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July 29, 2014

The Increasing Irrelevance of Corporate Nationality

Rather than focus on the newly-fashionable tax-avoidance strategy of changing corporate nationality, it makes more sense to tax any global corporation on all income earned in the United States (with high penalties for shifting that income abroad), and no longer tax "American" corporations on revenues earned outside America. Most other nations already follow this principle. In other words, let's stop worrying about whether big global corporations are "American." We can't win that game. Focus instead on what we want global corporations of whatever nationality to do in America, and on how we can get them to do it.

Study On Americans In Debt Finds Disturbing Trend

Final Notice
Stephen Vanhorn via Getty Images

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Gun Safety Group Pressures Key GOP Senators With Terrifying TV Ad


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Iran's Supreme Leader: 'Muslim World Has A Duty To Arm The Palestinian Nation By All Means'


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American Doctor Who Contracted Ebola In Grave Condition

Fuse via Getty Images

Dozens Dead After Suspected Terror Attack In China

China Flag
MARK RALSTON via Getty Images

Another Way Banks Are Screwing Over America

Lloyd Blankfein

WATCH: Bill O'Reilly LOSES It Over Immigration

Bill Oreilly
Fox News

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Hobby Lobby Allegedly Fired Woman For Taking Maternity Leave

Hobby Lobby

Clinton: I 'Regret' Saying We Were 'Dead Broke'


'The Daily Show' Takes On Police Brutality

Daily Show Police Brutality
Comedy Central

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GOP's Plan To Address The Border Crisis: Gut Proposed Funding

House Gop Border Crisis
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Target Did Something Really Shady With Your Personal Information

Target Store

Civilian Death Toll In Eastern Ukraine Rises

East Ukraine

Upsetting Findings Reveal How Americans View Muslims

Muslim Poll
A MAJEED via Getty Images

Critically Endangered Gazelle Dies At Zoo After Breaking Its Own Neck

Addra Gazelle
Jeffrey Banke via Getty Images

Boehner Floats Absurd Conspiracy Theory

John Boehner
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

NCAA Settles Head-Injury Lawsuit

Ncaa Concussion

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GOP's Latest Plan To Take Down Obama Backfires


The NRA's Murder Mystery


Texas Lt. Gov. On Undocumented Immigrants: 'We Don't Want 'Em'

Border Crisis
John Moore via Getty Images

China Breaks Taboo Against Publicly Investigating Country's Top Leaders

Zhou Yongkang
LIU JIN via Getty Images

White House Issues Bold Climate Change Warning

Barack Obama
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

U.S. Says Russia Violated Landmark Nuclear Treaty


West Agrees To Wider Sanctions...


Red Card Referee
Giuseppe Bellini via Getty Images

State's Refusal To Expand Medicaid May Hurt Its Economy

VILevi via Getty Images

Bill Maher Bashes Republicans Over Border Crisis With Dr. Seuss Parody

Bill Maher
Real Time/YouTube

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Dispatch From Gaza: The Stories We Hear While We Wait For Death In Our Homes


The NRA Has Lost Republican Voters On One Key Issue

Gun Show
KAREN BLEIER via Getty Images

Dating Site Admits It Experiments On People All The Time


The Price Of Pit Bull Myths

Pit Bull
John Sfondilias via Getty Images

Pregnant Woman Allegedly Put In Chokehold By NYPD

Pregnant Woman Choke Hold

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Why This Is the Right Time To Cooperate With Iran

ADEM ALTAN via Getty Images

MSNBC Pundit Reveals The True Danger Of ESPN Host's Comments

Goldie Taylor

ESPN Host Apologizes For 'Most Egregious Error Of My Career'

The School-To-Prison Pipeline Can Start Even Before Kindergarten

Black Preschool
Juan Silva via Getty Images

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POLL: Deadlock In McConnell Race

Mitch Mcconnell

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Mayoral Candidate Arrested After Police Chase

Maui Mayoral Taser
Maui Now/youtube

'I've Become One Of The Shadow People'

Lisa Millard
Lisa Millard

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WATCH: Adorable Baby Fox Rescued

Wild Aide Foundation/YouTube

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WATCH: What Happened When This Couple Had Sex Every Day For A Month

Adrian Samson via Getty Images

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Pioneering Pagan Activist And NPR Journalist Dies

Margot Adler
Margot Adler/Facebook

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Tofu McNuggets Exist

Tofu Mcnuggets

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Is There Really Going To Be A 'Straight White Guy Festival'?

Straight White Guy Festival

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Lightning Photobombs Couple's Vacation Selfie

Lightning Selfie

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Gay Boy Scout's Incredible Response To Group's Homophobia

Boy Scout

Why I'm Tired of Seeing White People On The Big Screen

Lucy Scarlet

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The 10 Best Ice Cream Shops In America

Ice Cream Shop
Sunset Icecream Parlor

American Eagle Rips Off Street Artist In Painfully Obvious Way

American Eagle Ahol

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You May Want To Delete Facebook After Watching This Video


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A Look Back At Princess Diana & Prince Charles' Wedding Day

Princess Diana Prince Charles Wedding
Getty Images

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33 Couples Got Married At A Las Vegas Denny's

Dennys Wedding
AP Images for Denny's

Mick Jagger Doesn't Want To Talk About Casting Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger Get On Up
Jemal Countess via Getty Images

This iPhone Case Does Away With The Worst Part Of Selfies

CaseCam, Kickstarter

A Hamster Wheel... FOR CATS!

Cat Hamster Wheel

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5 Ways To Know If He's Into You

Older Couple On Date
JackF via Getty Images

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Check Out The Latest Royal Photobomb

Harry Photobomb
Bev Hari via Facebook

Rick Ross Has A Lot Going On These Days

Rick Ross
Dan Harr/Invision/AP

America's Best Boardwalks


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8 Great New Books By Women

Women Books
Sarah Crichton Books

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Meet The Woman Who's Changing Baseball

Renel Brooks Moon
Nik Childers

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Mysterious Signal 'Could Not Be Explained By Known Physics'

Perseus Cluster
NASA, CXC, SAO, E.Bulbul, et al.

WATCH: A Major Marriage Warning Sign You Need To Watch For

PhotoAlto/Eric Audras via Getty Images

A Brief Guide To The History Of Penis Art

Nude Art
Massimo Pizzotti via Getty Images

Puppies Roll Down Hills Just Like Little Kids


Death Metal On A Ukulele Seriously Rocks

Rob Scallon

Fertility Clinic Tells Woman She Can't Use Sperm Donor From Another Race

In Vitro Fertilization Lab
dra_schwartz via Getty Images

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6 Hacks To Make Your Sex Life Better

Sex Hacks
YouTube / BuzzFeed Blue

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The Delivery Method For Grilled Cheese Has Been Forever Changed

Grilled Cheese
Anastassios Mentis via Getty Images

'The Bachelorette' Finale Brings Major Surprises

Andi Bachelorette

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The Top 10 Colleges For Your Money

Thinking Of Money
Glow Images, Inc via Getty Images