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July 11, 2014

We Want People to Change Their Minds

If we are going to make the transformative change away from fossil fuel, we need thousands of institutions and millions of individuals to make the same choice that Tom Steyer and the World Council of Churches and the University of Dayton trustees made: to look at the emerging science and to understand that we can't go on as we did before. What used to be okay no longer is. Hypocrisy is when you say one thing and do another at the same time. Growth is when you weigh new information and then change your thinking and behavior.

Israeli Military Intensifies Gaza Assault As Hamas Rockets Fly

MOHAMMED ABED via Getty Images

Palestinian Rocket Hits Fuel Tanker... Israel Mobilizes 20,000 Troops... U.S. Willing To Negotiate Ceasefire

Judge: Florida Illegally Drew Congressional Districts To Benefit GOP

Florida Voting
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Blistering Ruling: GOP Made 'A Mockery' Of Transparency

NSA Given Advance Notice Of UK Attack On The Guardian

Keith Alexander

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Major 'View' Feud.. Jill Spills .. HUGE Fox Fail.. Rachel vs. McCain.. George Clooney Wins!!!

Benghazi Attack Conspiracy Theorists Suffer Major Defeat

Darrell Issa
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

GOP To GOP: Border Crisis Stance May Be Bad Idea

Lindsey Graham

More Politics
Boehner vs. O.. Akin Not Sorry.. Obama Chides GOP.. Gohmert's God Equation.. Republicans Warn GOP

WATCH: Fox News Host Uses Racial Slur On Live TV

Fox News

Russia Likely To Prolong Edward Snowden's Temporary Asylum

Edward Snowden

Teen Who Wrote Cryptic Message Before Vanishing Found

Angelic Dean

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Armory Shooting.. 'Hero' Dog.. 'Thunder' Mistrial.. Hooker & Heroin Don't Mix.. Blue Flu.. Evil Parent

Why Drone Enthusiasts All Over America Are Getting Arrested

Kele Stanley
Kele Stanley

Americans Are Too Stupid For GMO Labeling, Congressional Panel Says

Food Label Gmo
ROBYN BECK via Getty Images

OUCH!: Man Loses 2 Fingertips On Disney's 'Pirates' Ride

'There Is A Truth, There Are Facts, And None Of Them Are On Fox'


…And The Partisan Propaganda Machine Is Still Spinning

Sex, Drugs Pump Up EU Nations' G.D.P.

Red Light District Amsterdam
altrendo travel via Getty Images

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Terrible Tweet.. Israel Palestine 'Goliath'.. Alarming Typhoon.. N. Korea Missiles.. Afghan Toll ↑.. Gored

Amazon's Delivery Drones Ready For Takeoff

Amazon Drones

More Tech
Porn Site Swamped.. Facebook Quitters.. Ex-NSA Head Goes To Wall Street.. Amazon's Book War

Texas Massacre Suspect Had History Of Domestic Violence

Ron Lee Haskell

Rampage Killed 6, Including 4 Children

Florida Executes Man For Rape And Murder Of 11-Year-Old Girl

Eddie Wayne Davis

REPORT: Coastal Flooding Has Surged Along Eastern Seaboard

Coastal Flooding
fralo via Getty Images

More Green
Low Water Levels.. Shark Photos.. Rethinking 'Normal 'Weather?.. Mosquito Threat.. Hot Summers Ahead

Teacher Fired For Being Gay To Receive Public Apology 42 Years Later

Tacoma School District

More Gay Voices
The Sad Thing About Little Boys Kissing Little Boys.. Porn Star Changing Art World.. Dyke March

Jill Abramson Says She's Still Trying To Figure Out Why She Was Fired

Jill Abramson

Republicans Want Obama To Do Exactly What They Told Him Not To Do

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

WATCH: Diane Sawyer Apologizes To Viewers For Major Error

Diane Sawyer

Uber Driver Takes Passengers On Terrifying Car Chase

Uber Taxi
David Ramos via Getty Images

Tragedy In Groundbreaking Case Of Baby Thought Cured Of HIV

Maciej Frolow via Getty Images

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Living With OCD.. In-Season Seafood.. Marathon Lesson.. Saltiest Meals.. Resilient People.. Stress

