03/28/2008 02:44 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

First on ETP: New Obama Girl Video! "Obama Girl vs. Giuliani Girl"

Here's the latest video from Team Obama Girl — this time, the comely political, er, activist throws it down against a rival — Giuliani Girl. And, in the great tradition of political debate, they settle it by way of a pillow fight. Aaah, democracy! It's a nice job — they broke from the breathy R&B mold of "Crush on Obama" and "Box in a Box," going for a more danceable Destiny's Child-esque sound, though time will tell if it's as catchy as "Crush on Obama," which ETP personally heard absentmindedly hummed in the office for many days after the last video's debut (okay, perhaps some of that humming was from us). The team keeps to their tradition of balancing booty (times six this time, all nubile and typically under-clad) with wit, using a pop-up Al Gore to excellent effect, along with the somewhat hapless character of "Kucinich Girl," which is a nice nod to lower-tier candidates (though one shudders to think of what "Gravel Girl" might look like). Lines of note: "I knew Reagan, and you're no Reagan" — oooh, burrrrn! and "Giuliani girl just stop your fussin'/At least Obama didn't marry his cousin." Well, she does have a point. How do the ladies declare their love? Giuliani Girl: "I still want Rudy to Guili-on-me." (Clever!) Obama Girl: "I like my men like I like my coffee." (Classy!) Upshot: Solid outing from Team Obama Girl, and, it looks like, third time's a charm.