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April 25, 2015

We Are All in This Life Together

Bruce Jenner has revealed his struggle with gender dysphoria. I never would have dared to speak on this issue before he was comfortable enough to do so first. It is, after all, his truth, so I knew he should be afforded the dignity to reveal that truth on his own time and in the way he sees fit. I have respectfully kept his secrets private and would have taken his confidences to my grave had he not spoken out. But now, many years into his remarkable life, he has spoken out, and as much as this is about Bruce, it's not all about him. The sharing of my experience is meant to enlighten and inform -- to lend a modicum of comfort and support for all those disenfranchised, struggling, discriminated-against, searching souls.

New Mayor Locked Out Of City Hall In Struggling St. Louis County Town

Betty Mccray
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Diane Sawyer Nailed The Bruce Jenner Interview. Here's What Needs To Happen Next.

Bruce Jenner Diane Sawyer
ABC News

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Turkish President Slams Nations Recognizing Armenian Genocide


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Jenner 3

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How Living With and Loving Bruce Jenner Changed My Life

Bruce Jenner Linda Thompson
AP Photo

Police Union Chief Defends Calling Baltimore Protesters A 'Lynch Mob'

Freddie Gray
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

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So That Happened: The Obama Trade Deal Warren Hates Gets A Vote

Obama Warren
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Brutal Drought Pushes Lake Mead To Record Low Water Level

Lake Mead Nevada
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

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Historic Tower Collapses In Nepal Earthquake

REPORT: NBC Probe Uncovers More Suspected Lies Of Brian Williams

Brian Williams Nbc
Monica Schipper via Getty Images

8 Sexual Assault Survivors Share Their Stories, Years Later

Danielle Bostick
HuffPost Live

Bruce Jenner Comes Out As A Conservative

Jenner 8

ISIS Makes Gains In Key Province


Seattle Woman Punched By Officer While Handcuffed Sues For $1 Million

Mike Siegel / Seattle Times

Police Find Body Of Missing Indiana University Student

Hannah Wilson
Indiana State Police

Donations Pour In For Oregon Bakery That Won't Prepare Gay Wedding Cakes

Sweet Cakes By Melissa Fundraiser
HECTOR MATA via Getty Images

Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Youth Wielding Knife At Checkpoint

Israeli Flag
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

White House Correspondents' Dinner Entertainment, Ranked

White House Correspondents Dinner
Library of Congress

Gunmen Kill Prominent Women's Rights Activist In Pakistan

ASIF HASSAN via Getty Images

These Black Women Were Killed By Police. Their Deaths Were Met With Silence.

Rekia Boyd
Chicago Tribune via Getty Images

European Powers Unload On Greece As Time Runs Short

ARIS MESSINIS via Getty Images

Italy Marks 70th Anniversary Of Anti-Nazi Uprising

ANDREAS SOLARO via Getty Images

Baltimore Police Admit Mistakes In Freddie Gray Arrest

Freddie Gray

Frat Suspended After Members Allegedly Spit At Wounded Military Vets


CIA Hostage-Killing Strike Underscores 'Close Enough' Nature Of Drones

Brave New Films

Obamacare News That Should Make Conservatives Happy, But Won't

Obamacare Republican

Barack Fires Back

Warren Obama

Pakistani Friends Mourn U.S. Aid Worker Killed In CIA Drone Strike

Warren Weinstein


Armenian Genocide
Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty images

1.5 Million Killed... Death Marches And Mass Graves... Paved The Way For Hitler... Turkey's Shameful Denial...

Congressman Trolls Steve King With Bill To Block Him From Legislating

Steve King Jared Polis

Hawaii Set To Become First State To Raise Smoking Age To 21

Teens Cigarettes
Darren McCollester via Getty Images

Final 3 Defendants Convicted Of Manslaughter For FAMU Hazing Death

Robert Champion Florida Hazing

Reserve Deputy Who Killed Suspect Was Investigated In 2009

Robert Bates

'They Were Using The Most Powerful Threats To Silence Them'

Sarah Saldana
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

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Another Mega Merger In The Works?

Time Warner Cable Ny

Even The CIA Likes TED Talks, But Only Secret Ones

Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP


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Celebrities React To Bruce Jenner's Diane Sawyer Interview

Bruce Jenner

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Isaiah Washington: Hotel Tried To Kick Me Out 'For Being An Uppity Negro'

Isaiah Washington
Star Max/IPx

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This Could Stop 1,200 Kids From Dying From Malaria Per Day

Malaria Children

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The Perfect Response To A Subway Ad That Asks If You're ‘Beach Body Ready'

Beach Body
Twitter: EscapologistGI

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Take A Terrifying Look At Jared Leto As The Joker In 'Suicide Squad'

Jared Leto
Francois Durand via Getty Images

Farmer Finds Prehistoric 'Sea Monster' On His Property

Kronosaurus Found
Patricia Woodgate

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13 Things I Wish I Knew In My Early 20s

Samantha Matt
Samantha Matt

Here Are The Most Common Questions About The Trans Community, Answered

Barbie Made An Ava DuVernay Doll. It's Not For Sale, But It Should Be.

Ava Duvernay
Astrid Stawiarz via Getty Images

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Director: Courtney Love Made Making Cobain Film A 'Living Hell'

Courtney Love
Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP

Every Unforgettable Al Pacino Close-Up, In Honor Of His 75th Birthday

Al Pacino
Cindy Ord via Getty Images

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7 Women Confront The Catfish They All Had An Online 'Relationship' With

Drphil 416video
Dr. Phil

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'Bye Felicia' Actress Plans To Use Her Voice To Help Felicias Of The World

Angela Means Kaaya
Courtesy of Angela Means Kaaya

Edward Gorey's Forgotten Book Cover Art Will Make You Happy And Afraid

Edward Gorey/Pomegranate

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The Agony And The Ecstasy Of Watching Derrick Rose Play Well

Derrick Rose
Mike Ehrmann via Getty Images

How Many Of These Hairstyles Have You Had?

The Atlantic

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Tigers Rescued From Dirty Cage Are Ecstatic To Swim For The First Time


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11 Things You Didn't Know About The Mile High Club

Michaa Krakowiak via Getty Images

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Facts You May Not Know About 'Good Will Hunting'


Bruce Jenner: Kanye Helped Kim Kardashian Accept Transition

Kim Kardashian Bruce Jenner

Ryan Gosling Was Never The Movie Star We Made Him Out To Be

Ryan Gosling Lost River
Michael Loccisano via Getty Images

Bruce Jenner Was 'Scared To Death' When Winning Olympics

Jenner 2

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What Every Middle-Aged Woman Should Know About Dating

Erica Jagger
Nick Holmes

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Artists Explore The Beauty Of The Aging Body


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Starbucks Stores Give Away Free Drinks After Computers Crash

Starbucks Customer Barista

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New Reality Show Will Show Bruce Jenner Living As Transgender

Jenner 9

Ronaldo Hits Kid In Face With Ball, Awesomely Makes Up For It


How To Support A Transitioning Loved One

Susie Adams via Getty Images

Chess Grandmaster Says Men And Women Are 'Hard-Wired Very Differently'

Nigel Short Chess
AFP via Getty Images

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