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October 23, 2014

Footprints in the Sand

Fifty-one thousand American troops have come home from Iraq or Afghanistan diagnosed with brain injury. What's become of them? Many have worked with military or VA specialists to learn to overcome or compensate for deficits in memory, speech, organizational skills, reading, finger dexterity -- everyday skills we take for granted. Tens of thousands of other Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans were never diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and may be struggling without knowing why. The VA's shortage of therapists and difficulty reaching rural veterans means even those diagnosed may not get all the help they need. But even those who were diagnosed and treated find that at some point, therapy has done all it can do. More sessions won't necessarily help. From that point on, veterans say, their lives become a matter of coping.

Judge Swats Down Conservative Lawsuit Against IRS

Gadsden Flag

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Coulter Shutdown.. Tea Party Disaster.. State vs. College Kids.. GOP Has The Edge.. Dispute Unsettled

NYC Doctor Hospitalized With Ebola-Like Symptoms

Fuse via Getty Images

Police: Ottawa Shooter Not On List Of High-Risk Travelers

Ottawa Shooter

DOJ Condemns Leaks In Brown Case

Michael Brown Autopsy

Forensic Expert Urges Caution On Autopsy Analysis

Ernst Says She'd Use Gun To Defend Herself From 'The Government'

Joni Ernst

REPORT: Cancels Meetings With Editorial Boards...

Protesters Predict More Turmoil In Ferguson

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Ebola Paranoia Is Affecting Ebola-Free Countries

David Santiago Garcia via Getty Images

ISIS 'Probably The Best-Funded Terrorist Organization We Have Confronted'

Isis Oil
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

What's Really Killing McDonald's

Mcdonalds Burger
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Krugman: 'Soak Rich'.. Sears Closing.. Vitaminwater Shocker.. Vacation Bummer.. McDonald's Plunge

George Will: I Support Helping People Who Are 'Real Rape' Victims

George Will Miami
Facebook: WGS at MU

WATCH: Secret Service Dogs Tackle White House Fence-Jumper


Kicked Dogs... 7th Jumper This Year... First Since Breach Of East Room...

5 Things About Slavery You Probably Didn't Learn In Social Studies

Hulton Archive via Getty Images

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Mike Brown Autopsy.. Racism Insurance.. Carleton Dance Injury.. Pendergrass "Mystery"

Senators Plan Bill To Block Benefits For Ex-Nazis

Chuck Schumer

Vitaminwater Pressured To Pay People Who Thought It Was A Health Drink


Woman Arrested For Tweet Showing Red Stilettos On The Quran

Sittiri Gittiri

Sen: CIA Is Trying To 'Bury The Facts'


Senate, CIA Dispute Unsettled As Investigation Ends

Meet The People Who Keep Beheadings Out Of Your Facebook Feed

Dimitri Otis via Getty Images

Hillary Clinton Backs Andrew Cuomo

Hillary Clinton
Bloomberg via Getty Images

WATCH: Undercover Officer Tries To Kick Suspect, Kicks Cop Instead

Cop Kicks
DNA Info

Company Finds Out The Hard Way It's Illegal To Pay $1.21 An Hour In America

Tech Workers Computers
Assembly via Getty Images

Canadian Newspapers Cover Ottawa Shooting With Collective Shock

Attack Today

NFL Players Say 'No More' To Domestic Violence

Eli Manning
Patrick Coffee

Ebola Survivors Are Feared In Their Communities

Ebola Survivor
John Moore via Getty Images

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1-Way Tickets For Homeless.. Worst Costumes.. Cities Ban Feeding... Ebola Home Care Kits

GOP Candidate Plagiarized Portions Of Same-Sex Marriage Speech

Marilinda Garcia
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Airstrikes Kill More Than 500 In Syria

Syria Airstrikes

Rove Rallies Billionaire Blitz On Midterms

Karl Rove Karl Gehring
Karl Gehring via Getty Images

Boko Haram Suspected Of Kidnapping 25 More Girls In Nigeria

Boko Haram
PIUS UTOMI EKPEI via Getty Images

Anderson Cooper Scolds Reporter Who Asks For 'Selfie' At Ottawa Shooting Site

Cooper Selfie

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LEGEND LOST.. TV Station's Horrible Tweet.. Coulter Vs. Hannity.. Barbara Walters Is Back

Hackers Ran Loose Inside JPMorgan For 2 Months Before Getting Caught

Jpmorgan Chase
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

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Krugman: 'Soak Rich'.. Sears Closing.. Vitaminwater Shocker.. Vacation Bummer.. McDonald's Plunge

