Free Genealogy Site Helps Users Trace Roots, Rich Relatives

03/28/2008 02:44 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Determining whether your heritage involves royalty or witches or Kevin Bacon normally demands some level of interest/involvement. Put the ancestral grunt-work on your family with Geni.

Geni is a preposterously free and simple way to create an online family tree: fill in your personal junk, add a branch or two with known relatives, and enter in their email addresses. This'll trigger the service to invite said kin, beginning the domino effect of a "How You're Connected" network expansion, resulting in such discoveries as:

* Your great-great uncle is an ailing baking soda magnate with no known heir, or one other potential heir who's deathly allergic to bees
* Your third cousins are hot, and so are your first cousins who live in West Virginia
* You're predisposed to infertility -- or so you'll tell the girl in your bed holding a sealed condom
* You are deceased

Though Geni also offers Facebook-y functionality (messaging, photos, calendar, etc), outreach/access is limited to connected family members, saving you from the hexes of newt-boiling strangers, and a lonely Kevin Bacon.

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