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February 5, 2016

New Hampshire Was Practically Made For Bernie And Trump

The next pivotal point in American politics is custom-built for protest candidates. That, as much as anything, explains why Sen. Bernie Sanders and scaremongering billionaire Donald Trump are leading in New Hampshire primary polls by wide margins. At the same time, the biggest risk for Sanders and Trump is that the conventional wisdom says they will win. New Hampshire hates to ratify the conventional wisdom. Nowhere else in America is as suspicious of any and all establishments, as dedicated to its own vast array of local officeholders, and as resistant to being told what to do or think by Washington, Wall Street or national media bloviators.

Dem Split Cuts Deep

Clinton Sanders Divide
Getty Images

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The Next Trillion-Dollar Industry Could Be Built on Genetic Code

Genetic Code
Jezperklauzen via Getty Images

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U.S. OF FEAR: Tracking Islamophobia In America


Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Hits Taiwan

Seismographseismologyearthquakenatural Disastershorizontal
SAM YEH via Getty Images

Polls Show Marco Rubio Gaining On Donald Trump In New Hampshire

Athena Image
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Crane Collapses In NYC, At Least One Dead

Crane Collapse Instagram Tribeca

GOP Voters Are Ready To See Most Of Their Candidates Drop Out...

Athena Image
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

... But John Kasich Says He Isn't Going Anywhere

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Sheldon Adelson's Newspaper Just Endorsed Marco Rubio

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Sex Trafficking Hype Surrounding The Super Bowl Does More Harm Than Good


The World Pledged Billions In Aid To Syrians, But Millions Can't Get It

Athena Image
Beha el Halebi/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

What Polling Mistakes In Iowa Mean For New Hampshire And Beyond

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Here's The Real Reason Mitch McConnell Is Proposing Unlimited War Powers For Obama

Athena Image

FINEMAN: New Hampshire Was Practically Made For Bernie And Trump

Athena Image
Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

Senator Wonders How Much Longer U.S. Will Blindly Support Saudi Arabia

Athena Image

U.S. Added 151,000 Jobs In January, Unemployment Fell To 4.9%

Job Application
Geri Lavrov via Getty Images

Obama: U.S. 'Should Be Proud' Of Economic Progress

North Korea May Be Ready For Next Missile Launch By Super Bowl

Athena Image

New Zika Guidelines Will Change How Lots Of Americans Have Sex

Athena Image
B2M Productions

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Mexico's Leaked 'El Chapo' Texts Reveal Its Legal System's Huge Problems

Athena Image

How One Martin O’Malley Supporter Helped Hillary Clinton In Iowa

Athena Image
Steve Pope via Getty Images

Michigan GOP Whitewashes Rick Snyder's Role In Flint Water Crisis

Athena Image
Brett Carlsen via Getty Images

Twitter Had To Staff Up To Fight The Islamic State's Keyboard Warriors

Athena Image
rvlsoft via Getty Images

Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Dies At 85

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Edgar Mitchell And Ufos E

Regrowing Rain Forests May Curb Climate Change More Than We Thought

Athena Image
agustavop via Getty Images

The Harrowing Journey From North Africa Into Spanish Enclaves

Athena Image
Sergi Cámara

Chris Christie Will Charm The Hell Out Of Nancy Pelosi As President

Athena Image

Hillary Clinton To Talk Shop With Top Civil Rights Leaders In New York

Athena Image
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Carson On Defense: My Trip Home On Caucus Night Was For Fresh Clothes

Athena Image
Brendan Hoffman via Getty Images

No, There Was No Debate About Removing An MLK Quote At The University Of Oregon

Demonstration Crowd Pastor Podium Mag01
- via Getty Images

'Bonnie And Clyde' Suspect Killed In Florida Shootout

Blake Edward Fitzgerald
U.S. Marshall's Service

Why Clinton's Wall Street Speaking Fees Don't Bother Barbara Boxer

Athena Image

Assange Demands Freedom After Winning UN Panel's Backing


Simmering Tensions Erupt In First Face-Off Between Clinton And Sanders

Clinton Sanders Tensions
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Clinton Aide Sounds The Alarm: Bloodbath Will Ensue If Bernie Wins Ticket... TRANSCRIPT...

