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July 23, 2014

What Your Chipotle Burrito Is Trying to Tell You About the Economy

You've probably always thought of inflation as a bad thing, but in some cases inflation can be a good thing. Let's say, oh I don't know, your economy has been a Lovecraftian nightmare hell for workers for the past five years, with nobody ever getting raises, aside from evil, hairless-cat-stroking CEOs. Does that sound like an economy you might know personally? If companies can raise prices and get away with it, then maybe they'll feel better about raising wages. And/or if wages start rising, then that gives people more money, which they can then spend on stuff, which could also cause prices to go higher.

REPORTS: 51 Dead In Taiwan Plane Crash

Taiwan Plane Crash

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Thousands Of Residents Flee Gaza

MARCO LONGARI via Getty Images

Is Israel Committing War Crimes?… PLO Backs Hamas Truce Demands… Despite FAA Ban, Kerry Flies To Israel... LATEST UPDATES...

David Gregory Hit With Grim Rumor

David Gregory
Cindy Ord via Getty Images

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Israel Targets Al Jazeera.. Journos vs. WH.. Lawrence's Big Move.. Reporter Attacked On Air.. NO, CNN!

N.Y. Governor's Dirty Dealing Exposed In Extensive Report

Andrew Cuomo Moreland Commission

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Help Jon Stewart Buy CNN

Jon Stewart
Comedy Central

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Denver Broncos Owner Mr. B Resigns, Has Alzheimer's Disease

Pat Bowlen
Doug Pensinger via Getty Images

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Redskins Name.. Amazing Catch.. Bullpen Induction.. U.S. Soccer.. Michael Sam.. Claret Jug

Coffins Containing Downed Jet's Victims Leave Ukraine

Malaysia Airlines Coffin

Flight 17's Black Boxes Arrive In Britain... Dutch Royalty To Lead Day Of Mourning… LATEST UPDATES...

Sarah Palin's Excuse For Speeding Is...

Sarah Palin
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Washington Outsider Beats Longtime Congressman In GOP Senate Runoff

David Perdue

Granddaughter Of Man Who Named Redskins Thinks Team Should Change Its Name

Washington Redskins Logo

Civil Rights Leader Issues Harsh Warning For Republicans

Janet Murguia

Allies Turn On Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal Common Core

These Clean-Cut Entrepreneurs Want To Make Weed Go Mainstream

Hunter Stuart

Judge's Blistering Dissent Slams 'Nonsense' Obamacare Decision

Judge Harry Edwards
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

'It Ends Today': Eric Garner's Parting Words Become Rallying Cry

Eric Garner

Obama Attributes Devastating Wildfires To Climate Change

Washington Wildfire July

The Mistake Political Media Must Not Make In 2016

Vile Harassment Emails Expose Danger Of Reporting College Sexual Assault

Google Suggest Displays Stunning Religious Stereotypes


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Prophets Of Peace.. Let Sikhs Play.. Beloved Nun Killed.. Tribute To Gaza Boys.. Sophia Wisdom

iPhone Crushes For Apple

Apple Iphone Sales
Getty Images

ALSO: Trouble For The iPad

2 GOP Judges Strike Death Blow Against Obamacare


5 Million Could Lose Insurance Support... Affects Over Half Of U.S...

Sterling Takes Action Against Wife, Adam Silver And NBA

Donald Sterling

Coach Doc Rivers Reportedly To Quit If Donald Stays

What Your Chipotle Burrito Is Trying To Tell You About The Economy

Chipotle Burrito
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Greta Van Susteren Fires Back

Greta Van Susteren
Fox News

'Those Who Prey Upon Migrants For Financial Gain Will Be Targeted, Arrested And Prosecuted'

Jeh Johnson Human Trafficking Crackdown

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Arrests Imminent In StubHub Cyber Fraud Case


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Obama's VA Nominee Vows Corporate-Style Discipline Following Scandal

Bob Mcdonald
AFP via Getty Images

Another State To Vote On Legal Weed

Gary Morrison via Getty Images

Growing Fear That Trend Could Lead To More Voter ID Laws

Voting Poll Georgia

Here's What's Wrong With Amazon's Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone

The Obamacare Birth Control Coverage Saga Continues...

Birth Control Pill

Supreme Court Green Lights Execution In Contentious First Amendment Case

Supreme Court Building

GOP's Anti-Climate Crusade Meets Its Match

Power Plant

Comcast's Nightmare Customer Service Agent Just Did As He Was Told

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Lena Dunham Asks Why People Use Birth Control, World Learns Critical Lesson

Lena Dunham
Mark Davis via Getty Images

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Why Marlon Brando Dressed Up As A Woman

Marlon Brando
David Livingston via Getty Images

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Peaches Geldof Heroin

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Is This The World's Most Terrifying Theme Park Ride?

Sky Tower
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The Fungo Brothers Will Make You Feel The Burn

Fallon The Rock
Tonight Show/YouTube

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10 Best Small Cities In America

Santa Barbara
Conde Nast Traveler

WATCH: Michael Rapaport Fires Back At 'Sh*t Stain' Spike Lee

Michael Rapaport
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25 Dogs Who Really Love Peanut Butter

Dog And Peanut Butter

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The One Thing Every Man Should Know By Age 25

Cam Newton
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5 Reasons You Might Be Aging Too Fast

Aging Skin
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This Is What Being An Introvert Is REALLY Like

Quiet Reading
Tetra Images - Jessica Peterson via Getty Images

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The 'Seinfeld' Emoji Are Here And They're Spectacular

Seinfeld2000, Instagram

97-Year-Old Vet Evicted From Retirement Home For Playing Ukulele

James Farrell
Napa Valley Register/ZUMA/Corbis

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I Went 21 Days Without Complaining And It Changed My Life

Eyecandy Images via Getty Images

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Zach Braff Surprises Fan With Awesome Video

Zach Braff Fan Video

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20 Best Jobs For Work-Life Balance

Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

Couples With Daughters Are More Likely To Divorce

Couple Fighting Daughter
Tetra Images via Getty Images

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7 Things Draining Your Workout Energy

Mature Tired Gym
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9 Things Han Solo Taught Me About Parenting

Harrison Ford Star Wars

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Waiter Shares Windfall With Entire Staff

ABC News

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George Harrison Memorial Tree Killed By… Beetles

George Harrison Tree

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9-Year-Old Boy Weds Woman In Her 60s

Nine Year Old Groom
Barcroft / Landov

This Brain Myth Seems To Never Go Away

10 Percent Of Brain

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Cameron Diaz Abruptly Ends Interview After Drew Barrymore Jab


'Racist And Hate-Filled Remarks' Prompt Cancelation Of Nugent Show

Ted Nugent
Randy Snyder via Getty Images

These Photos Of Prince George Will Melt Your Heart

AFP/Getty Images

There Might Be A 16-Foot Anaconda Hiding In This Lake

Shutterstock / Maksim Shmeljov

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Bad News For Meat Eaters

Mike Lang via Getty Images

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Sherri Shepherd's Estranged Husband Adds More Drama To Divorce Battle

Sherri Shepherd Lamar Sally
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

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