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April 1, 2015

Mike Pence Dodges Criticism By Calling Critics 'Intolerant.' That Dog Won't Hunt.

The assurance of fair, non-discriminatory business practices is, as it turns out, pretty essential in a competitive marketplace. And when you take away that assurance, you imperil your ability to compete. Just as an openly discriminatory florist opens itself up to the risk that not enough people will want to continue doing business with it to maintain that business, so too does an openly discriminatory state endanger its ability to maintain itself economically. Those are the consequences. And consequences have nothing to do with tolerance. All the states that Indiana competes with for economic benefactors will happily tolerate Indiana's law all the way to the bank. Anyone who tells you that "tolerance" is supposed to provide everyone with the means of living a consequence-free existence has badly lost the thread.



Iran Nuclear Negotiations Blow Through Deadline... British Foreign Minister: 'I'm Optimistic'... 3 Foreign Ministers Leave...

IT BEGINS: Indiana Restaurant Reportedly Vows Not To Serve Gay Couples

Anti Gay Pizza
Fuse via Getty Images

Why The 'Religious Freedom' Law Is Such A Big Deal

UN Human Rights Chief: Boko Haram Murdered Captive Women

Boko Haram

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Obama Signs Order Creating New Cyber Sanctions Program

Barack Obama
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Iraqi Minister Declares 'Magnificent Victory' Over ISIS In Tikrit


As A Congressman, Mike Pence Campaigned Against Adding LGBT Protections To Hate Crime Legislation

Mike Pence
Aaron P. Bernstein via Getty Images

Typhoon Hurtles Towards Central Philippines

Typhoon Maysak
AP/NASA, Samantha Cristoforetti

Arizona Prof Receives Threatening Emails After Fox News Segment

Fox News
Fox News

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The Man Who Discovered Pluto Is About To Become The First Person To Visit It


The Side Of The News You Usually Don't See

Teacher Classroom
Chicago Tribune via Getty Images

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Investigators Zero In On Cause Of NYC Building Explosion

East Village

Jeb Bush Pressed Pension Officials On Behalf of Donor's Firm

Jeb Bush
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Watch Ted Cruz Repeatedly Say He Wants To Repeal Something That's Not A Federal Law

Ted Cruz
Darren McCollester via Getty Images

The 2016 Election Will Be Live-Streamed: 'We're All C-SPAN Now'

Jon Ward Mark Halperin
Matt Viser

Here's How Obamacare Is Going To Affect Your Taxes

Obamacare Income Taxes
dina2001/Getty Images

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This Could Be Huge For Nigeria


Kraft Singles Will Not Be Considered A Kids' Health Food After All

Kraft Cheese
Bloomberg via Getty Images

New Zealand Bans Cosmetic Testing On Animals

Animal Testing
Environment Images/UIG via Getty Images

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Christie's Shady Lottery Move Backfires

Chris Christie
Star Max/IPx

Kentucky: Our Same-Sex Marriage Ban Isn't Anti-Gay Because It Applies To Straight People, Too

Steve Beshear
Douglas Graham via Getty Images

Heir Of Getty Oil Fortune Found Dead

Andrew Getty Oil

Coroner: Natural Causes Or Accident Likely

Here Are 16 Major Companies Protesting States' New Anti-Gay Laws

Apple Logo

Republican White House Hopefuls Attack Obamacare But Take Money

Rick Perry
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Grant Hill: 'There's Something Un-American' About NCAA System

Grant Halverson via Getty Images

Joni Mitchell Hospitalized

Joni Mitchell

'Awake And In Good Spirits'

Lufthansa CEO: Will Take 'A Long, Long Time' To Understand Crash


Palestinians Join War Crimes Court

Palestinians International Criminal Court
MOHAMMED ABED via Getty Images

World's Oldest Person Dies At 117

Misao Okawa
The Guardian

Here's What Happens When Internet Providers Have Zero Competition


Indiana Shut Down Planned Parenthood Clinics And Got An HIV Outbreak

Man Indicted For Knife Attack On U.S. Ambassador

Kim Kijong

Obama Commutes 22 Drug Sentences In Major Drug Reform Push

JIM WATSON via Getty Images

UConn Coach Ollie Won't Travel To Final Four Because Of Indiana Law

Uconn Ollie
Winslow Townson via Getty Images

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Chuck Schumer And Dick Durbin Spar Over Whip Position

