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April 24, 2014

Executive Director, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Is Cliven Bundy the New NRA Poster Child?

The armed gathering of pro-gun activists, anti-government groups and right-wing-politicians at Bundy's ranch did not happen in a political vacuum. It was the result of decades of propaganda from the National Rifle Association and other gun lobby groups; propaganda that (perversely) informs Americans that they have an individual right under the Second Amendment to shoot elected officials, law enforcement officers, and military service members if they sense our government has become "tyrannical." With the next NRA convention just around the corner this weekend in Indianapolis, it will be interesting to see what their leaders have to say about the recent crisis in Bunkerville. Will Wayne LaPierre, Ted Nugent and the rest reap what they have sowed and embrace Cliven Bundy as a poster child for "Second Amendment freedoms"?

REPORT: Obama Has 'All But Decided' To Nix Keystone Pipeline

Keystone Protest

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Security Guard Opens Fire At Kabul Hospital, Killing 3 Americans

Cure Hospital Kabul
NICOLAS ASFOURI via Getty Images

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Obama: New Sanctions Against Russia Are 'Teed Up'

Obama Putin

Veterans Reportedly Die After Being Placed On Hospital's Secret Wait List


FDA Wants To Ban Sales Of E-Cigs To Minors

E Cigarette
Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images

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Have The Homeless Become Invisible?


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Yankees Pitcher Ejected After Umpires Find Foreign Substance On Neck

Jared Wickerham via Getty Images

Pineda: 'It Won't Happen Again'

Wild Stories Surface About Accused Director's Private Life

Bryan Singer
Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Vermont To Become First State To Require Labels On GMO Foods


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Tech Millionaire Who Beat, Kicked Girlfriend 117 Times Ducks Jail

Gurbaksh Chahal
Charley Gallay via Getty Images

Ivy League University Will Allow Rapist Who Choked Victim Back On Campus

Brown Student Sexual Assault

Medical Waste Used To Generate Power May Contain Fetal Tissue

Medical Waste

Sony Accused Of Fraud

Video Cancion Vida
Cortesia Sony Music

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NTSB Calls For End To 'Tombstone Mentality'

Deborah Hersman

Video Allegedly Shows Aftermath Of New Gas Attack In Syria

Syria Gas Attack

Syrians Are Starving To Death

Body Of Boy Who Made First Distress Call From Ferry Possibly Found

South Korea

Children's Corpses Reveal Desperate Attempts To Escape

Governor Signs 'Guns Everywhere' Bill


Allows Guns In Bars And Schools

Court: Inmates Not Entitled To Know Source Of Execution Drugs

Clayton Lockett Charles Warner

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Olbermann: Watching MSNBC Is Like Watching A Drunk Driving Car Crash

Keith Olbermann
Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images

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Ronan Farrow Grills NYT Journalist Over Marriage Equality Book

Farrow Becker

Families Of Aurora Shooting Victims Call Out Koch-Backed Group

Aurora Theater Memorial
Kevork Djansezian via Getty Images

Why We're Not Changing This Headline

Once You Go Black

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Oldest Former Major League Baseball Player Dies At 102

Conrado Marrero

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Rand Paul: GOP 'May Have Over-Emphasized' Voter Fraud Fears

Darren McCollester via Getty Images

Something Strange Just Happened To SodaStream

Yahoo Finance

Jihadists Now Control Secretive U.S. Base In Libya

Khamis Brigade
Benjamin Lowy via Getty Images

New Documents Shred Darrell Issa Claims

Darrell Issa
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

Antarctica's Scientists And Penguins On The Front Lines Of Climate Change

Jason Edwards

Rand Paul Says Climate Change Issue 'Should Not Be Dumbed Down'...

Rand Paul

...Then Proceeds To Dumb It Down


Facebook Profit
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Billy Graham's Son: Gays Can Go To Heaven If They Repent

Franklin Graham

Democracy In Egypt Not Actually That Important To U.S., Analysts Say

Anadolu Agency/Getty

State Official Accuses Koch-Backed Group Of 'Misleading' Voters

Natalie Tennant
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

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The Disgusting Reason Why Iggy Azalea Had To Stop Crowd Surfing

Iggy Azalea
Bob Levey via Getty Images

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Rare Disorder Forced This Dad To Give Up Custody Of His Adopted Daughter

Eric Kinzel
HuffPost Live

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Cameron Diaz Rocks At This New Sport

NBC via YouTube

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French Fry Truck Goes Up In Flames

Portland Press Herald via Twitter

1888 Shipwreck Found In San Francisco Bay

City Of Chester

This Is One Way To Combat Online Dating Harassment


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Trapped 'Assassins' Give Rare Look At Prehistoric Life

David Grimaldi

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Weird Al Yankovic Has An Oddly Specific Obsession


Reddit Users Help Man Find Missing Mom

May Goldberg

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The Honeymoon Effect Is Real, And Here's Proof

Honeymoon Effect
Tetra Images - momentimages via Getty Images

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You've Never Seen 'Frozen' Characters Do This

Frozen Dance

Ocean Sound Mystery Finally Solved

Antarctic Minke Whale Sounds
Ari S. Friedlaender

The Airlines With The Worst Flight Attendants

Plane Safety

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Alexandra Hedison
Stefanie Keenan via Getty Images

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26 Restaurant Secrets Only Servers Know

Restaurant Secrets

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Apple Should Have Read The Lyrics Before Putting This Song In An Ad

Apple Commercial

WATCH: Amazing Goal Shows The Beauty Of Teamwork

Real Madrid
Helios de la Rubia via Getty Images

U.S. Muslims Shoot Their Own 'Happy' Video -- And It's Pretty Spectacular

Muslims Happy

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Lessons Learned From A Year Without Showering

Rob Greenfield
Brent Martin

John Oliver Explains Why He Got So Emotional

John Oliver Got Emotional

Did Lead Poisoning Really Bring Down Ancient Empire?

Ancient Rome Lead
Wikimedia Commons: Chris 73

The One Beauty Trick That Never Gets Old

Mature Women Hair
Andreas Kuehn via Getty Images

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Olivia Wilde Welcomes A Son With Jason Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde
James Devaney via Getty Images

Cleveland Kidnapping Victims Demand Apology From Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Files For Divorce

Ashton Russell Wilson
Invision for Pepsi

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This Is Shaq's LinkedIn Profile, And It's Hilarious

Shaq Linkedin Profile
Andy Pareti via Getty Images

Man With Reconstructed Penis Fathers Baby

NBC Bay Area

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Crime Scene Photos From The '20s Give Glimpse Into America's Dark Past

Lapd Archive
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