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July 26, 2014

A Mississippi Freedom Summer Pilgrimage: An Atrocity We Must Never Forget

We must make sure that our children and all of us know our history and that the atrocities that wiped out the lives of countless individuals who died for freedom and justice during the Civil Rights Movement -- including eight Black men whose bodies were only found as the FBI dredged Mississippi rivers and swamps searching for three other young men -- do not ever happen again. We must all do our part to create a safe and hopeful nation for every child.

Gaza Health Ministry: Palestinian Death Toll Tops 1,000

MOHAMMED ABED via Getty Images

Truce Extended For 4 Hours... Residents Return To Destroyed Areas, Pull Dead Out Of Rubble... LATEST...

Journalists Saw Rebels With BUK Missiles Hours Before MH17 Crashed


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Discredited Ex-CIA Director Is Back With Stealth Campaign

George J Tenet
TIM SLOAN via Getty Images

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Boehner Impeachment Try.. Right's New Enemy #1.. Awkward GOP.. Issa Drama.. Dem Senator Sued

Keith Olbermann Delivers Powerful Speech About Sexism In Sports

Keith Olbermann Sexism Sports
YouTube / Keith Olbermann

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Republican Voters Want To Impeach The President. Good Luck With That.


Report: Mitt Romney Mixed Up Donna Brazille And Gwen Ifill

Mitt Romney

Some Named In Senate Report On Torture Won't Get To Read It

Central Intelligence Agency
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Charlie Crist Delivers Perfect Response To Rick Scott On Climate Change

Charlie Crist
Larry French via Getty Images

U.S. Evacuates Embassy In Libya

Tripoli Airport

'Hot Jupiters' Cast Doubt On Planet Theories

Hot Jupider

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Volcano To Be Mapped.. Record-Setting Alien World.. Brain Myth Debunked.. Life On Mars.. Sun Is Quiet?

North Korea Fires Short-Range Missile Into Sea

North Korea

Feds Failing To Act On Big Health Risk

Factory Farm Turkeys
Gunter Flegar via Getty Images

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Solar Power Win.. Wildfire Season.. So. Many. Bugs.. Abandoned Mall.. Big Poaching Crackdown.. Orca

Republicans Have Zero Reaction To Obama's Historic LGBT Order


Who Bears More Responsibility For The War In Gaza?


U.S. Fighter Jets Escort Plane Home After Passenger Threat

News Hour

Ebola Outbreak Spreads To Africa's Most Populous Country

Kallista Images via Getty Images

ALSO: Ebola Patient At Large

Police Hunt For Suspects In Carjacking That Killed Kids


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Police Could Charge Burglar Killer.. Do We Execute 'Worst Of The Worst'?.. Hospital Shooting

BuzzFeed Editor Fired For Repeated Plagiarism

Buzzfeed Plagiarism

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Fox Anchor Guilty.. David Gregory Done?.. 'Awful' In Gaza.. Shep Challenges Maddow.. Iran: It's True

ESPN Host: Battered Women Should Learn Not To Provoke It

Domestic Violence

Co-Worker: 'I'll Never Feel Clean Again'

Cops Deciding Whether To Charge Man Who Allegedly Killed Burglar

Andrea Miller Burglar

This Congressman Wants To Give You The Right To Sue Union-Busters

Keith Ellison

Less Pay, More Weekend? Some Americans Are Ready To Say Yes

Office Workers
Ryan McVay via Getty Images

New Report Challenges Conventional Wisdom On Prison And Public Safety

California Prison Overcrowding
Kevork Djansezian via Getty Images

White House: GOP Will Push Impeachment


Sullivan: What Does She Stand For?

Hillary Clinton

DEA Leadership Blasted In Report On Student Left In Cell For Days

Michele Leonhart
ANTONIO SCORZA via Getty Images

Obama: Undocumented Migrants Will Be Sent Home

Border Children Mexico

Elon Musk Is Making Good On Promises To Stephen Colbert

Elon Musk
Comedy Central

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Another Judge Dumps Florida's Gay Marriage Ban

Gay Couple Kiss

GOP Congressman Mistakes U.S. Officials For Foreigners

Curt Clawson

Mark Cuban Threatens To Dump Companies That Move Offshore

Mark Cuban
STAN HONDA via Getty Images

What You Need To Know About The Latest Mosquito-Borne Virus

Mosquito Virus

Senator Backtracks On Blaming PTSD For Plagiarism

John Walsh Montana

Soon It Will Be Legal To Unlock Your Cell Phone

Obama Phone Unlock
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

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8 Health Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Mature Back Pain
Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

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Baby Boomers Are Having A Big Problem With Unprotected Sex

Seniors In Bed
LWA via Getty Images

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Joan Rivers Goes Off On Epic Rant Defending Israel

Joan Rivers
Jeff Schear via Getty Images

Disabled Pup Gets Tiny Wheels

The Downtown Veterinarian

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TV Shows From Your Childhood That Were Super Overrated


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One Couple's Creative Response To Anti-Abortion Protesters

Weird Hobby

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Yes, Sexually Frustrated Wives Can Make Sex Spreadsheets Too


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5 Myths About Corn You Should Stop Believing

Eat Corn
Foodcollection via Getty Images

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Here's 2 Minutes Of Disney Characters Falling Down

Disney Falls

He Murdered Someone At 19. The Person He's Become Will Amaze You.

Shaka Senghor Ted

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How To Tell The Difference Between 'In Like' And 'In Love'

In Love Couple
Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

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10 Books So Good, They Deserve A Sequel

Sequel Books
Scholastic Press

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The Most Beautiful Greek Island You Haven't Heard Of

Aegina Beach
Ivan Bastien via Getty Images

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Walmart's Ice Cream Sandwiches Don't Melt In The Sun

Walmart Ice Cream Sandwich

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Exposed By My Children For What I Really Look Like

Bridgette White
Bridgette White

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Bill Maher's New Rule For Parents Who Name Their Babies 'Katniss'

Bill Maher

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How 'GoT' Broke Pedro Pascal's Heart

Pedro Pascal

Guess Which Reality Star Went ALL OUT At Comic-Con

Audrina Patridge

Judy Greer's Favorite Excuses For Avoiding Sex

Judy Greer
HuffPost Live

8 Ways Technology Makes You Stupid

Brain Technology
Maciej Frolow via Getty Images

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Former WWE Champ Catches Suspected Burglar

Daniel Bryan
AP Images for WWE

'I've Been Begging For This Body My Whole Life!'

Kate Upton
Anthony Harvey via Getty Images

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The 'Million-Dollar Question' All Happy Couples Ask

Own Ownshow Happy Couple Relationship Rut

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Is 'Lucy' Worth Your Money?

Lucy Review

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RANKED: The 10 Best Cities For Families

Family Holding Hands
SZE FEI WONG via Getty Images

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10-Year-Old Girl's Guitar Cover Of Slayer Is Amazing

Audrey Slayer Rocksmith Guitar 10 Years Old

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Embroidered Portraits Reveal Female Soldiers In A New Light


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Family Devastated By Sandy Wins $20 Million Lottery

New Jersey Lottery Winners
Associated Press

J.Crew Is Selling Hashtag Shorts Because Life Is Absurd And Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Hashtag Shorts