Sportscenter Opts for Hard Death Over Living Free

03/28/2008 02:44 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Earlier this month, we made note of the seeming and seamy alliance between the MTV Movie Awards and the upcoming movie Transformers, in which the awards broadcast was larded out with all manner of Transformers-related advertorial cruft--the brazen apotheosis of which was the decision to give the movie a special award for "Best Summer Picture You Haven't Seen Yet."

Yet, as bad as that was, it was at least the naked shilling of a movie upon a platform related to movies. Compare that to what ESPN plans to do tonight to its signature newscast, Sportscenter:

"This first-of-its-kind movie promotion with ESPN will culminate in a special "Live Free or Die Hard" edition of SportsCenter on June 26. Commercial breaks will be replaced by interstitial vignettes featuring Willis, the Philadelphia Eagles' Donovan McNabb and ESPN's Mike & Mike. There will also be exclusive sneak peaks of "Live Free or Die Hard," which Twentieth Century Fox releases everywhere June 27.

Additionally, Willis will be seen in hilarious co-branded TV spots alongside the San Diego Chargers' Antonio Gates announcing "The 'Live Free or Die Hard' Sports Fan Challenge..."

Oh, well! As long as the "co-branding" is going to be hilarious! Like say, Bruce Willis' The Return of Bruno album!

If you recall the late and lamented dramedy, Sports Night, you might remember an episode entitled "The Sweet Smell of Air." In that episode, Michael Jordan agrees to an exclusive, ratings-grabbing interview with the fictional sports news show, provided that the anchors restrict their questions to the topic of his line of cologne. This causes the show's outraged producer to pointedly ask: "In a million years, would...ESPN give editorial approval?"

Wow. That million years sure seemed to pass quickly.

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