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August 3, 2015

The German Menace

The EU was created to expand democracy, boost economic growth, and contain Germany within a democratic whole. Instead, it is destroying democracy, crushing growth, and leaving Germany's most churlish impulses to rule Europe. A recent New Yorker profile of the former Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, quotes him as saying, "There are times when you say, 'I'm not going to sign something I disagree with. And stuff the consequences.'" People all over Europe are expressing just those sentiments. Unlike World Wars I and II, the destruction being wrought by Germany is not military. But it is just as poisonous and more insidious. Before it is over, one of history's noblest experiments in enlightened statecraft -- the project of European union -- could end in ruins.

Texas Attorney General Turns Himself In On Fraud Charges

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Rand Paul's Not Ready.. Clinton's First Ads.. When A Lawmaker Killed A Lion.. Rubio Hits New O Rules

James Holmes Jury Reaches Sentencing Decision

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Sandra Bland.. Prison Escapees.. Missing Teens.. Louisiana Theater Shooting.. Ignored 911 Call

Coal Interests Prepare To Challenge Obama's Power Plant Rules

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Growing Signs Key Dem Senator May Oppose Iran Deal

Athena Image

5 Black Women Died In U.S. Jails Over A 2 Week Period

Raynette Turner Black Lives Matter
Courtesy Attorney Osvaldo Gonzalez

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#SandraBland.. #SamDuBose.. Confederate Flags At MLK Church?.. History On Broadway

Republicans Kick Off Pivotal Primary Week

Getty Images

Our Free Advice For Winning The GOP Primary Debate

Amy Schumer And Chuck Schumer Call For New Approach To Gun Control

Athena Image

Wildfires Rage Across California

Athena Image

Gov Declares State Of Emergency, Activates The California National Guard

How A New England Beach Town Changed The Course Of Gay History

Beachcape Codcape Cod National Seashorelife Saving
John Greim via Getty Images

Kim Jong Un Will Receive A Peace Prize Once Awarded To Gandhi

Athena Image
Credit: David Guttenfelder/Associated Press

Disturbing Video Shows Officer Handcuff Crying Third-Grader At School


Obama Is Sending Military-Grade Spy Gear To Egypt. What Could Go Wrong?

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AFP/Getty Images

Puerto Rico Aims To Finish Fiscal Plan By The End Of August

Delta Bans Exotic Animal Trophy Shipments After Cecil The Lion's Death

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More Americans Have A Disability Than You'd Think

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Matt Rourke/AP

The Way Bill Cosby's Lawyer Talks About Assault Is Peak Rape Culture

Bill Cosby
HuffPost Live

Dutch Crane Collapse Crushes Houses, Injures 20

Dutch Crane Collapse

8 Schools That Have Dropped The 'Redskins' Name

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Why One Pollster Won't Help Fox Decide Who Makes The Debate

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Obama Digs Deeper Into Syria


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Iraqi Kurds Ask PKK To Leave.. Turkey In Crisis!.. Yemen PM Ends Exile.. Taliban Unity Plea.. MH370

Kraft Recalls 36,000 Cases Of Cheese Singles

America Americas North Americusa Us North Northeas
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Newborn Girl Rescued From Beijing Public Toilet

Athena Image
Credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images

18-Year-Old U.S. Swimming Sensation Accidentally Breaks World Record

Athena Image

Report: U.S.-Led Strikes In Iraq And Syria Killed Hundreds Of Civilians

Athena Image
(Credit: AP Photo)

GOP Congressman Claims House Has Enough Votes To Reject Iran Deal

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Man Loses Part Of Leg After Escalator Accident At Shanghai Mall

Chinese Man Loses Leg Chinese Escalator Accident

Journalist Arrested In Ferguson Wins Settlement From St. Louis County

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BuzzFeed Gets $250 Million.. Rolling Stone Editor Resigns.. O'Reilly Slams #BlackLivesMatter..

