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March 6, 2015

How About a Real Debate on Trade?

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) just announced that fast-track trade legislation won't be introduced until April. Thanks to the objections of Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), the effort to fast-track fast track has been put on hold. Fast track -- "Trade Promotion Authority" -- is designed to grease the skids for passage of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement that is still being negotiated behind closed doors. The postponement opens up a month to have a true national debate on our global trade tax policies. Surely one is long overdue. To aid in that debate, the Congressional Progressive Caucus has released its "Principles for Trade: A Model for Global Progress," which shows that there could be an alternative to the TPP, a global strategy designed to benefit workers, not investors, and serve the nation's interests, not the special interests of global companies and banks. The CPC seeks more trade, but on terms that will strengthen, not sabotage, working families.

More Than 300 Republicans Call On Supremes To Recognize Gay Marriage

Supreme Court Gay Marriage
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

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Michael B. Thomas via Getty Images

A Drunk White Guy In A Pickup Explains All You Need To Know About Race And Policing

Ferguson Police
Michael B. Thomas via Getty Images

No Country Has Reached Gender Equality, UN Women Director Says

Women Equality
Katrina Brown / Alamy

U.S. Still Lagging After All These Years

Police: Palestinian Driver Rams Into Pedestrians In East Jerusalem

East Jerusalem Attack
THOMAS COEX via Getty Images

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Harrison Ford Injured After Crashing Small Plane On Golf Course

Harrison Ford
Alexandra Wyman/Invision/AP

Lone Witness In Slaying Of Russia's Top Critic Gets Death Threats

Anna Duritskaya

Who is Kim Ki-Jong, The Man Who Attacked South Korea's U.S. Ambassador?


Police Seek Detention Warrant For Kim

NASA Discovers Signs Of Gargantuan Ancient Ocean On Mars

Mars Ancient Ocean

How Much Workers' Comp You'll Get If You Lose A Body Part, In Each State

Workers Comp

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ISIS 'Bulldozes' Ancient Nimrud Archaeological Site

DEA / C. SAPPA via Getty Images

Fox News Doesn't Care If O'Reilly Lied

Bill Oreilly
Donna Svennevik via Getty Images

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Federal Judge Shot During Robbery Attempt

Terrence Berg

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GOP Leaders To Skip Selma Event

Boehner Mccarthy Scalise
Alex Wong via Getty Images

Policlips Now: Ben Carson, Bibi's Speech And An Email Controversy


Philadelphia Officer Shot Dead While Trying To Stop A Robbery

Robert Wilson Philadelphia

Judge: American Justice Is For Sale

Kuzma via Getty Images

Arizona Won't Fine Tucson Schools Over Ethnic Studies Courses

Diane Douglas Arizona

Educator Accused Of Shooting Student Who Allegedly Peddled Drugs For Him


Train Carrying Crude Explodes In Flames After Derailment In Illinois

Crude Oil Train Derailment

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Curt Schilling Vows To Explore All 'Legal Options' Against Twitter Trolls

Curt Schilling
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Public Unions Sue Illinois Governor Over Blocking 'Fair Share' Fees

Bruce Rauner
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Botched Date Rape Investigation Leaves Students Fuming

Suicide Rate For Young Women Growing Faster Than Young Men

Young Girls Suicide
EdMandarina via Getty Images

State Dept. Reviewing Whether Clinton Emails Violated Security Rules

Hillary Clinton
Mike Coppola via Getty Images

Hillary: 'I Want The Public To See My Email'... In Violation Of Policy For 6 Years... McCain: Hypocritical...

Catholic Media Unite In Call For Ending The Death Penalty

Catholic Rosary
Pacific Press via Getty Images

GOP Lawmaker Suggests Wolves Could Help Get Rid Of Homeless People

Don Young
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Comcast Gives Subscribers Another Reason To Be Angry

Comcast Logo
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Dem Revolt Scrambles McConnell's Push For Controversial Iran Bill

Mitch Mcconnell
Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Lawyer Telling The Supreme Court To Gut Obamacare Stated Why He Should Lose In 2012

Michael Carvin
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Syracuse Student May Lose 4 Fingers After Allegedly Being Hazed

