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October 6, 2015

Making Sense of the TPP: Don't Confuse Trade With Trade Deals

I greet claims that the TPP will boost American growth and jobs with a healthy dose of skepticism. We already trade pretty freely with most of these countries, and tariffs are low enough already that taking them down further will yield marginal, non-measurable gains. In this regard, trade itself matters more than trade agreements, and trade has benefits and costs. TPP proponents correctly note that trade increases the supply of goods and thus lowers consumer prices. Conversely, TPP opponents are on solid ground when noting that what really matters for the American workforce are net exports. We've run large trade deficits in this country for decades, and they are one channel through which globalization has been a factor in rising inequality, wage stagnation, and the loss of manufacturing jobs. So if it's not about growth and jobs, what is it about?

Hillary: Obama's Deportation Strategy Didn't Work

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Russia Reportedly Strikes ISIS Targets In Historic Palmyra

Middle Eastarchaeological Siteworld Heritagearchaeological Remainsillustrationarchaeologyhorizontalgeneral View
JOSEPH EID via Getty Images

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Trevor Noah Points Out Huge Republican Hypocrisy

Daily Show Abortion
Comedy Central

VW Warns Staff Of Impending 'Massive Cutbacks'

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2 Awarded The 2015 Nobel Prize In Physics For Neutrino Discovery

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Israel Destroys Palestinian Militants' Homes After Netanyahu Promises 'Strong Hand'

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Credit: Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty Images

The Morning Email: Obama Considers Leaving Troops In Afghanistan

Less Than 10 Percent Of The World Will Be Living In Extreme Poverty By The End Of 2015

Boom Emoji

The Astounding, Breathtaking Drop...

The Worst Cities For Black Americans

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David Joyner via Getty Images

Boehner Delays Leadership Elections With GOP In Turmoil

Athena Image
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Russia Responds To U.S. Criticism: We Supported You After 9/11!


Big Business Holding Profits Offshore To Avoid Paying Billions In Taxes

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EU Court Issues Landmark Data Ruling

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Kevin McCarthy And His Benghazi Gaffe Star In Hillary Clinton's New Ad

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Oregon Shooter Ranted About Not Having A Girlfriend

Athena Image

Obama To Meet With Victims' Families

Study: How Long You Wait To See A Doctor Is Linked To Race, Employment

Insider Trading Scandal Rocks Multimillion Dollar Fantasy Sports Industry

Fanduel Draftkings

The Difference Between Daily Fantasy Sports And Illegal Sports Betting

The Shocking Things People Don't Know About Medicare

michaeljung via Getty Images

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Dems: We Can And Must Do More For Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugee

Bill Aimed At Curbing Racial Profiling Signed Into Law In California

Athena Image
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Texas Professors: Allowing Guns In Class Will Inhibit Free Speech

Photo By Matt Valentine
Courtesy of Matt Valentine

Fourth High School Football Player Dies This Year

Kenney Bui
Highline School District

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Harry Reid: Republicans Are 'Acting As Puppets For The NRA'

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Alex Wong via Getty Images

The Slow Decline And Fall Of Dov Charney's American Apparel

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Obama's Democratic Trade Critics Pin Hopes On GOP Primary

Athena Image
Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

U.S., Pacific Rim Nations Finalize Trade Deal... Key Lawmakers Hesitant... Bernie: Wall Street Wins Again...

9 Dead In South Carolina Flooding

South Carolina

Flooding Expected In Half The State... 'Worst In 1,000 Years'... 'Biblical Event'... The New Normal?

What Members Of Congress Can Actually Do For You

Athena Image
Wendell Metzen via Getty Images

How Edward Snowden Plans To Use His Twitter Presence

Handout via Getty Images

Santa Claus Is Running For Office

Santa Claus
Santa Claus

Surviving A Mass Shooting Means Learning To Cope With The Next One

Athena Image
Marcus Yam/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

1,069 Days Later, Senate Gets Around To Filling Court Vacancy

Athena Image
Drew Angerer via Getty Images

Rubio Would Risk War With Russia In Order To Enforce Syria Safe Zone

Athena Image
David Greedy via Getty Images

MAP: Where American Students Are Pepper-Sprayed At School

Athena Image
Martinan via Getty Images

Planned Parenthood Foe Kept Alleged Sexual Harasser On Payroll

Mark Meadows
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Legendary Civil Rights Activist Grace Lee Boggs Dies

