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July 29, 2015

The Perversion of the American Presidency

Children long have been taught by their parents that anyone in America can grow up to be president. Today that message needs to be revised: anyone can grow up to be president if they are willing to circumvent and break the nation's anti-corruption campaign finance laws, and are willing to genuflect before the nation's wealthiest individuals. That is the reality playing out in the 2016 presidential election. When it comes to money in politics, the unfolding race for the presidency is unlike anything we have seen in the country's history. Individual-candidate Super PACs and their super wealthy funders already have raised more than $250 million to support Republican presidential candidates, or four times the amount the Republican candidate campaigns have received.

House Passes 3-Month Highway Funding Patch On Way Out

Athena Image
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

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Boehner Downplays.. Cruz Gets Testy.. McCaskill Shotguns.. Boehner Backs Ban Lift.. Crises Loom

Wreckage Found Could Be From Missing Malaysian Plane

Plane Wing

Debris Found In Indian Ocean Likely From A Boeing 777... Malaysia Sends Team To Investigate...

Documentary That Disappeared 40 Years Ago Reveals What The Clinton Campaign Is Missing

Year Of The Woman
Sally Edelstein

Fury Erupts After Walter Palmer Is Named As Cecil The Lion's Killer

Athena Image

MORE: Charges In Animal's Killing.. Could Be Extradited To Zimbabwe.. Writes Apology To Patients..

California Senators Introduce Emergency Drought Relief Legislation

Athena Image

Boehner Downplays GOP Insurrection

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News Of Mullah Omar's Death Comes At A Key Time For Peace In Afghanistan

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Witch Hunt!.. Behind The Iron Fence.. Gaddafi's Son.. Attack In India.. Varoufakis Secret.. Europe Fix

Feds: Florida Man Plotted ISIS-Inspired Backpack Bombing At Beach

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More Crime
Sandra Bland.. Prison Escapees.. Missing Teens.. Louisiana Theater Shooting.. Ignored 911 Call

Brady: I'm The Victim!

Athena Image
Christian Petersen via Getty Images

Tom Brady Sues Over Deflategate And Claims Innocence

The Fed Just Inched Closer To Raising Interest Rates

Athena Image
Alex Wong via Getty Images

#BlackLivesMatters Co-Founder ‘Mortified' By O'Reilly's 'Anarchistic' Comment

Almost No One Believes Obama Is Actually Going To Close Gitmo

Athena Image
Carolyn Kaster/AP

Yet Another Republican Is Running For President. Seriously.

Athena Image
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Rolling Stone Sued By UVa Students Over Rape Story

Athena Image
Jay Paul via Getty Images

Florida Gun Store Sued After Declaring 'Muslim-Free Zone'

Florida Gun Supply Muslim Free Zone
Florida Gun Supply

More Religion
Richard Dawkins.. Orthodox Jewish Feminists.. Jon Stewart's Best Jewish Moments

Hillary Clinton To Appear Before Benghazi Committee

Athena Image

Hot New Website ‘Facebook’ Is Lighting Up The Charts

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More Tech
Windows 10 Release.. LG's New Flip Phone.. Twitter Jokes.. Ads Study.. Accessibility Pledge.. Flyp App

911 Dispatcher Quits After Hanging Up On Caller


Caller's Friend Died From Drive-By Shooting

Public Still Can't See The Eric Garner Grand Jury Records, Court Rules

Athena Image
JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

James Holmes' Dad Saw His Son Make The 'Wide-Eyed Smirk' Before

Athena Image

Mom Sobs: Psychiatrist Didn't Warn Of Bloodlust

Fox News Further Relaxes Republican Debate Criteria

Republican Presidential Primary
Scott Olson

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Times' Clinton Fiasco.. NY Mag's Cosby Exposé.. Sandra Bland Arrest.. Donald Trump's Thin Skin..

