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April 24, 2014

Senior Director of Strategy, Free Press

Strike Two: Obama's Second FCC Chair Fails on Net Neutrality

When President Barack Obama pledged to appoint a FCC chair who was dedicated to protecting net neutrality, we had no reason to doubt he'd find the right person for the job. Obama campaigned in 2008 as a strong champion of the open Internet, telling an audience that he'd "take a back seat to no one in my commitment to net neutrality." He said that his chair would share his views on safeguarding the open Internet. Now, the president is on his second FCC chair, and neither has proven himself up to the task. Obama's second FCC chair, Tom Wheeler, will put into circulation today a proposal for a new rule. All evidence suggests that Wheeler's proposal is a betrayal of Obama and of the millions of people who have called on the FCC to put in place strong and enforceable net neutrality protections.

Russia Makes Aggressive Move Near Ukraine


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Former Supreme Court Justice: Marijuana Should Be Legalized

John Paul Stevens

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Net Neutrality Proposal Could Mean The End Of The Internet As We Know It

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Hannity Calls Cliven Bundy's Remarks ‘Racist' And ‘Beyond Repugnant'

Hannity Bundy
Fox News

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Israel Suspends Peace Talks WIth Palestinians

SAID KHATIB via Getty Images

Harry Reid Calls On Republicans To Condemn 'Hateful Racist' Cliven Bundy

Harry Reidim S
Bill Clark via Getty Images

Top Liberal Donors Seek To Nudge Hillary Clinton Toward Elizabeth Warren

Warren Clinton

The Sad Reality Facing Amazon Drivers

Amazon Delivery

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George Stephanopoulos

Vice Correspondent Released In Ukraine

Vice Simon Ostrovsky
Vice News

PIKETTY ON FIRE: Bookstores Scramble For Copies Of Wealth Epic


Stewart-Hannity Feud: 'Sh*t Just Got Weird'

Comedy Central

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GOP Lawmaker: Women Don't Deserve Equal Pay Because They're Lazier

New Hampshire State Capitol Building
Richard Cummins via Getty Images


George W Bush Waves

More Bad News For GM

General Motors
Bloomberg via Getty Images

State To Hold Its First Double Execution In Nearly 80 Years

Clayton Lockett

Iceberg 6x The Size Of Manhattan Breaks Off Glacier


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Thomas Piketty: Extreme Income Inequality Is 'Completely Useless'

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images


Tetra Images via Getty Images

Why It's Okay If Your Kid Doesn't Get Into Harvard

College Rejection
SimmiSimons via Getty Images

Accused White Supremacist Gunman Was FBI Informant

Frazier Glenn Cross
Pool via Getty Images

Obama Faces Growing Rebellion Against Controversial Program

John Moore via Getty Images

Why Corporations Are Freaking Out About Obama's Big Trade Deal

Obama Asia

Putin Admits: Sanctions Are Hurting Russia

Sasha Mordovets via Getty Images

Several Dead After Violent Clashes In Ukraine

Former Navy Commander Reassigned After Complaint He Allowed Sexual Harassment

Greg Mcwherter

Taliban Signals Willingness To Deal On Captive American Soldier

Bowe Bergdahl

Michael Lewis: Making Lots Of Money On Wall Street 'Vaguely Criminal'

Wolf Of Wall Street Scene

Facts About Women That Make It Hard To Believe We're Living In The 21st Century

Daly and Newton via Getty Images

Major Tech Companies Combine Forces To Prevent Another Heartbleed


Why Chris Christie Is Wrong About Colorado's Pot Laws

Chris Christie

Country's Garment Industry Remains Broken A Year After Deadly Collapse

Rana Plaza

Boy And Girl Tied Life Jackets Together Before Drowning On Ferry

Ferry Accident Divers

Vermont To Become First State To Require Labels On GMO Foods


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Proof That Men Are Seriously Gross

Men Underwear
Image Source via Getty Images

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Grateful Dead Guitarist Reflects On Jerry's Death

Bob Weir
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Soccer Ghost

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Kaley Cuoco Doesn't Look Like This Anymore

Kaley Cuoco
Amanda Edwards via Getty Images

Man With Reconstructed Penis Fathers Miracle Baby

NBC Bay Area

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The Truth About Colonoscopies

Hospital Gown Back
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Wedding Money
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We Tasted The New Mystery Doritos: Here's What You Need To Know

The Huffington Post

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Big Change For Final 'Hobbit' Film

Hobbit Press Image

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Prom Outfit

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Jimmy Kimmel

16 Reasons Why We're Obsessed With Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick

How Louis C.K. Determines If His Dark Jokes Are Funny

Louis Ck

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Get Ready For The 'Ring Of Fire'

Solar Eclipse 2014
Jia Hao/The National Maritime Museum

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The Incredible Temporary Temples Built At Burning Man

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TIME's Most Influential Celebrities Of 2014 Are ...

Miley Cyrus

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Luckiest Man On The Planet Wins Lottery 3 Times In 3 Weeks

Illinois Lottery

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Jon Hamm Asks That You Please Stop Talking About His Penis

Jon Hamm Penis
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

5 Recipes I Wish My Mom Had Taught Me

Beef Stew
David Bishop Inc. via Getty Images

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This Ad Is So Sexist It Forgot What It's Selling

Suit Supply

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Woman Reveals The 5 Most Surprising Things About Her Abortion

Pregnant First Term
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Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Files For Divorce

Ashton Russell Wilson
Invision for Pepsi

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