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November 24, 2015

Business and Climate: A Match Made in Paris

The United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP21, begins later this month in Paris. There, as Newsweek put it, "leaders and high-level officials from 196 parties have 12 days to reach an accord that could save the planet." That's not an exaggeration. The stakes are huge and we're not going to have many opportunities, with everyone gathered together, to come up with a solution equal to the problem. And the business world is going to have to be a part of that solution. So I'm delighted that Michael Bloomberg, whose commitment to working toward solutions to this crisis is inspiring, has asked me to share my own thoughts on the subject as part of "Businesses for Climate," a series on how businesses are addressing climate change leading up to the conference.

Explosion Tears Through Bus Full Of Tunisian Presidential Guards


12 Dead... 3rd Major Attack In Country This Year... President: Tunisia 'At War With Terrorism'...

2 Men Arrested After 5 Shot Near Black Lives Matter Protest Site

Athena Image

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Killer Mike Meets Bernie.. Minneapolis Shooting.. Black Family Thanksgiving.. Chefs To Know

Hillary Clinton Vows To Stop Calling Undocumented Immigrants 'Illegal'

Athena Image

More Politics
Dem: I Dare Ya.. Carson Walk Back.. Cop Charged With Murder.. Largest Response To Heroin Epidemic

Belgian Authorities Charge 5th Suspect With Terror Offenses

Athena Image
ERIC LALMAND via Getty Images

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Boko Haram Terror.. Europe Tightens Borders.. Belle Paris! Aga Khan.. Pollard Free.. Climate Talks

Cop Who Shot Black Chicago Teen 16 Times Charged With Murder

Athena Image
Chicago Tribune via Getty Images

Muslims Weren't Cheering On 9/11. They Were Grieving For Their Loved Ones.

Talat Hamdani

Kentucky Governor Restores Voting Rights To Nonviolent Former Felons

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg's Paternity Leave Is A Win For Women

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Jack Dorsey's Secret.. Trump's Child Care Fail.. Spotify Win.. Chevy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯..Tesla's Uber Rival?

The U.S. Is Depressingly Good At Putting Women Behind Bars

Women Jail
Lyle Leduc via Getty Images

To Be Black Is To Never, Ever Feel Safe

Athena Image
Stephen Maturen via Getty Images

4 Reasons This Pharma Mega-Merger Could Be Terrible For You

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

At Least 19 Sickened With E.coli Linked To Costco Chicken Salad

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Federal Court: Wisconsin Abortion Law Is Unconstitutional, Dangerous

Wisconsin Abortion

Doctors Describe Nightmarish Frenzy Treating Paris Attack Victims

Athena Image
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

ACLU Sues Indiana Governor Over Syrian Refugee Ban

Athena Image

NYT Publishes Scathing Takedown Of Trump's 'Racist Lies'

Athena Image
Ty Wright via Getty Images

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The Media Called Her A Suicide Bomber.. NBC Gives Away Free Ad Time.. Women Not Equal In Media..

Ted Cruz Surges In Iowa Polls

Athena Image
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Here's Who's Joining The Military In 2015

Damon Dahlen

Prosecutor: Suspected Architect Of Paris Attacks Was Planning Another

Athena Image

Obama Makes Impassioned Plea For Calm After Paris Attacks

Athena Image

ISIS Sinai Affiliate Claims Bombing In Egyptian Hotel

Athena Image
-/AFP/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton Nabs Another Big Endorsement

Athena Image

Facebook Pages For White Student Unions Pop Up At Schools Across The Country


Shaun King: Chicago Cop's Murder Charge Is Too Late

Laquan Mcdonald
Chicago Tribune via Getty Images

Self-Driving Cars May Be Coming Sooner Than You Thought

Athena Image
Bloomberg/Getty Images

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Bernie Sanders Doesn't Like Super PACs, But He Won't Speak Out Against This One

Athena Image
Prince Williams via Getty Images

Campaign Watchdogs: Pro-Rubio TV Ads Are Breaking The Law

Athena Image
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Liberian Teen Dies Of Ebola After Months Without New Cases

Athena Image

How The Gun Control Debate Ignores Black Lives

Gun Violence
Deanne Fitzmaurice for ProPublica

Trump Defends Racist Retweet: 'Am I Gonna Check Every Statistic?'


