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December 19, 2014

Cuba Policy Changes Mark a Momentous First Step

As a historian of Cuba, as a Cuban-American, as an American citizen, I applaud President Obama's change of course on Cuba. Surprisingly, so do my 93 and 88-year old Republican parents in Miami. To say that they love neither Raúl Castro nor Barack Obama is an understatement. Yet, they were swayed by Obama's plain statement of fact: isolation has failed, and after more than 50 years we cannot reasonably expect it to produce a different result. They are weary, and yesterday they felt a stirring, a faint hope that finally something might move. What exactly will change of course remains to be seen. There is loud (and expected) opposition in some quarters, and questions are sure to arise about the relationship between the new policies and the requirements for diplomatic recognition spelled out in the Helms-Burton law of 1996. At the same time, however, there is bipartisan support for a new approach.

Prosecutor: Witnesses Lied Under Oath In Ferguson Grand Jury

Michael Brown
Justice For Michael Brown

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Rand Paul And Marco Rubio Fight About Cuba On Social Media

Rand Paul Marco Rubio
Bill Clark via Getty Images

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How Progressives Scored A Rare Win Over The NRA

John Gress via Getty Images

Obama Takes A Swing At Keystone Pipeline

Barack Obama
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Australian Police Make Arrest In Killing Of 8 Children


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Obama Only Took Questions From Women At His Year-End Presser

Press White House Briefing Room

Great Majority Of Americans Believe Jesus Was Born To A Virgin

Jesus Manger
Getty Images

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Michael Phelps Pleads Guilty to DUI

Michael Phelps

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PHOTOS: How Little Cuba's Economy Has Changed Over Past 50 Years

Busy Downtown Neighborhood In Santiago De Cuba
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Supreme Court Refuses To Block Gay Marriage In Florida

Gay Marriage Couple Vows
Gallo Images via Getty Images

Weddings Could Start As Soon As Next Month

Americans Not Quite As Comfortable As Cheney With Torturing Innocents

Dick Cheney
NBC NewsWire via Getty Images

Google Sues Mississippi Attorney General, Alleging Internet Censorship

Attorney General Hood
Pool via Getty Images

Candy Crowley Lands Interview With Obama For Final Show


Bloomberg Rescinded Offer To New York Magazine Writer After Hoax

Jessica Pressler

Uber Wants To Patent Surge Pricing

Uber Car
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Israel Resumes Airstrikes In Gaza

Gaza Explosion

School Segregation, The Continuing Tragedy Of Ferguson

School Bus

EPA Releases Long-Anticipated Rules

Coal Ash
Charlotte Observer via Getty Images

Obama Defends Historic Deal With Cuba

Barack Obama Cuba

Former Heavyweight Champ Dies

Ernie Terrell


James Holmes

James Holmes' Parents Plead For Son's Life

Illinois Woman Trying To Trademark 'I Can't Breathe'

Cant Breathe

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Staples Hack May Have Affected Over 1 Million Cards

Chrysler Expands Air Bag Recall To Entire Nation

Chrysler Recall
Scott Olson via Getty Images

U.S. Companies Clamor To Do Business In Cuba


Stephen Colbert's Farewell Turns Into A Massive Party

Colbert Salute

Arianna's Favorite Moments On 'The Colbert Report'

Feds Accuse McDonald's Of Violating Workers' Rights


Glenn Greenwald: U.S. Media 'Purposely And Systematically' Suppresses Torture Victims

Glenn Greenwald
HuffPost Live

Civilian Deaths In Afghanistan Reach New High In 2014


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Nikki Finke Reportedly In Talks With Politico

Nikki Finke

With Cuba Decision, Obama Hands Hillary Clinton A 2016 Gift

Hillary Clinton
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

The Unidentified Official At The Center Of The Torture Report


Pakistan Hangs 2 Militants After Peshawar School Massacre


Percent Of Americans Who View Racism As Top Problem Skyrockets

Ferguson Protests
Scott Olson via Getty Images

This Congress Wasn't The Least Productive Ever, But It Came Close

Us Capitol Building Dc
Tim Graham via Getty Images

'So Kim Jong Un Gets To Decide What Movies We Make?!'

Jon Stewart
Comedy Central

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Not Even George Clooney Could Get Hollywood To Support Sony

George Clooney

WHO: One Million People Wounded In Syria

Syria Injured
ABD DOUMANY via Getty Images


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'Plus-Size' Bodies Are Fine Art, Too

Victoria Janashvili

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Here's How A Former NBA Prospect Found Out His Career Was Over

Isaiah Austin
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Azealia Banks: Black Culture Is Being Erased

Hot 97

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How To Use A 'Fake' Location To Get Cheaper Plane Tickets

Plane Tickets

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5 Incredible New Books To Read Based On Your Favorite Classics


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The Most Horrifying Health Trends Of 2014

Edible Charcoal
showcake via Getty Images

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Without A Doubt, These Are The 14 Worst Outfits Of 2014

Getty Images

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Secret Santa Cookies: Make A Cookie Inside A Cookie

Cookies In Cookies
Alison Spiegel

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There Is A Giant Face Floating Over Japan Right Now

Asahi Shimbun Digital

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6 Women Over 50 Who Inspired Us In 2014

Michelle Obama File Photo

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Moos Carry A Lot More Meaning Than You Ever Imagined

How Cows Communicate
Panoramic Images via Getty Images

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The Little-Known Story Behind The Most Famous Movie Quote Ever

Rhett Butler
Mondadori via Getty Images

Brooke Shields Speaks Out About Her Mother's Alcoholism

Brooke Shields Mother
Ida Mae Astute via Getty Images

This Coffee Is Actually Supposed To Help You Sleep

Adam Gault via Getty Images

CEO Gives Back His Entire $2 Million Bonus To Company

Plum Creek
Plum Creek

25 Must-See Wedding Photos From 2014

Best Wedding Photos Of 2014
Ryan Brenizer Photography

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A More Sustainable Alternative To Your Pork Chops

Wild Boar
DEA / G. CAPPELLI via Getty Images

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Who's Winning The War For The Internet?

Kim Kardashian

Investigation Uncovers Disturbing Reality About Underwear Stores


This Is Why You Can't Have Sex In Public

Drone Boning
Ghost Cow Films

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Million Mummy Discovery In Dispute

Brigham Young University

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This Teacher Is Battling Homelessness, But Finds Strength In Her Students And Kids

Raquel Tillett

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This Awesome Teen Wants To Be The Youngest African American Chess Grandmaster

Joshua Colas
Joshua Colas

If A Grown Man Threw A Tantrum In A Store The Way 4-Year-Olds Do


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10 Ways Cuba Has Changed Since The Cold War


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25 Things You Never Knew About 'The Simpsons'

The Simpsons

'Fault In Our Stars' Actor Responds To Gay Rumors

Ansel Elgort Gay Rumors
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

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Oprah Editors' Favorite Books Of 2014

Best Books Of 2014

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'Serial' Fans React To The Big Finale

Serial Podcast

What Happens To Your Fat When You Lose Weight

Fat Loss
Fuse via Getty Images

Obama Prank-Calls Boston Radio Show

Obama Phone