Chicago's Weekend Ended In Gunfire, A Lot Of Gunfire

Athena Image
Getty Images

'State Of Disaster' Declared After Typhoon Soudelor Slams Saipan

Facebook/Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

John Oliver Has An Unforgettable New Version Of The '50 States' Song

John Oliver

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Syrian Army Fighter Jet Crashes Into Busy Market

Athena Image

New Mexico Gov: 'Coward' Who Set Off Explosives Outside Churches Will Be Caught

Athena Image
Robin Zielinski/The Las Cruces Sun-News via A

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Carter Speaks On Iran.. Jewish Extremism.. Pope Mania Starts.. Sikh Shooting Anniversary.. Gay Spirit

9-Year-Old Bat Boy Dies After Being Accidentally Hit In Head With Bat


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Pats Nation's Own Black Friday.. Amazing Carli Lloyd Goal.. Wild Baseball Play.. Hilarious Child Athlete

'Shake-Up' At Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone Kevin Hart
Rolling Stone

New York Cracks Down On Illegal Toy Guns

Schneiderman Toy Guns

Teen Disfigured By Catcaller's Pipe Attack



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What The Heck Is This Thing On Mars?

Athena Image

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When Sex Work Pays Your Tuition

Woman Webcam
Malek Chamoun via Getty Images

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Ronda Rousey Makes Bethe Correia Eat Her Words

Athena Image
Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

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Pats Nation's Own Black Friday.. Amazing Carli Lloyd Goal.. Wild Baseball Play.. Hilarious Child Athlete

Ted Cruz Cooks Bacon With A Machine Gun

Athena Image
CNBC via Getty Images

Zendaya Explains The Difference Between Cultural Appropriation and Appreciation

Athena Image
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

10 Ways To Know If Your Relationship Is Truly Marriage Material

Couple Car
monkeybusinessimages via Getty Images

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Breastfeeding Photo.. Professional Bridesmaid.. Stunning Succulents.. Sex After Marriage.. Bacon

Anchor Shouts F-Word On Air; Anchor Apologizes For F-Word


Stop Photoshopping Your Pics And Start Loving Your Body

Body Confidence
RaVal Davis

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Caitlyn Jenner Teams Up With HRC To Answer Questions About Being Trans

Caitlin Jenner
Andrea Metz

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10 College Dorm Room Ideas To Make You Feel More At Home

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If You Were Being Completely Honest On Your First Day Of Work

Honest First Day

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TRUMPOCALYPSE!.. An Hour After PBR.. Sh*t We Say In An Uber.. Mission Impossible Chris Farley

And The Nation's Top Party School Is...

University Of Illinois Party
Wikimedia Commons

These Are Not Your Typical Tourist Photos

good 4 nothing via Getty Images

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Jessica Alba's Company Responds To Complaints About Sunscreen

Athena Image
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

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'Cosby Show' Executive Producer Says The Show 'Is Kind Of Tarnished'

Athena Image
NBC via Getty Images

Lucy Hale Wants Everyone To Know About This Deadly Illness

Lucy And Jamie
Voices of Meningitis

Good Job, America. You Killed hitchBOT

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Hemingway Look-A-Like.. 1 Car, 2 DUIs.. Orangutan Kiss.. Owl Staring Contest.. Robot Hitchhiker

More People Should Be Honest About Miscarriage

Priscilla Chan Mark Zuckerberg
Steve Jennings via Getty Images

Alligator Bites 'Chunk' Off Man's Leg At Florida Tourist Attraction


Here's What's Wrong With That Viral Soda Infographic

Athena Image
The Renegade Pharmacist

The Cancers You're More Likely To Get With Age

Athena Image
Gene Chutka via Getty Images

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Everyone's Got The Kale Poisoning 'Study' All Wrong

Athena Image
Matthew Mead/AP

Guy Goes Undercover To Prove Psychics Aren't Psychic


One Beauty Trick To Avoid Looking Hungover

Headache Hang Over Bad Hair Day Hangover Washing H

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Here's The Absolute Worst Way To Show Your Support For Cecil

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How Often You Really Need To Wash Your Hair

Athena Image
Getty Images

'Trainwreck' Outtakes Show Amy Schumer's Funny Never Stops


9 Hilarious Someecards That Sum Up The Drudgery Of Making Dinner


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Kentucky Man Arrested For Shooting Down Neighbor's Drone