Celebritiesfilmfestivalentertainment Eventlaff 201
Amanda Edwards via Getty Images

Texas Businesses Are Not Very Happy With Jeb Hensarling

Athena Image

Supreme Court Stops Lawyers From Paying People To Stand In Line

Athena Image
Susan Walsh/AP

2015 Has Been The Year Of Record-Breaking U.S. Weather Events

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Why Black Americans Are Worried About John Boehner’s Resignation

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An Immigration Agent Could Be Placed In Georgia Jail

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Bloomberg via Getty Images


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Westboro Baptist Just Messed With The Wrong Group Of Students


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Considering The Ethics Of The Humanoid Sex Robot

Sex Hobbies Hobby Passtimes Passtime Realtionships Realtionship Realtions Toys Toy Business Products Product Manufacturing Manufacture Adult Entertainment Industry Adult Behavior Sexuality Sexual
David McNew via Getty Images

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Athena Image
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

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Bestselling 'Wallander' Author

Athena Image

Penned 50 Novels... Sold More Than 40 Million Copies Worldwide... 'A Man Of Passionate Commitment'

Sea Turtles Rock Poop-Collecting Swimsuits For Research

Univ Of Queensland Sea Turtle
University of Queensland

You Might Be Done With This Burger, But It's Not Done With You

Athena Image
PAUL J. RICHARDS via Getty Images

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5 Older Celebs Get Real About Sex After 50

Athena Image
Gabriel Olsen via Getty Images

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His Name Is Cayden: Online Racists Taunt 3-Year-Old, Get Shut Down

His Name Is Cayden

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This Guy Managed To Set His Room On Fire While Playing Minecraft

Minecraft Fire

50 Cent's Offensive Explanation For 'Empire' Ratings Dip

Athena Image
Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images

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Bella Hadid Embraces The Nipple Piercing And Sheer Dress Look

Athena Image
Dominique Charriau via Getty Images

Trump's 1970s Discrimination Lawsuit May Be Coming Back To Bite Him

Athena Image
Tom Pennington via Getty Images

Stephen Hawking: Let's Try To Prove ET Exists, But Let's NOT Make Contact

Stephen Hawking Hawking And Aliens Hawking And Colonizing Planets Hawking Alien Search
Justin Tallis via Getty

There's Gonna Be A Lot More 'Transformers' Movies

Paramount PIctures

iOS 9 Glitch Lets You Bury All The Apps You Hate


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UFC Fighter’s Front Flip Is Video Game Perfect

Athena Image
Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Emily Blunt Reveals Why She Became An American Citizen

Athena Image
Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

Ancient Tsunami Was Nearly As Tall As The Eiffel Tower

Mega Tsunami
Satellite image from NASA

NYC Pizza Rat Is Now A Skimpy Halloween Costume

Pizza Rat Halloween Costume

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Awww: In Twist Of Fate, Ring Bearer And Flower Girl Marry 17 Years Later

Courtesy of Adrian and Brooke Franklin

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'Star Wars' Fans Will Love This Unconventional Wedding Dance

Lightsaber Dance
Joeyblondewolf2 YouTube

'Maxi Pad Bandit' Arrested Despite Fiendishly Clever Disguise

Gary Victor Maxi Pad Bandit
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Dept.

New Documentary Explores What It Means To Be African And American

Am I First Documentary Issa Rae
Nadia Marie

If You Love Animals, This Device Will Horrify You

Athena Image
Jordan Siemens via Getty Images

Louisiana Hospital Sends Pizza To ER Staff Treating Oregon Shooting Victims

Athena Image

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8 Surprising Memory Boosters

Athena Image
Science Photo Library - PASIEKA via Getty Images

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Take A Closer Look At The 'Hate Group' Defending Kim Davis

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5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Recipes For Those Busy Weeknights

Slow Cooker
Table For Two

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This Video Will Make You Wish You Had The Money For A Tesla


Matthew McConaughey Is Nearly Unrecognizable In New Movie Role

Matthew Mcconaughey

Will Smith Announces New World Tour With DJ Jazzy Jeff

Will Smith In The Studio With Beats 1 Radio
Beats 1 Radio