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August 28, 2015

America's Lack of Gun Regulation Is Shameful Political Cowardice

There have been more than 800 mass shootings since Sandy Hook, and politicians still don't care beyond the minimum expected lip service immediately following an incident. Have we seen any reforms to prevent weapons and ammunition from making their way into the hands of the mentally ill? No. Have we seen any progress on creating national standards for background checks on gun buyers? No way. Have we seen any efforts to restrict the most dangerous weapons, the highest capacity magazines, or the most damaging ammunition? Not a chance. The failure to implement even the most general or common sense reforms is an absolute refusal to lead on the part of Congress. It's a flat-out disregard for the safety of American citizens. It's shameful political cowardice.

A Toxic Chemical Ruined These People’s Lives — And It’s Probably In Your Blood

Dupont Baby

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The Definitive History Of 'George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People'

Athena Image
Credit: Tiara Chiaramonte via The Huffington Post

Ashley Madison Chief Resigns Over Hacking Scandal

Athena Image
Carl Court via Getty Images

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TV Critic Takes Bill O'Reilly To Task For Being Too Soft On Trump

Fox News
FOX News

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Prep School Grad Acquitted Of Felony Rape, Guilty Of Misdemeanors

Athena Image

Subway Franchisee: I Told Company About Fogle's Crimes Years Ago

Jared Fogle
Jeffrey Mayer via Getty Images

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A Debt Ceiling Showdown Between Republicans Comes Into Focus


Hungary Resorts To Desperate Measures Amid Migrant Surge

Athena Image
Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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Bush Returns To New Orleans For Katrina Anniversary

George Bush New Orleans

The Supreme Court Has Had Enough Of The Lethal Injection Debate

Athena Image

The Labor Ruling McDonalds Dreaded Has Arrived

Mcdonalds Arches

Report Exposes Koch Brothers' Role In Hindering Recovery Post-Katrina

Athena Image
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Obama: 'Natural Disaster Became A Manmade One'

Don Lemon Slams Own Network For Homophobic Coverage Of Virginia Shooter


Another Sign Low-Wage Workers Are Finally Gaining Some Power

Athena Image

These Countries Show Why Losing Birthright Citizenship Could Be A Disaster

Donald Trump
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Many More Decomposing Bodies Found In Truck Full Of Suffocated Refugees

Athena Image
Credit: Ronald Zak/Associated Press

Police Arrest Suspected Traffickers...

It’s Surprisingly Easy For Police To Take Your Money

NASA: Earth Likely On Track For 3 Feet Of Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise Manhattan

Dem Senator: Congress Giving 'Quiet Endorsement' To Murders

Athena Image
NBC NewsWire via Getty Images

China's Market Crash Means Chinese Supergrowth Could Have Only 5 More Years to Run

China Stock
ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Elizabeth Warren And Joe Biden Used To Battle Over Economic Inequality

Athena Image
Astrid Riecken via Getty Images

Bimbo Bakeries Recalls Thousands Of Bread Loaves Over Glass Shards

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Palin Slams ESPN For Suspending Curt Schilling Over Anti-Muslim Tweet

Athena Image
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Greece's Former Finance Minister: Election Campaign 'Sad And Fruitless'

Athena Image

15 Of The Best Things Ever Written About Hurricane Katrina

Athena Image
Credit: Jacqueline Larma/Associated Press

Ebola Survivor Who Lost 21 Family Members Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Athena Image
Credit: Sunday Alamba/Associated Press

Deadly Clash Rocks India-Pakistan Border

Athena Image
Credit: Channi Anand/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Student Killed In Shooting At Savannah State University

Crime Scene Tape Bullets Crime Scene

Meth Lab Injuries On The Rise In The U.S.

Athena Image
byllwill via Getty Images

Icon Of Egypt's Revolution Speaks From Behind Bars

Athena Image
Credit: Khaled Desoukia/AFP/Getty Images

An FBI Agent Pretended To Be An AP Reporter. Now AP Is Suing.

