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July 25, 2014

Let's Tell the Truth About This International Madness

The horrible human costs and increasing danger the world is now facing in Gaza, Ukraine, and Iraq show the consequences of not telling the truth. And unfortunately, we seem to mostly have political leaders who are unwilling to admit the truth of what's happening, deal with root causes instead of exploiting symptoms, and then do everything possible to prevent the escalation of violence and further wars. Instead we have politicians who are mostly looking for opportunities to blame their political opponents, boost their own reputations, and protect business interests. Why don't we hold all those morally accountable who refuse political solutions and only work in favor of military solutions that have and will always fail?

Gaza Death Toll Soars Past 800


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Satellites Reveal Shocking Groundwater Loss

Colorado River
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

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7 Ways That You (Yes, You) Could End Up On A Terrorist Watch List

Checking Box Form
Getty Images

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Sean Hannity Goes On Wild Screaming Fit At Palestinian Guest

Sean Hannity

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U.S. Considers Refugee Status For Displaced Honduran Youth

Honduras Border
John Moore via Getty Images

'Albany Is A Veritable S**tman's Sampler Of Corruption'

Daily Show Cuomo
Comedy Central

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Gun Violence May Cost America's Most Famous Mayor His Job

Rahm Emanuel
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Elderly Man Kills 'Pregnant' Burglar After Being Attacked, Police Say

Tom Green

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This Is What Gaza Looks Like From Space Right Now


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A Sort Of Creepy Reason To Like Costco

FREDERIC J. BROWN via Getty Images

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Air Algerie Plane Likely Crashed Due To Bad Weather, Officials Say

Air Algerie

No Sign Of Survivors… French Soldiers En Route To Guard The Site…

Obama Calls Out American Companies For 'Gaming The System'

MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Fast Food Workers Prepared To Do 'Whatever It Takes'

Big Mac
David Marsden via Getty Images

The States Suffering From Drought Are Also Using The Most Water


Black Boxes Examined For Clues In Taiwan Plane Crash

Taiwan Plane Crash

Former Trail Blazers Center Dies

Dale Schlueter

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Russia: Malaysian Airliner's Flight Recorders Slightly Damaged

Malaysia Airlines Downed Plane

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How VA Reform Fell Apart In Less Than 4 Days

Bernie Sanders
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Cause Sought For Psych Unit Shooting

Pennsylvania Hospital Shooting

Outrage Over NFL's Weak Punishment For Player's Alleged Abuse

Ray Rice
Rob Carr via Getty Images

My Black Son Has Been Suspended 5 Times. He's 3

African American Getting On School Bus
Blend Images - KidStock via Getty Images

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The Future Of Education

skynesher via Getty Images

Immigration Flashpoint Weighs On White House

Border Patrol Children

Killer Died While Lawyers Battled Judge On The Phone

Arizona Execution

Execution Lasted Nearly 2 Hours... McCain: Amounts To 'Torture'...

The Mormon History That The Church Forgets

Utah Department of Heritage & Arts / RNS

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U.S.: Russia Fired On Ukraine


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GM Profit Slammed By Recall Costs


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Conservatives' Obamacare Freak Show Terrifies Children

Scary Clown
Warwick Kent via Getty Images

Patient Who Refuses Tuberculosis Treatment To Be Arrested

J. L. Carson via Getty Images

Hospital Sued For Amputating Penis During Circumcision

David Sacks via Getty Images

David Gregory's Woes Get Worse

David Gregory

Paul Ryan Debuts Controversial New Poverty Plan

Paul Ryan

Dino Tracks Lend Support To Controversial Theory

Tyrannosaur Tracks
Richard McCrea

The Terrible Economy Just Claimed Another Victim: Walmart's U.S. CEO

Walmart Store
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

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Supermodel Comes Out As Transgender


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The Secret To Writing A Hit Series Before You Even Graduate

Veronica Roth
Huffpost Live

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Sex Geckos Circle The Earth In Out-Of-Control Russian Satellite

BHS via Getty Images

This Is What Morgan Freeman Sounds Like On Helium

Jimmy Fallon

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Why You Don't Want To Drop Off Your Used Clothes In Those Sidewalk Donation Bins

Clothes Drop Off Bin
Brian Lehrer, Facebook

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The Best Burger In America Is…

Habit Burger
Facebook/The Habit Burger

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Christopher Nolan, Matthew McConaughey Hype 'Interstellar'

Christopher Nolan
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

WATCH: Why This 'Modern Family' Star Refused A Photo With Rick Santorum

Eric Stonestreet
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

People Fainting On Live TV Is Eerie And Transfixing


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6 Delicious Ways To Enjoy Watermelon

Watermelon Recipes
Jennifer Patrick

iPhone App Lets You Turn Any Photo Into An Emoji


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QUIZ: What Supermodel Are You?

Naomi Campbell
Pascal Le Segretain via Getty Images

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30 Signs Your Kid Is Turning Into a Hipster

Jennifer Latch
Jennifer Latch

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Window Washer Superheroes Surprise Kids At NYC Hospital

Superheroes Childrens Hospital

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Taylor Swift Gives Love Advice To Young Fan

Taylor Swift
Mike Coppola via Getty Images

Veteran Sends Purple Heart To 12-Year-Old 'Slenderman' Victim

Purple Heart Slenderman Victim
Courtesy Steve Lyons

Japanese Practice Could Transform Your Day

Japanese Woman Walk Forest
Datacraft via Getty Images

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Ricky Gervais Has A Major Beef With Louis C.K.


33 Acronyms You Might Not Know (But Probably Should)

Teen Texting
nensuria via Getty Images

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3 Products You're Overusing

Cleaning Products Bucket
serezniy via Getty Images

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50 Reaction GIFs That Sum Up The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Trailer

50 Shades Feelings

Fred Armisen Surprises New Yorkers With A Payphone

Fred Armisen Payphone

Queen Elizabeth Photobombs A Selfie

Queen Elizabeth Ii

Scientists Discover Method For Determining Whether You're In Love

Eyes Reveal Love
Stephanie Cacioppo

Michelle Obama Was Asked About Being A Working Mom. Her Answer Was Awesome

Michele Obama

How To Have The Perfect Morning Even If You’ve Stayed Up Late

Morning Coffee
Cavan Images via Getty Images

I Have A Favorite Child (And So Do You)

Darcy R Shapiro
Darcy R. Shapiro

Kim Kardashian Can't Stop Posting Bikini Pictures

Kim K
Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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Teen Girls Totally Knew What Was Up In 2002

Crossroads Premiere
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/GettyImages