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July 31, 2014

Is Obama Really Adrift in the World?

For all the hands shaken and hamburgers eaten, President Obama has never quite shaken his reputation for detachment. He is the "cool" president who doesn't lose his temper even when he should. He is the former constitutional law professor who is too "academic" for the Oval Office. He uses his brain when he should be relying more on other body parts: guts, heart, cojones. He surrounds himself with a small coterie of friends and lacks the common touch. All of this is nonsense, of course -- the kind of stuff that has made People magazine and Entertainment Tonight into reference guides even inside the Beltway. Our celebrity culture has turned us all into armchair therapists who put even our president on the couch to analyze his personality flaws. But when the label of "detached" acquires a political spin, it's no longer just nonsense. It becomes dangerous.

White House: 'Extraordinary' That GOP Would Vote On Deporting DREAMers


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CIA Admits It Improperly Accessed Senate Computers


U.S. Issues Travel Warning Over Ebola Outbreak

CELLOU BINANI via Getty Images

Death Toll Rises

Israel, Hamas Accused Of War Crimes

Gaza Funeral
MAHMUD HAMS via Getty Images

Israel Determined To Destroy Hamas Tunnels... Calls Up Another 16k Reserves... Death Toll Climbs... MORE

WATCH: Joe Scarborough Harshly Criticizes Israel Over Gaza

Joe Scarborough

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Court Deals Big Blow To Unions

Scott Walker

PLUS: State's Controversial Voter ID Law Upheld...

Reporter Breaks Down Over Children Killed In Gaza

Children Gaza
MAHMUD HAMS via Getty Images

Doctor Infected With Ebola Makes Incredible Gesture To Fellow Patient

Kent Brantly

John Boehner Calls Harry Reid's Idea 'Nutso'

John Boehner
Alex Wong via Getty Images

How School Suspensions Can Punish You For A Lifetime

Sad Black Child
2A Images via Getty Images

More Black Voices
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REVEALED: Tea Party Group Influenced McConnell On Stimulus

Mitch Mcconnell
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Why Is The NAACP Siding With Verizon Over Net Neutrality?

Cornell William Brooks

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Digs 'Notorious' Nickname


U.S. Attorney Warns Cuomo Over Potential Witness Tampering

Andrew Cuomo

GOP Official Makes Ridiculous Comment About Muslim Americans

Bob Fitzsimmonds
Bob FitzSimmonds

Deadly Shooting Takes Place In Downtown Chicago Office Building

Chicago Shooting

GOP Rep: Obama Should 'Send A Boat' For Immigrant Children

Michael Burgess
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Benghazi Conspiracy Claims Still Not Adding Up


Billionaire Republican Donor Pushes Argentina Into Default

Paul Singer

'Fact-Averse' GOP Candidate Stuns Reporter

Lenar Whitney Scares People
Lenar Whitney YouTube

Corporations Have Found Yet Another (Secret) Way To Influence Elections

Super Pacs Corporations
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Bachmann: Gov't Wants To Experiment On Undocumented Children

Michele Bachmann
Alex Wong via Getty Images

'Today' Show Experiment Gone Wrong

Mosquito Today

The Secret Lives Of D.C. Lobbyists

Capitol Dome
Tim Graham via Getty Images

From Spy Film Fanatic To One Of The World's Most Powerful Men

Putin Portrait

WATCH: Sean Hannity Freaks Out Over Criticism

Sean Hannity

Why Don't Palestinians Just Leave Gaza? They Can't.

JACK GUEZ via Getty Images

Alarming Information Revealed About American Suicide Bomber In Syria

American Suicide Bomber Syria

Johnson & Johnson Pulls Device That May Spread Cancer

Johnson Johnson Logo

Amazon's Strange New Plan To Save Money

Amazon Logo
David McNew via Getty Images

Uncontacted Tribe Emerges From Rainforest After 'Violent Attacks'

FUNAI via Live Leak

Republicans Push Obama Lawsuit Through House

Baby Crying
kirza via Getty Images

Verizon's 'Disturbing' Plan Under Fire

Verizon Store
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Jon Stewart Exposes The Most Outrageous Corporate Tax Dodge Yet

Jon Stewart
Comedy Central

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Obama To GOP: 'Stop Just Hatin' All The Time'


Man On FBI's Most Wanted List Taken Into Custody

Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara

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Seattle Cop Who Issued 80 Percent Of Marijuana Tickets Removed From Duty

Marijuana Police Arrest

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Frank Micelotta via Getty Images

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9 Lies You Learned In Kindergarten And Probably Still Believe Today

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George Burns/Harpo Studios

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Free In-Flight Entertainment For All!

Delta Air Lines Airplane
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Ali Wentworth
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'Sharknado 2' Creates Twitter GOLD

Sharknado 2

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Prolific TV Producer Dies

Robert Halmi

WATCH: Kitty Charms His Owner Into Giving Him Kisses

Kitty Look
Natalie Sanchez/Youtube

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Teen Who Parodies Celeb Photos Has Inspirational Message

Teen Parodies Celebs Instagram
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