Police Abandon Plan To Photograph Teen's Penis

lisafx via Getty Images

GOP Rep. Denounces Own Party On Immigration Crisis

Mario Diazbalart


Kate Bolduan

Crumbs May Not Be Done After All

Crumbs Cupcake
Brian Ach via Getty Images

Amazon Sued For Allegedly Making It Way Too Easy For Kids To Spend Money

U.S. Gov't Gave Controversial Security Firm $1 Billion

Blackwater Paul Bremer

Colorado Weed Shops Are Rolling In The Green

Marijuana Legalization
MARTIN BERNETTI via Getty Images

American Jailed For Selling Secrets To China

China Flag

Some States Make It Ridiculously Hard To Vote

ROBYN BECK via Getty Images

Prostitute Accused Of Giving Google Exec Fatal Heroin Dose Linked To 2nd Death

Alix Tichelman

Mitch McConnell Falls Out Of Love With Paul Ryan Budget


Claim That A Higher Minimum Wage Kills Jobs DEBUNKED

Min Wage

AUDIT: Scandal-Plagued VA Is Overpaying Workers By Millions

Veterans Affairs Hospital
Karen Bleier via Getty Images

TSA Fee Hike Will Raise Prices On All U.S. Flights

How To Get A Cheap Flight
Ariel Skelley via Getty Images

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LOOK: ESPN Gets Athletes To Strip Down For 'Body Issue'

Prince Fielder

Rally Of Support For Prince Fielder's Cover After Body-Shaming Attacks

How Meg Ryan Perfected The 'When Harry Met Sally' Orgasm Scene

When Harry Met Sally
Castle Rock Entertainment

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Yellowstone Is So Hot, The Road Actually Melted

National Park Service

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18 People Explain Why They Donated To That Weird Potato Salad Kickstarter

Potato Salad

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'Glee' Star's Boyfriend Reportedly Found Dead In Hotel Room


Whoops Indeed

Michael Alan Selmer
Marion County Sheriff's Office

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Valet Smashes Lamborghini Gallardo

Car Crash

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GOD Eggplant.. Fast Talking Woman.. Poop Burglar.. Public Crack Smoking.. Backyard Pervert

Some Seriously ***Flawless News, Guys

Beyonce Jay Z
Beyonce Tumblr

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'Free' Dog Gets The Happy Ending She Deserves


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$300,000 For Domino's Pizza?!?

Dominos Pizza

This Truffle Costs More Than Most People Make In A Month

Largest Truffle
Yelverton Truffles

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WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: See The Cast Of 'Forrest Gump' 20 Years Later

Forrest Gump

Did The Emmy Nominations Get It Right This Year? (No.)

Elisabeth Moss Mad Men Scene

9 Iconic Movie Roles That Almost Went To Someone Else

Ferris Bueller
Paramount Pictures

10 Signs You Have West Nile Virus -- And Don't Know It

Renaud Visage via Getty Images

Proof Debt Hurts More Than Just Your Bank Account

kieferpix via Getty Images

Here's Your Chance To Own Marty McFly's Hoverboard

Back To The Future

Revolutionary Conceptual Artist Dies

On Kawara
Bruno Vincent via Getty Images

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Playgrounds Turned Art.. Kama Sutra Posters.. Architecture In Barcelona.. Female Body Hair In Art

6 Apartment Makeover Hacks That Won't Annoy Your Landlord

Washi Tape Frames
Maxwell Tielman

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How To Fraud-Proof Your Home

Stack Of Bills
Steve Wisbauer via Getty Images

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Bush's 'Western White House'.. Houseboat Living.. Tiny Home TV.. What Every Garden Needs

Utah May Get Rid Of Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time


Jimmy Kimmel Molly Mcnearney
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

The Shirt That Got This 4-Year-Old Kicked Out Of A Restaurant

Kicked Out Of Restaurant

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Parent Like There's No One Watching.. REAL Milestones.. Sex After Baby.. New Trending Baby Names

This Invention May Change Napping Forever


Sofia Vergara Makes Delivering A Raunchy One-Liner An Artform

Bigger Boobs

WATCH: This Is The Only Time It's OK To Scream On A Plane

Argentina Fans On Airplane

This Is How A Photo Shoot Should Look

Vanessa Hudgens
Courtesy of Bongo

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The Battle Between HBO And Netflix Just Got Real

Netflix Hbo Emmys

What Is Taco Bell Up To?

Taco Bell

WATCH: Greg Poehler Refuses To Call His Sister Amy A 'Genius'

Greg Poehler
HuffPost Live

Ford Model Agency Founder Dies At 92

Eileen Ford

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