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March 31, 2015

Mike Pence Dodges Criticism By Calling Critics 'Intolerant.' That Dog Won't Hunt.

The assurance of fair, non-discriminatory business practices is, as it turns out, pretty essential in a competitive marketplace. And when you take away that assurance, you imperil your ability to compete. Just as an openly discriminatory florist opens itself up to the risk that not enough people will want to continue doing business with it to maintain that business, so too does an openly discriminatory state endanger its ability to maintain itself economically. Those are the consequences. And consequences have nothing to do with tolerance. All the states that Indiana competes with for economic benefactors will happily tolerate Indiana's law all the way to the bank. Anyone who tells you that "tolerance" is supposed to provide everyone with the means of living a consequence-free existence has badly lost the thread.

Arkansas Passes Its Own Anti-Gay Religious Freedom Bill

Hutchinson Governor
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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U.S. Lifts Arms Freeze On Egypt Despite Lack Of Democratic Progress


Lufthansa Admits It Knew About Co-Pilot's History With Depression

Andreas Lubitz
Getty Images via Getty Images

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OVERTIME: Iran Talks To Extend Another Day


Obama Commutes 22 Drug Sentences In Major Drug Reform Push

JIM WATSON via Getty Images

Nigeria's Vote Could Mark Turning Point In Country's History


First Incumbent To Lose Election In Nation's History

COUNTDOWN: Menendez Charges 'As Early As This Week'


The Search For Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Supporters

Tsarnaev Supporters
Boston Globe via Getty Images

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White House Makes Big Climate Change Policy Official

Boston Globe via Getty Images

Indiana's Governor Is Either Confused Or Misleading Everyone

Aaron P. Bernstein via Getty Images

Scientists Link A 'Polio-Like' Virus To Recent, Mysterious Childhood Paralysis

Enterovirus D68
Kathryn Scott Osler via Getty Images

How Cell Phone Companies Are Getting You To Pay More

Smartphone Bill
Daniel Grizelj via Getty Images

Warren: Give Hillary A Chance

Elizabeth Warren Hillary Clinton
Bloomberg via Getty Images

EXCLUSIVE: Iraqi Militiamen Plan To Battle U.S.-Backed Coalition In Yemen

Shia Militia Tikrit
AHMAD AL-RUBAYE via Getty Images

Yemen's Former Dictator Is Still Pulling Strings In Current Conflict… Dozens Dead As Airstrike Hits Refugee Camp

Benghazi Panel Gives Clinton Deadline To Talk About Emails

Hillary Clinton
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Police Officer's Shocking Rant At Uber Driver Caught On Tape

Sanjay Seth/Youtube

More Companies Join Protest Of Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Laws

Gap Clothing

NY Bans Official Travel To Indiana... Several Big Events Canceled...

Turkish Prosecutor Killed In Hostage Standoff

OZAN KOSE via Getty Images

How Your Local Jail Became Hell


Some RadioShacks Will Survive

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Arizona Governor Signs Contentious Abortion Bill Into Law

Doug Ducey

The Solution To Syria's Civil War That No One Talks About

Syria War Children
ADEM ALTAN via Getty Images

Indiana Shut Down Planned Parenthood Clinics And Got An HIV Outbreak

Evan Bayh Condemns Indiana Law As Discriminatory

Mike Pence
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Footage Showing Sickening Abuse At Major Chicken Producer Leaks


Inside Elizabeth Warren's Tense Meeting With Jamie Dimon


Deepak Chopra: How Businesses Can Benefit From Meditation

Deepak Chopra

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Police And Prosecutors Are Treating 'Rapping While Black' Like A Crime

Diverse Images/UIG via Getty Images

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REPORT: Cablevision To Make $1 Offer For New York Daily News

New York Daily News
new york daily news

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Pharmacists Group Urges Members To Stop Providing Drugs For Executions

Lethal Injection

VA Supervisor Manipulated Data, Report Says

Honolulu Veterans Affairs

Study Reveals Shocking Effect Of Poverty On Children's Brains

Child Struggling
Orhanam via Getty Images

Wrongfully Convicted Man Who Spent 30 Years On Death Row Denied Restitution

Glenn Ford Louisianna

Rahm Emanuel Wants To Capitalize On Controversy In Neighboring Indiana

Rahm Emanuel
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Chris Christie Embraces 20-Week Abortion Ban

Chris Christie
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Why You Should Take A Second Look At Your Child's Hockey Helmet

Hockey Helmet


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Stephen King Has The Best Response To Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' Law

Stephen King

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90-Year-Olds Stripped Down For A Sexy Calendar -- With Good Reason

Pleasant Pointe
Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living

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Comedy Central Defends Trevor Noah Amid Backlash Over Tweets

Trevor Noah
Getty Images via Getty Images

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Bieber Roast

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Amazon Introduces New Product Everyone Thinks Is A Joke

Amazon Dash Button

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Image Of 101-Year-Old With Baby Sparks Unbelievable Response

Sarah Hamm

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Man Drives Jeep Off Tow Truck, Escapes In A Flash Of Glory

Jeep Escapes

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Teen Hilariously Turns The Tables On College Admissions

Rejection Letter

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The European Beaches You Really, Really Need To Know

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A New Kind Of Abortion Clinic


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Why This Mom's Facebook Apology Went Viral

Kyesha Smith Wood
ABC News

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20 Of The World's Best Photos Taken With Cell Phones

Sony World Photography Awards
Turi Calafato

The Incredible Moment A Surfer Jumped Into A Monster Wave


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What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Weren't Made Thin

The Huffington Post

Archaeologists Unearth Bronze Age Brewery

Bowl Fragment
Yoli Shwartz, Israel Antiquities Authority

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Tang Is About To Make A Comeback

Tang Toast
Gabriele Stabile and Mark Ibold

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20 Years After Her Death, Why Selena Quintanilla Will Never Be Forgotten

Selena Quintanilla

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'Tatooine' Planets May Be More Common Than We Thought

Tatooine Planets
Fort Worth Star-Telegram via Getty Images

13 Lazy Cleaning Tricks For A Spotless Home

House Cleaning
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

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Here's Why You May Not Be Losing Weight On The Paleo Diet

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7 Times We Were All Duchess Kate

Ben Pruchnie/GC Images

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Alanis Morissette Says She Suffered Daily Anxiety Attacks After 'Jagged Little Pill'

Own In Deep Shift Alanis Morissette

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Here's One Way To Prepare Nurses For The Chaos Of The ER

Tetra Images via Getty Images

WATCH: Newborn Jaguar Cub Makes His Debut At San Diego Zoo

Jaguar Cub
San Diego Zoo

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It's Hard For Men To Believe I Feel Attractive At 50

Sexy Mature Confident Woman
Peter Augustin via Getty Images

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Good Human! These Pups Trained Their Obedient Human Friends

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