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January 25, 2015

Sunday Roundup

This week we learned that the State of the Union is [spoiler alert] "strong." Asserting that "the shadow of crisis has passed," President Obama decried growing inequality and laid out a vision of growth for the middle class -- which he mentioned seven times. Proposals included higher minimum wage, child tax credits, and free community college. Unanswered was why he didn't do this back in the days of bipartisan belt-tightening, which extended the decline of the middle class. Meanwhile, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, mindfulness was on many minds -- sessions on the practice, which attendees once rolled their eyes at, were standing room only this year. Click here to read and watch all our Davos coverage.

Greek Leftists Take Early Lead In Historic Election


What That Means For The Rest Of The World

Rocket Fire Kills 30 Civilians In Ukraine


Obama 'Deeply Concerned'

Conservatives At Iowa Summit Would Rather Not Talk About Gay Marriage

Ted Cruz
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Northeast Braces For Colossal Snowstorm


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Jon Stewart Was NOT Expecting This

Jon Stewart
Comedy Central

Belichick: We're Innocent!

Bill Belichick
Boston Globe via Getty Images

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Richard Sherman's NFL Hypocrisy.. New Poll On Gay Athletes.. 'Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL' Returns

GOP Governors Break From Party With Proposed Tax Increases

Rick Snyder

A Prosecutor's Mysterious Death Has Plunged Argentina Into Crisis

Argentina Prosecutor
MAXI FAILLA via Getty Images

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Pioneering TV Host Dies Of Cancer

Joe Franklin

Alleged ISIS Video Claims Japanese Hostage Was Executed


Japanese PM 'Speechless'

Fox News Raises Alarm Over College Course About Race

Fox News

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Pope Francis On Mexico.. Miss Universe.. Shakira Does Good.. Chicano Movement Leader Dies

Walker: GOP Has To 'Go Big And Go Bold'

Scott Walker
Scott Olson via Getty Images

No Bombs Found On Planes At Atlanta Airport After Threats


Why Obama Is Going to India

Obama Modi

Ben Carson Wouldn't Support Obamacare 'Even If It Worked'

Ben Carson
Scott Olson via Getty Images

'American Sniper' Triggers Flood Of Anti-Muslim Venom

American Sniper Anti Muslim Threats
Warner Bros.

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Saudi King's Religion.. Spiritual LIstening.. Least Bible Cities.. Moderates vs Extremists.. Art As Spirit

Cuomo In The Crosshairs?


Ted Cruz To Potential 2016 Candidates: 'Don't Talk, Show Me'

Ted Cruz
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Bill Maher Says 'American Sniper' Is About A 'Psychopath Patriot'

Bill Maher

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States Where The Middle Class Is Dying

States Middle Class
Hitoshi Nishimura via Getty Images

Obama Condemns Murder Of Japanese Man By Islamic Militants

Barack Obama
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Chris Christie Brings New Jersey Candor To Iowa Evangelicals

Chris Christie
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

12-Year-Old Girl Calls 911 After Father Shot Her In The Head

John Walker

How The Uber Economy Can Become A Race To The Bottom

Taskrabbit Uber Economy
HuffPost Live

Steve King: I Was Being 'Kind' By Calling Obama's Guest 'Deportable'

Rep Steve King
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Fighting In Ukraine Surges To Worst Level In Months


Female Protester Shot Dead In Cairo

Cairo Tahrir Square
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

So, That Happened: Congress Delivered Its State Of Disarray

John Boehner
Pool via Getty Images

GOP Presses State Bills Limiting Gay Rights Before Supreme Court Ruling

Gay Rights
Dendron via Getty Images

REPORT: Brady Allied With Peyton Manning To Change Ball Rule In 2006

Tom Brady Peyton Manning
Boston Globe via Getty Images

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Standalone HBO Could Inspire Millions To Ditch Cable, Survey Says

Cut The Cord
zimmytws via Getty Images

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What Palestinian Membership In The ICC Really Means

International Criminal Court
ABBAS MOMANI via Getty Images

Bobby Jindal Headlines All-Day Prayer Rally In Baton Rouge

Bobby Jindal
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Refugees In Iraqi Camps Face Harrowing Winter

Irak Nio Carreta

Baseball Legend Ernie Banks Dies

Ernie Banks

Senate GOP Drops 'Civil Rights And Human Rights' From Committee Name

Tom Williams via Getty Images

Another Setback For Obama's Middle East Policy

- via Getty Images

Oregon Becomes The Focus Of Efforts To Expand Background Checks For Guns

Bytmonas via Getty Images


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If You Eat Seafood, You're Gonna Want To Read This

Lauri Patterson via Getty Images

Most 10-Year-Old American Girls Have Been On A Diet

Young Girl Mirror
Peter Augustin via Getty Images

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Taylor Swift Finally Reveals Her Belly Button Because She's Fearless

Taylor Swift

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Rihanna Dropped A New Song With Kanye & Paul McCartney

Rihanna New Song

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Keri Russell Shows Us That Less Is More

Getty Images

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This ‘Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Forgot How The Game Works


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Freaky Video Shows Rare Atmospheric Phenomenon

Three Suns
ITN Productions

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'Deflategate' Explained.. King Tut Catastrophe.. Circumcision & Autism Linked.. Doomsday Clock Reset

Arrest Warrant Out For Man Whose Head Is Covered In Patriots Tats

Victor Thompson Mug
St. Petersburg Police Dept.

'Papa John' Caught Eating Pizza -- With A Fork!

Papa John

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Julia Roberts Is Making A Movie About Batkid

Julia Roberts
Amanda Edwards via Getty Images

15 Unavoidable Stages You Go Through After Getting Cheated On


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Patrick Dempsey's Wife Files For Divorce

Patrick Dempsey Jillian

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20 Children's Books Every Kid Should Read

Inti St Clair via Getty Images

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Jimmy Fallon Explains The Reason For Netflix's Countdown Between Episodes


Puppy-Kicking CEO Charged In Elevator Incident (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Des Hague

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NFL Team To Release Player Amid Animal Cruelty Allegations

Terrence Cody

The Question Great Husbands Ask Themselves Every Day

Eric Audras via Getty Images

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Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Split

Mandy Moore Ryan Adams
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

Run The Jewels Gives Profound Love Advice To Teen Girls

Run The Jewels

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Anne Hathaway Has The Best Response To Amal Clooney Comparisons

Anne Amal

Crittercam Reveals Weird Way Squid 'Talk' To Each Other

Flashing Giant Squid
Joel Hollander

Sandberg: 'It's Still Hard To Speak In A Professional Setting As A Woman'

HuffPost Live

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Kanye Explains Why He Doesn't Smile

Gabriel Olsen via Getty Images

How Your Home Can Make You A Morning Person

Tetra Images via Getty Images

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Ali MacGraw's 'Absurd' Fear About Ex-Husband Steve McQueen

Ali Macgraw And Steve Mcqueen
Getty Images

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George Takei Opens Up About Religious Belief That 'Made Sense'

George Takei
Victoria Will/Invision/AP

Now Is The Best Time To Visit Europe. Here's Where To Go.

L. Toshio Kishiyama via Getty Images

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30 Different Ways To Tie A Tie That Every Man Should Know

Neck Ties

Why Annual Physical Exams May Be A Waste Of Time

Annual Physical
Pavel Losevsky via Getty Images

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