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October 22, 2014

Ebola Hysteria Fever: A Real Epidemic

Doing something stupid is not always better than doing nothing. And imposing a travel ban is high on the list of stupid things. The travel banners may have enormous faith in the competence of government, but as a practical matter a travel ban will not keep everyone who has been to Liberia out of the country. People will come through third countries and simply lie about their travel history. Passport marks will be smudged or removed. Travel banners may have great confidence in the ability of our immigration authorities to prevent such trickery, but those of us in the real world know that many people will slip by. And, thanks to the travel banners, these people who may have been exposed to Ebola will be hiding from the health authorities because they have broken the law to get into the country. Now isn't that a great way to control the virus?

Leading Voter ID 'Intellectual' Zeroes In On Another Way To Restrict Voting

John Fund

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Iraqi Forces Clash With ISIS Fighters West of Baghdad

Baghdad City

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Kansans Are Moderate As Hell And They're Not Going To Take It Anymore

Paul Davis

Charge Snowden With Murder, Says Senior US Congressman

Edward Snowden

CIA Chief's Pal Vetting CIA Torture Probe

Denis Mcdonough

Giants Steamroll Royals In World Series Opener

Giants Royals

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Red Cross: Ebola Travel Bans Are Ineffective, Irrational

Ebola Travel Bans

Official Autopsy Finds Michael Brown Was Shot In The Hand

Michael Brown

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There's Still Too Much Incentive For Companies To Do Tax Inversions

Chiquita Bananas
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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2 Israeli Troops Wounded By Gunfire From Egypt

Israeli Soldier

Ben Bradlee, Editor Who Led Watergate And Pentagon Papers Coverage, Dies

Ben Bradlee
Chris Felver via Getty Images

'The Most Charismatic And Consequential Newspaper Editor Of Postwar America'...

The State Of Drug Use In America, In 9 Maps

Beer Pills
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

Joni Ernst Caught Filing False Financial Reports

Joni Ernst
Tom Williams via Getty Images

The Insidious Form Of Domestic Violence That No One Talks About

Riitta Supperi via Getty Images

HORRIFYING: Man On Fire Runs Through Brooklyn

Man On Fire
ABC New York

Teen Dies After Heart Stops In Haunted House

Christian Benge

Who Were The Victims Of The Accused Indiana Serial Killer?

Anith Jones

Famed Texas Oilman Dies

Nelson Bunker Hunt
Central Press via Getty Images

Bristol Palin Allegedly Details Brawl In New Audio

Bristol Palin
Todd Williamson/Invision/AP

Scott Brown Denies His Own Claim That ISIS Could Sneak Across Border

Scott Brown New Hampshire
Bill Clark via Getty Images

GOP Gov Wants To Help Uninsured After Vetoing Bill That Would Have

Paul Lepage

Things Are Improving For LGBT Students, But They're Still Really Bad

School Lockers
Comstock Images via Getty Images

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Dem In Tough Senate Race 'Absolutely' Stands By Obamacare

Jeanne Shaheen
Boston Globe via Getty Images

A House Race That Seems Like A TV Drama

Carl Demaio
Tom Williams via Getty Images

It's Probably Not The Best Idea To Insult Voters When You're Trying To Win A Close Election

Sharon Day Rnc Insults Wisconsin Voters

Accused Murderer Walks Free Thanks To A Botched Jailhouse Informant Program


FBI: 3 Denver Girls Stopped In Germany Possibly Aimed To Join ISIS


Before And After Photos Show The Devastating Toll Of Kobani Fighting

Cars After

Ferguson Protesters Brace For Bad News In Michael Brown Case

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Michele Bachmann May Be An ISIS Target

Michele Bachmann
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Plea Deal Expected In Killing Of Popular Teacher

