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October 1, 2014

We Should Be Protesting, Too

This week, tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents turned out to protest China's plan for bringing democracy to that city. Rather than letting voters pick the candidates that get to run for chief executive, Beijing wants the candidates selected by a 1,200 person "nominating committee." Critics charge the committee will be "dominated by a pro-Beijing business and political elite." Hong Kong's students have started that struggle -- for them, there. But their ideals are ours too, as is the flaw in the system they attack. We should be demanding the reform for which they are now fighting: an unbiased election, at every important stage.

Michael Dunn Convicted Of Murdering Teen In 'Loud Music' Trial

Michael Dunn

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Grand Jury In Ferguson Shooting Investigated For Misconduct

Darren Wilson

Texas Ebola Patient Was Sent Home After Telling Hospital Of West Africa Trip

narvikk via Getty Images

In Contact With 12 To 18 People... Including Children... 'Throwing Up All Over The Place'... Couldn't Walk...

Court Delivers Blow To GOP In Kansas Senate Race

Pat Roberts Kansas
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Republican Senator Trails In Polls... Tea Party To Flee?

Monitors: 30 Children Killed As Bombings Target Syrian School

Syria School Bombing

UN: Attack An Act Of 'Utmost Depravity'... ISIS Beheads 3 Women...

Secret Service Director Resigns Amid White House Intruder Scandal

Julia Pierson
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Accused Intruder Pleads Not Guilty

Court Strikes Down GOP-Backed Voting Restrictions

North Carolina Polling
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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REPORT: Mexican Drug Lord Believed Captured

Hector Beltran Leyva
Mexican Governement

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Paul Ryan Reacts To John Oliver's Ayn Rand Takedown

Paul Ryan
John Gress via Getty Images

Racial Group Emerges As A Top Power-Player In The South

Asian American Vote
Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

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Pepsi Launches New Soda With Controversial Ingredient

Pepsi True

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Russian-Backed Rebels Close In On Ukraine Airport As Truce Crumbles


Shelling Hits School Playground In East Ukraine

ACLU Challenges Extreme Abortion Law That Puts Minors On Trial

Alabama Abortion

U.S. Sharply Criticizes Israel Over Settlement Construction

Israel Settlement

Another iPhone Glitch Discovered

Reset Settings

Hong Kong Students Battle Exhaustion To Continue Protests

Matt Sheehan/The WorldPost

How Hospitals Should Prepare For A Potential Ebola Patient

Ebola Hospital
Mike Stone via Getty Images

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Report Finds Dozens Of ISIS Supporters Hiding In Plain Sight

Islamic State Flag

Bill Clinton Appears In First 2014 Senate Election Ad

Bill Clinton Ky
Alison Lundergan Grimes Campaign

Girl Missing For 12 Years Rescued

Center For Exploited And Missing Children

Uber Publishes 'Tone-Deaf' Blog Post For Teacher Appreciation

Uber Car
David Ramos via Getty Images

Officer Placed On Leave After Using Stun Gun On 61-Year-Old Woman

Viola Young
Leon County Sheriff

White House Loosens Airstrike Policy In Syria And Iraq


Blacks Less Likely To Sell Drugs, Much More Likely To Be Arrested For It: Study

Drug Dealing

Why On Earth Does American Apparel Still Have Dov Charney Around?

Dov Charney
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Newspaper Apologizes For Offensive Obama Cartoon

Obama Watermelon
Boston Herald

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GOPer Compares 'Spiritual Battle' Against Religion To Holocaust

Charles Perry
Charles Perry/Facebook

Pelosi: Congress Should Return To Vote On War


Study Finds Effective Method To Reduce Unintended Teen Pregnancies

Teen Pregnancy Test
Image Source via Getty Images

Distraught Father Asks For Help Finding Missing Son

Miles Applebaum
Edward Applebaum

Pro-Union Burger King Worker Disciplined For Poor Pickle Placement

Burger King Whopper
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Amazon Warns About 'Racial Prejudices' In 'Tom And Jerry'

Tom Jerry
Hanna-Barbera/MGM cartoons

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Politico's Absolutely Insane Obama Assassination Article

Barack Obama

GOP Superstar Thinks AP Class Will Make Students Join ISIS

Ben Carson
Laura Segall via Getty Images

Warren Buffett Wins Fight Against Coke

Buffett Coke
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Ginsburg Was Right On Hobby Lobby

The Washington Post via Getty Images

California Mayor Shot Dead At His Home

Crime Scene
Siede Preis via Getty Images

'It's Not Worth It To Become A Teacher At This Point,' Veteran Educator Says

Robert Daly via Getty Images

The Best And Worst States For Teachers

Someone Killed Nearly 1,000 Chickens With A Golf Club

Lester Lefkowitz via Getty Images

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Tracy Morgan May Never Perform Again

Tracy Morgan
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

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If This Video Doesn't Convince You To Put Down Your Phone, Nothing Will

Prince Ea Video
Prince Ea, Facebook

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Women Prefer Gay Porn To 'Female-Friendly' Straight Porn

Woman Porn
ARUNAS KLUPSAS via Getty Images

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Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Welcome Baby Girl

Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher

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What The Heck Is Ello Anyway?

Ello Feature Image

Dog Rescuers Make Amazing Discovery


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Paralyzed Bride's Triumphant Walk Down The Aisle Is A Sight To Behold

Paralyzed Bride
KETV Omaha

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The Least Wearable Outfits We Have Ever Seen


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Massive Hairball Removed From Teen Girl's Stomach

Nine Pound Hairball

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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Great White Sharks In Epic Fight

Barcroft Media via YouTube

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'Judging America' Photo Series Captures Nation's Stereotypes

Judging America
Joel Pares Photography

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24 Things That You're Only Proud Of In College

Things Only Proud Of In College

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Diddy Reacts To Jennifer Lopez's 'Booty' Just As You'd Imagine

Puff Jennifer Lopez
KMazur via Getty Images

If You Want Great Sex, Think Like a Lesbian

Lesbian Sex
Frenk Kaufmann via Getty Images

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Here's One Easy Way To Not Suck At Grammar

Mouth Talking
DanielVilleneuve via Getty Images

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Woman Spends A Month In Jail After Cops Mistake SpaghettiOs For Meth

Hall County

ESPN Reporter Announces She Has Breast Cancer

Rich Arden / ESPN Images

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Kai Z Feng/Courtesy of Elle UK

Scientists Baffled By 'Magic Island' In Alien Sea

Cornell Titan

Pizza Hut Is Bringing Back BOOK IT! For Adults

Pizza Hut

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What It's Really Like To Photograph Nude Models

Russell James
Russell James

The Most Cringeworthy Autocorrect FAILS Of The Month

Butthole Omelet Autocorrect
Damn You Autocorrect

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The 30 Ultimate Rules Of Air Travel

Airplane Seats
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

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First Look At Sarah Silverman As 'SNL' Host

Sarah Silverman Snl

The First Footage From 'AHS: Freak Show'


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