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October 22, 2014

Let's Help the Media Be Better on Ebola

The media needs to recognize that the true center of gravity in the Ebola story is the crisis in West Africa. That's the situation that has to be emphasized, even if we have ongoing cases of the disease in the United States. This is not to say that you don't cover what's going on in America -- that information is, of course, vital. But the origin of any domestic cases of Ebola will be West Africa. Solving that crisis solves our own. So when you cover the story, don't forget to mention West Africa. Lead with it, focus on it, keep people up to speed with what's happening there. Talk to the people fighting the disease there. Ask policymakers tough questions about what they're going to do about it. And if you write some listicle about Ebola, end with it. Because that's where the media can do the most good right now.

Perry's Ebola Response Under Scrutiny

Rick Perry
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

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GUILTY: Blackwater Guards Convicted For Massacre Of Iraqis In 2007


The Fight Against ISIS In Kobani Is Set For A Significant Boost

SAFIN HAMED via Getty Images

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Krugman: How About A Clinton-Warren Ticket Instead Of A Matchup?

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Top Economists: Tax The Rich At 90 Percent

Mitt Romney
Alex Wong via Getty Images

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Dallas Nurse No Longer Has Ebola

Fuse via Getty Images

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Big Tobacco Company Bans Employees From Smoking At Work

Camel Cigarettes
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

REPORT: Hidden Fracking Chemicals Could Slip Into Drinking Water

Hydraulic Fracturing
LonnyG via Getty Images

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Athlete Cheating Scandal At UNC Was Even Worse Than Than Thought

Unc Football
Raleigh News & Observer via Getty Images

Democrats Reverse, Pour Money Back Into Kentucky Senate Race

Alison Lundergan Grimes
Win McNamee via Getty Images

REPORT: Black Witnesses Back Up Cop's Story On Michael Brown Shooting

Michael Brown

Autopsy: Brown Shot At Close Range

WATCH: ISIS Killed Her Family, Now She Is Fighting Back

Kazar Fatemi

Oklahoma Judge OKs Restrictive Abortion Pill Law

Oklahoma Courthouse
Henryk Sadura via Getty Images

BP Flack In Politico: Damage From Deepwater Disaster Wildly Exaggerated

Deepwater Horizon
AP/US Coast Guard

Top Disease Expert: World Slept On Ebola Response

Ebola Liberia Body
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Nearly 5,000 Dead

Google's New 'Inbox' App Actually Makes Email Fun Again

Google Inbox Snooze

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What It's Like To Fall Through The Cracks In America's Economy

Amy Windish
Amy Windish

Anderson Cooper Destroys Pat Robertson's AIDS Comments

Cooper Aids Towels

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Hong Kong Leader Says Democracy Gives Poor Too Much Power

Cy Leung

Here's Why An Ebola Travel Ban Could Be A Terrible Idea

Getty Images

U.S. Gets Tough On Ebola Defense... Obama 'Cautiously Optimistic'...

Fox News Hosts Tell Young Women Not To Vote

Women Voters Fox News
Fox News

How The Fed Blew Its Most Important Job For Over 3 Years

Timothy Geithner
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Karl Rove Sends Out The Billionaire Bat-Signal

2014 Republican Billionaires
Karl Gehring via Getty Images

The Biased Ideas Presented As Fact In Texas Curriculum Standards

Texas Textbooks

26 Percent Of Young Women Report That They Have Been Stalked Online

Women Harassed Online
JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

The States That Imprison More People Per Capita Than Russia And China

Sasha Mordovets via Getty Images

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Powerful Solar Flares Disrupt Communication Systems

Solar Flare

The State Of Drug Use In America, In 9 Maps

Drug Use Still
Metric Maps

Texas Latinos Overwhelmingly Support Abortion Rights

Latina Abortion
ELMER MARTINEZ via Getty Images

Comedian: Replace Redskins Logo With Sunburned White Person

Dan Snyder

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Dog Of Ebola-Infected Nurse Tests Negative

Ebola Dog Dallas

Leading Voter ID 'Intellectual' Zeroes In On Another Way To Restrict Voting

John Fund

Sex Abuse Scandal Threatens GOP Governor's Re-election

Governor Parnell
Anchorage Daily News via Getty Images

Cuomo's Book Sold A Whopping 945 Hardcovers In Its First Week

Andrew Cuomo
Bryan Thomas via Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen Makes A Good Point About The Sad State Of Gun Violence In America

Chrissy Teigen
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

U.S. Expands Massive Vehicle Recall Over Air Bags That Could Spray Shrapnel At Drivers

Bill Pugliano via Getty Images

School Will Allow Students To Pose With Guns In Yearbook Photos

Martin Sandberg via Getty Images

Russian Social Media Site Takes Down 'Miss Hitler' Competition

Russia Hitler
SERGEI SUPINSKY via Getty Images

Secession Plans Pop Up In Florida

Florida Flag
Stockbyte via Getty Images



'Rescheduled To Accommodate Fundraiser'...

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