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December 19, 2014

Liberty: The Right to Tell People What They Don't Want to Hear

Let's not make a mistake about the terrorism that has just been perpetrated against Americans. An alleged North Korean terrorist blackmail, escalating from a hack of Sony Pictures, has for the first time in memory censored a major film release by an American studio. While we've seen aspects of this before, make no mistake that this incident is terrorism, and a game changer. This is about your right as an American to produce and consume political, artistic and social expression without censorship, in this case North Korea's. This includes your right to choose to see potentially dumb and distasteful films, as well your right not to see them. The choice for now is no longer yours, it's theirs, and the terrorists dictated that you can't.

Stephen Colbert's Farewell Turns Into A Massive Party

Colbert Salute

Arianna's Favorite Moments On 'The Colbert Report'

U.S. Weighs Response To Sony Hack Blamed On North Korea

Kim Jong Un

Investigators Probe Whether Iran Assisted North Korea

Officials: Obama To Use Executive Powers To Lift Cuba Embargo

Cuba Embargo
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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3 States Accounted For 80 Percent Of Executions In 2014

Clayton Lockett

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Panel: White House Needs A Face-Lift To Stop Potential Intruders

White House Fence
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

With Cuba Decision, Obama Hands Hillary Clinton A 2016 Gift

Hillary Clinton
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

8 Children Found Dead In Australian Home

Cairns Australia
Fairfax Media via Getty Images

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Highest-Paid Quarterback In The NFL This Season Just Got Benched

Jay Cutler
Chicago Tribune via Getty Images

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Pakistan Kills Dozens Of Militants In Retaliation For School Massacre

Pakistani Taliban Handout

Surprise! Carly Fiorina Hires For Presidential Run

Carly Fiorina
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

States Sue Colorado Over Marijuana Legalization

Denver Marijuana

Storage Unit Auction Leads To Gruesome Discovery

Storage Unit

Immense Los Angeles Fire Was Arson

Los Angeles Fire

HOLLYWOOD ON EDGE: Sony Cancels Studio Tours After Threats

Sony Studio Entrance
- via Getty Images

Paramount Nixes 'Team America' Screenings

Dalai Lama Says He'd Prefer No Dalai Lama To A 'Stupid' One

Dalai Lama

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New York Cracks Down On Big-Box Stores Selling Realistic Toy Guns

Toy Gun
John Moore via Getty Images

Woman Accused Of Assaulting Grandma Over Facebook Request

Rachel Anne Hayes
Pinellas County Jail

Apple CEO Backs Gay Rights Initiative

Tim Cook Tim Cook Human Rights Campaign

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The Best Way To Help Pakistan After The School Attack

Pakistan School Attack
K.M. Chaudary/AP

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Boston Bombing Suspect Appears In Court For First Time Since 2013

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Watch How Much California's Drought Improved This Week

California Drought
George Rose via Getty Images

Think Congress Is Bad? Watch Kenyan Lawmakers Brawl Over A New Law

Kenya Parliament
SIMON MAINA via Getty Images

Glenn Greenwald: Dick Cheney Belongs 'At The Hague Or In A Federal Prison'

Glenn Greenwald
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Another Bill Cosby Accuser Comes Forward

Bill Cosby
Victoria Will/Invision/AP

Obama Kicks It Into High Gear

Barack Obama Speaks

U.S. Issues Grim Warning Over Impact Of Sea Level Rise

Coastal Flooding Virginia

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eBay Splits From Climate Change Denier ALEC


Even Russians Are Running From The Ruble


Uber's 'Winner-Takes-All' Attitude Spells More Trouble Ahead

Uber Ride Share
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Judge May Toss Guilty Pleas In Insider-Trading Case

Computer Stocks
Bloomberg via Getty Images

American Journalist Jailed In Iran Gains Attention As Nuke Talks Resume


Ferguson Schools Sued For Alleged Racial Discrimination

Ferguson Florissant
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

St. Louis County Suburbs Hit With Suit Over 'Predatory' Traffic Fines

Obama Names CIA No. 2 Avril Haines Deputy National Security Adviser

Barack Obama
Pool via Getty Images

Women Now Hold Top 3 Security, Foreign Policy Positions

Elizabeth Warren: Obama Trade Deal Could Undermine Wall Street Reform

Elizabeth Warren

Walker Ready To Call In National Guard To Handle Rowdy Protesters

Scott Walker


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Investigation Uncovers Disturbing Reality About Underwear Stores


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What Happens To Your Fat When You Lose Weight

Fat Loss
Fuse via Getty Images

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9 Ways To Cope With Holiday Stress

Unhappy Christmas
mladensky via Getty Images

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LOOK: Family Takes Photo With Santa For 60 Years In A Row

Santa Photo
inhauscreative via Getty Images

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13 Gifts For Your Internet-Obsessed Friends

Grumpy Cat
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

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25 Things You Never Knew About 'The Simpsons'

The Simpsons

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Plus-Size Woman Has Picture Edited To Make Her 'Beautiful'

Marie Southard Ospina/Bustle

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The Best TV Lines Of 2014

Game Of Thrones

'Game Of Thrones' Teaser Has A Significant Reveal

Game Of Thrones On Set

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Man Spends $150,000 To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Jordan James Parke

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Why Stephen Colbert Must Make Nice With Conservatives

Stephen Colbert
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Researchers May Have Found A Way To Beat The Achievement Gap

Middle School Studying
Frederick Bass via Getty Images

Obama Prank-Calls Boston Radio Show

Obama Phone


Kris Bruce Jenner
© RD / Kenney /Retna Ltd./Corbis


Brad Pitt Throwback
Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images

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Unlike Any Romantic Comedy Trailer You've Ever Seen

Rom Com
Birthday Boys/YouTube

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A First Look At Neil Patrick Harris In 'American Horror Story'


Researchers Announce Autism Finding

Pregnant Mom
moodboard via Getty Images

A Brief And Beautiful Guide To The History Of Erotic Art (NSFW)


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15 Questions Unanswered In The 'Serial' Finale

Adnan Syed Serial
Courtesy of "Serial"

The Best Photobombs Of 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Taylor Swift
Instagram: Ryan Seacrest

Here's The Lesson From The Sony Hack Fiasco


5 New Year's Resolutions Those 50 And Older Should Never Make

New Year 2015
GeorgiMironi via Getty Images

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Hollywood Seethes Over 'The Interview' Cancellation

Interview Sony
Getty Images

Timeline Of Events That Led To The End Of The Sony Flick

The Incredible Christmas Oprah Will Never Forget

Own Oprah Where Are They Now Christmas Kindness

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Polite Shelter Pets Show Us The Right Way To Do Christmas Dinner


The Perfect Gifts For Travel Aficionados

Wrapped Gifts
Robert Daly via Getty Images

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20 Fun Wedding Ideas Your Childhood Self Would Love

Fun Wedding Ideas
Jennifer Emerling

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Watch Justin Timberlake Tear Up Onstage After Receiving Gift From Fan

Kelly Nemeth/YouTube

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Professor Sees Eerie Downside To Elf On The Shelf

Elf On The Shelf
Maureen Sullivan via Getty Images

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These Gloves Make One Thing About Winter Much Easier