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April 2, 2015

Distracted, Bloody Fool!

In a head-to-head race against time, the laborious pace at which public policy evolves is no match for the Usain Bolt-like speed of technological change: For example, would a ban on handheld devices be applicable to the new Apple Watch? To remain relevant, our public policies on distracted driving may need to sidestep the specific technologies and focus instead on such measures as eyes-on-the-road. Over time, new technology will solve the distracted driving problem that technology created. Eye-tracking devices mounted on the dash or rearview mirror will monitor the driver's mental state for signs of distraction, and will sound an alarm. Eventually -- 10 to 20 years from now -- self-driving cars will enable us to text to our heart's content. But, until technology provides the ultimate fix, the carnage on our roads will continue, and may even grow worse before it gets better. But it doesn't have to.

Arkansas Legislators Move To Revise Controversial Religious Freedom Bill

Arkansas State Capitol

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Double Overtime In Lausanne

John Kerry

Grueling Talks Pose Risk At Home For Obama's Iran Plan

Jeb Changes His Tune On Indiana Law

Jeb Bush

2016 GOP Hopefuls Rise To Defend Anti-Gay Law


Kenya Police

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NYPD Detective Stripped Of Gun And Badge After Xenophobic Rant

Sanjay Seth/Youtube

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Indiana Woman Sentenced To 20 Years Under Feticide Law

Purvi Patel
AP Photo/South Bend Tribune, Robert Franklin

Purvi Patel Could Be Just The Beginning

UN: Number Of Fighters Joining ISIS, Al Qaeda Soars

Islamic State Raqqa Media

McDonald's To Raise Pay For 90,000 Workers

Happy Meal

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Dozens Dead After Russian Ship Sinks In The Pacific

Russian Trawler

Nearly Half Of Smartphone Users Say They Can't Live Without Their Phones

Pew Study Cell Phones
Keith Bell via Getty Images

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Teen Who Received Heart Transplant Dies In Crash During Police Chase

Anthony Stokes

Justice Department Investigates Texas Prosecution Of Children For Truancy

Eric Holder
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

2nd Victim In New York City Building Explosion Identified

East Village Explosion
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

De Blasio To Host Summit On Income Inequality

De Blasio
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Ex-Death Row Prosecutor: 'The Whole System Is Fatally Flawed'

Marty Stroud Prosecutor

Europe Reportedly Trains Crosshairs On Google

Google Logo

Lawyers Claim FBI Illegally Searched Robert Durst's Room

Robert Durst
Handout via Getty Images

FBI Confirms Death Of 'Most Wanted Terrorist'

Zulkifli Bin Hi

Watch Ted Cruz Repeatedly Say He Wants To Repeal Something That's Not A Federal Law

Ted Cruz
Darren McCollester via Getty Images

Texas Lawmaker Defends Religious Freedom Proposal By Invoking Nazis

Texas Statehouse
Gary Miller via Getty Images

Coroner Rules Katrina Police Shooting A Homicide

Henry Glover

Chicago Debate Moderator Gets Booed For Going After Chuy Garcia's Son

Chicago Mayoral Debate

Lerner Off The Hook For Now Over IRS Scandal

Lois Lerner
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Arkansas Passes 'Laura's Law' To Prevent Domestic Violence

Laura Law

Bill Inspired By HuffPost Investigation

MLB Responds To Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' Law

Mlb Logo
Jason O. Watson via Getty Images

Final Four Coaches Also Weigh In

Why Religious Groups Are Protesting The Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Indiana Religious Freedom
Aaron P. Bernstein via Getty Images

Palestinians Join International Criminal Court...

Abbas Icc
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

...Risk Losing U.S. Aid

Menendez Indicted On Corruption Charges


Steps Down From Senate Committee

Bachmann Compares Obama To Pilot Who Downed Germanwings Airliner

Michele Bachmann
Tom Williams via Getty Images

11 Educators Convicted In Test Cheating Conspiracy


4 Dead After Massive Fire On Gulf Of Mexico Oil Platform

Oil Platform

Polar Bears Face Starvation As Ice Melts, Study Finds

Polar Bear
Brian Battaile/USGS

Rebels With Tanks Invade Key Yemen City Despite Coalition Bombardments


Arkansas Governor: My Son Asked Me To Veto 'Religious Freedom' Bill


Woman Recants Allegation That Ex-Alabama Football Player Assaulted Her

Replay Photos via Getty Images

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Donations Pour In For Indiana Pizzeria That Won't Cater Gay Weddings


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Gingrich Slams 'Lynch Mob' For Opposing Religious Freedom Law

Newt Gingrich
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Portland Airport Carpet Becomes Online Superstar

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Airbnb To Allow American Travelers To Book Lodging In Cuba

Cuba Airbnb

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'You're Here To Help People'


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Take Your Grilled Cheese Sandwich To The Next Level

Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Getty Images

These Underwater Engagement Photos Will Leave You Breathless

Underwater Engagement Photos
Love and Water Photography

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Oil Workers Discover Woolly Mammoth Tusks And Bones

Anton Rezvy/The Siberian Times

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Orphaned Kangaroo Joey Gets Care And Cuddles

Wildlife Rescuers

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Cruise Ships May Carry Unwelcome Passengers: Germs

jeffclow via Getty Images

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This Artist Will Craft Your Loved One's Ashes Into Beads

E. Chris Weisner

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The Funniest April Fools' Day Pranks Of 2015

Best New April Fools Day Pranks

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Bra-Wielding Burglar Thwarted By Woman Wielding Ceramic Chicken

Ashley Sies
Lexington Police Dept.

University Cancels Common As Commencement Speaker

Timothy Hiatt via Getty Images

What An Affair Looks Like (NSFW)


50 Years Ago, 14 Million Americans Stopped Eating Grapes -- For A Very Good Reason

Getty Images

Vast Medieval Graveyard Discovered Beneath University Building

Skeletons Cambridge
Craig Cessford, Cambridge University

Marvin Gaye's Sister Forgives Her Father For Killing The R&B Legend

Marvin Gaye
Jim Britt via Getty Images

Chris Rock Takes Selfie After Cops Stop Him For The 3rd Time In 7 Weeks

Chris Rock

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'I Married Too Young And Was A Bad Wife'

Argument Retro
Ryan Lane via Getty Images

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5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Easter

Easter Penitentes

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The Best And Worst Things To Buy In April

Best Buy Tv

What's The Difference Between Sugar And High Fructose Corn Syrup?

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Bad News For Night Owls

On Couch In Dark
djedzura via Getty Images

Chinese News Agency Falls For 30-Year-Old April Fools' Day Prank

April Fools Joey Skaggs
Art: HuffPost

Meet The Total Strangers Who Look Exactly Like Twins

Look Alike
Colchester Gazette/Cascade News

Irresistible Pit Bull Who Uses A Wheelchair Needs A Forever Home

Kara Severson