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July 24, 2014

Here's What Happens When You Type 'Why Am' Into Google in New York

Do you know what happens when you live in New York and you type the words "why am" into Google? Before you can type the next word, Google's Autocomplete function helpfully offers to complete your thought. The first suggestion: "why am I so tired?" The second: "why am I always tired?" The Zeitgeist perfectly captured by Google. As the Belgian philosopher Pascal Chabot has put it, burnout is "civilization's disease." The thought of so many people hunched over their laptops or iPhones, asking Google, "Why am I so tired?" or "Why am I always tired?" is really sad. And the answer is not going to be given to us by an algorithm. But we can start by shutting off our devices and getting some sleep.

UN School Hit In Gaza, At Least 15 Dead

MARCO LONGARI via Getty Images

EARLIER: 6 From Same Family Killed... More Israeli Soldiers Die... LATEST...

Paul Ryan Is BACK

Paul Ryan

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Ukraine's Prime Minister Resigns

Arseniy Yatsenyuk

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Jeremy Scahill: 'We've Hit All-Time Lows' In Media Coverage Of Gaza

Jeremy Scahill
HuffPost Live

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Russian Sanctions Spark AK-47 Buying Frenzy In U.S.

Ak 47
Scott Olson via Getty Images

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Secret CIA 'Renditions Program' Gets First Court Judgement

Cheney Bush
Pool via Getty Images

Journalist Kidnapped By Rebels


The One Type Of Abuse No One Talks About


Walmart U.S. CEO Out

The Federal Minimum Wage Is Insultingly Low, In 12 Charts

The Huffington Post



Pain, Anger At Chokehold Victim's Funeral

Eric Garner
Pool via Getty Images

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Dino Tracks Lend Support To Controversial Theory

Tyrannosaur Tracks
Richard McCrea

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'We Are Celebrating A Lie'

Utah Department of Heritage & Arts / RNS

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John McCain: It's 'Sad' How Obama Is Full Of 'Self-Pity'

John Mccain
T.J. Kirkpatrick via Getty Images

Maddow Decries 'Human Medical Experimentation On Live Prisoners'

Maddow Execution

GOP Rep. Touts Disaster Aid He Voted Against

Tom Cotton

Jane Fonda's Hardcore Attack On Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch

Conservative Scholar Suggests Obama Be 'Hung, Drawn and Quartered'

Three Lions via Getty Images

Ad Depicting GOP Candidate As Crying Baby Taken Down

Crying Baby
kirza via Getty Images

Moderate Kurdish Politician Named Iraq's New President

Fouad Masoum
SABAH ARAR via Getty Images

The Unfortunate Reality For Moms Who Have To Pump At Work

Mcdonalds Bathroom

Why People Aren't Buying iPads Anymore

Tim Cook

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Obama Sends Team To Texas To Assess Need For National Guard

Barack Obama

Rebel Leader's Confession Reignites Suspicions On Moscow

Fighter Jet

Ukraine: Jets May Have Been Shot Down From Russia... LATEST...

Obamacare CHAOS!

Daily Show
Comedy Central

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Good Sign For The Economy


New Videos Show Another Alleged NYPD Chokehold

Kelmy Rodriquez via Facebook

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How Executions Go Wrong

Joseph Rudolph Wood

Tiny Error Could Cost Thousands Of Students Money

Inmate Gasped And Snorted For Over An Hour Before Death

Lethal Injection

How Putin Is Shaping The Next U.S. Free Trade Deal

ALEXEI NIKOLSKY via Getty Images

McCain Slams Congress For Its 'Embarrassing' Inability To Solve Crisis

John Mccain

MH17 Parents: 'We Live In A Hell Beyond Hell'


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Michele Obama

Why This 'Modern Family' Star Refused A Photo With Rick Santorum

Eric Stonestreet
Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

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This Is Honestly The Only Packing Advice You Really Need

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First 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Tease Was Too Explicit For Television

50 Shades Of Grey

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Is This The Best Photobomb Of All Time?

Queen Elizabeth Ii

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8 Things Straight People Get Wrong About Gay Men

Annoyed Man Conversation
CREATISTA via Getty Images

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New Sleep Gadget Tracks Pretty Much Everything In Your Bedroom

Sense Kickstarter

We May Have Just Gotten Some BIG 'AHS' Spoilers

Pepper American Horror Story

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Bold Kickstarter Aims To Create Biggest D*ck Drawing Of All Time (NSFW)

Naked Statue Penis
altrendo travel via Getty Images

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6 Signs You're Aging Well

Cool Grandpa
tommasolizzul via Getty Images

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33 Acronyms You Might Not Know (But Probably Should)

Teen Texting
nensuria via Getty Images

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Update On The Troubled Teen Who Walked Out Of Oprah Interview

Megan Oprah Show Violent Teen
Harpo Studios/OWN

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This Mother Giraffe Will Do Anything To Protect Her Calf

Giraffe Saves Calf
YouTube / Kicheche Camps

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This Pregnant Goat Will Forever Change What You Think Is Beautiful

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LOOK: These Mini LEGO Landscapes Of All 50 States Are Incredible

Lego Sd
Jeff Friesen

Why Plus-Size Models Still Aren't Runway Regulars

Invision for MAGNUM

How To Brew Iced Coffee Just Like A Hipster

HuffPost/Eva Hill

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How To Have The Perfect Morning Even If You’ve Stayed Up Late

Morning Coffee
Cavan Images via Getty Images

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The 3 Products You're Mistakenly Overusing

Cleaning Products Bucket
serezniy via Getty Images

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George R.R. Martin Responds To Fan's Letter In The Best Way

George Rr Martin
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

BIG Change For 'The Big Bang'

The Big Bang Theory

Chrissy Teigen Doesn't Look Like This Any More

Chrissy Teigen
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

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Mark Ruffalo Gets A Big Surprise After Stranger Finds His Wallet

Mark Ruffalo Wallet
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Vine User Gets Back At Employees Following Him In Store

Rashid Polo Shopping
Vine / Rashid Polo

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