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January 31, 2015

Mitt Romney Drops Out, But He Got Us Good

If Romney managed nothing else during this brief period of speculation, he can surely say he got the rest of us goofy-footed. History will remember, if history cares, that The Daily Beast ended up as the 1948 Chicago Tribune of this whole mini-melodrama, offering the world a hastily-written and -retracted Romneyverse version of "Dewey Beats Truman." But all of that is ultimately just the cherry atop the weird Romney-boomlet sundae. The creamy stuff beneath tells a story of how we in the political media -- despite the initial instinct to write a new Romney candidacy off entirely -- nevertheless found ourselves ready, willing and able to suddenly get impossibly re-invested in Mitt Romney's persona.

JEB'S BIG TEST: The Money Race

Jeb Bush

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Another Example Of How Flimsy The Latest Anti-Obamacare Case Is

Paul Ryan Obamacare Lawsuit
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

GOP Senator's Answer On Fixing Law: 'No, No, No, No'

Escaped Syrian Child Soldier: 'Don't Join ISIS'

Islamic State Flag

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Varoufakis: 'You Have To Be Prepared To Blow The Whole Thing Up'

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The NFL's Trashtalker Of Truth

Richard Sherman Media
Christian Petersen via Getty Images

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REPORT: CIA And Mossad Killed Senior Hezbollah Official In Car Bombing

Lebanese Hezbollah Rally Beirut 2009

The Troublesome Truth About Federal Death Penalty Trials

Tsarnev Holmes Split
Getty / AP

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Andrew Sullivan: Should I Keep The Blog?

Andrew Sullivan
T.J. Kirkpatrick via Getty Images

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ISIS Chemical Weapons Expert Killed In Airstrike

Iraq Islamic State Mosul
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Seahawks Player: NFL Treats US ‘Like Criminals'


Mitt Romney Is Not Running For President In 2016

Mitt Romney
Sandy Huffaker via Getty Images

Netanyahu Accused Of Election Ploy After Push For New Settlements

MENAHEM KAHANA via Getty Images

The Unsolved Terror Attack At The Center Of Argentina's Political Crisis


Altar Server Scandal Highlights Catholic Church's Issues With Women

Catholic Cardinals

Obama Lays Down Another Order To Combat Climate Change

Flooded Houses Sandy

California Measles Outbreak Grows

Measles California
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Goodell Says He Isn't Going Anywhere After NFL's 'Tough Year'

Roger Goodell
Cliff Hawkins via Getty Images

NYC To Pay Family Nearly $4 Million For Police Killing Of Ramarley Graham

Ramarley Graham
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

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Congressman Diagnosed With Inoperable Brain Tumor

Alan Nunnelee
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Scientists: Patriots May Have A Point On Deflated Balls


Bibi Blows It Again


'The Scars Of Teen Drug Treatment' Reveals How Kids Were Once Abused

Nancy Reagan 1985

Greece Refuses To Cave To European Powers


Family Of Tamir Rice Files Lawsuit Over Fatal Police Shooting

Tamir Rice

His Worst Pro Round Ever


China's Bid To Curb Coal Could Trigger New Environmental Destruction

Coal Pollution China
FRED DUFOUR via Getty Images

Marked Shift In Americans' Views On Gas Prices

Gas Prices

Efforts To Help Crumbling Native American Schools Fall Short

Bug School
Photo Courtesy of John Parmeter

Assad Interviewer: Dictator Too 'Delusional' To End War, Work With U.S.


Etan Patz Murder Trial Begins With Defense Attacking Confession

Etan Patz

Seahawks Players Eviscerate Argument Against Paying NCAA Athletes


Suboxone Can Save Heroin Addicts' Lives. Why Won't We Give It To Them?

The Huffington Post

WATCH: HuffPost Discusses Treatment Left Largely Unused

More Legal Trouble For Uber

Bloomberg via Getty Images

'I Grew Up In America And I Wasn't Allowed To Drive'

Kiryas Joel Women

Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Has 9/11 Truthers' Support For 2015 Super Bowl

Seahawks Pete Carroll

UVA Students Call Banning Sorority Members From Parties 'Dangerous'

Uva Sororities
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Witnesses On Suge Knight Crash: 'Looked Like It Was An Intentional Act'

Suge Knight
David Becker via Getty Images


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If You Really Want To Lose Fat, Cardio Isn't Enough

Cardio Or Weights
jesadaphorn via Getty Images

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The Privacy Threats Grindr Users Are Exposed To

Grindr App

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Scientists May Be Nearing A Cure For Hair Loss

Baldness Cure
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

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Richard Sherman, Seahawks Confront Possible Baby Dilemma

Richard Sherman Carroll
Norm Hall via Getty Images

First 'Game Of Thrones' Photos From Season 5 Reveal New Characters

Arya Black And White

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Is It Time To Kill The K-Cup?


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Former Student Admits Filming Solo Sex Scene In College Library: Cops


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Here's What Cody From 'Baywatch' Looks Like Now

David Chokachi Baywatch
SGranitz via Getty Images

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The 'Exorcism' Ali MacGraw Underwent On Her 65th Birthday

Ali Macgraw On Oprah

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Newspaper Runs Sexist Obituary Of Famed Author

Colleen Mccullough

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Women's-Only Mosque Opens In L.A.

Women Mosque
Leonardo Patrizi via Getty Images

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McDonald's Will Soon Accept Hugs As Payment

Mcdonalds Ad

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The 8 Painting Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

Diy Home Improvement
Hemera Technologies via Getty Images

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Remember Red Pistachios? Here's What Happened To Them

Red Pistachios
mg7 via Getty Images

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Heartbreaking Photos Capture Identical Twin Farmers At The End Of Their Lives


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20 Commercials Banned From The Super Bowl

Peta Super Bowl Ad

Here's What An Adorably Unusual Pit Bull-Dachshund Mix Looks Like

Pit Bull Dachshund Mix

Oscar Isaac On His 'Powerful, Flawed' Latino Character In 'A Most Violent Year'

Oscar Isaac
Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

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The Truth About The White Stuff Oozing Out Of Salmon

Cooking Salmon
Lew Robertson, Brand X Pictures via Getty Images

How Your Camera Works, At 10,000 Frames Per Second

Camera 10000 Fps

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What Happens When A Child Adopted From Abroad Learns About Race

via Sadye L. Campoamor

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Banksy Exhibit Inspires Ex-Drug Addict To Change His Own Life Through Art


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Deleted Scenes From The 'Parenthood' Finale Are Straight-Up Precious

Parenthood Series Finale

Ryan Gosling Hasn't Been This Funny In Years

Ryan Gosling

Mom Says She's Afraid Of 16-Year-Old Daughter And Sleeps With A Bat

Drphil 13087video
Dr. Phil

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Matt Damon Claims Responsibility For 'Deflategate' In His Best Boston Accent

Matt Damon

All Hail Emma Stone


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What Newly Single Men Should Never Wear On A Date, According To Women

Emmanuel Faure via Getty Images

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