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July 23, 2014

The 1 Mistake the Political Media Must Not Make in 2016

This is the perfect time to reflect upon the coverage of elections past, and offer some instruction on mistakes the press should avoid repeating. And they are legion! I mean, where do I begin? The political media over-hyping an outlier poll to send everyone to the panic station? Or going wall-to-wall on a "gaffe" that no voter cares about? There's the ridiculousness of a primary contender briefly popping to a 3-point lead over the field and being dubbed "the front-runner." Or we can remember those days where everyone loses their sense of proportion and propriety entirely, for seemingly inexplicable reasons. But no. While these are all mistakes the media should stop making, they are hard to remedy when the root of the problem is the simple fact that most political pundits and cable news blatherers are stunted, intellectually speaking, and have not managed to reach the formal operational stage of cognitive development.

47 Dead In Taiwan Plane Crash

Taiwan Plane Crash

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Rebels Admit They Have The Type Of Missiles That Brought Down MH17

Ukraine Rebel
Rob Stothard via Getty Images

UN Launches Probe Into Israeli Violations In Gaza


Israel Pummels Gaza... PLO Backs Hamas Truce Demands… Despite FAA Ban, Kerry Flies To Israel... LATEST...

This Is What Happens You Cut Off Abortion Access

Texas Abortion Clinic

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Bachmann Tease.. Ryan Break With GOP?.. Jindal Friendly Fire.. Problems With Obamacare.. Right Fight

David Gregory Hit With Grim Rumor

David Gregory
Cindy Ord via Getty Images

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The Heartbreaking Last Hours Of MH17's Victims

Malaysia Airlines
JOHN THYS via Getty Images

Planes Carrying Crash Victims' Remains Arrive In Netherlands

Anti-Abortion Activists Freak Out Over Ice Cream Flavor

Ice Cream

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WTF Pinterest?.. Crocs Dying.. McDonald's Fires Mom.. Burrito Shocker.. Comcast LOL.. Weed Winning

Dem Candidate Goes All In On Domestic Violence Plan

Mike Ross

Read The HuffPost Investigation That Inspired The Plan

Jenny McCarthy Makes Eyebrow-Raising Comment About Hillary Clinton

Jenny Mccarthy
Scott Roth/Invision/AP

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How Much Your Health Care Could Cost If 2 Republican Judges Get Their Way

The Huffington Post

How The House GOP Wants To Solve The Border Crisis

Border Crisis
Win McNamee via Getty Images

MSNBC In New Controversy Over Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Coverage

Rula Jebreal

Pinterest Just Made A Truly Bizarre Move


Democrats Top List of Super PAC Mega-Donors


Militant Group Continues Rampage On Moderate Muslims

Nigeria Military
PIUS UTOMI EKPEI via Getty Images

Bachmann Asks Media: Why Haven't You Asked If I'll Run?

Michele Bachmann
T.J. Kirkpatrick via Getty Images

The NYPD Is Getting An Overhaul

Spencer Platt via Getty Images

U.S. Continues To Block Travel To Israel

Ben Gurion

Cuomo's Dirty Dealing Exposed In Extensive Report

Andrew Cuomo Moreland Commission

'Federal Prosecutors Investigating'...

Costa Concordia Makes Its Final Voyage

Costa Concordia
TIZIANA FABI via Getty Images

Now That Missing Teen Is Back, Town Hopes For Answers

Missing Teen

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Man Accused Of Threatening To Kill Obama

MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Civil Rights Leader Issues Harsh Warning For Republicans

John Boehner

Help Jon Stewart Buy CNN

Jon Stewart
Comedy Central

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Veteran Says He Was Forgotten Inside VA Clinic

Department Of Veterans Affairs
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

Parting Words Of Man Killed In Police Chokehold Become Rallying Cry

Eric Garner

Man Caught Attempting To Bring Gun Inside U.S. Capitol

Us Capitol Building
Alex Wong via Getty Images

5 Detained Over Rotten Meat Scandal

Sad Chicken

Allies Turn On Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal Common Core

These Clean-Cut Entrepreneurs Want To Make Weed Go Mainstream

William Andrew via Getty Images

South Africa Cracks Down On Brutal Practice

Rhino Dehorned
ottoduplessis via Getty Images

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Reid Blames 'Crazy Ideas' By GOP For Stalled Border Bill

Harry Reid
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Obamacare Is In A Big Pickle

Barack Obama

Sarah Palin's Excuse For Speeding Is...

Sarah Palin
Andrew Burton via Getty Images

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Snoop Dogg Freestyle
HuffPost Live

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Shatner Takes Dig At George Takei (And Facebook's New App)

William Shatner Facebook
David Buchan via Getty Images

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Are These 10 Trendy Health Foods Worth The Hype?

Trendy Health Foods

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13 Real-Life Stories Of The Worst Customers Ever

Rude Customer
ML Harris via Getty Images

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Weird Al Does Something He's Never Done Before

Weird Al
Weird Al

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These Findings About College Students And Sex May Surprise You

Sexual Partners
Tetra Images - Rene de Haan via Getty Images

WATCH: You've Never Seen Gravity Explained Like This

What Is Gravity

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16 Of Your Favorite Childhood Board Games, Ranked From Worst To Best

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Britney Spears Strips Down For Her New Lingerie Line

Britney Spears
Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images

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Bride's Walk Down The Aisle Is A Sweet Homage To Her Late Father

Jennifer Urs Sullivan
News 10 Miami

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Puppies Have Passionate Makeout Session, Put The French To Shame


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The Real Reason You Hate the Gym (And What To Do About It)

How To Not Hate The Gym
Yuri Arcurs/iStock/Getty Images

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You'll Spend All Day On This Gorgeous Drone Map


Is This The World's Most Terrifying Theme Park Ride?

Sky Tower
Theme Park Review

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You Don't Know This Rising R&B Star Yet, But You Will

Sza Pitchfork
Justin Barbin/The Huffington Post

Breathtaking Photos Reveal The Spiritual Diversity Of Bolivia


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11 Love Songs We'd Rather Dedicate To Food

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Rachel McAdams Cringes While Watching Her 'Notebook' Audition

Rachel Mcadams

Why Marlon Brando Dressed Up As A Woman

Marlon Brando
David Livingston via Getty Images

This Is What Being An Introvert Is REALLY Like

Quiet Reading
Tetra Images - Jessica Peterson via Getty Images

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25 Dogs Who Really Love Peanut Butter

Dog And Peanut Butter

Uhhhh, What??

Fallon The Rock
Tonight Show/YouTube

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5 Reasons You Might Be Aging Too Fast

Aging Skin
Hero Images via Getty Images

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Lena Dunham Asks Why People Use Birth Control, World Learns Critical Lesson

Lena Dunham
Mark Davis via Getty Images

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10 Best Small Cities In America

Santa Barbara
Conde Nast Traveler

9-Year-Old Boy Weds Woman In Her 60s

Nine Year Old Groom
Barcroft / Landov

This Brain Myth Seems To Never Go Away

10 Percent Of Brain