Sherry Arnold

Jimmy John's Noncompete Agreement Under Congressional Scrutiny

U.S. Nabs The Head Of One Of Mexico's Most Violent Drug Cartels

Mexico Drug Violence

Tool To Combat Sexual Assault Gets A Critical Boost From Survivors

Jessica Ladd
Sexual Health Innovations

Next Time Someone Says 'White Privilege Isn't Real,' Show Them This

Social Mobility
Reeves and Sawhill

Threat Of Massacre By ISIS Returns For Yazidis On Mount Sinjar

Sinjar Oct
Khazar Fatemi/Vimeo Screengrab

NBC Cameraman Is Free Of Ebola

Mukpo Pic

Former NYT Executive Editor Reveals New Venture

Jill Abramson
Lisa Lake via Getty Images

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WATCH: Mormon Church Reveals The Truth Behind 'Magical Underwear'

Mormon Underwear
YouTube/Mormon Newsroom

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'Scandal' Cast Member Likes To Send 'Dirty Pictures'

Scandal Star Teases Final Episodes Of Season 3

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'Django Unchained' Actress And Boyfriend Charged With Lewd Conduct

Daniele Watts

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'Few People Realize How Close The War Actually Came To America's Shores'

With permission from Ed Caram

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This App Will Solve Math Problems For You


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Kirk Cameron's Bizarre Reason For Celebrating Halloween

Kirk Cameron Actor
Chris Maddaloni via Getty Images

Yes, It's True: Deep-Fried Candy Corn Is A Thing

Candy Corn
bhofack2 via Getty Images

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Toys R Us Pulls 'Breaking Bad' Dolls Following Angry Mom's Petition

Walter White Doll
Screenshot/Toys R Us

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55 Ways to Cut Down Your Wedding Budget

Getty Stock

Famed Elvis Photographer Dies

Alfred Wertheimer
Hannelore Foerster via Getty Images

Darling 'Dawson's Creek' Spoof Stars Dachshunds Instead Of Humans

Dachshunds Creek

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Jane Goodall's Chimpanzees Make It Onto Google Street View

Chimpanzee Street View
Google Street View

Google Makes Super-Subtle Change To Stephen Colbert's Search Results

Stephen Colbert Google

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3 Yoga Poses To Try Before Bed

Yoga Bed
Tetra Images via Getty Images

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The Worst Places To Be During The Zombie Apocalypse


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26 Recipes That Prove Chocolate And Peanut Butter Are The Ultimate Couple

Ultimate Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Mindy Kaling Defends Controversial Anal Sex Episode

Mindy Kaling
Ray Tamarra via Getty Images

Puppy-Sized Spider Make Us Want To Scream

Huge Spider
Piotr Naskrecki / Minden Pictures

How Oscar de la Renta Made Brides Fall In Love Again

Oscar De La Renta Wedding Dress

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8 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Movie Buffs

American Summer
USA Films

What A Panic Attack Feels Like

Panic Attack
Alissa Scheller/The Huffington Post

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This Chart Makes A Pretty Good Point About Famous People

Doghouse Diaries

It's Not Just You. Airline Tickets Are Getting Pricier

Jetblue Plane
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Grandma Going Through Chemo Knits Herself A Head Of Hair

Rosemary Capitolo

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How Hip-Hop Can Help Shape Marijuana Policy

Wiz Khalifa
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

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Taylor Swift Gets Real About Celebrity Culture

Taylor Swift Meltdown
Marc Piasecki via Getty Images

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How 2 Months Of Travel Changed This Family Forever

Letting Go
Nancy Letsinger

Study Suggests This Food May Help Ward Off Alzheimer's

Nuts And Superfoods
Trinette Reed via Getty Images

WATCH: Aziz Ansari's Ridiculous 'Sesame Street' Performance

Aziz Ansari Sesame Street
Sesame Street / YouTube

John Oliver Rips Nightmarish U.S. Visa Policy


5 Plot Holes You Never Noticed In 'Star Wars'

Terry O'Neill via Getty Images

Stone May Answer A Nearly 2,000 Year-Old Question

Jerusalem Stone
MENAHEM KAHANA via Getty Images