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September 17, 2014
Presented by Evian

The Middle Class and Working Poor's Lifelong Losing Game -- In 10 Slides

They say a picture's worth a thousand words. If that's true, the following 10 images could provide the lyrics for a thousand blues songs. The graphs are taken from series of recent reports which, when considered together, create a paint-by-numbers picture of the lifelong losing game faced by working Americans. The chorus to our blues song goes like this: The middle class and working poor are increasingly trapped in a cycle of economic decline, a downward slope which stretches from their golden youth to their sunset years. And there's no way out, unless we find one for ourselves.

Ginsburg Weighs In On Gay Marriage

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
The Washington Post via Getty Images

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Why Many Scots Will Vote For Independence

BEN STANSALL via Getty Images

2 Days To Go... UK Leaders Desperately Make Offers To Keep Union Intact...

NFL Sponsors Call Out League


Anheuser-Busch: 'Disappointed And Extremely Concerned'... Visa, McDonald's, Campbell Soup Pile On... Senator: End Tax-Exempt Status...

Bobby Jindal's Bizarre Reading Of Climate Science

Bobby Jindal
AP Photo/Molly Riley

Dempsey: Ground Troops Possible In Iraq

Troops Helicopter

Obama Adviser: The President Didn't Change, ISIS Did

American Reportedly Arrested Trying To Swim To North Korea

Han River Gimpo

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Conservatives Aren't Happy With The New Miss America

Miss America
Donald Kravitz via Getty Images

Yellowstone To Kill 900 Bison During Winter Cull

Yellowstone Bison
The Washington Post via Getty Images

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Record Wildfire Season.. Climate Trial.. Lynx Protection.. Climate Summit.. Cat Ladies.. Volcanic Eruption

People Who Saw Michael Brown Die All Tell A Similar Story

Michael Brown Darren Wilson

Senators Lament Obama's 'Woefully Inadequate' Ebola Response

Ebola Children

U.S. Sends Troops To Africa... The Horrifying Numbers Of Ebola...

Mississippi Coroner Tells Residents To Shoot Intruders

Door Gun
Antonio M. Rosario via Getty Images

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Eating Brains.. Teacher Makes Drugs.. Kidnapping Trooper.. Trouble For Zimmerman.. Abusive Doc

Prosecutors: New York Man Sought To Help ISIS, Kill U.S. Soldiers

Mufid Elfgeeh

A Major Win For Labor

American Airlines Plane

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Walmart's Lying.. Olive Garden Really Needs.. Mountain Dew's Secret.. Black Lung Horror.. Tesla Loss

'They’re Used To This Life Of Hunger Now'

Sophia Jones

Why America Can't Have Nice Things

Newt Gingrich
Boston Globe via Getty Images

NASA Picks Boeing And SpaceX To Build 'Space Taxis'

International Space Station
Getty Images

OMFG: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Really Did This

Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Bennett Raglin via Getty Images

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Uninsured Rate Drops To Lowest Level Since The '90s


Walmart Allegedly Levied A Nonexistent 'Sugar Tax'

Walmart Logo
Visions of America via Getty Images

LAWSUIT: For-Profit College Chain Cheated Students

Forprofit Colleges

Senate Shocker: Kansas Republican Losing

Pat Roberts

Ukraine Takes Landmark Step Towards Europe

GENYA SAVILOV via Getty Images

Russia Threatens To Send More Troops To Crimea

One Obvious Way To Get Wages Growing Again

Census Bureau

Report Lays Out How Bad U.S. Wildfires Could Get

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

What Is (And What Is NOT) Being Done To Reform The NSA

Edward Snowden

'We're All Gonna Die!'

Jon Stewart Lindsey Graham Isis
Comedy Central

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Walmart Flack Resigns After Allegedly Lying About College Diploma

David Tovar
Casey Rodgers/AP Images for Walmart

Suspect Named In Deadly Pennsylvania State Police Ambush

Pennsylvania State Police

'He Drugged Me, He Tried To Kill Me, He Raped Me'


Why Escaping An Abusive Relationship Is Never So Simple As 'Just Leaving'

Fox News's Benghazi Obsession Was Even More Insane Than You Thought

Fox News Benghazi
Fox News

Students Uncover Tragic Secret

Death Valley

Prison For Killer Who Drove Cross Country To Confess

Killer Drives Cross Country
Matthew Brown via Getty Images

Pelosi Had A Pretty Simple Response To Ted Cruz's Bizarre 'SNL' Claim


Disgraced Activist Tells Her Side Of The Story

Sascha Baumann via Getty Images

Man Allegedly Murders Fiance, Eats Her Brains


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Richard III Cause Of Death Revealed

Richard Iii Skull
AFP via Getty Images

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Bill Hader Drops A Major Stefon Bombshell

Stefon Saturday Night Live

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WATCH: Gay Teen Comes Out To Mom, But She Has News Of Her Own

Coming Out

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Playboy Names The 10 Best Colleges For Partying

Shmacked Penn
Im Shmacked

Bridge Will Send Your Stomach For A Loop

Glacier 3000

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John Travolta Responds To Gay Rumors

John Travolta
Jeremychanphotography via Getty Images

Photographer Taught 1,500 Puppies To Swim

Underwater Puppies
Seth Casteel

Jerry Seinfeld Shares Heartbreaking Joan Rivers Text

Seinfeld Joan Rivers

Tribute To Fallen Soldier Is Like No Other

Barry Delaney
Andrew Milligan/PA Archive

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Blood Test Suggests Depression Is Not A Matter Of Will

AdrianHillman via Getty Images

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12 Stereotypes About The Spanish That Are Totally NOT True

Penelope Cruz
BEN STANSALL via Getty Images

Patti Smith Tells It Like It Is, Continues To Be Our F***ing Hero

Patti Smith
Daniel Boczarski via Getty Images

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NFL Star Says He Will 'Harshly' Discipline His 1-Year-Old Daughter

Reggie Bush
Gregory Shamus via Getty Images

Dad Is Totally Loving This Oculus Rift Roller Coaster 'Ride'


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The Latest 'Game Of Thrones' Fan Theory Will Blow Your Mind

Tyrion Game Of Thrones

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Love, Found In The Mud

Tough Mudder

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Eva Mendes Ryan Gosling
Sonia Recchia via Getty Images

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The Weirdest Looks We've Ever Seen Come Down The Runway

Getty Images

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Priceless Reactions To Serial High-Fiver At Large In NYC

High Five
AMK Productions

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Lupita Nyong'o's 'Sesame Street' Bit On Skin Is Truly Wonderful

Lupita Sesame Street
Sesame Street

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Why Nick Jonas Ditched His Chastity Promise Ring

Nick Jonas
HuffPost Live

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Students Say They Were Victims Of Racist Prank Involving Bananas

North Plainfield High School

Kerry Washington Sheds Light On An Invisible Kind Of Domestic Abuse

Kerry Washington

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'You Let A Penis Penetrate Your Friendship!'

Iyanla Vanzant Confronts Women 34 Kids

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16 Times Leslie Knope Made The Whole World Happy

Amy Poehler Parks And Recreation
NBC via Getty Images

Why Expensive Engagement Rings Are Ridiculous


Scientists Discover Strange New Influence On Baby Names

Qwerty Effect Baby Names
Katie Clarke via Getty Images