12 Of The Sketchiest Things The DEA Has Ever Done (That We Know Of)

Drug Enforcement Administration Seal
MANDEL NGAN via Getty Images

How Colleges Let Sexual Predators Slip Away To Other Schools

Hannah Graham
The Washington Post via Getty Images

The Genesis Of The Umbrella Movement

Hong Kong Tear Gas Umbrella
XAUME OLLEROS via Getty Images

House Dems Spending Almost $1.8 Million Each Day

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Bloomberg Businessweek's Obama Cover Is 'Too Cool'

Obama Cover
Bloomberg Businessweek

North Carolina Fights To Move Voting Sites Away From College Campuses

Pat Mccrory
Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer/MCT via Getty Images

Blackwater Guards Found Guilty In Baghdad Slayings


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Coulter Shutdown.. Tea Party Disaster.. State vs. College Kids.. GOP Has The Edge.. Dispute Unsettled

Apple Pay Fail

Apple Pay
Zach Honig, Engadget

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Math-Solving App.. Google vs. Colbert.. WhatsApp CEO 'Sorry'.. iCloud Hack.. Delete Pics.. New Tinder

Man Arrested With 633 Packs Of 'Ebola'-Branded Heroin

Barnabas Davis
Tom's River Police Dept.

Big Tobacco Company Bans Smoking

Camel Cigarettes
Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

More Business
Krugman: 'Soak Rich'.. Sears Closing.. Vitaminwater Shocker.. Vacation Bummer.. McDonald's Plunge

Fox News Hosts Tell Young Women Not To Vote

Women Voters Fox News
Fox News

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Brad Pitt's 'Between Two Ferns' Is Brutally Hilarious

Brad Pitt Two Ferns
Funny Or Die

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What Mark Consuelos Thought The First Time He Laid Eyes On Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa Mark Consuelos
Rommel Demano via Getty Images

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Elizabeth Peña's Cause Of Death Revealed

Elizabeth Pena
Steve Snowden via Getty Images

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Boob Twerking Model Says She's Received Death Threats

Boob Twerking Model

Olfactory Artist Has Crafted A Sculpture That Smells Like Vagina


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The Red Flags Every Parent Should Look For In Their Teenager's Relationships

Abusive Relationship
Jeff Overs via Getty Images

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Decades-Old Dinosaur Mystery Solved

Deinocheirus Mirificus

The Most Delicious Instagram Account You've Ever Seen


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Mo'ne Davis' New Ad Will Give You A Lump In Your Throat

Mo Ne Davis

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Teen Pretended To Be A Physician Assistant And Performed CPR In The ER

Drphil 13602 Video
Dr. Phil

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Sock Subscription Service Is Your Lazy Dream Come True


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WATCH: Top-Heavy Toddler Falls, Keeps His Cool

Toddler Fall
America's Funniest Home Videos / YouTube

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Proposed Law Would Make All Housing Pet-Friendly In This City

Dog Apartment
Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

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7 Steps To Make It Happen (Pretty Much Anything)

Achieve Goals
Buena Vista Images via Getty Images

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Christian Bale Will Play Steve Jobs In New Biopic

Christian Bale

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Supermarket: We're Sorry For Selling Hitler Coffee Creamer


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Carmen Electra Reveals The Truth About Her Rumored Relationship With Simon Cowell

Carmen Electra Simon Cowell
Ray Mickshaw/WireImage

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Twitter Thinks Voldemort Was On 'AHS' Last Night

Edward Mordrake

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The Gladiator Diet May Surprise You

Gladiator Diet
Medical University of Vienna

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The Online Dating Mistake You Didn't Know You Were Making

Online Dating

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11 Things You Should Never Say To A Bisexual Woman


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These Wedding Dresses Are For Brides Who Dare To Go Bare

Sexy Wedding Dresses
Fernanda Calfat via Getty Images

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Notebook From Doomed Expedition Found Encased In Ice

George Murray Levick
Antarctic Heritage Trust

Getting Drunk Saves Cat's Life

Missey The Cat
WTFark/North News

This Is Halloween Every. Single. Year.

Halloween Costume Procrastinator
Huffington Post

The Easiest Pasta Recipe Ever

Damn Delicious

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Meet The Ballsiest Testicular Cancer Survivor Alive. Also, Dancing Boobs.

Dancing Boob
Andres Jauregui / HuffPost

WATCH: Julie Bowen Sets The Record Straight About Abused Co-Star

Julie Bowen Sarah Hyland
Jonathan Leibson via Getty Images

First Trailer For The New 'Avengers' Movie Is Here

Avengers Age Of Ultron Trailer

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Get Set For The Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipse