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September 3, 2015

No, Kim Davis Is Not Martin Luther King, Jr.

America's history is filled with religious people, with the deep conviction that they are acting under the authority of God, promoting ideas that in retrospect seem impossibly oppressive. Kim Davis has already become a symbol for what is euphemistically called "Freedom of Religion," which unfortunately in recent times has just become code for anti-LGBT bigotry. Instead of striving for a more inclusive world, she is going to jail in her desire to exclude. Instead of seeking justice for all, she was the obstacle to justice for gay couples. Her actions, although she claims they are guided by God and love, have bruised and hurt the very people she was elected to serve. If your love feels like hate then it is not love. If you are using God to denigrate and humiliate then it is not God.


Kim Davis
Carter County Jail

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Father Of Drowned Syrian Toddler Describes Last Moments With Family

Athena Image
Credit: Mehmet Can Meral/Associated Press

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Guatemala's President Thrown In Jail After Resigning

Athena Image
JOHAN ORDONEZ via Getty Images

Federal Agents Are Going To Need A Warrant To Tracking Your Cell Phone

Athena Image

Why The 'Deflategate' Ruling Could Finally Limit Roger Goodell's Power

Athena Image
Christian Petersen via Getty Images

EARLIER: Tom Brady Suspension Overturned

Indian Grandfather Slammed To Ground By Cop Was Not Threatening

Athena Image

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Why We Need To See This Photo Of A Dead Child

Athena Image
Nilufer Demir via Getty Images

Americans Are Divided On How Media Should Handle Graphic Footage

Bernie Sanders Had A Great Response To War Hawks

Eos1dmkii N000042193373166185
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Trump Signs Pledge Promising Not To Run As Independent

Donald Trump Pledge
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Virginia Cop Indicted In Murder Of Unarmed Black Teen

Athena Image
Credit: WTKR

France Confirms Plane Debris Is From Flight 370

Athena Image

South Carolina Will Seek Death Penalty For Dylann Roof

Athena Image

Jorge Ramos Schools Bill O'Reilly

Fox News
Fox News

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Pope Francis To Meet The Refugees Politicians Would Rather Forget

Athena Image

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Rand Paul Says People With Jobs Don't Do Heroin

Athena Image

Here's When Tesla's Affordable Model 3 Is Coming Out

Athena Image

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Young Syrian Refugee Sums Up His Countrymen's Feelings In 45 Seconds

Credit: Al Jazeera America News/YouTube

If This Man Has His Way, U.S. Middle East Policy Is Going To Get A Lot More Aggressive

Getty Images

Judge Won't Divorce Straight Couple Because Gay Marriage Is Legal

Gavel Judge
John B. Carnett via Getty Images

A College Degree Is Increasingly Likely To Land You In Low-Wage Work

2015052015john Fallontexas Southmost Collegespring
AP Images for Pearson

Supreme Court May Review Texas Abortion Law

Bloomberg via Getty Images

KKK Cop Fired After Nazi Salute Photo Surfaces

Athena Image
Credit: Jennings Daily News

American Withdraws From U.S. Open Match After Barely Being Able To Move

Athena Image
FR110666 AP

Refugees Flood Budapest Train Station


Washington D.C. Is Proof That Needle Exchanges Save Lives

Athena Image
diego_cervo via Getty Images

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Officer Shot Own Cruiser In Fabricated Story About Attack

Mills Officer Shooting Mills Police Shooting Mills

This Company's Chips Are Already In Your House. IBM Wants To Connect Them To The Internet.

Athena Image

So The Iran Deal Will Survive. Now What?

Athena Image

Vice News Journalists Released In Turkey


'Airbnb For Refugees' Sees Surge Of People Ready To Help

Athena Image
TOBIAS SCHWARZ via Getty Images

Jeb Would 'Of Course' Support Trump If He Won The Nomination

Athena Image
Johnny Louis via Getty Images

Gun Maker Creates 'Crusader' Assault Rifle With Bible Verse On It

Crusader Rifle
Spike's Tactical

Redskins GM’s Wife Apologizes For Accusing Female Reporter Of Trading Oral Sex For Stories

Athena Image
Redskins Womens Club

A Succinct Takedown Of Donald Trump's Management Style

Athena Image
Jason Davis via Getty Images

What To Tell Those Who Blame Black Lives Matter For Violence Against Cops

Athena Image
Keith Getter via Getty Images

Trump's Predictably Childish Response To Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Op-Ed

Athena Image

Nepal Hasn't Spent Any Of The $4 Billion In Donations Since Earthquake

Athena Image
Omar Havana via Getty Images

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Andy Roddick On The Ugly Truth Behind How We Treat Serena Williams

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Why Isn't Serena More Celebrated?

Wendy Williams 'Disappointed' By Nicki Minaj's VMA Clash With Miley Cyrus

Athena Image
Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

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Kim Davis

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The Photo That Proves Older People Having Sex Is Beautiful

Cropped Jean Malek
Jean Malek

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The 12 Sickest NFL Burns From The 'Deflategate' Decision

Athena Image

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'Game Of Thrones' Actor Ed Skrein Shoots Down Reports He Walked Away From Show

Athena Image

Man Tries To Steal Phone From Female MMA Fighter, Regrets It

Robber Mma Fighter Caught
Go Tropa

Anne Hathaway Says The Competition Is 'Fierce' Among Younger Actresses

Athena Image
Glamour UK

This Might Be The Most Boston Thing We've Ever Seen


People Find Out How Successful Their Loved Ones Really Think They Are

A Plus/YouTube

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Little Piggies Make The Most Adorable Chewing Sounds

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Far-Flung Space Probe Captures Another Spectacular Image


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12 Reasons To Love Costco, As If You Needed More

America Americas North Americusa Us North Northeas
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Steven Spielberg Says Superhero Movies Will Die

Athena Image
Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

8 Amazing Grill Hacks For The Rest Of Summer

Athena Image
Todd Warnock via Getty Images

The Real Meaning Behind The 'Macarena' Will Crush Your '90s Soul

Macarena Video

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The Slow Cooker Hacks You've Been Missing Out On

Carrots Cooker Crock Kitchen Onion Pot Scouse Slow
Matthew Hart via Getty Images

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Woman Surfs In Heels And A Dress, Puts Us All To Shame


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Here's What Men Really Think Of Your First Date Look

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Young Amy Schumer Gets Her Dance On In Perfect #TBT

Amy Schumer

What We Know About The Daily Show's 3 New Correspondents

The Daily Show
Comedy Central

Watch Astronauts' Violent Return To Earth From Inside Their Space Capsule

Athena Image
IVAN SEKRETAREV via Getty Images

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Sea Snake And Horrifying Fish Get Locked In Battle To The Death

Athena Image
Credit: Rick Trippe

The Menu That Will Make Anyone Fall In Love With You

Apple Pie
Sarah Ashley Schiear

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Welcome The Meow Renaissance!

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After Sir John Everett Millais, Ophelia (1850-51)

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Anderson Cooper Mourns The Loss Of His Adorable Dog

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Anderson Cooper/Instagram

WATCH: How Lingerie Has Shrunk Over The Past 100 Years


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Olivia Benson Has A New Title

Athena Image
NBC via Getty Images

Simon Cowell Moved To Tears By 'X-Factor' Contestant's Performance

Simon Cowell