Trent Lott: I'm Glad We Have "Them...Tied Down In Afghanistan And Iraq"...

05/25/2011 12:00 pm ET

Senator Trent Lott, recently elected as Republican Minority Whip, appeared in Fox News Sunday this morning with host Chris Wallace to talk about Iraq, the new GOP minority, and his personal problems with allegations of racism in his past.

Lott linked Iraq to the "War On Terror" despite the established lack of connection between the two, by loosely referring to the need for containment in the Middle East.

Partial transcript:


"If we don't contain the situation in Iraq, it will get outside those borders, it will spread, and, uh, I still believe that if we were not fighting them there, if we didn't have 'em tied down in Afghanistan and Iraq, they'd be, you know, somewhere else, in England, or even right here."

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