Hands In Snow
Andy Caulfield via Getty Images

A Sign Of How Clueless The Government Is On Student Debt

Arne Duncan

Ringling Bros. To Retire Circus Elephants

Ringling Bros Elephant

Ringling Bros. Circus vs. SeaWorld: Only One Will Survive

Turmoil In India Over Film About A Fatal Gang Rape

India Rape

Court Orders Army To Stop Referring To Chelsea Manning As A Man

Bradley Manning
MLADEN ANTONOV via Getty Images

World Bank Admits It Ignored Its Own Rules Designed To Protect The Poor

Jim Yong Kim
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

REPORTS: Blast In Syria Kills Top Al Qaeda Commander Of Nusra Front

Nusra Front

Jodi Arias Escapes Death Penalty As Jury Deadlocks

Jodi Arias

Clergy Sex Abuse Victims In Montana Get $20 Million

Montana Diocese Of Helena

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Dawn Spacecraft Due To Slip Into Orbit Around Dwarf Planet Ceres

Ceres Nasa Dawn

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'Clueless' Star Was 'Heartbroken' To Lose 'Titanic' Role To Leo

Titanic Leonardo Dicaprio
Archive Photos via Getty Images

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10 Cybersecurity Experts Review 'CSI: Cyber'

Csi Cyber
CSI Cyber

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You Don't Have To Go All-Veg To Live Longer, Study Finds

monticelllo via Getty Images

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It Wasn't Ammunition That Did This. It Was A Laser

Lockheed Martin Truck
Lockheed Martin

F1 Driver Reportedly 'Woke Up In 1995' After Crash

Fernando Alonso
Europa Press via Getty Images

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'Big Bang Theory' Honors Leonard Nimoy With Touching Tribute

Big Bang Theory Leonard Nimoy

There's A Whole Lot Of NOPE In This Toilet

Spider Toilet

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This Dog Was Rescued From A Sewer Tunnel. Within Hours, He Was Transformed

Bitty Dog Tunnel
Annie Hart

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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Woman Hit By Sliding Car

Woman Sliding Car

13 Tips To Help You Give Up Soda

Stop Drinking Soda
Siraphol via Getty Images

First-Grader Suspended For Pointing Fingers In The Shape Of A Gun

News 13

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10 Ways To Maintain Your Relationship After A Cancer Diagnosis

REB Images via Getty Images

'Scandal' Tackles Ferguson In Powerful Episode


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How To De-Stress At Your Desk

Getty Images

Astronaut Masterminds A Way To Eat A Cheeseburger In Space

Space Cheeseburger

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WATCH: X-Ray Screen Erases Gender, Race To Prove 'We Are All Human'

Psa Love Has No Labels
Love Has No Labels

A Scientific Argument For Why Men Like Women With Curvy Booties

Jlo Iggy Butts
Todd Williamson/Invision/AP

Bill Nye Says He's 'Revised His Outlook' On GMOs

Bill Nye
Reed Saxon/AP

Police Searching For Freeloading Selfie Suspect

Suffolk County Police Department

Colleges Where Graduates Get The Most Bang For Their Buck

Georgia Institute Of Technology Campus
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Cross Samantha Bee Off The List Of Jon Stewart Replacements

Samantha Bee
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

The 'Apprentice' Moment Leeza Gibbons Thought Would Never Air

Leeza Gibbons Celebrity Apprentice
Getty Images

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The '60s Are Back And Groovier Than Ever

60s Style

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Sex Is Way Better At 40

SambaPhoto/Sergio De Divitiis via Getty Images

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6 Google Flights Tricks That Beat Any Travel Agent

Google Flights

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Knicks Announcer Calls Female Referee 'Nice-Looking'

Clyde Frazier
Mike Coppola via Getty Images

20 Years After Selena's Murder, Book Revives The Controversy

Maria Celeste
Simon and Schuster

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North Koreans Don't Like 'The Interview,' But Love 'Hunger Games'

The Hunger Games Poster
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

'Toy Story 4' Is Going To Break The Mold Of Its Precursors

Toy Story 4

Sarah Silverman Could Have Been On 'Mad Men'

Sarah Silverman

There Are No Bicep Curls In This Firefighter's Workout

Firefighter Workout
The New York Times

Man Is Trying To Review Every Dollar Slice Of Pizza In NYC

YouTube/Elite Daily