Bernie Sanders Lays Into Republicans For Hypocrisy On Family Values

Bernie Sanders
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Racial Inequality Headlines Congressional Progressive Caucus Summit

Athena Image

Johnny Manziel's Father Worries His Son Won't Live To See Next Birthday

Athena Image
Diamond Images via Getty Images

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At Least Jeb Bush's Brother Endorsed Him For President

PAUL J.RICHARDS via Getty Images

Pope To Hold Historic Meeting With Russian Orthodox Church Leader

Athena Image

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The Limits Of Obama’s Favorite Economic Theory

Obama Economy
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

A 'Brexit' Breakdown: Here's What's Going On With The EU And UK

Athena Image


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America Ferrera’s Response To Tone Deaf Question Will Make You Cheer

Athena Image
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

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Another Wild Landing At Maho Beach

Maho Beach
Dez Rosswess

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8-Year-Old Steals Mom's Gun, Robs Grocery Store, Police Say

Ebonie Alls Weird Florida Caught On Camera Dumb Crime

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Tearful Airport Goodbye Leads Republican To Quit Congress

Athena Image

Wife Crashes Own Funeral After Husband Tried To Have Her Killed

Noela Rukundo

Retired Cop Wins Appeal To Save Police Dog From Auction

Ajax Dog

Protestors: San Francisco Should 'Tackle Homelessness' Before Super Bowl

Athena Image

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Did The Ancient Greeks Have Laptops?

Ancient Laptop
The Getty

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Flying Pink Dildo Hits Politician In The Face During Presser


Trevor Noah Calls Out Racial Double Standard For NFL Quarterbacks

Trevor Noah Cam Newton Peyton Manning
Comedy Central

Porn Star Drops Assault Lawsuit Against Josh Duggar

Athena Image
Kris Connor via Getty Images

Cuba Gooding Jr. 'Absolutely' Believes Tom Cruise Had Work Done

Athena Image
Rob Kim via Getty Images

Man Says Kitten Saved His Life Days After Adoption From Shelter

Blake Cat
Glen Schallman

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It's All Happening: Bernie Sanders And Larry David Will Meet On SNL

Athena Image
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Russell Simmons Refutes Every Anti-Vegan Argument In 2 Minutes

Russell Simmons
Th Atlantic

WeChat Set To Become The Only App African Internet Users Need

Bloomberg via Getty Images

For Some Reason, James Franco Is Bringing 'Zola's Story' To The Big Screen

Via Rolling Stone
via Rolling Stone

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WATCH: Cat Missing For 16 Months Found Living In Most Purrfect Place

Athena Image
Jeffrey Coolidge via Getty Images

Governors Are Betting On The Super Bowl, But For A Good Cause

Athena Image

Study: If A Wild Animal Attacks You, It's Probably Your Fault

Athena Image
Paul Souders / Design Pics via Getty Images

Barbara Bush Throws Shade At Donald Trump

Athena Image

WATCH: Director Brian Oakes Talks HBO's James Foley Documentary

Athena Image

Record Executive Claims Kanye West Is Faking His Persona

Athena Image
Ray Tamarra via Getty Images

How Communities Are Helping Homeless People Displaced By The Super Bowl

Super Bowl Homeless San Francisco
HuffPost Rise

This Shelter Is Shooting Dogs — And It's Completely Legal

Athena Image
Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

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Should You Eat All The Super Bowl Food? A Handy Flowchart

Athena Image
mphillips007 via Getty Images

Tinder Swipes Left On Bernie Sanders Supporters

Athena Image
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Woman Buys A Box Of Junk, Finds An Original Andy Warhol Inside

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Susan Sarandon Doesn't Need Your Style Advice, Piers Morgan

Athena Image
Christopher Polk via Getty Images

11 Creative And Romantic Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

Athena Image
Tetra Images via Getty Images

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Rihanna Is Back To Her Old Self With New Haircut

Athena Image
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

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Not A Morning Person? Blame Your DNA.

Athena Image
John Arsenault/Getty Images

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The 6 Things Successful Long-Time Couples Never Do

Athena Image
Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

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This Is Why Chocolate Is So Bad For Dogs

Athena Image
saraidasilva via Getty Images

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