Athena Image
Credit: Brent Lewis via Getty Images

3rd Grader Brings Gun To School, Accidentally Shoots Classmate

Athena Image
Berggren, Hans via Getty Images

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Hidden-Camera Video Reveals Chicken McNuggets' ‘Disturbing Secret’

Chicken Mcnugget

Another Huge Sewage Spill, Another Beach Closure In Hawaii

Athena Image

George Zimmerman Calls President Obama An 'Ignorant Baboon'

George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman

Democrats Taste Victory On Iran Deal

Athena Image

The Most Segregated Cities In America

Segregation Cities 247 Wall St
24/7 Wall St.

Finding Highlights Major Problem With Scientific Studies

Psychological Experiment

Enough With The Debate -- Better Gun Laws Can Save Lives

Bullet Casings
Kevork Djansezian via Getty Images


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'My So-Called Life' Star Is Now A Countess Living In A Castle

Athena Image
ABC Photo Archives via Getty Images

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Haunting Map Shows All The Nuclear Bombs That Exploded Since 1945

Athena Image
curraheeshutter via Getty Images

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Obama Recovers From Gaffe By Singing 'Movin' On Up'


Miley Cyrus Comes Out As Pansexual

Athena Image
Elle UK

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Viral Photo Of Syrian Refugee Prompts Strangers To Give Him ‘A New Life’

Syria Refugee

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Kim Kardashian Goes Topless For Sultry Magazine Cover Shoot

Kim Kardashian

The Steps One Homeless Teen Took To Get A Full Ride To Yale

Viviana Andazola Marquez

Puppy Left To Die In Cardboard Box Fights For Her Life

Athena Image
Peach's Fight Back From The Brink

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Take A Look Behind The Scenes Of The Secret Service

Jmartinaporgxinstagramx Xinstagramtakeoverx

LOOKOUT! Big, Bad Pit Bulls Are Coming For You... With Kisses

Pit Bull Kiss

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Street Artist Paints Moving Donald Trump Portrait On NYC Street

Hanksy Trump

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How Much Does A Disney Vacation Really Cost?


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Harry Potter Lipsticks Are Nothing Short Of Magical

Jim Spellman via Getty Images

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Good News For Anyone Who Frets Over Their Forgetfulness

Athena Image
Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

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How Long Do All Your Favorite Foods Last After They're Opened?

fuzzbones0 via Getty Images

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3 Words To Keep In Mind After A Breakup

Woman Breakup
Frederic Cirou via Getty Images

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35 Of Pope Francis's Most Prophetic Statements

Athena Image

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The Puking Unicorn Has A Very Important Message

Puking Unicorn

What's With All The Organic Food Recalls?

Athena Image
nata_vkusidey via Getty Images

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15 Bridal Parties Who Totally Nailed The Ombré Dress Trend

Ombre Bridesmaid Dresses
Paper Antler

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How To Love Someone Who’s Flawed

Athena Image
Betsie Van der Meer via Getty Images

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One Thing You Definitely Never Noticed On 'Breaking Bad'

Breaking Bad Walter White
"Breaking Bad"

The Microbes Living In Your Home Say A Lot About You

Athena Image
Credit: Media for Medical via Getty Images

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This Abandoned Pennsylvania Town Has Been On Fire For 53 Years

Athena Image

The Allure Of Sugar Daddy Websites

Sugar Daddy Capital

What Real People Think About When They Run

Athena Image
Polka Dot Images via Getty Images

How To Disable Video Auto-Play On Twitter And Facebook

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Foal With Smooth Moves Redefines 'Hot To Trot'

Paso Fino Horse Smooth Moves
Paso Fino Trader

Meet The Powerful, Female Directors Working In Porn

Erika Lust
Erika Lust

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Underwater Discovery Gives The Great Barrier Reef A Run For Its Money

Athena Image
Credit: Parks Victoria

Embarrassing Phrases Your State Googles More Than Any Other

Athena Image
Courtesy Estately

Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter Opts To Live With Birth Mother

Athena Image
Credit: Ben Hider via Getty Images

Visitor Scolds National Park For Failing To Train Bears Better

KAREN BLEIER via Getty Images