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September 16, 2014

What We Don't Know About Syrian Rebels Dwarfs What We Do

Well, we can all relax now. Senator John McCain, who was wrong about Iraq, wrong about the surge in Iraq, wrong about the surge in Afghanistan, wrong about Libya, and wrong about most everything else pertaining to U.S. security, has "vetted" the Syrian rebels to whom he now wants to send arms. Of course, the last big vetting he did is now back home, watching Russia from her house. Unfortunately, President Obama has also bought into the idea of sending arms, and tomorrow Congress begins the process of approving (or denying) funds to arm Syrian "moderates." And what of these Syrian moderates that we're going to arm, after having been vetted by Senator McCain? Can we trust them to use our arms to help us fight ISIS?

Uninsured Rate Drops To Lowest Level Since The '90s

Obamacare Uninsured Survey
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

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Republicans Are Running Out Of Reasons To Fight Climate Change

New York City Sunset
Julian Finney via Getty Images

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Record Wildfire Season.. Climate Trial.. Lynx Protection.. Climate Summit.. Cat Ladies.. Volcanic Eruption

U.S. Poverty Is Still Stubbornly High

Homeless America
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

REPORT: Adrian Peterson Accused Of Injuring Another 4-Year-Old

Adrian Peterson

Peterson: I Am Not A Child Abuser... Cleared To Play... Sponsor Suspends Vikings Deal Amid Abuse Charges...

Attorney: Police Shot Darrien Hunt 6 Times In The Back

Darrien Hunt

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Fox News's Benghazi Obsession Was Even More Insane Than You Thought

Fox News Benghazi
Fox News

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CBS Responds To Rihanna Backlash

Paul Morigi via Getty Images

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Obama To Send Military Forces To Fight Ebola In Africa

Kallista Images via Getty Images

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'We're All Gonna Die!'

Jon Stewart Lindsey Graham Isis
Comedy Central

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'He Did Everything He Could To Beat Me Down Until I Felt Worthless.'


Why Escaping An Abusive Relationship Is Never So Simple As 'Just Leaving'

Giant New iPhone May Crush The iPad Mini

Iphone 6 Plus
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

360,000 Obamacare Enrollees At Risk Of Losing Subsidies

Health Care

Pelosi Had A Pretty Simple Response To Ted Cruz's Bizarre 'SNL' Claim


U.S. Launches Airstrikes Against ISIS Near Baghdad

Jet Aircraft Carrier

Video Of GOP Lawmaker's Tirade Resurfaces In House Race

Mike Bost

Republicans Block Paycheck Fairness Act AGAIN

Mitch Mcconnell
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Black Lung Disease Rates Skyrocket To Highest Levels In Decades

Miner Black Lung
Buyenlarge via Getty Images

Disgraced Activist Tells Her Side Of The Story

Sascha Baumann via Getty Images

Another Grim Indicator Of Climate Change

Getty Images

North Korea Says Its Citizens 'Enjoy Genuine Human Rights'

North Korea

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Independence Fever Spreads To Spain

Catalonia Independence

Students Uncover Tragic Secret

Death Valley

Why Some College Cops Have Grenade Launchers

University Central Florida Police
Orlando Sentinel via Getty Images

HuffPost Hits 100 Million!

Arianna Huffington

Gillibrand: I Couldn't Tell My Harasser 'To Go F*** Himself'

Andrew Burton via Getty Images

U.S. Takes New Stance On Iran In Fight Against ISIS


Coalition Troops Killed In Taliban Attack Near U.S. Embassy In Kabul


Missouri Teen In Critical Condition After Cops Use Taser On Him


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Obama Nominee Criticized Over Opposing Death Penalty Withdraws

Debo Adegbile
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Etan Patz Murder Suspect: 'Something Just Took Over Me'

Etan Patz

Uzi Victim's Family Reaches Out To Girl Who Killed Him

Charles Vacca Arizona

GOP Candidate's Family Gives Millions To Evangelical Group Targeting 'Unreached People'

Terri Lynn Land

Lawsuit In Petraeus Scandal Allowed To Proceed

Jill Kelley

A New Headache For Scott Brown

Scott Brown New Hampshire
Darren McCollester via Getty Images

'Let Me Show You What An A**hole David Cameron Is'

John Oliver Scotland

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Engagement Rings Are Dumb.. The Pageant You Should Have Watched.. Talking Husky.. WTF Urkel?

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John Travolta Responds To Gay Rumors

John Travolta
Jeremychanphotography via Getty Images

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Ray J Doesn't Regret Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Ray J Kim Kardashian
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Kerry Washington

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Proof That Leather Jackets Have Always Been Cool

Marilyn In Leather
Getty Images

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Matt Damon Will Probably Play Jason Bourne Again After All

Matt Damon Jason Bourne

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The 13 Most Popular Quotes From Classic Literature

The Great Gatsby

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Happy Guacamole Day! Are You Making Yours Right?

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Cat Stevens Announces First U.S. Tour Since 1976

Cat Stevens
Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Scientists Make Astounding Discovery


The Perfect Response To People Who Shame Breastfeeding Moms

Marcin Balcerzak via Getty Images

Bill Murray Turns Up At Birthday Party, Shows Off Sick Dance Moves

Bill Murray
Brett McKee via Facebook

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Comfort Food Is A Myth

Macaroni Cheese
Brian Yarvin via Getty Images

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This Is A Plane Loaded With 195,000 New iPhones

Iphone 6
MacRumors via Twitter

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WATCH: Nothing Seems To Stop This Rubbery Robot

Soft Robots

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NFL Legend Reacts To Adrian Peterson's Return: 'Surprise Surprise'

Fran Tarkenton
HuffPost Live

What's REALLY Wrong With This Dating Profile Picture

Dana Lifeclass Online Dating
Dina Sampras

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11-Year-Old Runs A Marathon On Every Continent

Nikolas Toocheck
Operation Warm, YouTube

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Pool Helps Make SoCal Heat Wave Bear-able

NBC Los Angeles

Facebook Users Outraged Over Controversial Name Policy


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The 19 Essential Rules For Workplace Bathroom Etiquette

Bathroom Sign
James W. Porter/Fuse via Getty Images

Photoshop Of CoverGirl Ad Calls Out NFL On Domestic Violence

Get Your Game Face On
Twitter / 23Glick

WATCH: The Twisted Life Of A Sideshow King

Ward Hall

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32 Stunning Submissions In This Year's World Photography Awards


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Dogs That Were Companions In A Shelter Find A New Home Together

via Ronda Chewning

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Should You Allow Your Teen To Have Sex At Home?

Teenagers Kissing
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How To Get That Terrible U2 Album Off Your iPhone, In 4 Steps

Bono U2
Joe Scarnici via Getty Images

Why You MUST Salt Pasta Water (That Means You, Olive Garden)

Pasta Water
Foodcollection RF via Getty Images