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October 24, 2014

Turkey's 'Road to Damascus' Moment

If there is ever going to be a solution to the problem of the Islamic State that has a hope of preserving the current geo-political structure of Mesopotamia and the Levant, it rests with the survival of Bashar al-Assad's regime and the resurgence of Syria as a viable national player in the region. Turkey took a leading role in divorcing itself from the Assad regime in 2011, an action which, in many ways, helped precipitate the current Islamic State fiasco. What is needed now is not a continuation of this disastrous policy, but rather a "Road to Damascus" conversion on the part of Turkey which re-embraces Bashar al-Assad as the legitimate ruler of Syria, and, in doing so, creates the foundation for the isolation and defeat of the Islamic State in Syria, and later Iraq.

Shooter Identified...

Jaylen Fryberg

Freshman... Friend: 'Everyone Knew Him'... Student: 'Was Angry At A Girl'...

Newark Passenger Who Treated Ebola Patients Develops Fever

Kallista Images via Getty Images

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Americans 'Proved Their Credibility' With Blackwater Convictions

Blackwater Iraq
ALI YUSSEF via Getty Images

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Suspect In Custody After 2 Cops Killed, 2 Others Shot In California


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Eric Holder 'Exasperated' By Leaks In Michael Brown Case

Eric Holder

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Nina Ebola-Free!

Obama Nina Pham
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Costco Still Refusing To Ruin Thanksgiving

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

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New York, New Jersey Order Mandatory Ebola Quarantines

Andrew Cuomo
Bryan Thomas via Getty Images

NYC: Don't Freak Out... Patient #4...

NYPD Chief: Hatchet Killing Was 'Terror' Attack

In This Frame Grab Taken From Video Provided

Congress Says The CDC Can't Be Trusted On Ebola

Vaccine Ebola
WPA Pool via Getty Images

Elizabeth Warren, Orrin Hatch Push Huge Science Research Fund

Elizabeth Warren

POLLS: Dem Surges In Georgia Senate Race

Georgia Peach
Kathy Konkle via Getty Images

Remains Confirmed As Missing UVa Student

Hannah Graham
Help Find Hannah Graham

Many People At Risk Of Ebola After Mali's First Case Dies

Ebola Child Body
ZOOM DOSSO via Getty Images

Daughter Of Lesbian Mayor Barred From Taking Driving Test

Annise Parker

Voters Will Weigh Gun Control Measures On Heels Of School Shooting

Marysville Hands Up Ap

Cleaning Crews Move In After Ebola

Craig Spencer Apartment
DON EMMERT via Getty Images

Former Obama Lawyer Out Of The Running For Attorney General

Kathryn Ruemmler

The DEA Turned A 14-Year-Old Into A Drug Kingpin

Richard Wershe
Michigan DOC

Lava From Hawaii Volcano Picks Up Speed As It Nears Town

Big Island Lava

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Rare Footage Shows Discovery Of Ebola In 1976


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5 Things About Slavery You Probably Didn't Learn In Social Studies

Hulton Archive via Getty Images

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Palestinian Boy Shot Dead By Israeli Forces At West Bank Protest


Meet The Workers Making Sure The NYC Subway Is Ebola-Free

Mta Worker
Jitalia17 via Getty Images

Darrell Issa: What We Don't Know Could Kill Us

Darrell Issa
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Most New Yorkers Aren't Freaking Out About Ebola, So You Shouldn't Either

Ebola New York City

Fox News Host: New York Doctor With Ebola Was 'Irresponsible'

Kelly Ebola
Fox News

Cuomo Defends Infected Doctor

Domestic Violence Survivors Decry ‘Disgusting' Coverage Of Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius
Pool via Getty Images

Nations Devastated By Ebola Were Already Under Siege

Drug War
A MAJEED via Getty Images

Brace Yourself: Ugg Season May Be Even Bigger Than Usual This Year

Ugg Boots
Nikita Sobolkov via Getty Images

GOP Rep Claims Mosques Are ‘Incubators' For Terrorism


Mika Brzezinski Tears Into U.S. Minimum Wage: 'It Is A Joke!'

Minimum Wage Mika

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Republican Governors Might Save The Democratic Senate


Facebook Launches Anonymous Chat Room App


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Iraqi Officials: Islamic State Used Chlorine Gas


A Gun That Could Make Police More Accountable

Yardarm Smart Gun
Yardarm Technologies

Driver Rams Through Disputed Ten Commandments Monument

Ten Commandments Oklahoma

U.S.: Ground Offensive Against Islamic State Still Months Away

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Ottawa Shooting Video Released


Canada's Complicated History With Terrorism

Why Thousands Of Spain's Poor Fear Goldman Sachs

Lloyd Blankfein

One Of The NSA's Staunchest Critics Is On The Brink Of Losing

Mark Udall

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Remember Felix Baumgartner's Record-Setting Free Fall? It Was Just Beaten

Alan Eustace Record
© Paragon Space Development Corporation

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WATCH: Howie Mandel Refuses To Leave HuffPost Live

Howie Mandel
HuffPost Live

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This Man Has Been Saving Up For The Perfect Proposal Since He Was 12

Down On One Knee
Candlelight Films

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New Microscope Allows Scientists To View The World Like Never Before

Cells Microscope Video
Betzig Lab, HHMI/Janelia Research Campus, Mimori-

Roach Makes Unfortunate Appearance At Pest Control Chief's Testimony

W Willner via Getty Images

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What Everyone Is Saying About Taylor Swift's '1989'

Taylor Swift Performs
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

LOOK: Photo Series Captures The Dignity Of Aging Dogs

Pete Thorne

Controversial Celebrity Costumes Remind What Not To Wear On Halloween

Julianne Hough
Pacific Coast News

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'I Didn't Like Him. I Thought He Was Full Of Himself'

Paul Stanley Gene Simmons Kiss
Getty Images

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Meet The 20-Somethings Who Want To Be Sterilized


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'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Canceled By TLC

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

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Why Millions Of Middle-Aged Women Are So Irritated

Angry Middleaged Woman
John Rensten via Getty Images

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These Awkward Animal Couples Really Suck At Making Out

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WATCH: This Is Why You Don't Train Puppies To Ring Bells

Puppy Rings Bell
Kirk Miller / YouTube

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5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Kansas City

Kansas City
Jeremy Woodhouse via Getty Images

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The Secret To The Best Baked Ziti In The World

HuffPost Taste

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Notre Dame Football Player Gets Cozy With Porn Star

Justin Brent

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10 Comedians Who Understand Your Crappy Love Life All Too Well

Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez via Getty

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Why Tom Bergeron Wasn't Invited Back To Host Miss America

Tom Bergeron
D Dipasupil via Getty Images

WATCH: Nick Jonas Plays 'Guess The Bulge' Game Featuring Male Celebrities

via YouTube

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The 10 Saltiest Meals In America

Saltiest Foods
Getty Images

5 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Decide To Divorce

Rubberball/Mike Kemp via Getty Images

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Little Girl Gets Real With The 'Tooth Fairy'

Cute Kid Note

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