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September 23, 2014

Turd Polish Futures Up 300 Percent On News That 2014 Midterm Election Is Happening

Spend any time reading the people whose job it is to assign heady unified field theorems to election years, and you will hear sad variations on a dull theme. The 2014 midterm election is a hard-to-pin-down mystery. No one can figure out what it's supposed to be about. Or maybe the election is about nothing. You know, the null set of things? Or maybe the election is secretly about everything, which is really just a more philosophical way of saying it's about nothing.

Ginsburg Blames One Justice For Court's Restrictive Attitude On Abortion

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Obama: Climate Change Will 'Define The Contours Of This Century'

Obama Un
TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images

'We Have Never Faced A Crisis This Big'

FEAR: 1.4 Million Ebola Cases By January

SCOTT CAMAZINE via Getty Images

Sierra Leone Seals Borders... Could Become Constant Presence...

Man Charged With Abduction Of UVa Student Hannah Graham

Jesse Leroy Matthew

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Text Confess.. Poconos Manhunt.. Deaf Man Shot.. Tacos And Meth.. UPS Shooting.. Home Alone Kid

Wife Of ISIS Hostage Receives Audio Of Husband Pleading For His Life

Alan Henning

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Obamacare Critics Just Lost Another Talking Point

Obama Smile
JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

'Modern Family' Star Says She Was The Victim Of Domestic Assault

Sarah Hyland Matt Prokop
Frank Micelotta/Invision/AP

Supreme Court Set To Take On 6 Major Cases

Supreme Court

WATCH: Fox News Host Actually Said This About Fossil Fuel

Greg Gutfeld
Fox News

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Iran Drama.. Whoa Maddow.. Shonda Scandal Gets Worse.. Climate Change Stupidity

Paul Ryan Is More Of A Con Man Than Ever

Paul Ryan

CLAIM: U.S.-Led Airstrikes Kill At Least 10 Civilians In Syria

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Bank Fraud Spikes Following Home Depot Hacking

Credit Card Swipe

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Coke Change?.. Post-It Fraud.. Walmart Breaks Law.. More GM Deaths.. Krugman GOP Ugh.. Weed Win

OUCH: Bill O'Reilly Gets Put In His Place

Bill Oreilly

The Tricks Amazon Uses To Undercut Its Employees

Amazon Logo
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Um, Should The iPhone 6 Plus Be Able To Bend Like This?


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Americans Awaken To The Nightmare Of Our Own Making

Climate Change Protest
Dominique Mosbergen/The Huffington Post

Coal CEO Blasts Obama For Regulating Emissions

Coal Stack
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Chelsea Manning Sues Pentagon For Denying Gender Treatment

Chelsea Manning
US Army

One Way The U.S. Is Truly Exceptional

Low Wage Jobs
Morgan Stanley

Conservative Filmmaker Dodges Prison Time

Dinesh Dsouza
Ben Hider via Getty Images

Colbert on Krauthammer: 'He's Just Kind Of A Dick'

Colbert Krauthammer
Comedy Central

Report: Former NFL Kicker Threatened Students Before Fatal Crash

Rob Bironas
Tom Szczerbowski via Getty Images

New York Plan Misses The Whole Point Of Drug Policy Reform

Bill De Blasio
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

3 Dead After Employee Opens Fire At UPS Center

Ups Shooting

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Text Confess.. Poconos Manhunt.. Deaf Man Shot.. Tacos And Meth.. UPS Shooting.. Home Alone Kid

New ISIS Hostage Video Warns Of 'Gulf War III'

Isis Journalist Video

HBO Go Without A Huge Cable Package, But There's A Catch

Att Uverse
JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Fox News Pundit Winds Up On Terrorism Watch List

Stephen Hayes

Cop's Tip For Not Getting Raped By A Cop: 'Don't Get Pulled Over'

Police Car Stop
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

Soda Giants Pledge To Cut Calories

Coke Can
Shutterstock / Tiago M Nunes

Mother Shot In Head Saves Baby In Final Moments


The Hidden Reason Middle School May Be Harmful For Girls

Middle School Girls
Neustockimages via Getty Images

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What Not To Say About A Natural Birth.. Parenting Conundrum.. How Not To Raise Mean Girls.. Due Date

Inside China's Fight To Quit Coal

Yaowang Dragon
Matjaž Tančič

'Badass' Moms Take Gun Fight To NRA's Home Turf

Jin Lee

House Republicans' Midterm Strategy: Terror, Terror, Terror!

Rick Nolan Ad
YouTube/ NRCC

State Senator: 'I'm Gay. Get Over It.'

Jim Ferlo

Jon Stewart Schools Congress On Climate Change

Daily Show
Comedy Central

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Another Same-Sex Marriage Ban Bites The Dust

Gay Marriage

Whole Foods' Reputation May Finally Be Catching Up With It

Whole Foods Store

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The Essential Items Victims Of Domestic Violence Should Have Ready

Copyright Carmen Farrell via Getty Images

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Miss America Speaks About Getting Kicked Out Of Sorority

Kira Kazantsev Good Morning America

STUDY: Low-Carb Beats Low-Fat For Weight Loss

Grocery Low Fat
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

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Keith Olbermann: Derek Jeter Is Not The Greatest Player Ever

Derek Jeter

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Rescued Husky And Kitten Are A 'Match Made In Heaven'

Husky And Kitten
Fairfax County Animal Shelter

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Meet Your New 'True Detectives'

True Detective

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This Is What Breasts Really Look And Feel Like

Breasts Cover
Nobilior via Getty Images

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Your Favorite Disney Characters Just Got A Hipster Makeover

Jenn Smith/Courtsey of DesignCrowd

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Incredibly Disturbing Hollywood Reality Revealed

Teenager Sexy
Paper Boat Creative via Getty Images

28 Stars You Probably Didn't Know Are Bisexual

Megan Fox
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

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Fraternity Party Puts Up 'No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal' Sign

No Means Yes Texas Tech
via Total Frat Move/BroBible

George Takei Is Straight... Up Asking You To Do This One Thing


These Candid Photos Of Celebrities Will Captivate You

Vintage Celeb Photos
Michael White

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21 Incredible Brisket Dishes That Put Your Grandma's To The Test

Brisket Recipes

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THE HEAT IS ON: Fugitive Allegedly Hides In Oven

Desma Kashay Brown
Thomasville Police

The Crazy Evolution Of Workout Clothes, From Petticoats To Lululemon

Jumping Exercise 2

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This Is The Luckiest Bicyclist Ever

Live Leak

Netflix Literally Making People Wait Years For Their DVDs


A Few Unexpected Wedding Guests Resulted In One Magical Photo

Deer Wedding

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7 Things You Didn't Know About 'The Voice'

The Voice

Téa Leoni Opens Up About David Duchovny For 1st Time Since Divorce

Tea Leoni And David Duchovny
Bruce Glikas via Getty Images

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Alanis Morissette Shares Her Unconventional View Of Happiness

Alanis Morissette

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Young Poison Ivy On 'Gotham' Is From 'OITNB' And 'Girls'

Ivy Pepper

Your Relationship Could Be Hurting Your Sleep

Sharing A Bed
Asia Images via Getty Images

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In Praise Of Play

wahahaz via Getty Images

10 Things NOT To Do At Disney World

Peter Ptschelinzew via Getty Images

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Don't Do This When You Receive A Parking Ticket

Hoodline via Twitter