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December 26, 2014

Pulling the Princes From Their Thrones

The Washington, DC version of what's left, right, and centrist are very strange indeed. People who advocate policies opposed by 80 percent of Americans, such as cutting Social Security benefits, are considered centrists. And the people who would agree with the ideas of the people revered in the religion adhered to by a majority of Americans are so far to the left that their views are off the radar screen. It is the time of year to think about the Christmas story, even if the main characters are a bit on the radical side. It is good to remember as we fight the battles of today that common-sense and basic justice have always sounded a little radical, especially to those in power.

Jeb Bush Quits Firm That Profited From Obamacare

Jeb Bush

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What It's Like To Be A Homeless College Student


Journalist Sentenced To Death For Article About Mohammad

Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz
JOHN THYS via Getty Images

NSA Fesses Up To Improper Surveillance Of U.S. Citizens


Moviegoers Defy North Korea

The Interview

Many 'Interview' Showings Sold Out

Democrats Optimistic On 2016 Presidential Chances

Hillary Clinton
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

David Brooks Has Unflattering Words For Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes Facebook
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Women Drivers Sent To Saudi Terrorist Court

Saudi Arabia
AP Photo/Loujain al-Hathloul

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Mourners To Gather At Wake For Slain NYPD Officer

Rafael Ramos

Hacker Group Claims They Attacked Xbox, PlaysSation Networks

Playstation Console
Chesnot via Getty Images

Falling Oil Prices Are Badly Hurting America's Adversaries


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Last-Minute Christmas Shoppers Didn't Show Up In Force This Year

Christmas Shoppers
Seth Joel via Getty Images

Ukraine Begins To Cut Off Crimea

Crimea Train

Another Twist In Airline Nuts Scandal

Korean Air Lines

Obamacare Expansion In Texas Might Not Be A Pipe Dream


Republicans Plot To Shatter 'Obama Coalition' In 2016

Jeb Bush
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

Russia Offers Support To North Korea Amid Sony Hack

Kim Jong Un

2 More Arrested For Threatening Cops In Wake Of NYPD Killings


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Pope Prays For Peace


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Fire Bomb Thrown At Car Injures 2 In West Bank

West Bank

Obama Saves His Best For Last


The Most Memorable Magazine Covers Of 2014

Putin Advocate Cover
The Advocate

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Antonio Martin Protesters Shut Down Missouri Highway On Christmas Eve

MICHAEL B. THOMAS via Getty Images

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Is Netanyahu Finished?


Reports: Turkish Teen Arrested For Insulting President


Malaysian Leader Joins Obama For Round Of Golf In Hawaii

Obama Golf
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

5 Militants Dead After Attack On African Union Base In Somalia

Somalia African Union

Putin Scraps New Year's Holidays For Ministers Amid Crisis

Sasha Mordovets via Getty Images

PHOTOS: Christmas Around The World

Christmas Bondi
Don Arnold via Getty Images

8 Unforgettable Symbols From An Extraordinary Year Of Protests

Woman Kneeling Tear Gas
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Antonio Martin's Girlfriend: 'He Didn't Deserve To Die'

Keanna Brown
Mariah Stewart/The Huffington Post

Chinese University Bans Christmas, Calls It 'Kitsch'


13-Year-Old Girl: My Father Gave Me To Boko Haram


Mayor: Antonio Martin Is Not Michael Brown

Antonio Martin Gas Station
Youtube/Live Streamer/stackizshort

Black Teen Fatally Shot By Police 2 Miles From Ferguson

Hong Kong Police Arrest 12 Democracy Protesters

Hong Kong

There's A New Method Of Tracking Immigrants Crossing The Border

Border Immigration Families Mexico
John Moore via Getty Images

It Doesn't Take Much To Knock North Korea Off The Web

Yagi Studio via Getty Images


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This Copycat Kitty Is Just... We Can't. We Just Can't.


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Why 2014 Was A Bad Year For Women But A Good Year For Feminism

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20 Cities To Visit In Your 20s

Stone Arch Bridge Minneapolis
Tammy Wolfe via Getty Images

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The Best Photos Of Earth From Space

Aurora Iss
NASA/ESA/Alexander Gerst

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Obama Caves To Girl Scout Lobby, Wears Tiara In Photo

Obama Tiara
Pete Souza

How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed (For Good)

altrendo images via Getty Images

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20 Reasons To Cook With Blood Oranges

Blood Orange
Adventures in Cooking

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WATCH: Eminem Comes Out As Gay In 'The Interview'


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Google's Christmas Doodle Contains A Plug For 'The Interview'

Google Doodle

These Colleges Have The Best Campus Food

College Eating
Ariel Skelley via Getty Images

How To Deal With The Narcissist In Your Life

Woman Selfie Winter
franckreporter via Getty Images

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A Goat Might Want That Christmas Tree When You're Done With It

UmbertoPantalone via Getty Images

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9 Lessons About Love My Sassy Grandmothers Taught Me

Caitlyn Gallagher

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Jerry Seinfeld's Take On Garbage Could Easily Be A 'Seinfeld' Episode


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8 Science-Backed Reasons To Turn Off Your Cell Phone This Christmas

Unplug During Holidays
lina aidukaite via Getty Images

9 Things You Never Knew About Your Favorite Christmas Decorations

JimVallee via Getty Images

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Homeless Single Mom's Christmas Wish Is To Become A Hospice Nurse

Tara Walker
Courtesy of Tara Walker

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The Most Festive Christmas Scenes From Classic Books

Christmas Reading
Ryan McVay via Getty Images

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Beyonce & Jay Z's Magical Winter Wonderland


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These Eco-Friendly Artists Are Dreaming Of A Plastic Free Christmas


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7 Things Americans Can Learn From Italians


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The Must-Read Style Stories You May Have Missed This Year

Mk And A

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21 Hilarious Moments From 2014 That Defined Women In Comedy

Women In Comedy 2014

Bar Soap Is Much Less Clean Than You Think

Bar Of Soap Germs
Olga Zanchurina via Getty Images

14 Moments From 2014 That People Are Still Buzzing About

Mature Women Beauty Campaigns
NARS/LOreal Paris UK

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WATCH: 5 Oddly Monstrous Prehistoric Mammals

Prehistoric Mammals
Getty Video

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Clint Eastwood Is Officially Divorced

Clint Eastwood Dina
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

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Ranking 73 'Star Wars' Characters (Yes, Even Horrible Jar Jar Binks)

Star Wars
Everett Collection

Prankster Shocked At What Happens After Giving Homeless Man $100

Homeless Man
Pranks Channel/YouTube