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March 2, 2015

Netanyahu's Takeover Bid

The Israeli election falls exactly two weeks after Netanyahu's visit to Washington. How then can we avoid interpreting his speech to Congress as an attempt to merge the interests of the Republican Party and Benjamin Netanyahu? The Republican Party carries a banner that reads "United States" and Netanyahu carries a banner that reads "Israel." His acceptance of the invitation is thus several things at once. It is an attempt to disrupt a process of international negotiations in which the US and Europe have been deeply involved. It is an exercise of brazen electioneering to promote his continued leadership of Israel itself. And it is a calculated insult to the sovereignty of the United States.

The Twisted, Tortured Path Obamacare Took Back To The Supreme Court

Supreme Court Building
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

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Senate Democrats Kick DHS Funding Pressure Back On John Boehner

Reid Boehner
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Boko Haram Release ISIS-Style Execution Video

Boko Haram

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Only Woman On Georgia's Death Row Set To Be Executed Tonight

Kelly Gissendaner
AP/Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Bita Honarvar

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New Audio, Video Cast Doubt On Bill O'Reilly's Reporting Claims

Bill Oreilly
NBC NewsWire via Getty Images

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City Of Cleveland Blames Tamir Rice For His Own Death, Then Apologizes

Tamir Rice Death Probe

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STUDY: Climate Change Helped Fuel The Syrian Conflict

Syrian Conflict
izustun via Getty Images

Police Chief: Man Fatally Shot By LAPD Reached For Cop's Gun


Longest-Serving Woman In Congress To Retire

Barbara Mikulski
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Anti-Pollution Documentary Goes Viral In China

Pollution Child Face Mask
From "Under the Dome" by Chai Jing

ISIS Threatened Twitter Employees


Nasdaq Hits Biggest High In 15 Years

Nasdaq 5000
Bryan Thomas via Getty Images

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KKK Fliers Promoting Islamophobia Found In Washington

Kkk Flyer
General Photographic Agency via Getty Images

What I Learned From Having And Fighting Ebola

Craig Spencer
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

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Bill Kristol Called For Samantha Power Boycott. She Got A Standing Ovation Instead.

Samantha Power

Mommy Blogger Found Guilty Of Poisoning Son

Lacey Spears

Policing Task Force Recommends Body Cams For Officers

Body Cams
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Lenovo Under Investigation For Major Security Issue

Lenovo Superfish Investigated
Bloomberg via Getty Images

eBay Billionaire's News Venture Blasted For 'Epic Managerial Incompetence'

Ken Silverstein

Darren Wilson Unlikely To Face Criminal Charges

Darren Wilson
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Google To Offer Its Own Cellular Service

Google Cellular Plan

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Hollywood's Diversity Problem Starts At The Top

Sony Films Logo

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John Oliver Goes On Epic Rant About America's Broken Infrastructure

John Oliver

The Richest Billionaires Of 2015

Bill Gates
TOBIAS SCHWARZ via Getty Images

Defense Secretary Faces Big Test Over Transgender Rights

Paula Neira
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

Iran Issues Ultimatum Over U.S. Sanctions


Scientists May Have Found The Smallest Life Form On Earth

Size Limit Life
Berkeley Lab

Why The Clinton Foundation's Promising CEO Suddenly Quit

Eric Braverman
Jemal Countess via Getty Images

Obama Administration Wants To Find New Ways To Fight Child Hunger

Child Hunger
Fred Paul via Getty Images

Accused Marathon Bomber Heads To Court

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Handout via Getty Images

Not All Democrats Are Happy With Warren's Anti-Banks Agenda

Elizabeth Warren
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Iraq Launches Offensive To Recapture Tikrit From ISIS

Recapturing Tikrit Isis
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Bill Clinton's Portrait Includes A Nod To Monica Lewinsky

Bill Clinton Portrait
The Washington Post via Getty Images

The CPAC Effect On The GOP Field

Scott Walker

Aetna CEO Explains Unique Management Style

Mark T Bertolini
Bloomberg via Getty Images

What Warren Buffett Really Thinks About Elizabeth Warren

Warren Vs Warren

Popular Dad Blogger Dies At 41

Oren Miller
Baltimore Sun


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Mass Grave Found Under Parisian Supermarket

Inrap Skeletons
Denis Gliksman/Inrap

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How Women Can Rise Above The 'Bitch' Label At Work

Mad Woman At Work
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc via Getty Images

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Here's When 'Orange Is The New Black' Returns


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These Stunning Photos Aren't Fake

Maximilian Mnller via Getty Images

Jared Leto Doesn't Look Like This Anymore

Jared Leto
Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images

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Where You've Seen All Those Breakout 'House Of Cards' Stars Before

Kim Dickens

Students Devise Way To Feed Homeless 5-Star Meals, Cut Food Waste All At Once

Drexel Food Lab Student One
Drexel Food Lab

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4 Big Takeaways From Last Night's Episode Of 'The Walking Dead'

The Walking Dead

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What Happens When You Jump Into A Tub Of Coke Zero With Mentos?


Dear McDonald's: Please Introduce A Veggie Burger

Bloomberg via Getty Images

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No, Khloe Kardashian Can't Save 'Fashion Police'

Khloe Kardashian
Getty Images

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Seniors Recreate Famous Hollywood Movie Posters And It's Fabulous

Ian Cann/MRC Photo

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Turns Out You CAN Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger

Marlene Ford via Getty Images

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The 9 Most Offensive-Smelling Foods To Eat At Your Desk

Office Foods

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Maggie Smith Plans To Leave 'Downton Abbey' After Next Season

Maggie Smith Downton

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You'll Never Think About Lettuce The Same Way Again

Hiroshi Higuchi via Getty Images

NBA Team Trolls LeBron On Twitter After Extremely Testy Game

Lebron James
Bill Baptist via Getty Images

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I Had An Affair, But Here's Why I'd Never Do It Again

Woman Infidelity
Clara Neuimie via Getty Images

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The Path To These Ice Caves Is Rough, But The Views Are Totally Worth It

Sunburst Ice Caves
Ernie Vater

Basketball Player Barely Avoids Getting Squished By Collapsing Basket


Iconic Space Image Gets A Mind-Boggling Do-Over

ESO/MUSE Consortium/R. Bacon

This Will Make You Miss Mister Rogers Even More


Gripping Midair Rescue Caught On Video After Skydiver Has Seizure

Skydiving Seizure

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'Divergent' Author Announces New Book Series

Veronica Roth
David Livingston via Getty Images

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7 Ways To Make Your Treadmill Workout Less Boring

Here's The Most Unique Job In Each State


10 Tricks To Appear Smarter In Meetings

Cooper Review

What I Learned As A Man Who Lives With A Feminist

Mike Reynolds
Karen Kavanagh/Courtesy of Mike Reynolds