Inside The 50-Year Campaign To Roll Back The Voting Rights Act

Athena Image
ARMEND NIMANI via Getty Images

How To Design Cities With Fewer Traffic Fatalities

Son Of Imprisoned Rapper Says 'It's A Good Feeling' Dad May Be Home Soon

Mac Phipps
Sheila Phipps

The Long And Successful History Of Using Fetal Tissue In Research

Athena Image

Mitch McConnell Says 'Women's Health' 5 Times In Attempt To Defund Planned Parenthood

Athena Image

Ted Cruz Gets Testy With John Kerry, Ernest Moniz Over Iran Deal

Athena Image
Olivier Douliery via Getty Images

Boy, 8, Is First Child Ever To Receive Double Hand Transplant

Athena Image

Anonymous Messaging App Provides Suicide Intervention On College Campuses

Atsushi Tomura via Getty Images

Man Crushed To Death As Some 2,000 Migrants Storm Eurotunnel

Athena Image
PHILIPPE HUGUEN via Getty Images

Hedge Funds Want Puerto Rico To Fire Teachers To Pay Them Back

Athena Image

Washington, D.C., Is Rapidly Sinking Into The Ocean

County Removes Confederate Flag, Replaces It With Another Confederate Flag

Walton County Confederate Flag
Michelle Uhlfelder

Donald Trump Slams Lawyer Who Claimed He Called Her 'Disgusting' Over Breast Milk

Athena Image
Matthew Busch via Getty Images

CEO Pays Out $27 Million In Employee Bonuses After Selling Company

Businessfinancedlddigital Life Designconferencedld
Johannes Simon via Getty Images

Tom Cotton Isn't Making Many Friends

Athena Image

Alabama Moves To Deny Inmate Parental Rights So She Can't Have Abortion

Athena Image

Mike Huckabee’s Hot Air On Volcanoes

Athena Image

Kerry Meets Privately With Washington News Chiefs To Discuss Iran Deal

Athena Image
Credit: Andrew Harnik/Associated Press

Rep. Chaka Fattah Indicted On Corruption Charges

Athena Image


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Marilyn Monroe's Never-Before-Seen Nude Calendar Photos Resurface After Six Decades

Marilyn Monroe
Limited Runs

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What It's Really Like To Be Part Of Taylor Swift's Squad

Athena Image
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

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Boy Who Can’t Afford Books Asks Mailman For Junk Mail To Read...

Mailman Gets Boy Books

... Mailman Responds Spectacularly

'Game Of Thrones' Star Questions Show's Misogyny And Violence

Athena Image
Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images

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America's 10 Best Cities For Pizza


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Mormon Mom: Church's Refusal To Accept Gay Boy Scout Leaders Is 'Tragedy'

Athena Image
Wendy Montgomery

Drunk Ron Weasley Wishing Harry Potter 'Happy Birthday' Is Pure Magic

Harry Potter

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A Brief And Gloriously Naughty History Of Early Erotica (NSFW)

Erotic Art

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Divers Find Giant Floating Blob, Have No Idea What It Is

Blob Turkey

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New 'Daily Show' Host Trevor Noah: 'I'm A Connoisseur Of Racism'

Trevor Noah
Comedy Central

The NFL's First Female Coach Has An Important Message For Young Women


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New Exhibit Is A Glossy And Disturbing Look At Modern Privilege

Athena Image
Paolo Woods

Guy Falls Asleep With Mouth Open, Has Vivid Dream Of Twizzlers

Guy Falls Asleep Twizzlers
Joshua Farquharson

New York Times Issues Rebuttal To Critique Of Its Nail Salon Exposé

Athena Image
Getty Images

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Muslim Funny Fest Is Using Comedy To Overcome Stigma

Muslim Comedy Fest
AJ /YouTube

Inspiring Story Of Puppy's Rescue From Death's Doorstep

Dog Rescue Stray Dog Dog Puppy
Animal Aid

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Boy's Selfless Make A Wish.. Poster Dog For Hope.. Band Fanfare.. Total Happiness Meltdown

Chinese Man Tries To Sell Pet Alpaca After Losing Big On Stocks

Athena Image
WANG ZHAO via Getty Images

Haunting Nude Photos Bring 1970s Hippie Community Back To Life


Family Finds More Than $1 Million In Gold From Spanish Shipwreck

Athena Image
1715 Fllet - Queens Jewels, LLC

'Parks And Rec' Producer Died From Heroin Overdose, Coroner Confirms

Athena Image

Puppy's Reunion With Mother Will Make You Want To Hug Your Mom

Puppy Mom Reunion
Rumble Viral/YouTube

California's Drought Is So Bad Some People Are Painting Their Lawns Green

Athena Image
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

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6 Comics That Perfectly Sum Up The Agony Of Owning A Home

Owning Home Comic
Fowl Language Comics

If Teachers Were Treated Like Pro Athletes...

Key Peele

Niccolo Porcella Somehow Survived This Insane Surf Wipeout

Niccolo Porcella

A Definitive Ranking Of The Best And Worst Cheese Puffs