckabee: You Should Wait Until Obama Leaves Office To Join Military

Mike Huckabee
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

A Helpful Guide For The Future White Minority

Sad Woman Retro
Getty Images

ISIS Steps Up Violence In Afghanistan


More WorldPost
Migrant Shipwreck.. Saddam Deputy Dead?.. Dutch Climate Case.. Mexico Violence.. NKorea Threat

GOP Presidential Contenders Go After Hillary Clinton

Rand Paul

Why Al Qaeda Isn't Going Away Any Time Soon

Al Qaeda Flag

This Could Cripple The Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger

Comcast Time Warner

More Business
Well At Work.. Fight for $15.. Europe's Failing Economy.. World Bank Abandons Poor.. Target Breach

Racial Overtones Creep Into Fight Over Lynch Confirmation


Australia Arrests 5 Teens Suspected Of ISIS-Inspired Terror Plot

Australia Terror
WILLIAM WEST via Getty Images

Here's How You Can Fight Global Poverty Instead Of Just Reading It

John Christian Fjellestad/500px

More Impact
Prison Reform Lessons.. #HeForShe Grows.. Closing Inspiration Gap.. Tiny Homes For The Homeless

Democrat Vows To Scuttle Obama's Fast-Track Trade Authority

JIM WATSON via Getty Images

GOP Presidential Contenders Face Off In New Hampshire

Jeb Bush New Hampshire
Darren McCollester via Getty Images

World Bank Projects Leave Trail of Misery Around Globe

Retired Marine Charged With Murdering Woman Who Went Missing In 2011


Heroin Addicts Finally Get Some Help From Kentucky Drug Courts

Steve Beshear

EARLIER: HuffPost Investigates Abstinence-Based Drug Treatment

Qaeda Ascendant In Yemen


Anti-Immigrant Violence Spreads In South Africa


The Disturbing Truth Behind Your Swim With The Dolphins


Gas Pipeline Explosion In California Injures Dozens

Fresno Gas Line Explosion

Oklahoma Adds Nitrogen Gas Chamber To Its Execution Methods

Oklahoma Capitol
Chris Pritchard via Getty Images

Hillary Clinton Leaves Obama To Fend For Himself On Trade

Hillary Clinton
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Immigrants Rally As Court Hears Arguments On Executive Actions

Obama Immigration Lawsuit

Officer Says Ramming Armed Man With Car Was Only Option

Michael Rapiejko


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Ben Affleck Reportedly Asked PBS To Censor His Slave-Owning Ancestor

Ben Affleck
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

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Olivia Wilde Explains Why Actors Look Like They Have Perfect Skin On Camera

Olivia Wilde
HuffPost Live

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The Trick To Chopping Onions Without Crying

Cutting Onion

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13 Things I've Learned From Being Married 3 Times

Taking Off Ring
PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou

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The Most Fitness-Friendly Cities In America

Chris Tobin via Getty Images

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Matt McGorry's Message To Anyone Who Thinks The Wage Gap Is A Myth

Matt Mcgorry
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

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The 10 Best Housing Designs, According To Architects

Benjamin Benschneider

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Extreme Heat Exposes The Icky Inside of A Jawbreaker

Molten Lava

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5 Lies You Should Stop Telling Yourself By The Time You Hit Middle Age

Embarrassed Woman
Dimitri Otis via Getty Images

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Rita Wilson Health News.. Online Dating Advice.. Retire To Latin America.. Habits To Help You Live Long

Boy Asks George Lucas To Change Jedi Marriage Rules

Princess Leia Star Wars

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10 Caribbean Islands You Can Fly to For Less

St Thomas

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Drew Carey Married The Entire 'Price Is Right' Audience

Price Is Right Wedding

A Writer's Beautiful Recollection Of Gay Bohemian Life In The '70s

Brad Gooch
Courtesy of Brad Gooch

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Is Queer Sex Legal?.. Annual Day Of Silence In Schools.. The Most Powerful LGBT People In The U.S.

You Are Who Your Pet Thinks You Are

Yasin Bulut via Getty Images

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Hillary Probably Wouldn't Want You To See 'Clinton! The Musical'

Hillary Clinton
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

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Why My Husband Will Always Come Before My Kids

Parents Kiss
Getty Images

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Bill Maher Wants 4/20 To Be A National Holiday

Bill Maher

4/20 Gift Guide: Weeding Out The Weirdest Pot-Related Products

Weed Mask

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PANDA SUTRA.. Largest Rice Krispie Treat.. 'Library Girl' Bares All.. Russia Bans Memes..

Zayn Malik Makes First Public Appearance Since Leaving One Direction

Zayn Malik
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

How Kim Kardashian Surprised Us All This Week

Getty Images

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The Batman v Superman Trailer Is Here

Batman V Superman
Warner Bros.

WATCH: Hugh Jackman Wants Your Help Fighting Poverty


Snapchat Helps Gives Voice To Kids Terrorized By Boko Haram

Bring Back Childhood

These Alternative 'Star Wars' Titles Are Far, Far More Accurate

Star Wars More Accurate Titles
HuffPost Comedy

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Every Drug Bust Ever.. Jamie Foxx Sings Tinder.. Honest Wine Labels.. Best New 'Star Wars' Reaction


90s Letterman

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Every Drug Bust Ever.. Jamie Foxx Sings Tinder.. Honest Wine Labels.. Best New 'Star Wars' Reaction

Texas Veterinarian Brags About Killing Cat With Bow And Arrow

Kristen Lindsey

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Escaped Killer Captured.. Universal Studios Tragedy.. Revenge Porn.. Cops Lack Weapons Discipline

People Are Calling This The Alley-Oop Of The Year

Alley Oop

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Here Is How A Secret 'Sex Scene' Ended Up In A Harry Potter Movie

Harry Potter
Harry Potter

Kanye's Old Pal Says The Superstar Hasn't Changed Over The Years, Almost