03/28/2008 02:44 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

An Awful Idea, Made Indescribably Worse

Over a week ago, our beloved ETP editrix brought you word of the coming of the Obama Ringtones, correctly and summarily dismissed as "The Worst Idea Ever." Well, it only took a few days for someone to take the "Worst Idea Ever" and come up with a way to successfully fail to improve upon it.

Welcome to our new conquering overlords at, the interweb's premiere source of user-generated, campaign-themed cellphone ringtones. Here, users are invited to take the annoying things our politicians say, add some dope beats, create new tracks that will make passersby want to drive white-hot knitting needles into their brain, and then share them with the world. In the words of the site's apparent founder, "We're finally live and totally psyched to be here. Why? Because we think ringtones have the power to be the bumper stickers of the 2008 election." One might read that as a warning, rather than an opportunity.

You can already go and download ringtones from a brief list of hits: "George Allen Macaca," "Brownie, You're Doing a Heck of a Job," and "Bush on pre-war intelligence" are just a few of the trenchant, current, inclusions. The site suggests that many other "of the moment" ringtones are possible: like "Mission Accomplished" (can a banner make a sound?), "Last Throes of Insurgency" (great to be reminded of bloody sectarian violence when Aunt Melinda calls), and "Howard Dean's scream"--which will go great on cellphones from, you know, yesteryear.

It would seem our lot in life for the next two years is to have absolutely no safe haven from endless reminders about the Presidential campaign, something the folks at Ringtones08 seem to believe is a good thing. As the site proclaims, with all the good cheer of a coke-addicted pixie stick, "Sit back and wait for the world to change."

Indeed, watch the world change into a place where phones ring, and we constantly want to hit people.

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