Dick Durbin Chuck Schumer
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

The Student Debt Rebellion Heads To Washington

Arne Duncan
Kris Connor via Getty Images

2 Secret Service Agents Subpoenaed Over Security Incident

Secret Service Obama
Win McNamee via Getty Images

U.S. Commits $504 Million For Syrian Aid

Donors Conference Syria
STR via Getty Images

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Another Major U.S. City Bans Travel To Indiana

Mayor Michael Hancock

Oakland, SF, Denver, Seattle, D.C., Portland, Oregon...

Police Officer's Shocking Rant At Uber Driver Caught On Tape

Sanjay Seth/Youtube

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The 2 Cheapest Days Of The Week To Fly

Planes Waiting To Take Off

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Marvin Gaye's Sister Addresses Alleged Family Feud Over 'Blurred Lines'

Marvin Gaye Sister
The Washington Post via Getty Images

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Stephen King Has The Best Response To Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' Law

Stephen King

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'Anyone Who Claims To Be Excited For April Fools' Day Is Probably A Sociopath'

John Oliver

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Stephen Curry's Crossover Against CP3 Sends The Internet Into A Tizzy


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Netflix Warns About The Dangers Of Binge-Watching

Netflix Binge
Jessica Miglio for Netflix

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Make Your Easter Boozy With Homemade Jello Egg Shots

Jello Eggs
Eva Hill

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The Strange Ways Your Name Influences Your Behavior

Name Tag
Marie-Reine Mattera via Getty Images

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The Major Problem With How We Talk About Not Having Kids

Meghan Daum

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'Selfie Shoes' Are Exactly What They Sound Like

Selfie Shoe
Miz Mooz

Oil Workers Discover Woolly Mammoth Tusks, Bones

Anton Rezvy/The Siberian Times

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5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Teen About College Decisions

College Admissions
ATIC12 via Getty Images

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R2-D2 Tries Dating, Has His Little Metal Heart Broken

Evan Atherton

How To See Saturday's Total Eclipse Of The Moon


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WATCH: Adorable Puppies Predict The Final Four Outcome


The Creator Of The Pet Rock Has Died

Gary Dahl

Hootie & The Blowfish Is Coming Back


Stop What You're Doing And Play
Pac-Man On Google Maps


Bill Nye: National Parks Are Precious, Priceless And Need To Be Preserved

Bill Nye Main
Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

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Dunkin' Donuts Wants You To Eat Oreo Cheesecake Squares For Breakfast

Dunkin' Donuts

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8 Things You Need To Throw Out

Old Cell Phones
Getty Images

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Christina Hendricks Hasn't Heard That Major 'Mad Men' Theory

Christina Hendricks
Daniel Zuchnik via Getty Images

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30 Sunglasses That Will Definitely Turn Heads This Spring And Summer


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'Broad City' Star Talks Life Before Ilana

Broad City

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These Are The Easter Dessert Recipes You've Been Looking For

Easter Dessert
Half Baked Harvest

Get Ready To Cry Over This Surprise Wedding Prank

Prank It Forward Surprise Wedding
Breaks Prank It FWD

What Would Happen If Your Clothing Labels Actually Told The Truth

Labor Laws
The Canadian Fair Trade Network

Message Written On Car Window Helps Woman Find Kidney Donor

Kidney Donor Car Message
Portland Press Herald

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12 Heartfelt Ways To Include Lost Loved Ones In Your Wedding Day

Lost Loved Ones
Lauren Balingit

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Disney World Goes Gluten-Free And Vegan

Disney World Gluten Free
Handout via Getty Images

What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Weren't Made Thin

The Huffington Post

Comedy Central Defends Trevor Noah Amid Backlash Over Tweets

Trevor Noah
Getty Images via Getty Images

Raven-Symoné: 'I Am From Every Continent In Africa Except For One'

Raven Symone
Tommaso Boddi via Getty Images

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