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October 21, 2014

Ebola Hysteria Fever: A Real Epidemic

Doing something stupid is not always better than doing nothing. And imposing a travel ban is high on the list of stupid things. The travel banners may have enormous faith in the competence of government, but as a practical matter a travel ban will not keep everyone who has been Liberia out of the country. People will come through third countries and simply lie about their travel history. Passport marks will be smudged or removed. Travel banners may have great confidence in the ability of our immigration authorities to prevent such trickery, but those of us in the real world know that many people will slip by. And, thanks to the travel banners, these people who may have been exposed to Ebola will be hiding from the health authorities because they have broken the law to get into the country. Now isn't that a great way to control the virus?

Pistorius Sentenced To Prison For Killing Girlfriend

Oscar Pistorius

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GOP Bets Big On Immigration Paranoia


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Legendary Fashion Designer Oscar de la Renta Dies

Oscar De La Renta
Graham Bezant via Getty Images

Fashion Industry Mourns 'The King Of Evening'.. Stunning Red Carpet Dresses

HORROR: Video Appears To Show ISIS Militants Stoning Woman To Death

Islamic State Fighters Raqqa

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Dr. Rubio's Rx: Ebola Travel Ban

Marco Rubio

Bill O'Reilly Puts Karl Rove In His Place

Bill Oreilly Karl Rove
Fox News

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Hong Kong's Leader Signals A Possible Concession To Pro-Democracy Protesters

Hong Kong
PHILIPPE LOPEZ via Getty Images

Christie Finds Shady Way To Help GOP Candidate In Close Race

Chris Christie
Joe Raedle via Getty Images



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The Surprising New Face Behind Revenge Porn Arrests

Revenge Porn
Waynesboro Police Department

Ebola Cases Soar In Western Sierra Leone

Murphy /CDC via Getty Images

CEO Of Major Oil Company Killed In Moscow Plane Collision

Christophe De Margerie

Driver Of Snowplow Involved In Crash Was Drunk, Investigators Say


De Blasio Giuliani

Hundreds Of Protesters... 'We Will Be Back Every Night Until The Set Is Burned To The Ground'

Missouri State Senator Arrested During Ferguson Protests

Jamilah Nasheed

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In 2014, Republicans Are All About 'Obamacare,' But Dems Won't Touch It

Obama Health Care

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Wave Of Attacks Kill At Least 43 In Iraq


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REPORT: A Child Is Killed By Violence Every 5 Minutes

Children Violence
SAID KHATIB via Getty Images

Gay Marriage Coming To Wyoming

Rainbow Flag

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Suspended Over Porn Scandal

Seamus Mccaffery

Naked Russian Activist Cuts Off His Earlobe In Act Of Protest

Pyotr Pavlensky
Facebook/Oksana Shalygina

Staples Investigates 'Potential Issue' Involving Credit Card Data

Colorado Officials Backtrack On Call For Ban On Pot-Edibles

Marijuana Edible
Lew Robertson/Fuse via Getty Images

Alabama's Republican House Speaker Arrested

Mike Hubbard Alabama

Women Fighting ISIS Share Stories From The Battlefield

Pkk Women
AHMAD AL-RUBAYE via Getty Images

Here's What Different Countries Think Are The World's Greatest Threats

World Map
moodboard via Getty Images

Google Tries, Fails To Remove Links To Nude Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence
Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

Only 13 People Donated To Disgraced GOP Rep's Campaign

Bill Clark via Getty Images

GOP Governor: Don't Expect Obamacare To Be Repealed

John Kasich

All The Wealth The Middle Class Accumulated After 1940 Is Gone

Middle Class
Saez and Zucman

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Police Shift Search For Accused Cop Killer Hiding In Poconos

Eric Frein
Associated Press

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Colorado Dems: James O'Keefe Tried To Bait Us Into Approving Voter Fraud


GOP Candidate Calls Gay Couples 'Gremlins' And 'Bullies'

South Carolina Capitol

Apparently The CEO Of Microsoft Never Had To Ask For A Raise Or Promotion

Satya Nadella
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Why Turkey Will Let Iraqi Kurds, But Not Turkish Kurds, Fight ISIS In Syria

Syria Airstrikes
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Prosecutors: Not Enough Evidence To Charge GOP Candidate With Sexual Harassment

Carl Demaio
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Labor Secretary: U.S. Record On Paid Parental Leave Is 'Dismal'

Labor Secretary Tom Perez

WATCH: Singer Arrested For (Legally) Singing In The Subway


Hong Kong Protesters See 'No Hope' In Negotiations

Umbrella Cops
Matt Sheehan

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'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Actor Arrested

Nicholas Brendon

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How Many Parents Use Time-Outs Inappropriately

Comstock via Getty Images

'Fraggle Rock' Actor Dies


Top Country To Visit In 2015

seng chye teo via Getty Images

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Your Starbucks Chai Latte Has More Sugar Than A Snickers Bar

Starbucks Latte
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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This Is What A Panic Attack Feels Like

Panic Attack
Alissa Scheller/The Huffington Post

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Foods That Are Surprisingly Bad

Ian Collins, Osaka. via Getty Images

No Matter What, Don't Dress Up As Ray Rice This Halloween

Ray Rice

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WATCH: Marching Band Takes Rocking The Crowd To A Whole New Level

Ohio State Football Halftime
YouTube / The Ohio State University

Macy Gray: 'I Was A Massive A**hole'

Macy Gray On Where Are They Now

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1 In 4 Americans Admit To Being An Internet Troll

Angry Computer
Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

Grieving Cockatoo Gets Fresh Start


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How People Really Feel About A Woman Taking Her Husband's Name

Mr And Mrs
Draw05 via Getty Images

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What To Do If Your Spouse Snores

Separate Beds Mature
David Hanover via Getty Images

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10 Reasons Why A Dirty House Is Good For Your Marriage

Messy House Couple
David Hanover via Getty Images

Wayne Brady: Bill Maher Is 'Your Grandpa That Shows Up With No Pants On'

Bill Maher
Frank Micelotta/Invision/AP

Watch All 'The Simpsons' Incarnations From 'Treehouse Of Horror'


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Surreal And Stunning Visions From The Largest Salt Flat In The World


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5 Urban Legends That Still Creep Us Out

Girl Levitating Candles
Samantha T. Photography via Getty Images

10 Things To Say When Someone Asks 'Why Aren't You Married?'

Getty/Huffington Post

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The Tell-Tale Sign My Marriage Wasn't Going To Last

Couple Angry
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

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For Sale On eBay: Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends

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How To Fight Fair (If You Don't, It Could Mean Divorce)

Fighting Couple
Robert Koene via Getty Images

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The Future Of Umbrellas Is A Stick That Shoots Air At The Rain

Air Umbrella
Air Umbrella/Hitachi

'SNL' Gets A New Cast Member

Leslie Jones Nbc

10 Affordable Places To Put On Your Bucket List In 2015

Valter Jacinto/Moment/Getty Images

New 'Game Of Thrones' Footage Reveals A Spoilery Change



Twerking Turtle

Student Sues Over Cheating Charge That Led To An 'F'

Grade F School

John Oliver Replaces Supreme Court Justices With Dogs, And It's Amazing


Here's A Horse Running Wild Through The Streets Of Manhattan

Carriage Horse

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