More: 'You Bet Your Ass' I'd Bring Back Waterboarding

Views On Obamacare Shift Negative

Athena Image
Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Tide Is Turning On The AIDS Pandemic

Athena Image
Francis Sheehan via Getty Images

Suicide Vest Found In Paris Similar To The Ones Used In Attacks

Athena Image

WATCH: This Rocket Landing Is Big News For Commercial Space Travel

Blue Origin

More Science
'Real' Winnie The Pooh.. Major Genetic Revolution.. Watch Earth Breathe.. Sex In Space.. Meteor Spotted

Dr. Strangelove Is Back: Say 'Hi' to the Cobalt Bomb!

Vladmir Putin

Watch Killer Mike's Powerful Endorsement Of Bernie Sanders

Killer Mike Bernie Sanders
Killer Mike

India's Marital Rape Crisis Reaches 'Tragic Proportions'

Athena Image
Chandan Khanna/Getty Images

The Indian Lawyer Fighting For Women's Basic Rights

Memo To Ben Carson: This Is Not New Jersey

Middle East
CIA/World Factbook

ISIS Intel Cooked?


Deadly 'Kissing Bugs' Found In Southern States

Horizontal Imagecolour Imagedayindoorsone Personhu
UniversalImagesGroup via Getty Images


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Man Learns Tough Life Lesson After Telling Stripper She's Fat

Athena Image
Fuse via Getty Images

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Student Found Dead.. Video Of Teen Being Shot Shakes Chicago.. New Orleans.. Fatal Crash

George Takei: Trump's Comments On Refugees Have A 'Nazi Echo'

Athena Image
Jemal Countess via Getty Images

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Richard Dawkins Compares Ahmed Mohamed To ISIS Child Soldier

Ahmed Mohammed

Obama Hates Pardoning Turkeys And Is Sassy About It

JIM WATSON via Getty Images

The 3 Biggest Health Mistakes Men Make In Their 30s

Athena Image
Creatas via Getty Images

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Media & Mental Illness.. STD Tests.. Overachievers.. Holiday Guide.. Seasonal Depression

How 'The Sopranos' Execs Helped Jamie-Lynn Sigler Realize She Had An Eating Disorder

Evan Agostini via Getty Images

Mariah Carey Was 'Just Being Honest' About Famous J.Lo Remark

Athena Image
Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images

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WATCH: These Companies Are Telling Employees NOT To Check Their E-Mail

Huffpost Rise Work Email
HuffPost Rise

Honey, I Love You... But We Need Separate Beds

Athena Image
Best View Stock via Getty Images

WATCH: This Is Your Sex Life After Thanksgiving Dinner

Too Full To Fuck Thanksgiving Dinner Sex Paul Gale Decoded Music Video

Teen Accidentally Runs Marathon

Evan Megoulas Weird Sports Pennsylvania Weird
Peter Megoulas via WPVI TV

Holly Holm's Advice For Athletic Girls Who Get Bullied

Athena Image
Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The Only Shopping Guide For Cyber Monday You Need

Athena Image
filo via Getty Images

Trust Us: This Green Bean Casserole Belongs At Your Thanksgiving Table

Green Bean Casserole Thanksgiving Healthy
Katie Farrell

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WATCH: Zuckerberg's Paternity Leave Raises The Bar For Dads Everywhere

Athena Image

Dazzling Photos Show Marilyn Monroe Was A Yoga Expert

Marilyn Monroe Yoga


Alessandra Ambrosio Maxim
Gilles Bensimon exclusively for Maxim

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So, Holly Holm Asked Beyoncé What Her Name Was

Getty Images

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WATCH: MIT Professor Explains Why 'Ghosting' Is Bad For Society

Athena Image
Getty Images

Woman Who Flung Puppy Out Of Car Goes To Jail

Dog Abuse Dog Neglect Animal Abuse Animal Neglect Animal Rescue Dog Rescue
Charlotte's Place A Journey Of Hope

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Heat Records.. Mutt Day.. Divestment.. Arctic Drilling.. Sea Lions.. Pope And Mayors.. California Flooding

Cowboys Will Tolerate Domestic Violence, But Not Dress Code Violations

Athena Image

WATCH: New York's Top-Selling Real Estate Broker Says Doing Porn Boosted His Career

Fredrik Eklund
HuffPost Live