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October 24, 2014

Footprints in the Sand

Fifty-one thousand American troops have come home from Iraq or Afghanistan diagnosed with brain injury. What's become of them? Many have worked with military or VA specialists to learn to overcome or compensate for deficits in memory, speech, organizational skills, reading, finger dexterity -- everyday skills we take for granted. Tens of thousands of other Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans were never diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and may be struggling without knowing why. The VA's shortage of therapists and difficulty reaching rural veterans means even those diagnosed may not get all the help they need. But even those who were diagnosed and treated find that at some point, therapy has done all it can do. More sessions won't necessarily help. From that point on, veterans say, their lives become a matter of coping.


De Blasio Cuomo Ebola
Bryan Thomas via Getty Images

Obama To NYC: Federal Help Is Available, If You Need It

Republican Governors Might Save The Democratic Senate


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GOP Senate Poses Risk For CIA Spying Investigation

Richard Burr
Tom Williams via Getty Images

ISIS Allegedly Used Chlorine Gas Against Iraqi Security Forces

Iraq Dhuluiyah September 2014
AHMAD AL-RUBAYE via Getty Images

'Probably The Best-Funded Terrorist Organization We Have Confronted'

Former NPR President And Sen. Robert Kennedy's Press Secretary Dies

Frank Mankiewicz

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LEGEND LOST.. TV Station's Horrible Tweet.. Coulter Vs. Hannity.. Barbara Walters Is Back

Ex-Presidential Aide Calls For Southern States To Secede And Form Anti-Gay Nation Called 'Reagan'

Ronald Reagan
PAUL J. RICHARDS via Getty Images

McDonald's Is Still Very Cheap, But People Don't Want To Eat There

Mcdonalds Burger
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Krugman: 'Soak Rich'.. Sears Closing.. Vitaminwater Shocker.. Vacation Bummer.. McDonald's Plunge

Sears Reportedly Closing More Than 100 Stores

Sears Store
Carlos Osorio via Getty Images

Arias Trial Unexpectedly Halted

Jodi Arias
Tom Tingle/The Arizona Republic

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Too Big To Jail.. Jodi Trial.. Nude Teacher.. Infants In U-Haul.. Haunted House Death.. Porn Justice..

Student Who Stood Up To GOP Congressman Says He Was Shocked By Homophobic Remark

Don Young Alaska
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Trump Rips 'Reckless' NYC Ebola Doc, Demands Obama Resign

Donald Trump
Paul Morigi via Getty Images

ON THE RUN: Ernst Cancels Newspaper Meetings

Joni Ernst Skips Editorial Boards
David Greedy via Getty Images

GOT HER GUN: 'I Believe In The Right To Defend Myself From Government'

Police Kill Hatchet-Wielding Attacker In NYC

Hatchet Attack
CBS New York

Paul Allen Commits $100 Million To Fighting Ebola

Paul Allen

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Math-Solving App.. Google vs. Colbert.. WhatsApp CEO 'Sorry'.. iCloud Hack.. Delete Pics.. New Tinder

Dozens Of Guns, Police Gear Reportedly Found In Cop Impersonator's House

Cop Impersonator
Akron Police

EU Agrees To Drastic Emissions Cuts

Europe Coal Plant

51,000 Vets Came Home From Iraq, Afghanistan With Brain Injuries. What's Become Of Them?

New Details Emerge About Ottawa Shooter

Ottawa Shooter

'He Was Lost And Did Not Fit In'... Not A 'High-Risk'... Police: Acted Alone...

‘World's Poorest President': Kick Rich People Out Of Politics

Jose Mujica
DANIEL CASELLI via Getty Images

You've Never Heard Of Darrell Issa's Next Scandal Circus

Darrell Issa
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

2-Year-Old Girl Becomes Mali's First Ebola Case

Photo Researchers via Getty Images

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Ukraine Warning.. A Return To Normal.. N. Korea Ebola.. Not 'Patriotic'.. Viral India Video.. Devil Pals

Autopsy Sparks Dispute Over How St. Louis Cop Killed Black Teen

Vonderrit Myers
Scott Olson via Getty Images

In Colorado's First All-Mail Election, Voters Hassled Like Never Before


Marijuana Industry Would Be Worth A Fortune Under Full Legalization

Marijuana Legalization
MARTIN BERNETTI via Getty Images

3 Dead After Plane Collides With Helicopter In Maryland

Plane Crash Frederick

Scott Brown And Jeanne Shaheen Get Testy In Debate

New Hampshire Senate Race

Same-Sex Couples Are Now Allowed To Adopt In Utah

Utah State Capitol

Adam Smith To China: Wealthy Nations Need Good Laws

Wealth Of Nations Adam Smith
Culture Club via Getty Images

With Senate At Stake, Dems Angry At Colleagues For Sitting On Cash

Durbin Schumer Reid
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Amazon Is Tanking

