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October 2, 2014

We Should Be Protesting, Too

This week, tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents turned out to protest China's plan for bringing democracy to that city. Rather than letting voters pick the candidates that get to run for chief executive, Beijing wants the candidates selected by a 1,200 person "nominating committee." Critics charge the committee will be "dominated by a pro-Beijing business and political elite." Hong Kong's students have started that struggle -- for them, there. But their ideals are ours too, as is the flaw in the system they attack. We should be demanding the reform for which they are now fighting: an unbiased election, at every important stage.


Michael Brown

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Supreme Court Takes No Immediate Action On Gay Marriage

Supreme Court
Grant Faint via Getty Images

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UN: ISIS Has Killed Almost 10,000 Civilians


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REPORT: Cowboys Player Investigated Over Alleged Sexual Assault

Cj Spillman Cowboys
Frederick Breedon via Getty Images

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Deadline That Protesters Set For Hong Kong Leader's Resignation Approaches

Hong Kong
PHILIPPE LOPEZ via Getty Images

Jurors Indicate Convictions Coming For Blackwater Killings

Blackwater Iraq 2007
ALI YUSSEF via Getty Images

Philadelphia Decriminalizes Marijuana

Philadelphia Decriminalizes Marijuana
Art: Andres Jauregui/The Huffington Post

Here's How To Improve Security At The White House

Secret Service Daily Show
Comedy Central

The New York Times Has Had A Very, Very Rough Year

New York Times
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

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Pat Roberts Dealt Heavy Blow In Heated Senate Race

Pat Roberts Kansas
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Republican Senator Trails In Polls... Tea Party To Flee?

GOP Congressman Captains Benghazi Investigation As The Anti-Issa

Trey Gowdy
Tom Williams via Getty Images

We've Gotten Complacent About The Dangers A Black President Faces

JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

U.S. OF COMCAST: New Secret Service Head Comes From Cable Giant


EARLIER: Secret Service Director Resigns Amid Scandal

Elon Musk Posts Super Cryptic Tweet

Elon Musk

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Man Who Shot Jordan Davis Found Guilty Of Murder

Michael Dunn

Paul Ryan Reacts To John Oliver's Ayn Rand Takedown

Paul Ryan
John Gress via Getty Images

State's Prison Reform Movement Has A Surprising Conservative Backer

Pelican Bay State Prison

Teen Pregnancies, Abortions Plummet With Free Contraception

Teen Pregnancy Test
Image Source via Getty Images

This Group Is The Fastest Growing Voting Bloc In The South

Asian American Vote
Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

...But You Won't Hear About It On The Sunday Shows

A Hospital From Hell

Ebola Sierra Leone Body
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Patients Lie Among Bodies, Human Excrement... 'A Lot Of Babies Are Dying Here'…

Shark Attacks Surfer In Australia

Shark Attack
Australian News

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SoCal Standoff Ends With 2 Dead

Crime Tape

Super PAC Really Wants Elizabeth Warren To Run For President

Elizabeth Warren
Boston Globe via Getty Images

University Draws Up Plan To End Use Of Student Loans

Student Loans
zimmytws via Getty Images

Mexican Drug Lord Reportedly Captured

Hector Beltran Leyva
Mexican Governement

China May Be Using Smartphone Apps To Spy On Protesters

Hong Kong Protests
Ashley Pon via Getty Images

Woman Accused Of Dressing As A Witch And Abusing Child

Geneva Robinson
Oklahoma City Police Dept.

'Weaknesses' Identified At U.S. Nuclear Weapons Lab

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Man Accused Of Taking Pictures Of Senator's Ill Wife Is Indicted

Clayton Kelly

Uber Passenger May Lose Eye After Hammer Attack

Roberto Chicas

Scott Brown: Birth Control, Equal Pay Are Not 'Issues That People Care About'

Scott Brown

How Hospitals Should Prepare For A Potential Ebola Patient

Ebola Emory Hospital

ACLU Challenges Alabama's New Abortion Law

Alabama Abortion

Texas Ebola Patient Was Sent Home After Telling Hospital Of West Africa Trip

narvikk via Getty Images

In Contact With 12-18 People... Including Kids... More U.S. Cases Likely?... Parents Pull Kids From School...

Pepsi Launches New Soda With Controversial Ingredient

Pepsi True

35,000 Walrus Driven Ashore By Melting Sea Ice


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John Oliver Explains Why Americans Will Never Like Soccer


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Miles Teller
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How To Pull Off The Only Coat You Need This Season


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Here's What Might Happen If Everyone On Earth Suddenly Vanished

Earth Humans Disappeared

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Jane Goodall Slams SeaWorld's Treatment Of Dolphins: 'Absolutely Wrong'

Jane Goodall

Adam Sandler To Make 4 New Movies For Netflix

Adam Sandler
Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

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Cute Kids (And Credit Card Companies) Are Begging You To Take All Your Vacation Days

Vacation Cheers Drink Beach
Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

Ali MacGraw Discloses The Mistake That Ended All 3 Of Her Marriages

Ali Macgraw Robert Evans Marriage Divorce

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22 Unmistakable Signs A Book Is Taking Over Your Life

Woman Reading Book
Rubberball/Jessica Peterson via Getty Images

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If You Want Great Sex, Think Like a Lesbian

Lesbian Sex
Frenk Kaufmann via Getty Images

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Jeff Garlin Felt Dirty Watching Former Co-Star In 'Spring Breakers'

Selena Gomez
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Mom Changes Baby's Diaper On Dining Table In Chipotle

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'We've Both Been In Your Shoes'

Bad Service Restaurant
Lisa F. Young via Getty Images

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Tracy Morgan May Never Perform Again

Tracy Morgan
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Syrian Ambulance Driver Uses His Savings To Feed And Care For 150 Abandoned Cats

Aleppo Cats 2
Hosam Katan / Reuters / Corbis

So WTF Is In Ranch, Anyway?

Ranch Dressing
Elena Elisseeva via Getty Images

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22 Times Mixing Tech And Alcohol Was A Really Bad Choice


Why 75 May Be The Best Age To Die

75th Birthday
koya79 via Getty Images

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'Big Brother' Winner Reveals He's HIV Positive

Dick Donato Hiv Positive
Ann Summa via Getty Images

How To Get Even More Out Of Netflix

Netflix Logo
AFP via Getty Images


Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher

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'Jeopardy!' Category Is A Major Sexist Fail

What Women Want

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Volunteers Rescue Dog Covered In Tar

Animal Aid Unlimited

London's Famous Red Phone Booths Are Going Green

Solar Box
CARL COURT via Getty Images

18 Awesome Halloween Costumes For Couples

Halloween Costume
Diana Hibbs

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50 Affordable Ways To Make Your Home More Green

Eco Living
Peter Cade via Getty Images

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'Twilight' Is Back!

Lions Gate

Massive Hairball Removed From Teen's Stomach

Nine Pound Hairball

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Old-School Grammar Trick Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Mouth Talking
DanielVilleneuve via Getty Images