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July 22, 2014

What Your Chipotle Burrito Is Trying to Tell You About the Economy

You've probably always thought of inflation as a bad thing, but in some cases inflation can be a good thing. Let's say, oh I don't know, your economy has been a Lovecraftian nightmare hell for workers for the past five years, with nobody ever getting raises, aside from evil, hairless-cat-stroking CEOs. Does that sound like an economy you might know personally? If companies can raise prices and get away with it, then maybe they'll feel better about raising wages. And/or if wages start rising, then that gives people more money, which they can then spend on stuff, which could also cause prices to go higher.

2 GOP Judges Strike Death Blow Against Obamacare

Blurry Ambulance
PNC via Getty Images

5 Million Could Lose Insurance Support... Affects Over Half Of US...

Judge's Blistering Dissent Slams 'Nonsense' Obamacare Decision

Judge Harry Edwards
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

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Children Paying The Heaviest Price In Gaza


Israeli Soldier Reportedly Missing… Over 600 Palestinians Dead... Militants Hid Rockets In Schools... LATEST...

Doc Rivers Reportedly To Quit If Donald Sterling Stays

Donald Sterling

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Redskins Name.. Amazing Catch.. Bullpen Induction.. U.S. Soccer.. Michael Sam.. Claret Jug

Supreme Court Green Lights Execution In Contentious First Amendment Case

Supreme Court Building

Another State To Decide On Legal Weed

Smoking Marijuana
LLUIS GENE via Getty Images

White House Eyes Workaround Against Obamacare Complaint

MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Greta Van Susteren Fires Back

Greta Van Susteren
Fox News

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Israel Targets Al Jazeera.. Journos vs. WH.. Lawrence's Big Move.. Reporter Attacked On Air.. NO, CNN!

Vile Harassment Emails Expose Danger Of Reporting College Sexual Assault

iPhone Crushes For Apple

Apple Iphone Sales
Getty Images

ALSO: Trouble For The iPad

GOP's Anti-Climate Crusade Meets Its Match

Power Plant

Home Depot's Latest Product Could Save You From Having To Go To Home Depot Again

3d Printed Wrench

Mom Who Was Arrested For Letting Daughter Play Outside Allegedly Fired

Swing Shadow
Emily Chen / EyeEm via Getty Images

McDonald's Denies Termination

Report: Cockpit Of Downed Plane Found Sawed In Half


Rebels Handover Bodies, Black Boxes... Report: Fewer Bodies Turned Over Than Promised... LATEST UPDATES...

The 1 Mistake The Political Media Must Not Make In 2016

All U.S. Flights To Israel Grounded

American Airlines Plane

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Allies Turn On Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal Common Core

A Bleak Future For One Of The World's Most Remarkable Features

More Green
Giant Wildfire Battle.. Cig Butts.. Flame Retardants.. Kittens.. Heat Record.. Saving Rhinos.. Beef Problem

Long-Term Unemployment Shrinking For Good Reasons

Unemployment Claims
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

The Greater Concern Beneath Comcast's Nightmare Customer Service Agent

Eliot Spitzer's New Bid To Stay In The Spotlight

Eliot Spitzer
Cindy Ord via Getty Images

Inquiry Over Killing Of Russian Spy Who Spoke Out Against Putin

Alexander Litvinenko Poison

What Your Chipotle Burrito Is Trying To Tell You About The Economy

Chipotle Burrito
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Google Suggest Displays Stunning Religious Stereotypes


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Key GOP Talking Point Debunked

Ted Cruz

Apple Is Making A Mind-Boggling Number Of Huge iPhones

Iphone 6 See Through
Marques Brownlee

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Hidden In Facebook's Fine Print.. Netflix Gift Card.. 'iPhone 6' Leak.. Texting ≠ English.. A Phone Handle?!

Dad Almost Killed Son's Abuser Before His Son Stepped In

Man Beat Up Attacker
Volusia County Jail

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Chokehold Kills.. Job Interview Rape.. 'Hero' Son.. Dog Molested.. Inspiring Model.. Executions

New Book Reveals Bill Clinton Advised McCain 2008 Campaign

Bill Clinton

Boehner Blames Dems For Immigration Failure

John Boehner Border Crisis
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

MEANWHILE: Reid Blames Republicans

What Happens When You Talk About Israel

Jon Stewart
Comedy Central

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News Agencies Got Trolled By A Parody Twitter Account

Brooklyn Bridge
Jonathan Herbert I JH Images via Getty Images

Putin Vows Stronger Military To Counter NATO


Jorge Ramos Delivers A Searing Response To Immigration Crisis

Jorge Ramos

Marco Rubio Calls Hillary Clinton '20th Century Candidate'

Marco Rubio
Win McNamee via Getty Images

192 Arrested On Immigrant Smuggling Charges


Americans Hate Congress More Than Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar Binks
George Best via Getty Images

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Teen's Invention Could Save Kids From Hot Car Tragedies

Hot Seat

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Michael Rapaport Fires Back At 'Sh*t Stain' Spike Lee

Michael Rapaport
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Split Rumors Surround Beyonce And Jay Z

Beyonce Jay
Invision for Parkwood Entertainment

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'Racist And Hate-Filled Remarks' Prompt Cancelation Of Nugent Show

Ted Nugent
Randy Snyder via Getty Images

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Pit Bull Carried Her Injured Chihuahua 'Soul Mate' To Safety

Joanie And Chachi
Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police

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There Might Be A 16-Foot Anaconda Hiding In This Lake

Shutterstock / Maksim Shmeljov

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These Contemporary Shunga Prints Are Even More NSFW Than The Originals


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What Smart People Never Buy At The Drugstore

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Sherri Shepherd's Estranged Husband Adds More Drama To Divorce Battle

Sherri Shepherd Lamar Sally
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

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This Is What Happens When You Run Into Walder Frey At A Wedding


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This Brain Myth Seems To Never Go Away

10 Percent Of Brain

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How One Mother Explained A Brutal Family Tragedy To Her Young Children

Cheli Fox Porter Oprah
Harpo Studios/OWN

Subway Worker Helps Rescue Mom, Toddler After Stroller Rolls Onto Tracks


Director Reveals Why He 'Applauded' Backlash To 'Silence Of The Lambs'

Silence Of The Lambs Lgbt
Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images

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Polite Cat Wants More Scratches

Polite Cat Head Scratches

Don't Ask Siri This Question If You're In A Relationship


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'Men Are Out Of Ideas' In Hollywood

Happy Christmas

Meet The Man Who Has Been Living In The Future For 40 Years

Giorgio Moroder
Barry Brecheisen/Invision/AP

9-Year-Old Boy Weds Elderly Woman

Nine Year Old Groom
Barcroft / Landov

The New 'American Horror Story' Is Going To Be Weird...

Ahs Coven

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23 Women Show Us What Their Favorite Positions Are

Mic/Liran Okanon

Expert Reveals The Significant Role Of Art In The Human Mind

University of Edinburgh

Note To Self: Do NOT Mess With Cameron Diaz's Friends


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The 18 Best Photos Of Prince George EVER

AFP/Getty Images

Effects Of Exercise May Reach Further Than We Thought

Bad News For Meat Eaters

Mike Lang via Getty Images

This Child Actress Is All Grown Up

Guess Who

Man Sends Wife Spreadsheet Of Her Excuses Not To Have Sex

Sex Spreadsheet

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