Google Finance


Walker Mobile

DOJ Condemns Leaks In Brown Case

Michael Brown Autopsy

Forensic Expert Urges Caution On Autopsy Analysis

Judge Swats Down Conservative Lawsuit Against IRS

Gadsden Flag

George Will: I Support Helping People Who Are 'Real Rape' Victims

George Will Miami
Facebook: WGS at MU

CLAIM: Chicago Police Use Brutal Tactics Against Young Minorities

Chicago Police
Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images

White House Fence Jumper Charged With Assaulting Secret Service Dogs

White House
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

WATCH: Dogs Take Down Intruder

Koch Brothers Fund Group That Contradicts Their Ideology

Koch Brothers Gay Marriage

Protesters Predict More Turmoil In Ferguson

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Anderson Scolds Reporter Who Asks For 'Selfie' At Ottawa Shooting Site

Cooper Selfie

Why The Probe Into CIA Spying Ends With Crucial Questions Unanswered

Dianne Feinstein

Dem Senator: CIA Trying To Bury The Facts

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5 Things About Slavery You Probably Didn't Learn In Social Studies

Hulton Archive via Getty Images

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Johnny Weir On Being A Gay Activist: ‘I Still Carry My Man Bag In Russia'

Johnny Weir Purse
Robin Marchant via Getty Images

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Honey Boo Boo's Mom Is Reportedly Dating A Child Molester

June Shannon Honey
Charles Norfleet via Getty Images

Couples Draw Each Other From Memory, Hilarious Difficulties Ensue

Couples Draw Memory
YouTube / BuzzFeedYellow

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WATCH: U.S. Hockey Fans Show Solidarity For Ottawa

Hockey Fans

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The Next Big TV Writer?

Leslye Headland
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

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11 Things You May Not Know About Weird Al

Weird Al Yankovic
Casey Curry/Invision/AP

10 Books Everyone Is Talking About This Fall

Fall Reading List

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Watch Brad Pitt Get Repeatedly Insulted By Zach Galifianakis

Brad Pitt Two Ferns
Funny Or Die

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Mo'ne Davis' New Ad Will Give You A Lump In Your Throat

Mo Ne Davis

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11 Things You Should Never Say To A Bisexual Woman


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Elizabeth Peña Died From Alcohol Abuse

Elizabeth Pena
Steve Snowden via Getty Images

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Sofia Vergara Opens Up About How She Changed 'Modern Family'

Sofia Vergara
J. Countess via Getty Images

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Boob-Twerking Model Says She's Received Death Threats

Boob Twerking Model

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People Not Thrilled About Burrito Chain's Monicker

Alex Cao via Getty Images

Why Jasmine Guy Used That Accent On 'A Different World'

Jasmine Guy Different World
NBC via Getty Images

Olfactory Artist Has Crafted A Sculpture That Smells Like Vagina


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7 Reasons To Be Proud Of Being A Night Owl


The Grand Canyon You Don't Know About

Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone
UniversalImagesGroup via Getty Images

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Robin Williams' Daughter Pays Tribute To Late Father With New Tattoo

Zelda Williams Tribute Tattoo
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

WATCH: Top-Heavy Toddler Falls, Keeps His Cool

Toddler Fall
America's Funniest Home Videos / YouTube

A Conversation About Race That The Media Is Totally Missing

Orlando via Getty Images

10 'Family Guy' Facts You'll Go Giggity For

Family Guy
FOX via Getty Images

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How To Make This Mind-Blowing Rainbow Shot

Marchi Rainbow Shot
Christina Marchi

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Here's The Perfect Travel Wardrobe

Packing Suitcase
Tetra Images via Getty Images

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What Mark Consuelos Thought The First Time He Laid Eyes On Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa Mark Consuelos
Rommel Demano via Getty Images

Cute Baby + Delicious Food = Instagram Gold

Food Baby Ny

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Science Picture Co via Getty Images

Why You Don't Tag National Parks With 'Art' And Post It On Instagram

John Lund/Tom Penpark via Getty Images

Proposed Law Would Make All Housing Pet-Friendly In This City

Dog Apartment
Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

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Teen Pretended To Be A Physician Assistant, Performed CPR

Drphil 13602 Video
Dr. Phil

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Dinosaur Puzzle Solved, Revealing A Truly Bizarre Creature

Deinocheirus Mirificus

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These Wedding Dresses Are For Brides Who Dare To Go Bare

Sexy Wedding Dresses
Fernanda Calfat via Getty Images

Ancient Bones Yield Big Surprise About What Gladiators Ate

Gladiator Diet
Medical University of Vienna