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September 22, 2014

The United Kingdom Nearly Died for Maggie's Sins

Why on earth did the Scots, largely quiescent as part of Great Britain for three centuries, suddenly become the mouse that roared? It wasn't because they became besotted watching re-runs of Braveheart or Rob Roy, or even because they coveted more of a share of North Sea oil revenues. No, the Scots got sick and tired of Thatcherite policies imposed from London. Thanks to the partial form of federalism known as "devolution" provided by the Labour government of Tony Blair in 1997, Scotland got to keep such progressive policies as free higher education and an intact national health service, while the rest of the U.K. partly privatized the health service and began compelling young people to go into debt to finance college like their American cousins.

More Proof That Anti-Obamacare States Desperately Need Obamacare

Uninsured Cities
Saul Loeb/Getty Images

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Report: Senator Who Called Gillibrand 'Chubby' Revealed

Kirsten Gillibrand
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

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'Inexcusable' Hit.. Paul Boundaries.. McConnell Has Problems.. States Desperately Need Obamacare

FIFA Exec: 2022 World Cup Won't Be In Qatar

World Cup
Sean Gallup via Getty Images

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Democrats Sink Controversial Obama Nominee

Michael Boggs Abortion

Climate What?

Climate Sunday

TV Networks Drop The Ball On Massive Climate March...

Christie Pension Scandal Gets Even Worse


Cop Killer Suspect Reportedly Spotted, Refuses to Surrender (LIVE UPDATES)

Eric Matthew Frein

More Crime
Doc Poisoned With 'Sweet Coffee'.. 9-Year-Old On Sailboat Feared Kidnapped.. Mother, Stepfather Wanted

GM Death Toll Rises

General Motors

Missing Afghan Soldiers Apprehended Trying To Cross Border Into Canada

Canadian Flag
Mitch Diamond via Getty Images

NY Times ROASTED Over Terrible Shonda Rhimes Piece

Shonda Rhimes
Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images

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CNN'S Big Decision.. Future Of Journalism.. Fox's Hume Defends NFL.. NBC: WHOOPS!

ISIS Urges Followers To Attack U.S., French Citizens


Dozens Killed In Clashes Between ISIS And Iraqi Army

Apple Says It Sold Record 10 Million New iPhones

Iphone 6
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Welcome To Mars!

Nasa Maven

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Harrowing Photos Of The Refugee Crisis Unfolding On Turkey's Border


Syrians Flee From ISIS...

'South Park' Airs Scathing Ad During Game

South Park
Comedy Central

Rockefellers Divest

Getty Images via Getty Images

Supreme Court Justice Performs Her First Same-Sex Wedding

Elena Kagan

400,000 MARCH IN NY


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Campus Sexual Assault Hits A Tipping Point

Emma Sulkowicz
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

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Security Tightened Around White House After Breach

The White House

GOP Rep Calls For 'Full Investigation'

Walmart May Be Breaking The Law By Encouraging Political Donations


A 'Golden Opportunity' For Public Health

Climate Bikes

Thousands Of Hong Kong Students Go On Strike In Democracy Battle

Hong Kong
Anthony Kwan via Getty Images

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Why Ordinary People Bear Economic Risks And Donald Trump Doesn't

Donald Trump
JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

You Will Not Believe Who's Been Accused Of Rhino Poaching

South Africa Rhino

Australia's Secret Service May Not Do This


Sheriff: But The Grenade Launcher Is A Useful Tool For Keeping The Peace!

Grenade Launcher
Vladimir Krivsun via Getty Images

EARLIER: Program That Gives Military Gear To Local Police Seriously Flawed

The Most-Googled Brands In Each State

Direct Capital
Direct Capital

This Man Got A Surprise $117,000 Bill From A Doctor He Didn't Know

X Ray Skull
UniversalImagesGroup via Getty Images

Break In Hunt For Accused Cop Killer

Eric Frein

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Doc Poisoned With 'Sweet Coffee'.. 9-Year-Old On Sailboat Feared Kidnapped.. Mother, Stepfather Wanted

Brit Hume: It's Not The NFL's Job To 'Police' Players Off The Field

Fox News

Poverty Blogger Opens Up About Backlash

Linda Tirado
Linda Tirado

Hundreds Of Veterans Just Got Free Pot

David Ramos via Getty Images

REPORT: NFL Star Fined For Using N-Word On The Field

Colin Kaepernick

Bill Maher Blasts Fear-Mongering Over ISIS

Bill Maher Fear Isis

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This NFL Player Is Going To Be Laughed At For A Long Time

Stephen Tulloch

These Hidden Disney Connections Will Change How You See 'Frozen'

Frozen Elsa

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TV Reporter Makes Unbelievable Exit: 'F*ck It, I Quit'

Anchor Quits

After Alleged Nude Pics Leak, One Direction Star Addresses Gay Rumors

One Direction
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

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WATCH: Milky Way Gets 'Cannibalized' By Nearby Galaxy

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Thanks Britney!

Britney Spears Baby One More Time

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WATCH: Saint Bernard Takes His Human As A Prisoner Of Love

Sully The St Bernard
mallemay s/ YouTube

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Alicia Keys Is Trying To 'Make The World A Better Place' With Nude Photo

Alicia Keys
FADEL SENNA via Getty Images

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'Mighty Ducks' Cast Sure Knows How To Stage A Reunion Photo

D2 Mighty Ducks
Instagram/ RedCrumbs

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Authorities: Bear Attacked And Killed Hiker

Joan Jett Proves That Some Things Never Go Out Of Style

Joan Jett Fp
Getty Images

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Marijuana-Infused Dressing Makes Your Salad Super Chill

Marijuana Salad Dressing

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Emma Watson Fights For Gender Equality With Powerful UN Speech

Emma Watson
Eduardo Munoz Alvarez via Getty Images

Cultivating This Overlooked Emotion Can Boost Your Quality Of Life

saul landell / mex via Getty Images

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'Gone Girl' Ending Question Finally Answered In Early Reviews

Gone Girl Movie Reviews

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15 Things Your Middle School Kid Wishes You Knew

Maskot via Getty Images

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Here Are The Books People Want To Ban The Most

Banned Books Week
Jan Diehm

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'How The F**k Is This Still Happening?!?'

John Oliver

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James Blunt
Dave Benett/Elton John AIDS Foundation via Getty Images

10 Smart Ways To Get A Free Upgrade On Any Trip

Erik Isakson via Getty Images

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Aww: NFL Player Proposes On The Field

Alex Flanagan via Twitter

This Kids' Movie Makes 'Transformers' Look Like Child's Play


COMING SOON: 6 Of The Best New Movies For Grownups

Michael Keaton And Emma Stone

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You Don't Have To Be A Millionaire To Buy An Island


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5 Pain-Relieving Gadgets That May Actually Work

Get Better Posture
Courtesy of Lumo Lift

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Scientists Discover Dinosaur With Massive Schnoz

Nose Dinosaur
Julius T. Csotonyi / NC State University

33 Photos That Could Save Your Life

Skin Cancer
RusN via Getty Images

Director: Sharon Stone's Demands 'Bordered On Ridiculousness'

Sharon Stone
Jeffrey Mayer via Getty Images