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March 4, 2015

Will the Democratic Nominee for 2016 Take on the Moneyed Interests?

Taking on the moneyed interests is risky, especially when those interests have more economic and political power than at any time since the first Gilded Age. These interests are, after all, the main sources of campaign funding. But a failure to take them on prevents any real change in the prospects of the bottom 90 percent of Americans. It also robs the Democratic candidate of a potential public mandate to change the prevailing allocation of economic and political power -- no less dramatically than it was changed by Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson a century ago, marking the end of that Gilded Age. And a failure to take on the moneyed interests sacrifices the potential enthusiasm of millions of voters -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- who know the game is rigged, and who yearn for a leader with the strength and courage to un-rig it, and thereby give them and their children a fair chance.

DOJ Issues Damning Report On Ferguson Police, Courts

Ferguson Police

Routinely Violated Rights Of Black Citizens... Racist Emails... 'Nobody Videotapes Me'...

Senate Fails To Override Obama's Keystone Veto


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Woman Sentenced To 20 Years For Firing Warning Shot Speaks Out

Marissa Alexander

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Iran's Foreign Minister: Nuclear Deal Could Be Close


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Polls: Bibi's Popularity Rises After U.S. Speech


10 Key Obamacare Supreme Court Moments--And A Moment That Wasn't

Supreme Court Building
Bloomberg via Getty Images

No Federal Charges For Darren Wilson

Darren Wilson

Chris Van Hollen To Run For Senate

Chris Van Hollen
Bill Clark via Getty Images

March Snow Storm Heads East

Us Snow

Nearly A Third Of Americans Say They Haven't Recovered From The Recession

Foreclosure Sign

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Eric Holder: Ferguson Police Created A 'Toxic' Environment

Eric Holder

Democrats Rebel Against Mitch McConnell Over Iran Nuclear Bill

Menendez Robert
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Clinton's E-Mail System Built For Privacy Though Not Security

Hillary Clinton
Leah Puttkammer via Getty Images

Parts Of Alabama Are Still Fighting Same-Sex Marriage

Alabama Gay Couples

GOP Lawmaker Wants To Shut Down 'Illegal' Net Neutrality Rules

Greg Walden

2 Ways McDonald's 'Quick Fix' Antibiotics Move Falls Short

Mcds Chicken

Hillary Clinton Email Story Gets Much Shadier


Hillary Camp Flips Out

USA Today Columnist Reveals How He Knows The 'End Times' Are Upon Us


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One Of America's Oldest Safety Nets Is Being Demolished

Industrial Worker

House Benghazi Committee To Subpoena Clinton's Private Emails

Hillary Clinton

Edward Snowden: There's 'No Fair Trial Available' If I Return To The U.S.

Edward Snowden

Heroin Overdose Deaths Nearly Quadruple In 13 Years

Heroin Overdose Deaths
VikaValter via Getty Images

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NC Man Who Killed 3 Muslim Students May Face Death Penalty

Craig Hicks
Courtesy of Omid Safi

Passwords Are Terrible, And These Companies Want To Kill Them

Jamie Grill via Getty Images

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The U.S. May Reinvestigate The Plane Crash That Killed Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly

Catholic School Teachers Protest Anti-Gay Archbishop

ballyscanlon via Getty Images

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Psychology Today Changes Its Position On Conversion Therapy Ads

Therapist Couch
Petrified Collection via Getty Images

Opening Statements Begin In Boston Marathon Bombing Trial

Tsarnaev Dzhokhar

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Mexican Drug Lord Captured

Cartel Zetas
YURI CORTEZ via Getty Images

Really, CNN?

Jon Stewart Jews
Comedy Central

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Alex Rodriguez Singles In First At-Bat Since Suspension

Alex Rodriguez
Brian Blanco via Getty Images

Ben Carson: Being Gay Is 'Absolutely' A Choice


The Most Critical And Complex Battle With ISIS Yet

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The Shameful Truth Behind America's Use Of Leghold Traps

Sad Dog
Yellow Dog Productions via Getty Images

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'American Democracy Is Doomed'

Washington Burning
Library of Congress

Major School District Officially Adds 2 Muslim Holidays To School Calendar

De Blasio
Andrew Burton via Getty Images


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The Inventor Of K-Cups Is Feeling Pretty Guilty Right Now


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FBI Encouraged This Informant To Sleep With Muslim Women For Information

Craig Monteilh

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We Finally Know What That Huge 'American Horror Story' Clue Means


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Turns Out Lizzy Caplan Is The Most 'Fetch' Of All

Lizzy Caplan
Getty Images

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The Bedroom Rule Jenna Jameson Swears By

Jenna Jameson
Michael Zorn via Getty Images

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Old Skeleton May Belong To A Knight Who Died A Violent Death

Knight Jousting
Headland Archaeology UK Ltd

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Adoption Nightmare: 'I Want My Baby Back!'

Drphil 13114video
Dr. Phil

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Seth Rogen Denies That His Office Reeked Of Weed

Seth Rogen
Gary Miller via Getty Images

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Comedian Catches Internet Scammers In The Act

Jack Vale Prank Call
Jack Vale Films

The Key To Cleaning A Cast Iron Skillet

Skillet Brownie
Victoria Pearson via Getty Images

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To The Radio Station That Described The Weather As 'Retarded'

Tara Mccallan
Tara McCallan

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Emma Watson Will Answer Your Questions About Gender Equality

Emma Watson

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Derrick Rose Opens Up About Gun Violence In New Documentary


'Cinderella' Star Lily James Comments On Waist Controversy


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Silicon Valley's Impoverished Kids Feel Like 'Trash, Peasants, Or Less'

Latino Kids
Gary S Chapman via Getty Images

REPORT: Chris Brown Is A Father

Chris Brown
Prince Williams via Getty Images

This Satire About Race In America Is Seriously Funny

The Sellout

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How I Stay Awake At Work Without Drinking Coffee

Spilled Coffee
Patrick Strattner via Getty Images

14 Love Notes That Show The Quirkier Side Of Romance

Hurry Up I Have To Poop
Katie Phillips

Why One Artist Is Shredding $10k Worth Of Real Money


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'Walking Dead' Star Norman Reedus Finally Explains Why He Licks People


Microsoft Co-Founder Says He Found A Sunken WWII Warship

Musashi Paul Allen
Paul Allen

Horse Sanctuary Refuses To Let Lease Troubles Stop Them From Giving Animals A Better Home

Villa Chardonnay

NBA Player Falls Asleep On Defense


6 Reasons Gray Hair Is White-Hot

Gray Hair
Peter Augustin via Getty Images

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The Other Pink Slime Lurking In Your Home

Shower Curtain
SaxioTobo via Getty Images

Maybe He Only Plays Dumb


This Is How You Save Money At The Grocery Store

Cook Smarts

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Basketball Player Comforts Child Spectator After Court Brawl

Spain Basketball Brawl
ACB / YouTube